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Unique Congrats Game (Round 7-Final)

Round 7 Final

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Posted 13 July 2012 - 02:49 PM

Rules- Simply Roll the Dice :P

Stories, Details, Explanations and Pictures are welcomed and encouraged (though not required)!!! I would love to see the masterpieces you guys can come up with!!!

Its been three years and all of your children have now graduated highschool and started their lives! Though their lives are just beginning, the busiest part of yours is now coming to an end. You've handled every curve ball life has thrown at you and now your facing some of the last. But remember to keep your guard up!

Have you received anymore grandchildren: (Roll for each of your children. You may choose the genders)
1) Yes, twins
2) No
3) You Choose
4) Yes, one baby
5) Yes, triplets
6) No

What are their ages:
1) 1
2) NB
3) 3
4) 2
5) You Choose
6) NB

Have you children moved out/away (Roll for each child)
1) Yes, out of state (You choose)
2) Yes, to another country (You Choose)
3) No
4) You Choose
5) No
6) Yes, another town

Have they gotten married (Roll for each child)
1) Yes
2) No
3) No
4) Yes
5) You Choose
6) Yes

If they have gotten married:
Female SO: First Name, Middle Name, Last Name
Male SO: First & Middle Name, Last Name

If they had children:
Baby Girl(s): First Name, Middle Name, Last Name- Your childs(or their SO's)
Baby Boy(s): First Name, Middle Name, Last Name- Your childs(or their SO's)

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Posted 13 July 2012 - 03:25 PM

DH: James Alexander Sterling (44, Black Hair, Blue Eyes)
Me: Sarah Violet Sterling (42, Brown/Auburn Hair, Hazel Eyes)
DS: Jasper Keanu Sterling (23, Brown Hair, Brown Eyes)
~DD/DD: Amelia Charlotte Sterling and Isobel Sophia Sterling (8, Amelia: Blonde Hair & Blue Eyes, Isobel: Brown Hair & Blue Eyes)
~DD: Ava Lily Sterling (5, Brown Hair, Green Eyes)
DD: Imogen Lily Sterling "Lily" (20, Brown Hair, Green Eyes)
~DD: Molly Violet Sterling (4, Brown Hair, Blue Eyes)
~DD/DD/DD: Brooke Abigail Sterling, Bella Margaret Sterling and Paige Catherine Sterling (Newborn)

James and Sarah with Jasper and Lily
Jasper with Amelia, Isobel and Ava
Lily with Molly, Brooke, Bella and Paige


Round 1 - Sarah Jones is a 19 year old New York resident, and popular Nanny. She and her mother moved to New York when she was just 6 and they have lived there ever since. She was born Phoebe Violet Jones, but is called Sarah. Her father changed the name on her birth certificate, but left Sarah and her mom alone when he figured out he had to be responsible for someone other than himself. She plans on legally changing her name, but hasn't found the time to do it yet. She got her job as a Nanny six years ago, and has since then, worked up to the Top 3 Nannies in New York.
Round 2 - Its been 6 months, and Sarah has been a bit of a partier lately. One night, something happened that changed her life forver. She had a one night stand with her best friend Dexter Maverick Michaels and got pregnant with a baby boy. She names him Jasper Keanu Jones. After he finds out Sarah is pregnant, Dexter never speaks to Sarah again.
Round 3 - Two years go by and Sarah plans Jasper's second birthday party! His favorite show is Blue's Clues so that is what Sarah chose for the theme. While Jasper is running around with Grandma, Sarah notices an old family friend, James Alexander Sterling, who she hasn't seen since she was a child. He doesn't have any children, but seems great with Jasper.
Round 4 - Sarah spent more time with James over the past year, and she feels great, Jasper also likes him. They decide to get married! Soon after their honeymoon, Sarah finds out she is pregnant! She and James think it is the perfect opportuinity for James to adopt Jasper, and for Sarah to legally changer her name. Jasper is given James' last name and Sarah is finally her legal name. Just in time for their daughter, Imogen Lily, to be born. Jasper was disappointed to not have a little brother, but he loves his baby sister to pieces.
Round 5 - 12 years went by so quickly. Jasper is now 15, just starting High School and is friends with everyone. He tends to give in a lot, which got him to the pint of being a parent, to twin girls. His girlfriend left him as soon as she found out, but he is doing the best he can to support them. Lily is now 12, she is very popular and has a lot of energy. Even though she has many pressures in Middle School, she knows better and stays away from things that can get her into trouble. She is a great Auntie and loves having little babies around the house. Despite the protests of the children, James and Sarah move to a different state. They move to Winchendon, Massachusetts, USA.
Round 6 - Jasper is 20, Lily is 17 and the twins are 5. Time went by really fast. Jasper decided not to go to college, so he could spend more time with the girls. Lily is still very popular and energetic, which caused her to become a parent to a little girl named Molly Violet Sterling, who is a year old. She looks just like Lily, but she has Blue Eyes instead of Green.
Round 7 - Three years have gone by. Jasper just turned 23, Lily, 20, Amelia and Isobel, 8, and Molly, 4. Jasper had another daughter, Ava Lily Sterling, who is 5 and looks just like Lily with her Brown Hair and Green Eyes. Lily recently had triplet girls. She named them Brooke Abigail, Bella Margaret and Paige Catherine. Neither of them are married, but they hope to eventually find someone to spend the rest of their lives with. James and Sarah are very happy with how their lives have turned out. They made some mistakes along the way, but it was for the better in the long run.

