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12 Years Baby Name Game

not mine nameberry

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Posted 27 July 2014 - 01:47 AM

Use this dice to play: http://www.bgfl.org/....ice/twelve.htm

Name your couple and write down their year of marriage. Then, decide what you want your couple to go through for the first year: have a baby or experience a life event. Do this for all twelve years.

If you decide to conceive...

If you roll a:

1: You have one baby boy. His first & middle names are from http://nameberry.com...-Names-for-Boys

2: You and DH try to conceive but are unsuccessful. Go down to "Life Events"

3: You have one baby girl. Her first & middle names are from http://nameberry.com...Names-for-Girls

4: You have boy/girl twins. Their first & middle names are from http://tamarrion.tripod.com/id1.html

5: You and DH conceive a child but you have a miscarriage. Go down to "Life Events"

6: You have twin girls. Their first & middle names are from http://nameberry.com...-Moving-Up-Fast

7: You have twin boys. Their first & middle names are from http://nameberry.com...-Moving-Up-Fast

8: You have triplet girls. Their first & middle names are from http://www.behindthe...p/lists/ew/2010

9: You have triplet boys. Their first & middle names are from http://www.behindthe...p/lists/au/2010

10: You have triplets, a girl and two boys. Their first & middle names are from http://www.behindthe...p/lists/ca/2010

11: You have triplets, a boy and two girls. Their first & middle names are from http://www.behindthe...p/lists/us/2010

12: You adopt a baby. Roll the dice for gender (even=girl odd=boy). Name is your choice

If you decide not to conceive or were unsuccessful this year...

Life Events

If you roll a...

1: You and DH buy you a new house. What does it look like? Is it s starter home or big enough for a large family? Modern or Victorian? How many rooms and bathrooms? Any special things inside or outside of it? Tell us.

2: A family member or close friend asks you to help plan their wedding. What are your plans for the big day? (Add pictures, if you like)

3: Your family moves to a new different city. Where do you move to? Roll the dice. Don't forget to describe your house!

1 or 2: Rochester, New York
3 or 4: Chicago, Illinois
5 or 6: Columbus, Ohio
7 or 8: Memphis, Tennessee
9 or 10: Virginia Beach, Virginia
11 or 12: Ann Arbor, Michigan

4: You and DH splurge to buy yourselves a new  car. What kind of car? What does it look like?
1 or 2: Mercedes
3 or 4: BMW
5 or 6: Porsche
7 or 8: Bentley
9 or 10: Ferrari
11 or 12: Lexus

5: You open your own store in town. What kind of store is it? What do you decide to call it?

6: Your family adopts a puppy. What kind of dog is it and what is its name?

7: A family member or close friend asks for your help in naming their new baby (roll the dice even=girl odd=boy). What do you name him or her?

8: You and DH inherit a property from a deceased relative. Where is it and what does it look like? Roll the dice

1 or 2: Charlotte, North Carolina
3 or 4: Augusta, Georgia
5 or 6: Worcester, Massachusetts
7 or 8: Louisville, Kentucky
9 or 10: Forth Worth, Texas
11 or 12: Palm Bay, Florida

9: Your family adopts a kitten. What kind of cat is it and what do you name it?

10: Your family goes on vacation to a foreign country. Where do you go? Roll the dice
1 or 2: Germany
3 or 4: United Kingdom
5 or 6: Spain
7 or 8: Belgium
9 or 10: Ireland
11 or 12: Greece

11: You or DH have a huge advancement in your career. What kind of promotion and what are the benefits that come with it?

12: A family member or close friend suddenly dies, leaving his/her children orphaned. You and DH take the children in. How many children are there (roll the dice)? What are the genders (even=girl odd=boy)? How old are they (ages 1-12)? What are their names?

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Posted 27 July 2014 - 09:39 AM

LN: Scanler


DH: Shane Patrick

DW: Callie Rose


1. DS/DD: Ruby Maeve & Rhys Nathaniel

2. Help a friend plan a small beach wedding

3. Open a cafe called "Shane's"

4. DS/DD: Lilah Grace & Leo Timothy

5. The Cafe does so well that you open a second one called "Callie's"

6. DD/DS/DS: Julia Charlotte, James Lucas & Jack Owen

7. DD/DD: Keira Genevieve & Kate Amelia

8. Move to Memphis, Tennessee

9. DS/DS/DS: Aidan Joshua, Adam Nicholas & Aaron Michael

10. DD: Molly Elizabeth (adopted)

11. DD: Tessa Noelle (adopted)

12. Help a friend plan a fall wedding


The Scanler Family

Shane & Callie

Ruby, Rhys, Lilah, Leo, Julia, James, Jack, Keira, Kate, Aidan, Adam, Aaron, Molly & Tessa

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Posted 27 July 2014 - 01:37 PM

LN: Chatter


DW: Mary Elisabeth

DH: James Fredrick


I took it a step farther and decided to roll the dice to see if it would be a child or life event


Year 1: My older sister asks me to help her name her new son.  Since she already has children Jasmine Cara and Jonathon Eli I tell her that the best name for her new son is Jefferson Luke.


Year 2: In year two I find out that I am pregnant by surprise but we are thrilled.  Soon after I find out that it is triplet girls we name them Sadie Paige, Sydney Emma, and Sofia Brooke.


Year 3: I am once again pregnant when the triplets are one.  I am thrilled but slightly worried when I find out that it is twins.  We name them Colin Levi and Clara Juliet


Year 4: We adopt a black Labrador and name him Tyde.  The triplets already love to chase after their furry friend and we are sure the twins will love him when they are bigger as well.


Year 5: We decide to adopt a little boy from our home town.  His name is Henry James.  He is five years old so he is the oldest of our children.


Year 6: My little sister is getting married and she asks me to help plan her wedding.  I don't make many plans instead I just encourage the direction she wants to go.  In the end she settles on an old Hollywood theme wedding, a buffet style dinner, and a ceremony on the beach.


Year 7: Henry is 7, Sadie, Sydney, and Sofia are 5, and Colin and Clara are 4.  I find out I am pregnant again, with twin girls, and I am thrilled.  We decide to name them Alice Harper and Amelia Eve.


Year 8: My little now would like my help naming her first child a little boy.  I volunteer the name Fisher Daniel and she loves it.


Year 9: We decide to adopt another puppy.  This time we adopt a mixed breed of sheep dog and name her Missy.  All the kids love her dearly.


Year 10: Henry is 9, Sadie, Sydney, and Sofia are 8, Colin and Clara are 7, Alice and Amelia are 3.  I find out I am pregnant again despite the doctors assurance that it is twins I give birth to triplet boys.  We name them Mitchell Xavier, Max Alexander, and Matthew Ryan.


Year 11: We decide to adopt a kitten and name him Kikko.


Year 12: We decide to adopt one last child.  A little girl who was three and name her is Heather Dianna.


Henry (11), Sadie, Sydney, and Sofia (10), Colin and Clara (9), Alice and Amelia (5), Heather (3), Mitchell, Max, and Matthew (2)

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Posted 27 July 2014 - 09:04 PM

The Holmes Family



Piper Holly Holmes (nee Cromwell) [25]  & Leo Brian Holmes [25]

Married 7/27/14

Piper has Brown Hair and Brown Eyes; Piper is a Chef.

Leo has Dirty Blonde Hair and Green Eyes; Leo is a Doctor.


Year 1 - 2015


Piper [26] and Leo [26]


My best friend Alyssa Phoebe Mirella [nee Llano] had just had her first baby with her husband, Julian Cole Mirella, they had a baby boy and  I've proud to be his godmother. The only issue is well, after a lot of not so calm yelling and disagreeing about what to pick for the first name of their child, Alyssa wants to name him James and Julian wants to name him William, yet they can't agree to compromise. They ask me to name him, and I'm stunned, in the end though, I know just the name for him. In the end, both Alyssa and Julian were very happy with welcoming Milo James William Mirella.


Not long after Milo's birth, Leo and I take a chance to think about expanding our own future and decide to move out of our little one bedroom apartment and decide to buy our first home together. It isn't some huge mansion or anything like that, just a small single story home with three bedrooms and two full bathrooms. It also has a half-bathroom and the home is a wonderful colonial with semi-modern furnishings. It even has a decent backyard with a white picket fence, I'll have room to plant a garden for my herbs and vegetables, even a fruit tree. Plus we can fit a play set when the time is right of course.



Year 2 - 2016


Piper [27] and Leo [27]; with Wyatt [0]


Now that we've moved into our new little home and things are going so well between Leo and I, not to mention the feelings that pull inside of me whenever I go out with Alyssa and Milo, or when Leo and I babysit him so Alyssa and Julian can get a break here and there. It doesn't take us very long into trying to get pregnant and Leo and I are thrilled. We find out we're welcoming a baby boy and that he is perfectly. We paint the nursery a light blue, it's a little traditional but Leo loves it, and surround it with clouds as well. The furniture is all hand made by Leo, he spent his summers through high school and college working as a carpenter to make spare cash and save up for med school, and it is wonderful. The pregnancy isn't too bad. My morning sickness only lasted for the first three months and I didn't have any too weird cravings. Though, I wanted cherry soda and fried pickles constantly in my second trimester. Alas, it was all worth it when on January 8th, 2015 we welcomed Wyatt Miles Holmes. He's got blonde hair and oddly enough, blue eyes. A diversion probably from Leo's green eyes and my father's blue eyes.


I've taken some time of leave from the restaurant I was working at, Quake, when Wyatt was born. I want to cherish this time with my child, though we were a little worried about our finances, and I was concerned about my career. In the end though, I know we're making the right choice for us. Thankfully though, at the best of times Leo came though like he always does and got quite the promotion. His hours will be more regulated now, though he'll have more of them. It is a good honor for him in his career as a doctor and it will drive him further along his path to be quite the savior. I'm just glad not to be worrying too much about the mortgage.


Year 3 - 2017


Piper [28] and Leo [28]; with Wyatt [1]


Of course, with Leo's new promotion last year came a lot of notoriety. A major hospital in Chicago, Illinois has offered him a position a step up from where he was at his current hospital and a well upgrade in pay. I'm a little worried about being away from our family and our close friends, but well, an opportunity like this may not present itself for another five or six years for Leo and so we take it. It's only three hours away anyway, just one long drive. We get a house very similar to our last one. Once more it is a single story, it has three bedrooms in it, but this time it it has a full bathroom for every bedroom and two half-bathrooms in the home. Not to mention the kitchen is bolstered to holy hell with all kinds of kickass appliances in a modern home. I just hope we're making the right choice.


In accordance to his new, very high paycheck, Leo and I decide to splurge on ourselves, Leo is a car junkie. His father worked as a mechanic and they would fix up cars together. So, with the influx of extra cash the past two years I stuck a little of the extra from it into a savings account and with it now we're purchasing the special gift to ourselves. After all, what is the point of working hard if you don't get to enjoy it every once in awhile. We end up picking a BMW, not a convertible, something on the larger side with enough room for a family. Leo is thrilled with it and I can say, I am to.


Year 4 - 2018


Piper [29] and Leo [29]; with Wyatt [2] & Chris [0] + Kit [German Shepard, 0]


Leo and I didn't want to wait too long in between having out children and so a few months before Wyatt's second birthday we decided to start trying and once more we're pregnant in an instant. We're both very pleased, although, this pregnancy was a little harder on me. I'm expecting another boy and we make the choice to set it so he and Wyatt will be sharing a room. Though, for the first month he'll be staying in our bedroom so we can watch him and take care of him for early morning feedings. We've already got his names picking out as we're naming him for my paternal grandfather and Leo's father. The pregnancy like I said, was very hard for me. I spent a full five months of the pregnancy puking my guts out morning, noon and night. Wyatt is constantly upset that I can't play with him as I'm on bed rest often or vomiting. I also have the weirdest cravings for jelly and salami sandwiches and I can't even touch my favorite tomato soup without gagging. I'm very thankful when a half a month early we welcome on June 14th, 2018 we welcomed Christian "Chris" Philip Holmes. He's got my brown hair and Leo's green eyes. Wyatt is very excited to be a big brother.


Oddly enough, despite having a squalling colicky newborn at home Leo decides that it would be in our family's best interest that Christmas to come home with a puppy. I'm not that happy with him, but Wyatt is thrilled to bits to have a puppy and we do have the fenced in area for him and everything. I get over it when I look into those big puppy dog eyes. The dog turns out to be a German Shepard puppy and she is quite friendly, after some back and forth we name her Kit.  She's a sweet and beloved addition to our family.


Year 5 - 2019


Piper [30] and Leo [30]; with Wyatt [3] & Chris [1] + Kit [German Shepard, 1]


We make the choice last year to go on a family vacation. We decide on Ireland as we both have family roots there. The kids aren't really old enough to appreciate it, but we'll take plenty of pictures to commemorate the event and all of the fun we'll have, the places we'll see. Maybe we can get back there and other place later. For now, Leo and I will mostly enjoy the trip, when the kids aren't causing too much of a fuss. Though, we leave them with a babysitter one night to go have a romantic dinner several nights into the trip. It's wonderful. Of course, sadly we couldn't take Kit with us and so left her with Alyssa, Julian and Milo. The trip itself ends after a week of well ended fun and we're glad to head back home to some normal routine.


After our vacation, and well, my dislike for working for other people, I decide to open up my own little gourmet store, Charmed. Filled with and selling fresh, local ingredients and goods. Not to mention we're selling fresh soups, baked goods and other things of that nature. It'll be a little rough at first, lots of hours, but I can watch the kids while working there and the rent on the space is nice, Leo helps me set up, do repairs and make customizations to the place. We're starting to gather some followers and customers, especially after a popular organic blogger writes about us and raves about his love for our goods and a love for our fresh handpies.



Year 6 - 2020


Piper [31] and Leo [31]; with Wyatt [4], Chris [2], Hunter [0], Logan [0] & Jackson [0] + Kit [German Shepard, 2]


Well, Leo and I are in for a little more than we expected. Well, technically three more things than we expected. Yup, we're currently expecting triplets. Another three little boys, I'm completely shocked as we weren't even trying to have another child yet. Now we're expecting another three of them, of course, we're excited about them as well, we're just a little nervous. We'll keep Wyatt and Chris in their shared room and for now, our triplet boys will be taking the second bedroom. Thankfully, the rooms are on the bigger side in the house. Thankfully, the pregnancy is quick and I get to my c-section date healthfully and on March 20th, 2020 we welcomed Hunter Aaron Holmes, Logan Matthew Holmes and Jackson Leo Holmes. They're all kinds of perfect, Hunter has brown hair and green eyes while Logan has blonde hair and green eyes and Jackson has blonde hair and blue eyes.


Not long after I give birth to the triplets, I get call from my younger half-sister Rose Paige Mattel, or well, soon to be McHayle, that's right, my baby sister is getting married and despite just recently having triplets she would like me to help her organize her wedding and of course, to be her bridesmaid. It is really stressful, you know along with running a shop, taking care of a four year old, a two year old and three newborns and I almost lose it multiple times, thankfully, my father Victor comes and stays with us to help me with the kids and some of the store things. He doesn't help too much with Rose's wedding as she's my sister through my mother, his ex-wife. Somehow, I manage to get it all worked out in the end though and Rose has the most beautiful wedding to her beau, Kerr Kyle McHayle


Year 7 - 2021


Piper [32] and Leo [32]; with Wyatt [5], Chris [3], Hunter [1], Logan [1] & Jackson [1] + Kit [German Shepard, 3]


Things have taken off recently at my shop, so much so that we've been seeing quite the drastic raise in revenue. In a very large way that Leo and I are just about floored. There is so much money being raked in that we don't know what to do with it. Though of course, we take the chance to look and plan. We're allocating finances into different plots and accounts with plans for things like hopefully a move in the near future and an opening up of a second location of Charmed as it is doing just so well, one in another area that could help us perhaps bring in even more.


So, we of course do just that. We've taken the money and invested it into a second store opening up a little further away from us. We've got more reliable employees and just about everything we could look for in a second location. Of course, with the hype of the first location we're getting lots of recognition and when Charmed 2 opens up tons of bloggers flood in and take the time to enjoy, oh and write all about it. Suddenly, both stores heat up like crazy and we're just inundated with business. I couldn't be more thrilled.


Year 8 - 2022


Piper [33] and Leo [33]; with Wyatt [6], Chris [4], Hunter [2], Logan [2] & Jackson [2] + Kit [German Shepard, 4]


Well, it would seem I've found myself in a similar bind as I was seven years ago, after quite the long wait, Alyssa and Julian are welcoming their second child together. A little girl, and they're having a similar issue, they just can't decide on a name and they want us to step in, or well, mostly me to help them out. Alyssa likes Daniella and Julian wants Bethany. It is quite the honor, but a little stressful. I give it some time and in the end, come up with what I think is the perfect name, Madison Dana Elizabeth Mirella. Alyssa and Julian adore it and write it down on the birth certificate in an instant. They're a darling family with little Maddie and Milo.


Between making all of this extra money with both set ups of Charmed and Leo's career as a doctor, we end up making the choice to move houses into something that makes a little more sense for a family of our size. We end up with out first two-story home, the place was lovely and being sold at a very low price as the previous owners were going through quite the divorce and just wanted the property gone. It's got eight, yes eight bedrooms with ten bathrooms, three half-bathrooms and it is amazing. Furnished impeccably and just wondrous. We move in right away and I love it.



Year 9 - 2023


Piper [34] and Leo [34]; with Wyatt [7], Chris [5], Hunter [3], Logan [3], Jackson [3] & Flora [0] + Kit [German Shepard, 5] & Melisande [Siamese, 0] 


Well, it would seem we bought the house in just the right time. We're expecting another child, this time our first little girl and we're all, but thrilled to be welcoming her into our hearts and our home. She'll be a perfect angel, I'm sure of it. Plus, it'll be nice to have something to even out all the damn testosterone in the house. God help me in ten years when I'll have five teen age boys in the house at once, thank goodness there is thirteen bathrooms in the house. This pregnancy is smooth and swift, no cravings at all. In fact, I actually had extra energy through all of this and got a lot of it done. On October 29th, 2023 we welcomed Flora Paige Holmes. She's a near mini me of me, with her lovely brown locks and brown eyes.


In addition to our bouncing baby girl Flora, we've welcomed another little lady into our home. A little female kitten. She's the sweetest thing, a gift from my sister Rose. It's a little poor time wise since we've got so many young children and a newborn, but so is life. We name her Melisande and she's a Siamese.


Year 10 - 2024


Piper [35] and Leo [35]; with Wyatt [8], Chris [6], Hunter [4], Logan [4], Jackson [4] & Flora [1] + Kit [German Shepard, 6] & Melisande [Siamese, 1]


This year is a year of duel expenses and luxurious things for us Holmes. We take a family trip this time in the hopes that now that Wyatt and Chris are older, they'll maybe remember more, though more than likely not and there is little chance that Hunter, Logan, Jackson or Flora will remember the trip, but that isn't what matters in the end. What matters is all of us being together for each other and having a good time in the moment. A horde of fun. They go to Germany and explore for two weeks. We nearly get lost multiple times, but it s a fun adventure.


We purchase another car this year. A Porsche, Leo nearly loses it. He's so very excited about the car and of course, Wyatt adores it as well seeing as he's started to take up Leo's fascination with cars. Reading the magazines with him and going to a few shows as well. I'm glad they're sharing something so important between them. Hopefully when Chris gets older he'll join in, all of the kids.