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Posted 13 July 2012 - 04:18 PM

Posted Image

That’s me, Zach; I’m 39 now, but obviously still look great.

Posted Image

My wife Scarlett, 40 years old and still beautiful.

Posted Image

Jasper is now 23. He’s still a sales rep, and his dating a woman named Kassidy Devereaux. They aren’t married, but they live together and have no intention of every seeing anyone else. They have infant triplet boys: Theodore “Theo” Cannon, Ralph Lance, and Edmund “Eddie” Major Devereaux-Reid .They recently moved to Canada.

Posted Image

Kassidy Devereaux is Jasper’s 24 year old girlfriend. She’s got a gay younger brother and refuses to get married until he can. She’s part of the family married or not though, especially because she’s the mother of three of my grandkids.

Posted Image

Theodore “Theo” Cannon, Ralph Lance, and Edmund “Eddie” Major Devereaux-Reid are the 8 month old triplets of my oldest son Jasper and his girlfriend Kassidy. They’re always happy and love being around family.

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Posted 13 July 2012 - 04:43 PM

Posted Image

Parker is now 23 and is almost done with law school. He recently got married to a wonderful woman named Kourtney. They, like Jasper, now live in Canada. They haven’t had any kids together yet, but Kourtney loves Logan.

Posted Image

Parker’s wife Kourtney is a 23 year old originally from Ireland. She loves Logan and treats him like her own son.

Posted Image

Handsome young Logan is now 8. He loves his step-mom and loves being part of a ‘real family’ as he puts it. He’s a great kids and loves school.

Posted Image

Tori *21* and her husband Aidan Murphy *23* met in the army. Tori is no longer in the army, but Aidan is. They have a three-year-old son together named Fredrick *Freddie* Mace Murphy.

Posted Image

Freddie *3* is our hyper-active little grandson. He loves to run, jump, and do anything active.

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Posted 13 July 2012 - 05:16 PM

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Tris *20* is now the mother of 2 year old twins, a boy and a girl named Calvin *CJ* Jet and Sloane Hope. Their father is Connor Malloy, Tris’s husband. They sit live in town near us.

Posted Image

Connor is Tris’s 21 year old husband and father of the twins. He’s a great guy and we love having him around.

Posted Image

CJ and Sloane are 2. We adore them both, but I really love Sloane, as she’s my first granddaughter.

Posted Image

Vivian *21* is the mother of our newest grandkids, twins, named Audrey Honor and Harold *Harry* Navy. She doesn’t know who the father is, as they were the result of a one night stand. She’s dated causally, but none of her boyfriends have been down with dating a woman with 3 month old twins. She still lives near by.

Posted Image

Audrey and Harry *3 months* are our newest grandkids. They’re adorable and they come by often.

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Posted 13 July 2012 - 05:29 PM

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Immy Alexander *20* is now married to Ian. Aside from Beck and Caleb, they have an 11 month old daughter named Emma Grace, they all live in Florida.

Posted Image

Ian Alexander *20* is still just as great as he was in high school. He’s a great dad and son-in-law.

Posted Image

Beck and Caleb *4* are the cutest little guys ever. My oldest biological grand kids are insane little guys.

Posted Image

Emma is a joy. We love her so much!

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Posted 13 July 2012 - 10:23 PM

Magnus Zachariah Kingston (36) lives in Perth, Australia where he works as a Lawyer. He is Tall with Curly Brown Hair and Brown eyes. His hair tends to give him trouble in keeping neat and since he has a job where appearances mean a lot, he keeps it short so that it looks nice at all times. He is very fun loving, despite the seriousness of his job. Magnus knows when he can have fun and when he must be serious and many people joke that there a is "Cool Magnus" and a "Work Magnus".

Magnus often indulged in carnal pleasures a little to much on his weekends off and since he was having such a lull in cases due to the crime drop he found himself out on the town more and more often. Soon enough he woke up next to a beautiful woman, thing was, he had no idea who she was. He left his number though, just in case she wanted to hook up again another time. A month later she called him, saying she was pregnant. Magnus knew that the woman frequented parties and arranged for a DNA test. The results came in and confirmed that he was the father of the child. The woman wanted nothing to do with Magnus or the baby and so 8 months later, Magnus arrived when she went into labor, expecting a to take home a son. He left the hospital with his son Jasper Rush Kingston......and his daughter Bluebell Seraphina "Sera" Kingston on June 24th. Though Magnus never thought he would become a parent, he loves his children and spoils them endlessly.

Soon enough the children were having their 2nd birthday! Magnus went all out for his children and the entire house and back yard was decorated in the Spongebob Squarpants theme! Jasper and Sera were so excited and were constantly on the move from person to person and from game to game! As Magnus watched his children he caught sight of of one of his coworkers with a mysterious woman. He brought his coworker to the side and asked who she was and found out that she was his coworkers sister. Her name was Kathryn Grace Knightly and she had 2 year old twin daughters, Mirabelle Hope Knightly and Victoire Faith Knightly, whom she had brought with her. Their children were even playing together and having a great time. He gathers the courage to ask her to coffee and she accepts!

Its been nearly a year since Magnus met Kathryn and they have been extremely happy! The children all get along great and now that they are all nearing three, its become a very active household! On a spur of the moment decision, they decide to get married! It's nothing extravagant, a small courthouse wedding with their children. It is a few months after their little wedding that Kathryn breaks some news to Magnus. Their going to be parents again!! Both Magnus and Kathryn are very excited and on the first ultrasound they get another piece of news. Its triplets!! When they break the news to the children they are all very excited and can't wait to meet the new babies! Later that year Kathryn gives birth to three beautiful girls named Cordelia Gardenia Kingston, Cornelia Dahlia Kingston and Lucretia Magnolia Kingston.