Year 11 - 2025


Piper [36] and Leo [36]; with Wyatt [9], Chris [7], Hunter [5], Logan [5], Jackson [5] & Flora [2] + Kit [German Shepard, 7] & Melisande [Siamese, 2]


Well, It would seem I am the woman to be. My older sister, Shannon Prudence Cromwell (formerly Jessup and formerly Sheridan) is getting married to her past childhood sweetheart Theodore Andy Westley Trudeau. Of course, she wants me to be her maid of honor and as well, she wants me to help her plan the whole damn wedding. I'm a little worried, but a lot less than when I planned Rose's wedding as the kids are older now and all, but Flora will be in school. The wedding reception is beautiful in the end and it is wonderful to see my sister with her true love.


Speaking of the wonderful life of true love, I've once more been given a chance to help name a bright new life. Thankfully, it isn't another of Alyssa and Julian's brood as they've stopped with just two little darlings. No, this time my sister Rose and her husband Kerr have had their second bundle of joy. A little boy to join big sister, Kat Tamora McHayle. The issue is, they just can't think of a name, and they don't like anything yet. So, they've asked for my help. I take some time to think and end up with Richard Van Ari McHayle. Thankfully, they love it. Plus, I've got the most adorable little nugget of a nephew to join my niece, and my other nephew and niece and soon to be nephew, Brenden Antonio Bane Cromwell-Jessup, Patience Monroe Cromwell-Sheridan and Andrew "Andy" Jack Rowan Trudeau




Year 12 - 2026


Piper [37] and Leo [37]; with Wyatt [10], Chris [8], Hunter [6], Logan [6], Jackson [6] Melinda [4], Flora [3], Warren [2] & Jensen [1] + Kit [German Shepard, 8] & Melisande [Siamese, 3]


We decide with the business doing so well, and Leo's job taking such a ware on him and his tine with the kids for Leo to retire from his well done career as a doctor, instead he's decided to work art time at a private college as a visiting assistant professor. The money is too much, but the hours suit him and Leo adores working with students who want to one day become doctors or have a general interest in Biology. During one of his breaks, we decide to take the family on a trip to Spain and to the United Kingdom. We enjoy traveling, tasting new cuisine, seeing museums and other works of art. It'll all be lovely. This time for sure, Wyatt and Chris will remember. Just to be sure, and for the younger kids, I make a scrapbook, just like all our other vacations.


Tragedy has struck, my close friend, Daniel "Dan" Vaughn Gordon, only one under Alyssa, and his wife, Marie Hallie Gordon, were killed in a car accident. They had three young children who I have been left custody to. Their four year old daughter Melinda Danielle Gordon, two year old son Warren Piper Gordon and one year old son Jensen Gregory Gordon. Melinda has blonde hair and blue eyes, Warren has brown hair and blue eyes and Jensen has brown hair and green eyes. Of course, we say yes and take custody, adopting them. We make some renovations to the house and change my at home office into a bedroom, that way Melinda can have her own and just Warren and Jensen will share one. After a couple of months debate we also make the logical choice and make a legal change to the kids last names from Gordon to Gordon-Holmes. If they desire, when they're older we'll pay for it to be changed. For now, they're ours and we'll love them just as much as our other children.


The Holmes Family


DH: Leo Brian Holmes [37] [College Professor] [Dirty Blonde Hair and Green Eyes]

DW: Piper Holly Homes (nee Cromwell) [37] [Restauranteur] [Brown Hair and Brown Eyes]


DS: Wyatt Miles Holmes [10] [Blonde Hair and Blue Eyes]

DS: Christian "Chris" Philip Holmes [8] [Brown Hair and Green Eyes]

DS: Hunter Aaron Holmes [6] [Brown Hair and Green Eyes]

DS: Logan Matthew Holmes [6] [Blonde Hair and Green Eyes]

DS: Jackson Leo Holmes [6] [Blonde Hair and Blue Eyes]

DAD: Melinda Danielle Gordon-Holmes [4] [Blonde Hair and Blue Eyes]

DD: Flora Paige Homes [3] [Brown Hair and Brown Eyes]

DAS: Warren Piper Gordon-Holmes [2] [Brown Hair and Blue Eyes]

DAS: Jensen Gregory Gordon-Holmes [1] [Brown Hair and Green Eyes]


Dog: Kit [German Shepherd, 8]

Cat: Melisande [Siamese, 3]


Leo and Piper Holmes; with Wyatt, Chris, Hunter, Logan, Jackson, Melinda, Flora, Warren & Jensen + Kit & Melisande




The Mirella Family


DH: Julian Cole Mirella [40] [Black Hair and Blue Eyes]

DW: Alyssa Phoebe Mirella (nee Llano) [37] [Brown Hair and Brown Eyes]


DS: Milo James William Mirella [11] [Brown Hair and Blue Eyes]

DD: Madison Dana Elizabeth Mirella [4] [Black Hair and Brown Eyes]


Julian and Alyssa Mirella; with Milo & Madison




The Cromwell/Trudeau/Jessup Family


DW: Shannon Prudence Cromwell-Trudeau (formerly Jessup) [40] [Black Hair and Green Eyes]

Ex-DH: Bane Antonio Jessup [41] [Black Hair and Brown Eyes]

Ex-DH: Lochlan Monro Jacques Sheridan [36] [Blonde Hair and Blue Eyes] 

DH: Theodore Andy Westley Trudeau [40] [Black Hair and Blue Eyes]


DS: Brenden Antonio Bane Cromwell-Jessup [12] [Black Hair and Green Eyes]

DD: Patience Monroe Cromwell-Sheridan [7] [Blonde Hair and Green Eyes]

DS: Andrew "Andy" Jack Rowan Trudeau [1] [Black Hair and Blue Eyes]


Shannon and Theodore (+ ex-husbands Bane & Lochlan) Trudeau; with Brenden, Patience & Andy




The McHayle Family


DH: Kerr Kyle McHayle [32] [Black Hair and Blue Eyes]

DW: Rose Paige McHayle (nee Mattel) [33] [Brown Hair and Brown Eyes]


DD: Kat Tamora McHayle [4] [Red Hair and Brown Eyes]

DS: Richard Van Ari McHayle [1] [Black Hair and Blue Eyes]


Kerr and Rose McHayle; with Kat & Richard




The Gordon Family


DH: Daniel "Dan" Vaughn Gordon [dec.] [Blonde Hair and Green Eyes]

DW: Marie Hallie Gordon [dec.] [Brown Hair and Blue Eyes]


DD: Melinda Danielle Gordon-Holmes [4] [Blonde Hair and Blue Eyes]

DS: Warren Piper Gordon-Holmes [2] [Brown Hair and Blue Eyes]

DS: Jensen Gregory Gordon-Holmes [1] [Brown Hair and Green Eyes]


Dan and Marie Gordon; with Melinda, Warren & Jensen

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Posted 28 July 2014 - 12:46 AM

LN: Cleveland


DH: Jasper Nathaniel

DW: Ava Rosemary


Year 1 - 2015


Within our first year of marriage, we were excited to learn that Jasper's sister Olivia Paige was expecting her first born baby with her husband Timothy Cole Rutherford ("Tim").  They asked for our help in naming their baby girl, and we helped them choose the name Bailey Evelyn Rutherford for their little girl.


Year 2 - 2016


We babysat our niece Bailey quite frequently and were touched by the happiness that radiated from Olivia and Tim when they held their precious daughter.  We decided we were ready to become parents and began TTC.  We ended up having triplets - two girls and a boy!  We named them Charlotte Elizabeth, Audrey Paige, and Joseph Charles Cleveland ("Joe").


Year 3 - 2017


We wanted our kids to get along well with animals, so we decided to adopt a puppy!  We brought home a Cocker Spaniel named Susie.


Year 4 - 2018


Ava worked as a copywriter and occasional reporter for a local magazine and was promoted to editorial manager.  We were both excited and proud!


Year 5 - 2019


Ava's grandmother passed away and left us her house in Palm Bay, Florida.  So we moved from Raleigh, North Carolina to our new home!


Year 6 - 2020


Having settled into our new home, we decided to TTC again.  We had hard time conceiving, however (the triplets were conceived through IVF), and so we looked into adoption.  We had been researching and planning ahead with adoption for a few months and were thrilled to learn that a newborn baby girl was available for us to adopt!  We named her Beatrice Mae Cleveland.


Year 7 - 2021


Olivia and Tim announced they were expecting again!  We helped them choose the name Cody William Rutherford for Bailey's little brother.


Year 8 - 2022


We decided to take the kids on their first official vacation to Spain!  Our triplets were 6 and Bea was 2, so we figured that although they were little, they would still enjoy seeing the sights!  We traveled to Barcelona and Madrid.


Year 9 - 2023


We were both shocked and elated to be expecting!  We had a baby girl named Fiona Violet Cleveland.


Year 10 - 2024


This year, Jasper was promoted from an officer to a sergeant on the police force!


Year 11 - 2025


The kids began begging us for another dog, so we adopted a beagle and named him Baxter!


Year 12 - 2026


This year, we took another wonderful vacation to Greece and visited Athens and Sicily.


The Cleveland Family

Jasper, Ava, Charlotte (10), Audrey (10), Joe (10), Beatrice (6), & Fiona (3)

w/ dogs Susie & Baxter


The Rutherford Family

Tim, Olivia, Bailey (11), & Cody (5)

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LN: Barnes 


DW: Josephine Reece "Josie" [37]

DH: Tristan Taylor [40]


DS: Ezra Christian Lucas [12]

DS/DS/DS: Eli William Blake & Harrison Jack Riley & Hayden Oliver James [11]

DD: Gemma Charlotte Rose [9]

DS: Asher Hudson Lewis [8]

DD/DD: Genevieve Harper Ruby & Aurora Eloise Monroe [5]

DS/DS/DD: Owen Gabriel Alexander & Grayson Tristan Connor & Amelia Elizabeth Brooke [3]

DD/DD/DD: Scarlett Eleanor Eve & Madeleine Olivia Grace & Victoria Sophia Isabelle [1]


Tristan & Josie Barnes+ 

Ezra, Eli, Harrison, Hayden, Gemma, Asher, Evie, Rory, Owen, Grayson, Amelia, Scarlett, Maddie, & Tori and family dog, Kenya




2015: Tristan and Josie welcome a baby boy named Ezra Christian Lucas.