Twelve years have passed since Magnus and Kathryn have had the triplets. The children have started highschool and middle school and are growing more and more independent as the days pass. The twin sets, Jasper & Sera and Mirabella & Victoire, are 15 now and the triplets have just turned 12. They are moving and the children, while they don't want to pack and then unpack, are happy that its only across town. The children are also all very different, which makes the house rather chaotic. Jasper has become quite rebellious while Sera has become a bit of a loner. Mirabelle has turned rather quiet and is very smart while Victoire is a social butterfly and is friends with everyone. Cordelia has also become a bit of loner but Cornelia has become very popular in school while Lucretia has become rather rebellious like her brother. Jasper's rebelliousness as caused him to become a teen parent to a son the he named Marcus Cade Kingston. Sera is a good kid though and doesn't get into trouble. Mirabelle does fine and keeps her grades up but Victoire's "friends" however have gotten her into bad habits and she has developed a drinking problem. Cordelia, Cornelia and Lucretia all know better and do well in school and stay out of trouble.

Its been five relatively smooth years since Jasper (20) had his son Marcus(5) and Victoire (20) developed her drinking problem. The children have the opportunities for bright futures and some are well on their way to them.
Jasper's plans of college were halted when he decides that he would rather spend all his time with Marcus than go to college, as a result he has become quite the loner and has very few friends but he manages just fine.
Victoire, desperate to get a handle on her problem, joined the Australian Army in hopes that the training and discipline would help and it did, she is now a healthy energetic adult but she has also become the parent of a daughter named Lorelei Poppy Knightly(3)!
Sera (20) also joined the Military after seeing Victoire's success and joined the Royal Australian Navy despite the training and close bonds between her team, Sera is still prefers to be alone but knows better than to do anything stupid.
Mirabelle (20) joined the local college and is majoring in Languages and while he is still smart, she has blossomed into a social butterfly and makes friends with anyone but doesn't let her "friends" hurt her like they did her sister Victoire.
Cordelia (17) and Cornelia (17) have stayed pretty much the same as they were 5 years ago but Cordelia has developed a drug problem while Cornelia knows better and is trying to help her sister. Lucretia (17) has turned rather rebellious lately but she too, knows better than do anything stupid.

Three years have passed and all of Magnus and Kathryn's children have graduated highschool! But that's not all, much more has happened to each of the children!

Posted Image
Jasper(23) has a Newborn baby girl named Clarissa Ruth Kingston. Her mother, like Marcus', didn't want her and so Jasper is raising her by himself. Marcus(8) adores his baby sister. Jasper and his children haven't moved and Jasper doesn't see himself marrying anytime soon.

Posted Image
Sera(23) has married a nice young man named Aidan Liam Malloy(22) and they have just recently had Newborn triplets; Alexa Rose Malloy, Alice Piper Malloy and Arthur Mace Malloy, they decided that since the triplets are so young and their marriage so fresh that it was best to stay in Perth.

Posted Image
Victoire(23), has a married a good boy named Keegan Garrett O'Brien(23) and they just welcomed a Newborn baby boy Frederick Navy O'Brien into the family. Lorelei(6) loves her new brother and Keegan loves Lorelei as if he were his own daughter. They also haven't moved, deciding that Perth was the best place for them.
Mirabelle(23), has married Niall Colm Phelan(25) and moved out of Perth, West Australia and intoAdelaide, South Australia. They have yet to have a baby but they seem perfectly content with where they are right now.

Posted Image
Cordelia(20), got married to Conall Flynn Calhoun(21) and they have triplets; Theodore Gunner Calhoun(1), Victor Flint Calhoun(1) and Francesca Charity Calhoun(1), together. When Cordelia found out she was pregnant from a one night stand with Flynn he insisted she marry him. After taking it slow through out the pregnancy Cordelia decided that she liked Flynn enough to give marriage a shot. They moved to Ireland, Flynn's home country, to live for awhile.

Posted Image
Cornelia(20) married a man by the name of Connor Ronan Donahue(22) and they have the Newborn twins Calvin Arrow Donahue and Arabella Constance Donahue, they also have not moved reasoning that most of their family were still in Perth.
Lucretia(20), also married a nice man named Seamus Riley Maguire(20) but have yet to have a baby. They followed in Cordelia and Flynn's footsteps and moved from Australia to Italy.

DH/GF: Magnus Zachariah Kingston(59) and DW/GM:Kathryn Grace Kingston(57) (nee Knightly)

DS: Jasper Rush Kingston(23)

DGS: Marcus Cade Kingston(8)

DGD: Clarissa Ruth Kingston(NB)

DD: Bluebell Seraphina "Sera" Malloy (nee Kingston)(23) and SO: Aidan Liam Malloy(22)

DGD: Alexa Rose Malloy(NB)

DGD: Alice Piper Malloy(NB)

DGS: Arthur Mace Malloy(NB)

DD: Victoire Faith O'Brien (nee Knightly)(23) and SO: Keegan Garrett O'Brien(23)

DGD: Lorelei Poppy Knightly(6)

DGS: Frederick Navy O'Brien(NB)

DD: Mirabelle Hope Phelan (nee Knightly)(23) and SO: Niall Colm Phelan(25)

DD: Cordelia Gardenia Calhoun (nee Kingston)(20) and SO: Conall Flynn Calhoun (21)

DGS: Theodore Gunner Calhoun(1)

DGS: Victor Flint Calhoun(1)

DGD: Francesca Charity Calhoun(1)

DD: Cornelia Dahlia Donahue (nee Kingston)(20) and SO: Connor Ronan Donahue(22)

DGS: Calvin Arrow Donahue(NB)

DGD: Arabella Constance Donahue(NB)

DD: Lucretia Magnolia Maguire (nee Kingston)(20) and SO: Seamus Riley Maguire(20)

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Posted 14 July 2012 - 02:53 PM

Once apon a time two hippys fell in love had a baby and decided to name her Verity Serena Kristic. That baby is me, lucky for me once I hit school age everybody started calling me Vera, which I'll admit I enjoy a little more than my parents idea of a Unique powerful name for there little Curly haired blondie with hazel eyes who was gonna change the world or something. I grew up in Portland, Oregon and live her to this day. Its almost always rainy here, except in the summer sometimes. Thats why I got a job a Hollister, A trendy clothing store thats beach themed. It adds a little sunshine to my day and the discount on clothes is cool too. Im currently going to school also to become a lawyer and I just celebrated my 21st birthday!

So its been 6th months since my 21st birthday and now that I can drink well, Ive been partying quite a bit with my friends and family. Well all the partying has deferentially caught up with me; Im pregnant. It all happened one night when I got a little too drunk with my best friend Carson Jonathan Xavier. we woke up the next day compleatly in shock considering we had always just been friends, but after that night we decided that maybe there was something more. Well now Im sure theres something more, except that something more isn't sparks or love.. Its a baby. Luckily for my case I wasn't one of those College students who ended up with twins or triplets. Im just pregnant with one, and believe me I can already tell thats going to be hard as it is. Then one day at a checkup they tell me its a girl! I was so excited and Carsons been here to support me! Soon enough my beautiful Cruise Evangeline Xavier is born and she is the most perfect thing ever.

Its been two years since my precious Cruise was born and I threw her the most amazing Dora the Explorer party. It only made sense to make it that theme since I can't get her to watch anything else. Her party wasn't just childs play though, there was a little fun for me as well. My co-worker brought her very attractive co-worker Gavin Bryson Cook. I think i could really have a chance with him considering were both College parents, He has two new born sons Tucker Blake Cook&Sawyer Rhys Cook, I hope I get to see him again<3

Carson and I got back together, It turned out Gavin was already engaged. Carson and I decided to move in together for Cruise and well things got a little well, yeah..and now Cruise is getting a baby sister! Shes a little unsure about things but I know she'll be so happy when the babys born, We're naming her Penelope Dahlia Xavier.

Its been 12 years since Penelope was born, and now I have 2 teenagers! Cruise is 15 now and a little on the rebellious side which worries me, especially since her grades have begone to drop to F's. Penelope is a bit of a Loner, this year we offered to throw a birthday party for her and she declined our offer because her lack of friends, Luckily she knows better than to rebel. Too get Penelope more friends and to hopefully make Cruise's rebelliousness die down, Ive decided were moving to Ashland,Oregon! The girls arn't happy but I know it will be good for them.

Its been 5 years since the move and Cruise grew out of her rebelious stage but is now kind of a loner, She's remained a good kid though. She graduated from highschool, but we've yet to talk her into college. She thinks its a waste of time. Penelope has really flourished in Ashland, She's popular and energetic and doesn't cause the slightest bit of trouble.

Its been 3 years and my babies are all grown up and married with children! Cruise Married a nice guy named Finnegan Riley O'brian. We call him, Finn. They moved to San Diego california and Cruise had triplets! there 3 now! Louis Crew, Stanley Marshall and Caroline grace are their names. Penelope on the other hand married Eamon Brennan Donovan and they decided to stay in the state and move back to Portland Oregon. She and Eamon have a beautiful baby boy named Julius Gunner and hes now one!

Our family-

Vera&Carson Xavier

Cruise&Finn- Louis,Stanley&Caroline(3)


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Posted 16 July 2012 - 01:59 AM

Hi, my name is Cyrus Zade Santos. I am a 16 year old high school student in New York City. I am tall with wavy blonde hair and green eyes. I am on my high school's football team and even have some scholarship offers that I am looking into.

It's been 6 months and I have been having so much fun with my friends and family! I'm always out late, spend the night at other people's houses, and usually wake up with a headache. A couple months ago, I had a one night stand with my long time friend, Emily Claire Diaz. It resulted in something that would forever change my life! She told me that she was pregnant, with twins! We argued a lot about whether adoption was for us or not. We decided to just keep the babies. Several months later she gave birth to two beautiful babies! A boy named Josiah Lebron Santos and a girl named Porsche Angelina Santos.

2 years have gone by and I am now 18 years old. The twins are turning two! I can't believe it. Emily and I decided to throw a huge party for them. The theme is Dora the Explorer. I decided to invite my new coworker, Natalie Brooklyn Smith, because she has a newborn son named Carter Blake Smith. I thought she could use the opportunity to meet other teen moms just like her. When she arrived, I had never seen her out of her work clothes. She was STUNNING! I couldn't keep my eyes off her!

A year later, Natalie and I decide to take our relationship to the next step and move in together. My 3 year olds, Josiah and Porsche were upset about this. They couldn't understand why I wasn't living with mommy. I guess they'll understand when they get older. Shortly after we move in together, Natalie got pregnant. Several months later she gave birth to our beautiful daughter, Clara Rose Santos. Josiah, Porsche, and Carter were SO excited to be getting a little sister.