2016:  The family is surprised to welcome not one, but three healthy baby boys. They name them:  Eli William Blake, Harrison Jack Riley, & Hayden Oliver James.

2017: With a quickly growing family, Tristan and Josie decided it's time to pack up and buy a new house to accommodate them. They find a large, 7 bedroom/4 bathroom plantation home in the south. It is a two-story, white house with green shutters and large columns. The house has a large front porch that looks out over a lawn full of full grown oak trees. It is settled on 5 acres of land that allows the little Barnes' boys to run wild. 

2018: The family is ecstatic to bring their first baby girl home. They name her, Gemma Charlotte Rose.

2019: The Barnes' Family continues to grow, as Asher Hudson Lewis is born.

2020: Tristan receives a huge promotion within his architecture firm. With his new job, he is required to travel more--but can often bring his large clan along with him. 

2021: After the job promotion, everything is great! Tristan decides to surprise Josie with a new car! He bought a his and her matching pair of the latest Lexus LX. He chose the sleek Black Onyx for Josie and went with Nebula Gray Pearl for himself. Now they will be able to escort the children around in style!

2022: After endless begging from Gemma for a baby sister, her wish is granted when the family welcomes twin girls:  Genevieve Harper Ruby & Aurora Eloise Monroe.

2023: After the passing of Josie's great-aunt, Edie Eleanora-Mae Abbott, the family is informed that they inherited her estate in Charlotte, North Carolina. What they assumed would be just you typical old lady house actually turns out to be located in the Historic District and very well preserved. They decided to hold on to the estate and use it as a vacation home. 

2024: Although multiples run in the family, Tristan and Josie never thought they would have triplets again. But to their surprise, they were wrong! They happily welcome Owen Gabriel Alexander, Grayson Tristan Connor, & Amelia Elizabeth Brooke.

2025: The couple decides that it is time for a change! They decide to uproot their ever-growing brood and move to Memphis, Tennessee, where Tristan will open his own architecture firm and Josie will stay home with their young children. 

2026: The couple are very content with their life. They have been blessed with a beautiful family. They decide to try for one last baby to complete their group. They soon find out that for the third time they will be parents to three bouncing babies--this time all girls. They name the girls:  Scarlett Eleanor Eve & Madeleine Olivia Grace & Victoria Sophia Isabelle. 

2027: Now that their family is finally complete, Tristan and Josie think that the children need a pet to teach them responsibility. The adopt a beautiful husky and name her Kenya. 

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Anastasia 'Anne' Catherine Oliver [40]
Philip 'Phil' Benjamin Oliver [38]
Gregory 'Greg' Leon Oliver [16] *Adopted Biological Nephew
Rosalie 'Rose' Margaret Oliver [14] *Adopted Biological Neice
Thomas 'Thom' Henry Oliver [14] *Adopted
Sophia 'Soph' Abigail Oliver [9] *Conceived via IVF, Fraternal
Zachary 'Zach' Austin Oliver [9] *Conceived via IVF, Fraternal
Lucas 'Luke' Andrew Oliver [9] *Conceived via IVF, Fraternal
Delilah 'Dell' Madeleine Oliver [9] *Adopted Biological Neice
William 'Will' Joshua Oliver [6] *Naturally Identical Triplet
Matthew 'Matt' Jacob Oliver [6] *Naturally Identical Triplet
Nicholas 'Nick' James Oliver [6] *Naturally Identical Triplet
Caitlin 'Cate' Emily Oliver [0] *Naturally Identical Triplet
Bethany 'Beth' Eleanor Oliver [0] *Naturally Identical Triplet
Jessica 'Jess' Evelyn Oliver [0] *Naturally Identical Triplet

Greg and Thom's Bedroom
Rose, Soph and Dell's Bedroom
Zach and Luke's Bedroom
Will, Matt and Nick's Bedroom

Cate, Beth and Jess' Nursery

Year One - Adopt a Child
15 months after our wedding, my brother, Graham dies. He'd been bringing up his son on his own after his wife died in child-birth. Greg comes to live with us the day after his fifth birthday.

Year Two - Adopt a Puppy
Greg's top three wishes on his Christmas list were, his dad, a sibling and a puppy. Since we've been unable to conceive, we decided to adopt a puppy as his Christmas gift. Zero the Akita joins the family on Christmas Eve.

Year Three - Have Triplets
As we've been unable to conceive naturally we were offered IVF. We were shocked, but happy to find out it was a success and that we were expecting triplets! Greg is over the moon when we introduce him to Soph, Zach and Luke eight months later.

Year Four - Sudden Family Member Dies
Phil's sister Megan and her husband Michael are killed in a car crash. The children are bruised and one has a broken arm, but they survive. We take in Rose, who is almost six, and Dell who is 13 months.

Year Five - Inherit a House
Megan and Michael's estate is finally sorted out, and we are given their house. Michael's family were very wealthy and we are left with a large 6 bedroomed house in Palm Bay, Florida. After talking it over with Greg, we decide to move so Rose can stay with her friends at school.

Year Six - Have Triplets
After putting on a few pounds and feeling very tired I decide to go to the doctors office. Even though he is aware of my previous fertility issues, he asks I take a pregnancy test, just to rule out the possibility. We're both flummoxed when it comes back positive, and Phil actually faints at the ultrasound when we discover we're expecting natural triplets! Will, Matt and Nick join the family after seven months, and after four weeks in hospital are allowed to come home.

Year Seven - Promotion
Phil gets promoted. He has to take a business trip out of the country once a month for a week, but the rest of the time he works from home! My parents have retired now, and decide to move down to be nearer to us, and help me out when Phil is away.

Year Eight - Open a Business
I've always wanted to own my own business, and with Phil's new promotion we have the opportunity. My mother suggests an old fashioned sweet shop, and we name it 'Keep it Sweet'. She and my father work the counter during the day and I run the business side of it.

Year Nine - Dream Car
Phil has been working very hard in his new role and receives a big bonus at the end of the year. The sweet shop is also doing well, so I buy him his dream car for Christmas, a Ferrari. He's over the moon and promises Greg he'll take him to prom in it next year.

Year Ten - Adopt a Child
Rose comes home crying one night after finding out her best friend Thom's mother is dying. She's an only child, and her parents are already deceased, so he'll have to go into foster-care and probably move schools. Phil and I discuss it between ourselves, and then with Greg and Rose. Thom's mother Theresa is delighted when we offer to take him in ourselves. Thom moves in with us when she is taken into a hospice, and we take him to visit every day. She dies two weeks before the end of summer vacation.

Year Eleven - Promotion
I'm approached about 'Keep It Sweet' by a large investment company who would like me to open up three new locations! I have to hire a lot more staff, but can personally take a step back and concentrate on the children.

Year Twelve - Have Triplets
With ten children and a large dog in the house, life is chaotic. So chaotic, I completely miss the fact that I go nine weeks without a period. Phil is actually the one who brings it to my attention, and after a taking a pregnancy test we realise we're expecting naturally again. This time, it's me who faints when we're told we're expecting triplets. Again. What are the odds! Cate, Beth and Jess hang on until 34 weeks and are born perfectly healthy, just a little small. They're allowed to come home after four days.

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The Tryde Family
Eleazar Collin [22] & Indie Simone [21]
Married 18th August 1999
Year 1 - 2000
Have a baby boy named Spencer Miles.
Year 2 - 2001
Ele's step-sister dies leaving 3 children behind. Decide to take them in. Paris William is nine, London Sarah is seven, and Sydney Rose is one.
Year 3 - 2002
Go on vacation to Spain.
Year 4 - 2003
Inherit a property from Ele's uncle in Worcester, Massachusetts.
Year 5 - 2004
Have a baby boy named Caleb Jack.
Year 6 - 2005
Go on vacation to Spain.
Year 7 - 2006
Indie's sister asks her to plan her wedding.
Year 8 - 2007
Indie's sister asks for help naming her new baby girl. Together they decide on Aurora Evangeline.
Year 9 - 2008
Have twin boys named Emmett Arlo and Finn Marshall.
Year 10 - 2009
Indie's sister asks for help naming her new baby boy. Together they decide on Dashiell Phoenix.
Year 11 - 2010
Buy a new car. Choose a Ferrari.
Year 12 - 2011
Have triplet boys named Hayden Luke, Oscar Dylan, and Chase Andrew.
The Tryde Famile
Eleazar Collin [34] & Indie Simone [33]
Paris William [19]
London Sarah [17]
Spencer Miles [11]
Sydney Rose [11]
Caleb Jack [7]
Emmett Arlo & Finn Marshall [3]
Hayden Luke, Oscar Dylan, & Chase Andrew [0]
Ele and Indie Tryde with Paris, London, Spencer, Sydney, Caleb, Emmett, Finn, Hayden, Oscar, and Chase

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Andrew Ethan & Nora Leighton Westmont


Year One: We adopt a puppy! It is a border collie. We name him Stanford.


Year Two: We try for a baby, and end up with two! It is one boy and one girl. We name them Ezra Hawthorne Rhys and Eleanor Charlotte Pearl "Nora".


Year Three: We inherit a home! It is a nice home in Augusta, Georgia. It looks like: http://static.forsalebyowner.com/images/large/2130/21303868-1.jpg 

-Ezra and Nora Westmont turn 1!