It's been a long time! My 3 year olds, Josiah and Porsche, are now 15! They are sophomores at their high school. Carter is now 13 and is in 8th grade, and Clara is now 12 and is in 7th grade. Josiah and Porsche are very well liked at their school. Josiah is friends with everybody, and Porsche is popular and energetic. They both never get into trouble because they're good kids. Carter and Clara on the other hand are very rebellious. Carter manages to do okay and not get into too much trouble, but Clara just doesn't care about school. Her grades are so bad right now that she's about to fail the 7th grade. Because of this, we decided it was time for something new, so we moved all the way to Australia!

It's been 5 years since we moved to Australia. Everyone adjusted nicely! The twins are now 20 years old. Josiah has changed a lot and is now very quiet and intellectual. He has gone off to college back in the US and is majoring in Biology. Porsche hasn't changed a bit! She is still very popular and energetic. She decided to join the military (in the US) instead of going to college. Carter is now 18 years old. He is officially done with high school, but he decided that he didn't wanna go to college. He has changed. He is now friends with everyone. Because he is now friends with everybody, he got a girl pregnant. He has a one year old daughter named Madison Rose Smith. Him and the mother, Kasey Leann Miller are not together at the moment, but are off and on. Right now he is struggling to pay child support and probably will continue to struggle because he decided to not go to college. Our youngest, Clara, is still as rebellious as she was when she was 12. She is now 17 and is a senior in high school. She has a son named Elijah Quinn James who is 3 years old. She had him when she was 14. Her and the father, Caden William James have been together since they were 13 years old. They are engaged and are going to have a wedding after graduation.

3 years have gone by and all of our kids are out of the house and starting their lives! Josiah my oldest is now 23 and is married to a beautiful girl named Karissa Marie Gray-Santos. They have one baby together, a little girl named Lily Rose Santos. She is 2 years old. He is still living in the US. My second oldest, Porsche, is also 23 and has also married to a handsome man named, Aidan Declan O'Brien. So Porsche's full name is now Porsche Angelina Santos-O'Brien. They do not have any kids yet. She also still lives in the US near her brother in New York City. Carter, my step son, Natalie's oldest, is now 21 years old. He is also married. He married His daughter's mother, Kasey Leann Miller-Santos. They had triplets. One girl and two boys. The girl's name is Kara Grace Santos and the boys are Victor Crew Santos and Stanley Flint Santos. They are two years old. They did not move out of the country, they still live very close to us in Australia. Clara, our youngest, is now 20! She is married to her son's father, Caden William James. Her name is now Clara Rose Santos-James. They just recently had triplets! They had 2 girls and one boy. The girls are Sophia Grace James and Isabel Claire James and the boy is Julius Mace James. They also decided to stay near us in Australia.

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Posted 16 July 2012 - 11:45 AM

My name is Cato Zubin Simmons. I live in New York. I am an engineer. I am tall, 6'4". I have wavy red hair and blue eyes. One night, after partying, I hooked up with my brother's girlfriend, Nicole Ramirez. We both felt terrible about what happened the next day, but Nicole found out she was pregnant! She gave birth to twin boys named Dexter Kanye and Josiah Lebron. Nicole and I agreed that I would have custody of our children, since she was still in grad school and didn't have time to take care of two baby boys.

For their second birthday, I threw little Dex and Joey a Cailou themed birthday party, since they love that show. I invited my coworker, who brought along his lovely cousin Sydney Julia Marshall. Sydney had two children, Sawyer Conrad (6) and Fleurette Grace (5). The kids got along well with Dex and Joey, and Sydney and I did as well.

Sydney and I started dating. One year later, I proposed to her. Soon after, she became pregnant with a baby boy! The kids reacted with curiosity. Sydney gave birth to a handsome little man, whom we named Caspar Rocket. We decided that Sydney, Sawyer, and Fleurette would keep Sydney's maiden name Marshall, but Caspar would take my last name Simmons just like his older brothers Dex and Joey.

Twelve years passed. Sydney and I were taking a walk one day and we noticed a house on the corner of our street that was for sale. We loved the house and decided to move, despite our kids protests. Sydney and I were pleased to see our kids grow up with such unique personalities:

Sawyer was a jock in high school. He went to the University of Pennsylvania to play football. Sawyer is lighthearted and funny, a natural entertainer. He was a good kid, though, and rarely found himself in trouble. Sawyer majored in prelaw at U Penn, and was accepted into the Harvard Law program for graduate school. After finishing school, he became a successful defense attorney. Over the years, Sawyer has made many friends. He was very popular in college and is now popular at work, too! Sawyer is living near home, in an apartment in Manhattan.

Fleurette was friends with just about everyone in high school. She is caring, sweet, and friendly, with an infectious laugh. She decided to go to the University of Richmond. She managed herself just fine, avoiding trouble at all costs. After about a year at Richmond, she dropped out, deciding school was a waste of time. After dropping out of school, she became much more quiet than she used to be, but continued to study and learn new things on her own. She got a job as a hair stylist. She married an electrician named Darien Michael Reed. They had a baby boy named Ashton Henley. Three years later, they had triplets: Francesca Lily, Natalie Hope, and Calvin Lance. Fleurette and her family still live close to home, in a house in the Bronx.

Like Fleurette, Dex had many friends as a kid. He was outgoing and caring. He was very optimistic and headstrong. However, his grades started to slip in high school because he spent more time hanging out with friends and pursuing after-school activities than studying. Sydney and I were glad he was a well-rounded kid, but we had to constantly remind him to focus on his schoolwork. He went to Michigan State University, majoring in Biology. At college, Dex became much more of a loner, focusing more on his rigorous classes than making friends. He graduated and got a job as a medical researcher. Dex now lives in Lansing, Michigan.

Joey is popular and energetic. His social calendar is always full. Joey loves to laugh and never seems to sit still. In high school, he was a good kid who never got in trouble. He decided not to go to college, though, and became friends with the wrong sorts of people. He developed a drug problem. Sydney and I sent him to rehab as soon as we found out. After leaving rehab, Joey realized he wanted to transform his life. He moved to Austria and enrolled in art school, which he loves. He recently got married to an Austrian woman named Kassandra Ninette Lanier.

Caspar was our rebel in school. He found himself in detention more than Sydney and I would have liked. Caspar is outspoken, a true nonconformist. He started smoking in middle school, unbenowst to Sydney and I at first. He got into a lot of trouble at school for ditching class to smoke in the parking lot. Sydney and I had to punish him. We made him see a counselor once a month, just to make sure he was doing all right and steering clear from any harmful substances. After high school, he joined the military and completely reformed. Sydney and I think the strict rules and routines of military school transformed him into a rule-abiding young man. While visiting home over Christmas, Caspar fell in love with our neighbor's daughter, Kasey Alexandra Townsend, whom he married. They have a one-year-old son named Harry Major. Sydney and I are thrilled because we can see Harry all the time, even when Caspar is on leave.

The Simmons Family

Cato & Sydney

Sawyer (27), Fleurette (26), Dex (23), Joey (23), and Caspar (20)

The Reed Family

Darien & Fleurette

Ashton (3), Franchesca (0), Natalie (0), and Calvin (0)

The Simmons Family

Joey & Kassandra

The Simmons Family

Caspar & Kacey

Harry (1)

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Posted 17 July 2012 - 10:52 AM

The Bruce-West Family

Rebekah Cassidy (Becca)
-Age: 40

Tyler Sebastian West
-Age: 42
The Bruce Family

Josiah Arensio
-Age: 23

Kandance Elisabeth (nee Sedley)
-Age: 23

Isaac Bowie/Logan Zeppelin
-Age: 3

Monty Garrison
-Age: nb

Moved out of state.
The Sullivan Family

Celia Fleur
-Age: 20

Riley Lorcan
-Age: 25

Moved out of town
The West Family

Caspar Fox
-Age: 20

Krystal Diane (nee Taylor)
-Age: 21

Violet Grace
-Age: nb

Moved out of state

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Posted 17 July 2012 - 03:06 PM

Name: Felix Zane Deferiet
Home state: New York, USA
Age: 39
Occupation: Chef/Caterer
Appearance: Wavy Blonde Hair, Green Eyes

Wife: Natalie Victoria Deferiet (Piermont)
Age: 41
Occupation: Baker/Caterer
Appearance: Straight dark brown hair, green eyes

Son: Otto Dougray McBryar [Mother Laila Margret McBryar, highschool fling]
Age: 23
Appearance: Curly blonde hair, brown eyes
--DW: Karissa Maryam McBryar (Townsend)

Step daughter: Alizé Merritt Deferiet
Age: 26
Appearance: Straight dark brown hair, green eyes
--DS/DS: Miles Rigby Deferiet & Everett Crosby Deferiet [Children with ex-boyfriend]
Age: 3
Apperance: both have curly dark brown hair and blue eyes

Son: Casper Neo Deferiet
Age: 20
Appearance: Curly dark brown hair, green eyes

It has been three years since your first grandchildren were born. Since then your youngest, Casper, has graduated high school and is now in college. Otto and his college girlfriend are now married and have just found out they are pregnant. Alizé's art career has taken off and the twins love to visit grandma and grandpa every chance they get.

Otto & Karissa come by after her first scan to share the good news, they are expecting not one, not two, but THREE! The following new year, Karissa gives birth to a boy and two girls...

Audrey Virginia, Susannah Olive & Theodore Marshall McBryar

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Posted 31 July 2012 - 11:45 AM

Maximus Zane Miller [39]
Amelia Jocelyn Miller [40]

Keifer Dylan Clarkson Miller [24]
Now married to Kora Catharina Lisette [23] and is a parent to Madeleine Sophia and Eleanor Gabriella [0]
Studying for the bar exam

Dexter Rush Miller [23] and Lily Amelia [8]
Is now married to Redmond Seamus O'Neill [21]
Working as a translator

Webster Jax Miller [20]
Is playing soccer in the UK

The Miller Family

Max and Amy

Keif ~ Dex ~ Web

Keif and Cath

Maddie ~ Ellie

Dex and Red



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Posted 12 August 2012 - 11:18 AM

DW: Verity Juno Gallagher Denning "Vera" (43) [Tall, Wavy Red Hair, Blue Eyes ]
DH: Ryan Benjamin Denning (43) [Tall, Curly Brown Hair, Brown Eyes]

-DD: Bluebell Seraphina Denning "Belle" (23) [Wavy Brown Hair, Blue Eyes]

-DS: Calloway Zane Denning "Cal" (20) [Curly red hair, blue eyes]

-DD: Lucinda Bryony Denning "Lucy" (20) [Wavy red hair, blue eyes]
--DH: Aidan Brody Malloy
---DS/DD: Edmund Jet Malloy / Anna Felicity Malloy (nb)

Belle has moved to another town.
Cal is still living at home.
Lucy got married to one of her classmates at University. They moved in together and have just welcomed fraternal twins.