Year Four: We open a bakery! We call it "Eleanor's Bake Shop" after little Nora. It looks like: http://media-cache-e...27232ef2b33.jpg

-Ezra and Nora Westmont turn 2!


Year Five: We conceive a child, but unfortunately we miscarried. However, Andrew's sister, Olivia, and her husband, Luke, die in a car accident and leave us their children. They have 4 kids; three boys and a girl. They are Levi Anselm, age 10; Silas Patrick, age 5; Naomi Claire, age 4; and Ezekiel John, age 1.

-Ezra and Nora Westmont turn 3!


Year Six: We buy a new house! It is a large house to fit our growing family. It looks like: http://media-cache-e...e50300ad6ca.jpg

-Ezekiel Westmont turns 2!

-Ezra and Nora Westmont turn 4!

-Naomi Westmont turns 5!

-Silas Westmont turns 6!

-Levi Westmont turns 11!


Year Seven: We adopt a kitten! Naomi names him Mr. Muffin.

-Ezekiel Westmont turns 3!

-Ezra and Nora Westmont turn 5!

-Naomi Westmont turns 6!

-Silas Westmont turns 7!

-Levi Westmont turns 12!


Year Eight: We take a family vacation to Spain!

-Ezekiel Westmont turns 4!

-Ezra and Nora Westmont turn 6!

-Naomi Westmont turns 7!

-Silas Westmont turns 8!

-Levi Westmont turns 13!


Year Nine: We try for a baby, but have our second miscarriage. As a plus, Andrew got promoted and now makes close to twice as much.

-Ezekiel Westmont turns 5!

-Ezra and Nora Westmont turn 7!

-Naomi Westmont turns 8!

-Silas Westmont turns 9!

-Levi Westmont turns 14!


Year Ten: We are blessed with a baby boy! We name him Henry Theo Hudson.

-Ezekiel Westmont turns 6!

-Ezra and Nora Westmont turn 8!

-Naomi Westmont turns 9!

-Silas Westmont turns 10!

-Levi Westmont turns 15!


Year Eleven: We take a family vacation to Ireland!

-Henry Westmont turns 1!

-Ezekiel Westmont turns 7!

-Ezra and Nora Westmont turn 9!

-Naomi Westmont turns 10!

-Silas Westmont turns 11!

-Levi Westmont turns 16!


Year Twelve: We have twin girls! We name them Evangeline Hazel and Juliet Pearl.

-Henry Westmont turns 2!

-Ezekiel Westmont turns 8!

-Ezra and Nora Westmont turn 10!

-Naomi Westmont turns 11!

-Silas Westmont turns 12!

-Levi Westmont turns 17!



Levi - here

Silas - here

Naomi - here

Ezra & Nora - here & here

Ezekiel - here

Henry - here

Evangeline & Juliet - here

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Georgia Louise + Owen Harvey

~married: August 15, 2012


Year 1 (2013):

Owen and I inherited a house from his Great Uncle Stuart. It is a 3 acre property in Worcester, Massachusetts with a main-house, a barn and a pool-house. We kept our apartment in Boston and spent weekends in Worcester.


Year 2 (2014):

After a busy winter of work, Owen and I took a 3-week vacation to Ireland in the spring.


Year 3 (2015):

Owen and I were very surprised when not only did we find out we were expecting but then a couple months later we found out it was triplets! Addison Lily, Molly Victoria and Jack Sebastian were born on October 4, 2015.


Year 4 (2016):

When the triplets were six months old, we adopted a gray-tabby kitten from our local animal shelter. We named our kitten Oliver.


Year 5 (2017):

My best friend got engaged in September of the year before and then in the following nine months I helped her plan her barn wedding and they used the barn on our property.


Year 6 (2018):

Although Owen and I were planning to wait until the triplets were at least 4 to have more kids, when they were 2-and-a-half we were shocked to find out I was pregnant with number 4. Theo Charlie was born November 28, 2018.


Year 7 (2019):

Just after Theo was born, Owen got a promotion at work, however it meant that we were packing up and moving to Memphis, Tennessee. We moved into a five-bedroom house with a pool and a pond in the backyard.


Year 8 (2020):

For the triplets fifth birthday we surprised them with a new puppy we adopted. He is a husky and we named him Ghost.


Year 9 (2021):

After a lot of success planning various weddings for friends and family in both Memphis and Boston, I opened a small boutique shop called "All Things Wedding" where I sell everything from flower arrangements to invitations.


Year 10 (2022):

Theo was 3 when we found out we were expecting, and once again it was multiples! Our twins were born on June 13, 2022 and we named them Gavin Hugo and Eleanor Bronwen.


Year 11 (2023):

In September, the eight of us went on a needed and deserved family vacation to Greece. The triplets loved every moment and could not get enough of the food, the ocean or the landscape. Owen and I were able to find a babysitter for the kids on a couple nights and have a few romantic getaways.


Year 12 (2024):

As a result of our romantic Greece trip, we welcomed baby number 7 on May 26, 2024. Our baby boy, Miles Harry, will definitely be our last as our house and our hearts are entirely full.




{36} Georgia + Owen {37}

{9} Addy / Molly / Jack

{6} Theo

{2} Gavin / Ellie

{0} Miles

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 Alexander Paul  Delaney "Alex" and  Gemma Margaret Delaney 


Married April 24, 2001



Year 1 (2002)


Alex and Gemma buy a home. Alex has some money that he inherited from his childless uncle, so the Delaneys have enough money to buy a big Victorian house on six acres. It has five bedrooms and 3 bathrooms, so they have plenty of room to expand their family.


Year 2 (2003)

Alex and Gemma welcome their first child, a baby girl, on July 17, 2003! They name her Amelia Josephine.


Year 3 (2004)

Gemma was an aspiring novelist working in an office and writing in her spare time. A few weeks before Amelia's first birthday, she receives a call that she has sold her first book, a historical fiction novel. The book goes on to be a best seller. The royalties from the book allow Gemma to quit her day job. She is excited she gets to spend more time with her daughter and devote more time to writing. 


Year 4 (2005)

Gemma and Alex decide to have another baby, and they end up with two! Twin boys Liam Atticus and Declan Matteo and  are born on September 2, 2005.


Year 5 (2006)

Gemma is shocked to discover that she is pregnant again! The family quickly gets over the shock and is happy to welcome a baby girl, Julia Madeleine,  on the last day of the year, December 31, 2006.


Year 6 (2007)

Alex, who works as an architect at a local firm, is made a senior partner when one of the founders retires. In addition to a receiving a much bigger salary, Alex also has a lot more creative input in the buildings that the firm designs. He loves seeing his concepts come to life.


Year 7 (2008) 

Alex's sister Sarah Alvarez and her husband Carlos are killed in a car accident. Gemma and Alex are given custody of their 4 children. The welcome Adelina Grace "Addie" [10], Catalina Michelle "Katie" [6], Antonio William "Tony" [5], and  Ronaldo Patrick "Ronnie" [1] into their home.


Year 8 (2009)

The family moves to Rochester, NY, where Alex has been sent to open a new branch of his architectural firm. They buy a large house in the surrounding countryside to fit all of their children. 


Year 9 (2010)

After lots of begging, the kids finally get their wish, and the family adopts a puppy from the local animal shelter. Gemma and Alex let the kids pick the pup they wanted, and the chose a hound-shepherd mix. They name him Thor.


Year 10 (2011)

Since they love their dog so much, the Delaneys decide to adopt another puppy. This time they give a home to a golden retriever-poodle mix. They name her Lady.


Year 11 (2012)

The family decides to get a cat to go with their two rambunctious dogs. The adopt a slinky black cat named Sable.


Year 12 (2013)

Much to everyone's surprise, Gemma announces that she is pregnant! During the pregnancy, they discover she's not carrying one baby, but three!  On March 4, the Delaney family welcome triplets, a girl and two boys! The babies are named Georgia Evelyn, Ethan Thomas, and Isaac Matthew.




The Delaney Family

DH: Alexander Paul Delaney "Alex" [36]

DW: Gemma Margaret Delaney [36]


Adelina Grace Alvarez "Addie" [15]

Catalina Michelle Alvarez "Katie" [11]

Amelia Josephine Delaney [10]

Antonio William Alvarez "Tony" [10]

Liam Atticus Delaney [8]

Declan Matteo Delaney [8]

Julia Madeline Delaney [7]

Ronaldo Patrick Alvarez "Ronnie" [6]

Georgia Evelyn Delaney [nb]

Ethan Thomas Delaney [nb]

Isaac Matthew Delaney [nb]

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LN: Fitzgerald


DH: Bryan Scott

DW: Amy Rebecca


Married May 27, 1994


Year One - 1995
Kitten, Tabby: Sierra


Year Two - 1996

Buy a new black Porsche


Year Three - 1997

Help plan sister's wedding.  It is a destination wedding in St. Martin.


Year Four - 1998

DS: Blake Andrew

DS: Jack Thomas

DS: Luke Michael


Year Five - 1999

Vacation to the United Kingdom


Year Six - 2000

Bryan is promoted to chief surgeon of the pediatric neurology clinic.  This comes with prestige and a nice pay increase.


Year Seven - 2001

DD: Hattie Scarlet

DD: Sadie Juliet


Year Eight - 2002

Inherit an old plantation, complete with the original house built in 1817, from Amy's recently deceased grandmother, in Charlotte, NC.


Year Nine - 2003

DD: Audrey Caroline


Year Ten - 2004

Vacation to Greece


Year Eleven - 2005

DD: Lucy Madeleine

DS: Max Stephen


Year Twelve - 2006
Help sister (Katie Abigail Bartlett) and brother-in-law (Nicholas James Bartlett) name their DS.  Decide on Cole Jameson Bartlett.