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Posted 17 August 2012 - 09:41 AM

{43} Lydia Charlotte Breckner

From: Oregon, USA

Job: Nanny

Looks: short, curly blonde hair; hazel eyes

February 12, 2013 ~ Life has been pretty hectic as of late. In fact 'hectic' is a bit of euphemism. Six weeks ago I was in a car accident and broke two ribs as well as my wrist. And then yesterday I find out that I'm pregnant. Ben and I are having a baby and I don't think we are at all ready for that.

October 9, 2013 ~ Our baby has arrived! Dexter Keanu Lowell was born earlier this morning and is already turning out to be the perfect baby. Ben and I are totally in love with our beautiful baby boy.

October 9, 2015 ~ Today we had Dexter's 2nd birthday party! It was a Blue's Clues themed birthday party and all the kids loved it. Even though Ben and I aren't together anymore he came and supported Dexter. I got to meet lots of the kids' parents. In particular I met Ryan Luke Anderson, a 27-year-old dad of 6-year-old twin boys Archer Beckett and Tucker August. He just happens to live right around the block!

December 21, 2016 ~ It may be a little early, but this year I got one of the best Christmas presents ever. Ryan proposed! We're engaged! I can't wait to spend the rest of my life with Ryan and his two boys.

May 2, 2029 ~ Ryan and I have been married for 12 years now! I can't believe it. Our boys are all grown up. Archer is an intelligent and independent gentleman who is heading off to university in the fall. Tucker is an outgoing, friendly young man who will be taking a year off to volunteer. Dexter is a popular and energetic kid who adores playing sports with all his friends.

With Tucker and Archer both out of the house, Ryan and I decide to move. Dexter protests a little but when we tell him the new house is closer to school, he is a little happier.

July 18, 2034 ~ We are officially empty nesters. A week ago Dexter moved all his stuff out as he is now living in an apartment while he continues his Biology studies. Archer just finished Law School and Tucker is in New York working for the UN. Apparently all the volunteer work he did, did not go unoticed.

In other news...Ryan and I are grandparents! A month ago Tucker married Angela Stanley and at the same time adopted her 2-year-old son Levi Dylan.

June 25, 2037 ~ Three years later and all three of our boys have settled down. Two years ago Archer married Stella Markham and a year ago they had triplets: Audrey Eleanor, Charlotte Lily and Willa Catherine! More recently, they moved to Toronto for Archer's work. Tucker still lives close to home but he and Angela have added another baby to their family: newborn Theo Scout is so adorable. Our youngest Dexter just got back from a month long honeymoon with his college sweetheart.


{43} Lydia xx Benjamin {43}

{23} Dexter

{43} Lydia & Ryan {48}

{26} Archer // Tucker

{23} Dexter

{26} Tucker & Angela {25}

{5} Levi

{0} Theo

{26} Archer & Stella {26}

{1} Audrey // Charlotte // Willa

{23} Dexter & Shannon {23}

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Posted 18 August 2012 - 07:18 AM

round one:
Theon Zachary Ellis, male, 15.
Nanny from England.
Short, straight red hair, hazel eyes.

round two:
It's been six months and my girlfriend, Camilla Iris Pershing, and I decide to take our relationship to the next level and she becomes pregnant. We have a little girl named Rebel Evangeline Ellis.

round three:
It's been two years, and Millie and I have broken up, but we are amicably raising Rebel. For her second birthday, we throw her a Spongebob themed party and invite lots of family and friends. During the party, a friend of a friend catches my eye. She doesn't have any kids, but playing wonderfully with all the children there. I spark up a conversation and find out her name is Serena Frances Newman.

round four:
Serena and I have been dating for a year and we decide to move in together. Shortly thereafter, she becomes pregnant with twin boys. Rebel doesn't quite understand why there are two new screaming babies taking all the attention she used to get, but she's starting to adapt.

round five:
It's been twelve years and the kids are all enjoying school. Rebel is popular and energetic, and Kit takes after his sister in that way. However, Rebel is able to balance socializing and schoolwork and manages to achieve excellent grades, while Kit's grades are suffering due to his other interests. Malachy is quiet and intellectual and of course keeps on top of his grades. Due to several years of saving, we are able to afford a nicer house, so we move across town. The kids are able to stay at their schools, it's just a longer drive in the morning to get there.

round six:
It's been five happy years for us! Rebel graduated early three years ago, but even with all her intelligence and copious amounts of arguing, she still decided not to go to college. The boys are in their senior year now, and somehow we've managed to end up with three quiet, intellectual kids who never get into any trouble. Knock on wood.

round seven:
It's been three years and a lot has happened! Rebel lives in town and works as a nanny. Following in her father's footsteps, of course! Malachy moved to London after graduation to pursue stage acting, a surprise to us since he never tried to get involved in theater in high school. Kit is our action man. Just last year, he met a woman visiting from Belgium, Kass, and fell in love. Next thing we know, they're married and he's moved to live near her family in Belgium. They recently had twin boys, Theodore Flint and Walter Scout.

the family:

ln: Ellis

me: Theon Zachary
ex-gf/baby mama: Camilla Iris Pershing "Millie"
gf: Serena Frances Newman

dd1: Rebel Evangeline
ds1/ds2: Malachy Fox / Kit Wilder

-ds2: Kit Wilder
-dw: Kassandra Nicoline (Hughes) "Kass"
-ds/ds: Theodore Flint "Teddy" / Walter Scout "Scout"

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Posted 12 July 2013 - 03:14 PM

My name is Emeline Ivana Dell. I am tall, and I have wavy red hair and blue eyes. I am from New York, I am 21 years old, and I work as a nanny.