Bryan and Amy Fitzgerald

Blake, Jack, Luke, Hattie, Sadie, Audrey, Lucy and Max


Nick and Katie Bartlett


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Posted 10 September 2014 - 09:20 PM

Luis Ronald "Lou" and Antonia Hattie "Tonia" McKinney
Married March 7th, 2001

January 5th, 2002
Lou and I had not one child, but two! Everly Christine "Evie" and Coraline Elsie "Cora" were born today at 3:27 AM (Evie) and 3:29 AM (Cora). They were born about a month before their due date, but it was fine since they both turned out perfectly healthy and above all beautiful. Our parents came to see the children. They were my mother's first granddaughters, so she was very happy for that.

June 20th, 2003
Lou got a job transfer and we moved to Ann Arbor, Michigan. We bought a two-story, white house, with five bedrooms (just in case) and a large backyard. The girls are having a lot of fun with all the new space, and it makes me think that maybe it would be nice to have an extra kid around. Or a pet. Lou says he wants a dog, though I'm more of a cat person. We'll see how it goes.

August 27th, 2004 
Our third child, Tobias Walker "Toby", was born at 6:05 PM. Lou is very happy, as you can imagine. He also insists even more that we should get a dog. "A dog is a man's best friend, Tonia," he claims. I had to remind him that there were still more girls in the family than guys. He said he didn't care, and that Toby didn't either. We'll see about that, I told him.

October 28th, 2005
With only three days until Halloween - Evie's dressed as Snow White, Cora as Tinkerbell and Toby as lil' Batman - I finally agreed for Lou to get a puppy, after, what, two years? Cora was talking about puppies though. She seems really interested in them. And maybe it would be nice for the kids to grow up with a dog. So, we got a little yellow Labrador. Evie named him Spoodge. I asked her why, and she just said it was fun to say. We all laughed. Spoodge it is, then!

May 9th, 2006
My sister asked me to plan for her wedding! They're planning on getting married next month. It has a light blue, navy blue theme to it, since those are their favorite colors. I helped set up the decorations, they're very lively. Cora and Evie are the flower girls, and Toby's the ring bearer. They're so excited!

December 11th, 2007
Just in time for Christmas, our fourth child, Sophia Brooke, was born at 9:46 AM. The girls are almost six and started kindergarten a few months ago, so as you can imagine they got to brag about having a baby sister to their classmates. Toby is three, he's a little upset that it wasn't a boy, but he's still happy he's not the youngest anymore.

June 18th, 2008
My mother passed away. Depressing, I know. We inherited her property in Charlotte, North Carolina. The kids were sad that they had to leave their friends behind, but upon seeing the mansion they were impressed! So, even more space, as the twins now have separate rooms but I'm still very heartbroken over Mother passing. Lou and the kids do their best to help cheer me up, and something tells me maybe things won't be that bad. I hope she's having a good time up in heaven.

July 30th, 2009
We went on a trip to Belgium! It was interesting, and certainly different. We learned a lot about ancient empires on that trip, that's for sure.

February 16th, 2010
Lou got promoted! He's now the vice president of the company he works for, and got a nice bonus as well. Which is nice, because for awhile the mansion was becoming costly to keep. The twins turned eight last month, it's amazing how time can fly.

November 1st, 2011
Our fifth child, and our second son, Graham Isaac, was born today at 10:50 PM. Graham was a surprise baby, we weren't really expecting him. But Toby's certainly happy he has a brother now. He's very handsome.

April 2nd, 2012
Lou went out of his way to buy a Lexus. It's a nice, black minivan that can fit all of us. Sophia especially likes it because her best friend has a car just like it. Toby likes it just because it looks cool.

August 4th, 2013
We went on another trip, to Spain. It was lovely, the place is beautiful. Cora had been practicing Spanish on her own time, so when we announced we were going to Spain for a vacation she got kind of excited. A bit too excited, as we caught her flirting in Spanish with some random boy about her age. We had to explain to her that just because she's eleven doesn't mean she can flirt with a total stranger. Lou and I both felt eleven was a bit too young to be dating, anyway.

December 25, 2014
As a Christmas present, guess what we got the kids? A kitten. Graham named her Mermaid. At three years old, Graham has become quite the tomgirl. Spoodge and Mermaid have fights occasionally, but for the most part they get along well. Spoodge has become a bit lazy due to old age, so who knows how they would act if he was younger?

Lou (45) and Tonia (42) McKinney with Evie, Cora (12), Toby (10), Sophia (7), and Graham (3).

Plus their pets, Spoodge (9) and Mermaid (0).

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August Theodore James & Quinn Elizabeth Celeste


Married April 12th 2002


October 6th 2002 - Opened my toy store “Betsy & Ted”


August 4th 2003 - Sutton Georgia Pearl Vivienne & Presley Charlotte Rose Adelaide were born.


December 8th 2004 - Cyrus Marley Nash Remington & Magnus Lennox Jett Thaddeus were born. Sutton & Presley are 16 months old.


May 14th 2005 - Gus & I signed the papers for our new house. It’s a 6 bedroom lake house with access to our own private lake, our ‘forever’ home! Sutton & Presley are 21 months old, Cyrus & Magnus are 5 months old.


August 2006 - We took a month long family vacation to Ireland to visit some relatives. Sutton &

Presley are 3 years old, Cyrus & Magnus are 20 months old.


June 5th 2007 - Darcie Willow May Genevieve, Frankie Sapphire Belle Juliette & Hallie Jasmine Grace Madeleine were born. Sutton & Presley are 3 years & 9 months old, Cyrus & Magnus are 2 years & 5 months old.


July 2008 - We took a family vacation to Spain for 2 weeks. Sutton & Presley are 4 years & 11 months old, Cyrus & Magnus are 3 years & 7 months old and Darcie, Frankie & Hallie are 13 months old.


September 7th 2009 - My best friend Harriet Claire Jameson & her husband Matthew Paul Jameson asked our family to name their newborn daughter. We decided on Sadie Kate Eliza Jameson. Sutton & Presley are 6 years & 1 month old, Cyrus & Magnus are 4 years & 9 months old and Darcie, Frankie & Hallie are 2 years & 3 months old.


March 23rd 2010  - River Stella Wren Angelique & Monroe Violet Saige Coraline were born. Sutton & Presley are 6 years & 7 month old, Cyrus & Magnus are 5 years & 3 months old and Darcie, Frankie & Hallie are 2 years & 8 months old.


February 14th 2011 - Gus decided to splash out on a new car for me. I decided on a Lexus IS C Sport in metallic red. Sutton & Presley are 7 years & 6 months old, Cyrus & Magnus are 6 years & 2 months old, Darcie, Frankie & Hallie are 3 years & 7 months old and River & Monroe are 11 months old.


November 5th 2012 - We decided to get St. Bernard’s puppy who we called Treasure. Sutton & Presley are 9 years & 3 months old, Cyrus & Magnus are 7 years & 11 months old, Darcie, Frankie & Hallie are 5 years & 4 months old and River & Monroe are 2 years & 8 months old.


October 1st 2013 - Jonas Emmett Reed Tobias was born. Sutton & Presley are 10 years & 2 months old, Cyrus & Magnus are 8 years & 10 months old, Darcie, Frankie & Hallie are 6 years & 3 months old and River & Monroe are 3 years & 7 months old. Our family is now complete.

August & Quinn with Sutton, Presley, Cyrus, Magnus, Darcie, Frankie, Hallie, River, Monroe, Jonas & Treasure the dog.

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DH: Tyler Sullivan Williams
DW: Brielle Mae Williams (nee Campbell)

Married 2020


Year 1: 2021

We adopt a male orange tabby cat named Oliver.


Year 2: 2022

We buy our "forever home" in Boston, Mass. The outside of the house has a 'country' look but the inside is 'modern'. It's 4 bedroom and 2 bath with an open floor plan. There's 2 floors and a basement.


Year 3: 2023

Tyler's cousin and her husband suddenly pass away and leave their 6 children with us.

DS: Grayson Nicholas Merritt-Williams [9]

DS/DD: Wyatt James Merritt-Williams and Tessa Abigail Merritt-Williams [7]

DD: Olivia Danielle Merritt-Williams [6]

DD: Annabelle Ruby Merritt-Williams [2]

DD: Piper Avery Merritt-Williams [1]


Year 4: 2024

Fiona Margaret Williams is born.


Year 5: 2025

Alastair Gabriel Williams is born.


Year 6: 2026

We realize 4 bedrooms is not enough for a family of 10 so we pack up and move to Rochester, New York. We look for a similar style house ('country on the outside, 'modern' on the inside) but bigger. We got a 6 bedroom, 4 bath house. It's another 2 story house with a basement.


Year 7: 2027

We pack up all 8 kids and go on vacation to Belgium.


Year 8: 2028

Jasper Lennox Williams and Theodore "Theo" Jayce Williams are born.


Year 9: 2029

Tyler is a writer and one of his books become big. He obviously gets more money because of this and more recognition as a writer. His publishing company wants him to become a full time writer now.


Year 10: 2030

We get a male Beagle named Parker.


Year 11: 2031

We splurge a little and buy a teal x5 BMW.


Year 12: 2032

Daisy Paige Williams is born.


The year is now 2033...

Tyler [39] and Brielle [39] Williams with

Grayson [19], Wyatt [17], Tessa [17], Olivia [16], Annabelle [12], Piper [11], Fiona [9], Alastair [8], Jasper [5], Theo [5], Daisy [1]

and fur babies Oliver and Parker.

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The Broke Family


Prosper William [26] + Frances 'Fran' Opal [24]


Married 14th July 2010




Year 1 - 2011

Fran opens a coffee shop in town. She names it Prosperity, and it does very well in it's first year.


Year 2 - 2012

Fran and Prosper buy a bigger house in town. It has four bedrooms and a big back garden, perfect for the large family that they plan to have in the future.


Year 3 - 2013

Prosper gets a huge promotion at work.


Year 4 - 2014

Fran and Prosper decide to move to a new city for Prosper's work, and settle on Ann Arbor, Michigan.


Year 5 - 2015

Fran falls pregnant but unfortunately has a miscarriage. Prosper's sister, Grace, asks Fran for some help naming her newborn daughter. They settle on Ellie Francesca.


Year 6 - 2016

Fran falls pregnant again this year, and the couple is blessed with twin boys! They name them Miller Bennett and Emerson Bodhi.


Year 7 - 2017

To accommodate their growing family, Fran and Prosper buy a new car, a Porsche.


Year 8 - 2018

Prosper's sister, Grace, asks Fran for some help planning her wedding.


Year 9 - 2019

Prosper's brother, Loyal, asks Fran for input on the name of his first daughter. They decide on the name Scarlett Mae.


Year 10 - 2020

Fran and Prosper adopt a boxer puppy they name Cleo.


Year 11 - 2021

Fran falls pregnant, and the family welcome a baby girl they name Sloane Beatrice.


Year 12 - 2022

Prosper's sister, Grace, asks Fran for some help naming her new son, a brother for Ellie. They decide on Harris Marco.




The Broke Family


Prosper William [38] + Frances 'Fran' Opal [36]


Miller Bennett + Emerson Bodhi [6]

Sloane Beatrice [1]



Prosper and Fran Broke with Miller, Emerson, and Sloane




Grace + Lucas


Ellie Francesca [7]

Harris Marco [0]




Loyal + Trinity


Scarlett Mae [3]

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The Harris Family- 2015


DH: Patrick Christopher {28}
DW: Lillian Margaret “Lily” {26}


Year 1- 2015
Patrick and Lily inherit a property from his recently deceased uncle. It’s a cozy little house in Louisville, Kentucky but it’s perfect for the newlyweds.

Year 2- 2016
Lily decides to open a coffee shop, like she’s always wanted to, in town. She calls it “Lily’s Coffee”.

Year 3- 2017
With the success of the coffee shop, Patrick and Lily decide to splurge on a new car, a shiny blue Lexus.

Year 4- 2018
Life takes a turn when they find out that Lily is pregnant with triplets, two boys and one girl! Patrick is in charge of naming the boys so he decides on, Zachary John “Zach” and Andrew James “Drew”. Lily names their daughter, Abigail Sarah “Abby”.

Year 5- 2019
Patrick and Lily decide to buy a new house for their growing family and give their old one to Patrick’s cousin. This time, they decide to try a more modern house with 5 bedrooms and 3 bathrooms. It has a giant lawn for the kids and a playset in the backyard.


Year 6- 2020
Surprise! Lily is pregnant again! This time with boy/girl twins! Since Patrick picked the boys’ names last time and Lily picked Abby’s, they decide to switch this time. So, Patrick picks Penelope Maeve “Penny” and Lily picks Nathaniel Robert “Nate”.

Year 7- 2021
During the expansion of their family, Patrick receives a huge promotion at work! He is promoted to Vice-President at his advertising agency. This means a pay raise and more company benefits!


Year 8- 2022
Patrick and Lily decide to adopt a kitten as a playmate for the kids. Zach points out a beautiful, little, tabby cat at the humane society and they decide that that was the one. Abby picks the name Mittens and they bring her home.

Year 9- 2023
Lily’s sister, Maura is getting married to her long term boyfriend, Ben and asks Lily and Patrick to help plan their wedding. They excitedly agree and begin right away. They decide on a tropical theme, as the couple wanted a destination wedding to Jamaica, with an outdoor reception on the beach. When the big day comes, the bride and groom are glowing with happiness and the children all look so nice in their little suits and dresses. 

Year 10- 2024
With 6 year-old triplets and 4 year-old twins, the house is gotten pretty full but Lily and Patrick are ready for some new additions, because she’s pregnant with twin boys! They take some name suggestions from the kids this time and everyone agrees on Theodore Walker “Teddy” and Finnegan Sawyer “Finn”.

Year 11- 2025
Patrick and Lily recently took a second honeymoon to South Africa, while the kids were at Patrick’s parents’ house. When they were there, the visited an orphanage and fell in love with a 4 year old girl named, Imani and decided to adopt her. They started filling out the paperwork when they got home and 9 months later, she was theirs! They give her the middle name, Alexandra after the town she lived in.

Year 12- 2026
After the new arrival of Imani, Lily and Patrick decide to move into a bigger house in a different city. They buy a house in Virginia Beach, Virginia and move into a 4 story traditional house with 10 bedrooms and 4 bathrooms, 10 minutes from the beach.

The Harris Family- 2026


DH: Patrick Christopher {40}
DW: Lillian Margaret “Lily” {38}


DS/DS/DD: Zachary John “Zach”, Andrew James “Drew” and Abigail Sarah “Abby” {8}
DS/DD: Nathaniel Robert “Nate” and Penelope Maeve “Penny” {6}
ADS: Imani Alexandra {5}
DS/DS: Theodore Walker “Teddy” and Finnegan Sawyer “Finn” {2}
Mittens {4}

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Ln: Johnson


Dh: Digby Harrison (23) - Lawyer

Dw: Poppy Elisabeth [Sanderson] (22) - Care Assistant


Digby and Poppy Johnson




Year 1

Digby is made a junior partner at the law firm that he works for. The couple go out for a celebratory dinner, and invite their families.


Year 2

Poppy's best friend asks her for some help to name her coming baby boy. She and her husband eventually decide on Gibson Vance.


Year 3

Digby and Poppy are overjoyed to discover that they are expecting, however Poppy experiences an early miscarriage. Another tragedy befalls them as one of Digby's best friends passes away. His three year old daughter, Mimi Venus, is orphaned, and Digby and Poppy named her guardians. They decide to take her in, and eventually adopt her.


Year 4

Digby and Poppy adopt a baby boy. His mother is a local teenager that Digby used to babysit when she was younger. They name him Freddie Harrison.


Year 5

Since their family has grown over the last two years, Digby and Poppy buy a new house. It has 3 bedrooms and a large back yard, perfect for the children to play in.


Year 6

Now that they have the space, Digby and Poppy decide to adopt a puppy. They get a chocolate Labrador who they name Rex.


Year 7

As the children are a little older, the family goes on a big vacation this year. They spend a week in Ireland, and enjoy it incredibly.


Year 8

Poppy discovers that she is pregnant, but unfortunately experiences her second miscarriage. She and Digby are devastated. They decide to adopt a friend for Rex, and get a Golden Retriever named Lola.


Year 9

After experiencing two miscarriages, and not falling pregnant despite trying since the start of their marriage, Digby and Poppy turn to fertility treatment. It takes two cycles, but Poppy falls pregnant. When she enters the second trimester everyone is ecstatic, and even more shocked to discover that their one embryo has turned into three! The family welcomes triplet girls Eve Annabel, Ella Jasmine, and Emily Rebecca just before Christmas.


Year 10

Unfortunately Poppy's grandfather passes away in early February. He leaves Poppy a six bedroom ranch house, along with the 2 acres of land that it's set in. The family move in, and although Poppy is sad to see the home of her childhood disappearing they decide to renovate the decor to their more modern tastes.


Year 11

Digby is made a senior partner at the law firm. He is very proud, as he has been working really hard over the past 10 years. Poppy is glad that the firm recognised his hard work, and takes the family out for a lovely celebratory meal.


Year 12

Although they have two dogs, Rex & Lola, the family decides to adopt a kitten. They get a little Siamese, who they name Coco.




Ln: Johnson


Dh: Digby Harrison (35) - Lawyer

Dw: Poppy Elisabeth [Sanderson] (34) - Care Assistant


Add: Mimi Venus (12)

Ads: Freddie Harrison (8)

Dd/Dd/Dd: Eve Annabel/Ella Jasmine/Emily Rebecca (3)


Digby and Poppy Johnson with Mimi, Freddie, Eve, Ella, and Emily

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The Reilly Family


DH: Connor Thomas 

DW: Nora June 


DS: Ezra Dashiell

DS/DS/DS: Hugo Nicholas, Phoenix Oliver, and Cooper William

DS/DS: Hendrix Theodore and Enoch Reed

DD/DD/DD: Freya Violet, Imogen Sylvie, and Matilda Beatrice

DS: Gus Walker 


Connor and Nora with family,

Roisin, Sinead, Ezra, Hugo, Phoenix, Cooper, Cillian, Niamh, Hendrix, Enoch, Freya, Ginny, Millie, and Gus

And puppy, Ruby


Year 1 - 2006

Connor and Nora inherit a house from a deceased relative, Nora's grandfather. A beautiful, large home as Nora's grandfather had lots of children that resided in Charlotte, North Carolina. The home has a beautiful wrap around porch, two stories, six bedrooms, three bathrooms, and an open concept floor plan on the first floor. There's a barn across the yard with a couple horses, a bunch of chickens, and a barn cat. There's a large vegetable garden on the property as well. 


Year 2 - 2007

Soon after settling into their new home, Connor and Nora started trying to conceive. They welcomed their first son that year, Ezra Dashiell Reilly. 


Year 3 - 2008

Connor had a huge advancement in his career as an environmental engineer! He now heads a department, which came with a wonderful raise, and he is able to comfortably afford a the health insurance policy he's been wanting for his family. 


Year 4 - 2009

With the raise and new benefits, Connor and Nora decided they were ready to try for another baby. While twins ran in Nora's side of the family, they were very surprised to find they were expecting triplets. Nora delivered three more boys into their family, Hugo Nicholas Reilly, Phoenix Oliver Reilly, and Cooper William Reilly.


Year 5 - 2010

Connor and Nora adopt a new puppy, a German Shepherd! They named her Ruby. 


Year 6 - 2011

Connor and Nora decided they were ready for another baby. She conceives but unfortunately miscarries. 


Year 7 - 2012

The family goes on a vacation in Greece! A much needed break from everyday life and quality family time. 


Year 8 - 2013

Connor and Nora were happy to find they were expecting again, more boys! Hendrix Theodore Reilly and Enoch Reed Reilly joined the family. 


Year 9 - 2014

Connor and Nora were starting to think they'd never have any daughters but were pleasantly surprised when they learned they were pregnant with triplet girls. They were surprised to yet again fall pregnant with triplets. What luck! Their girls were named Freya Violet Reilly, Imogen Sylvie Reilly, and Matilda Beatrice Reilly.


Year 10 -  2015

Connor and Nora splurge and buy a new car. A BMW SUV! It has 5 seats, which may not be nearly enough for the entire family to fit inside, but it'll work for Nora when she is only bringing a few children at a time. Though in all fairness, there aren't many vehicles that'd nine children! Between Connor's vehicle and Nora's, they both fill their cars when transporting the children. 


Year 11 -  2016

Connor and Nora thought they were done having children. They found themselves unexpectedly pregnant with one more little guy, whom completed their little family. Gus Walker Reilly! 


Year 12 - 2017

Connor's brother suddenly passed away, leaving their four children orphaned. Connor and Nora take in Roisin Ailis (15), Sinead Kathleen (13), Cillian Shea (8), and Niamh Bridget (6). 


Gus Henry/ Gus Malcolm/ Gus Walker

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Ln: Johnson-Finkle
Dw: Daphne Hazel (23) - Art club teacher
Dw: Alice Naomi (23) - History teaching assistant
Daphne and Alice Johnson-Finkle
Year 1
Daphne and Alice open a little store in the centre of town. They name it Dalliance Arts, and they sell paintings and pottery created by local artists.
Daphne decides to surprise Alice on her birthday by buying her a puppy. She gets a pug, Alice's favourite breed, and ties a bow around her neck like a collar. Alice is thrilled, and she names the puppy Nimue, or Nim for short.
Year 2
Daphne and Alice have been going through IVF and trying to get pregnant using a sperm donor. They are over the moon to discover that Alice is pregnant, but it is short lived as she has a miscarriage at six weeks. It knocks them back for a few months, but they get through it stronger than ever in their love and marriage.
With the success of her gift last year, Daphne buys Alice a kitten for her birthday. It falls only a week after the miscarriage, and Alice is deep in grief. The little tabby kitten picks her up a little, and so she names her Sunshine, or Sunny for short.
Year 3
Alice is promoted! The college recognises her talent and passion for teaching, and she is given a lecturer's position. She is overjoyed, she loves spreading her love of history, and she finds teaching so inspiring and worthwhile. Daphne takes her to her favourite restaurant to celebrate, and Alice buys herself a new pair of shoes to reward herself for working so hard.
Due to the success of Dalliance Arts, Daphne and Alice decide to open a second store location in the next town over featuring different local artists. They name their second store The Art of Love, and it becomes just as popular as Dalliance Arts.
Year 4
Alice and Daphne have been continuing with their IVF cycles, and they discover that Alice is pregnant! They find out at the 10 week scan that they're expecting twins, and cross their fingers that both babies are healthy. Alice is especially nervous since she had a miscarriage two years ago, but her fears are unfounded when the babies continue to grow bigger and healthier. At 37 weeks Alice goes into labour, and she manages to give birth naturally with just a little pain relief. The couple had wanted to wait until the twins were born to find out the genders, and were over the moon to find out that they were now parents to two little girls. They chose the names Vivienne Stella and Genevieve Luna, but call them Viva and Ginny on a daily basis.
Alice and Daphne's friends discover that they are pregnant around the same time as Alice does. They are only having one baby, a boy, but cannot agree on a name. They ask for some help, and finally agree on the name Huckleberry James a few hours before he arrives.
Year 5
While on the way home from work one day Daphne passes by an animal shelter she'd never noticed before. She mentions it to Alice, and they decide to take the twins there to have a look at the animals. While they're there Alice falls in love with a little ginger kitten, and, even though they already have quite a full house, Daphne can't resist her puppy eyes. They plan to adopt him, and after a home visit and some bonding time they bring home Moby.
Unfortunately Alice's cousin and his wife suddenly pass away. It devastates Alice as they had always been close growing up, and it was like losing a brother. They had six children, and had named Alice and Daphne their guardians in their wills. It is a bit of a shock, and there'll definitely be an adjustment period as they get used to caring for eight children instead of just two. They have a long talk, and come to the conclusion that they'll take the children in; they don't want them to potentially be separated otherwise. At the end of July they welcome Mary Josephine Finkle (12), James Eliot Finkle (11), Elizabeth Charlotte Finkle (7), Catherine Tabitha Finkle (4), Thomas Alexander Finkle (3), and Anne Margaret Finkle (2) into their family.
Year 6
Once again Daphne and Alice's friends are expecting, and they can't decide on a name for their new son. His older brother is Huckleberry James, called Huck. Eventually they decide on the name Peregrine Samuel, to be called Perry. It fits him perfectly when he arrives.
After having to buy a large minivan after taking in all those children last year, Alice and Daphne decide to treat themselves to a fancy car just for them. They buy a Bentley Azure, second hand, in silver. They take it for it's maiden voyage just the two of them, and thoroughly enjoy themselves.
Year 7
Daphne and Alice's friends are unexpectedly pregnant, and asking for help once again in naming the new arrival. They have two sons already, Huckleberry James and Peregrine Samuel, and will be having a third boy. They discuss names throughout the whole pregnancy, and end up deciding on Llewellyn Thomas.
As a surprise for the children, Alice and Daphne decide to buy a new puppy for Christmas. They get another pug, like their current dog Nim, and let the children decide on his name. They all have their own ideas, and none of them can agree, and so they decide to put all of the options in a hat and draw one out. The winner is Tommy's choice, Bryan.
Year 8
Alice inherits a large manor house from her great uncle who has recently passed away. It is set in three acres of land, with a large pool and pool house, and has eight bedrooms and six bathrooms. It suits their rather large family well, and it doesn't take them long to get everyone moved in.
Now that all of the children are a little bit older, Alice and Daphne decide to start doing IVF again. It doesn't take long for Daphne to fall pregnant, and everyone is over the moon. It comes as a complete shock when they discover at 8 weeks that they'll be bringing home three babies instead of one! They decide to find out the genders in the interest of planning the nursery, and are happy to be having two boys and a girl. At 33 weeks Daphne goes in for a c-section, and the family welcomes Sebastian Elijah, Nathaniel Everett, and Madeleine Eloise.
Year 9
Alice's younger sister asks for help planning her wedding. Alice is her maid of honor, and she is already planning out the hen party and sorting out the bridesmaids, but she is happy to help out in any way she can. She ends up helping with the colour scheme, the cake, and writing the invitations. The wedding is beautiful, and the whole family really enjoy it.
After the stress of the wedding Alice decides she needs some rest and relaxation, and so she and Daphne plan a week's holiday to Belgium. They have a lot of fun, and the children enjoy themselves as well. They bring back lots of souvenirs, as well as Belgian chocolate, and enough photographs to fill two albums!
Year 10
Unfortunately Alice's dog, Nim, was diagnosed with a tumor last year. She passes away in early January and Alice is devastated. It takes her a few months, but she is finally able to think about buying another dog. She goes to a local shelter where a litter of German Shepherd puppies have just been born. Alice falls in love with a sweet little boy puppy, and arranges to pick him up when he's old enough to leave his mother. When he arrives home Alice chooses to name him Norman, and he is such a sweet and loving puppy.
With their other two stores, Dalliance Arts and The Art of Love, doing incredibly well Alice and Daphne open their third store in a larger town close to where they live. They name it Effervescent, and carry on their tried and tested method of selling the work of local artists. It becomes a hit in it's first month of business.
Year 11
Alice's younger sister and her new husband find out that they're expecting their first baby! It's a little girl, and Alice helps them to make a shortlist of their five favourite names, and then to see if there are any they like that are the same or similar. It takes around three months, but they finally choose the name Wren Talullah.
The children are huge animal lovers, and they have been trying to pursuade Alice and Daphne to buy another animal for the last year. They finally give in, and choose a little tortoiseshell kitten who the children decide to name Shelley.
Year 12
Daphne is promoted to full time art teacher, instead of just the art club teacher. She is ecstatic, and plans a small family party to celebrate. She also turns the pool house into an art studio, and uses it to help her plan lessons, and just to let out her inner creativity.
In December of last year Alice and Daphne had decided to try IVF one last time, to expand their already large family. In April they discover that Alice is pregnant, and it's once again twins! Since this will be their last pregnancy they decide to wait to find out the genders, and everyone is excited to make their guesses ready for the big day. The twins arrive a month early, and everyone who had guessed that they were identical were way off! Little miss Jessamine Nora and little mister Maximilian Rhys were a welcome surprise, and a fitting end to Alice and Daphne's family.
Ln: Johnson-Finkle
Dw: Daphne Hazel (35) - Art teacher
Dw: Alice Naomi (35) - History professor
Add: Mary Josephine (19)
Ads: James 'Jamie' Eliot (18)
Add: Elizabeth 'Ellie' Charlotte (14)
Add: Catherine 'Catie' Tabitha (11)
Ads: Thomas 'Tommy' Alexander (10)
Add: Anne Margaret (9)
Dd/Dd: Vivienne 'Viva' Stella/Genevieve 'Ginny' Luna (8)
Ds/Ds/Dd: Sebastian 'Sebi' Elijah/Nathaniel 'Nate' Everett/Madeleine 'Maddie' Eloise (4)
Dd/Ds: Jessamine 'Mina' Nora/Maximilian 'Max' Rhys (nb)
Daphne and Alice Johnson-Finkle with Mary, Jamie, Ellie, Catie, Tommy, Anne, Viva, Ginny, Sebi, Nate, Maddie, Mina, and Max

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