I have been having a lot of fun with my family and friends lately! I am out late, I don't always wake up at home, and I often wake up with headaches, as reminders to the previous night's activities. Soon, after many months of partying, something happens that will change my life forever.

I have a one night stand with my best friend, Judah Caleb Preston. 2 weeks later, when I was supposed to get my period, I didn't. After it being a couple days late, I take a pregnancy test, and find out what I was dreading - I'm pregnant.

Around 9 months later, I give birth to a baby girl named Cruise Evangeline Dell-Preston. My best friend Judah and I are having a pretty hard time talking because of our little "incident." If it weren't for us being drunk that night, this would never have happened. Even though Judah and I don't talk much, he tries to see Cruise at least once a week and pays child support. I agreed to also give my daughter both of our last names (hypenated), so Judah will still feel that Cruise is his daughter. As for me, well I hope I don't lose my insanity because I wasn't ready. I still love my baby girl, though.


My daughter is now two years old, and I am throwing her a birthday party - the theme is Yo Gabba Gabba! I invite friends, family and even coworkers to the event. I am so proud of my daughter, and how she has grown! But, there are more twists of fate in the making that will soon make themselves clear!

At the party, I meet a friend of my older brother, Jordan Michael Dell. Jordan's friend is named, Gavin Wyatt Newton. He told me that he has kids! The twin boys that were playing with my daughter are his sons! They are my daughter's age - 2. The boys are named Sawyer Beckett and Fletcher Langston Newton.


It's been a year since I first met my new love interest at my daughter's birthday party. We've spent more time together, and seem very happy! But my life is in motion again, and I never know what's around the bend!

It has only been a year, but Gavin and I get married! He loves my daughter, and I love his sons a lot! We decided that waiting any longer would just be pointless.

It turns out, not long before Gavin and I got married (it's been about 3 months), I got pregnant! I never expected to get pregnant, so I never took a pregnancy test. I also didn't have much morning sickness, so I thought I was just coming down with something. I found out I was pregnant when my stomach started getting bigger, then the food cravings, and finally - the kicking! I was positive then! I felt more than two feet kick me at once - so I knew I was having twins! I expect they will be boys!

I just went to the doctor, and I was right! I am having twins, and they are both boys! I figured as much because I didn't have much morning sickness, and I was craving salty foods (although this has been proven wrong). My daughter is very excited, and so are my step-sons! They are eager to meet their baby brothers!

About 8 1/2 months later, I give birth to my little boys, whom we name Griffith Axel and Breccan Maddox Newton.


Quite a bit of time has passed - 12 years! My step-sons and oldest daughter are 15, whilst my youngest, my boys, are 12. Sawyer, Fletcher, and Cruise are in 10th grade, while Griffith and Breccan are just starting 7th grade. They are all developing their own final personalities and making their own decisions, in the midst of all the teenage chaos, I decide to move as well. I, of all people, know that life can throw a curve ball at anytime, and I must be prepared!

Sawyer is a bit of a party animal, and a bit outspoken! Maybe a BIT too much! He gets in trouble in class all the time because he backtalks the teachers. He tells his father and I that they can't teach, and should be in a hole somewhere. I honestly don't know where he gets his attitude from. His grades are also horrific! Unlike his brother, Fletcher, who has straight As, he has straight Fs! Gavin and I have been to the counselor, one too many times, and we just don't know what to do.

Fletcher, however, is the exact opposite of his twin brother. He is quiet, and very intellectual. He loves school (especially Math!) unlike his brother, and is very friendly. He manages fine, and doesn't have any trouble at all.

Cruise, my only daughter, is friends with everyone! She is a bit too popular. She has been hanging around a gang at her school, and has developed a substance problem. Her father (who I don't talk to anymore) doesn't seem to care that she has a drug problem. Cruise actually told me that it's because she doesn't have a father that she is addicted to drugs. I continuously tell her how sorry I am that he isn't there, but she is old enough to know to not get involved in the wrong crowd.

Griffith is also another outspoken child in the house, and is not afraid to speak his mind! He is very funny, handsome, and always looks at life with a positive outlook! He is known to have a charming quality to him, and always seems to have a "girlfriend" or two around! Griffith, despite his goofy attitude all the time, actually doesn't get in trouble at school for it (surprisingly). His teachers actually love him because he has a lot of spunk and will do his work. He has decent grades - mostly Bs, but he does have one C in a class that he doesn't really care for. I think we have all been there.

Breccan is also quiet and intellectual. He takes after his older brother Fletcher. The two are always hanging around each other, and studying. I wonder if that is the only thing they like to do. And Breccan also doesn't get into any trouble. My boys know better.

Despite my childrens' protests, we move across town to start off fresh.


It's been five relatively smooth and happy years for my family! My oldest children have graduated high school two years ago, and are thinking about attending college, while my youngest are now Seniors! But just because a large milestone has passed, it doesn't mean that there aren't more to come!

Sawyer, my oldest step-child, not surprisingly, has decided not to attend college. He has, though, changed over the years. He is no longer the back-talker he used to be. I am happy about that, as he seems to be the popular guy around in general. However, this doesn't mean he is the sharpest tool in the shed. Even though he has gotten a lot friendlier, sometimes he doesn't think with his thick skull. He has gotten a couple of speeding tickets, just because he thinks he is above the law. In general, his personality hasn't really gotten him into trouble. He just wants to have fun, and doesn't think that anything can stop him.

Fletcher, despite his terrific grades in high school (mostly), has decided to join the Military instead of going to college. He originally wanted to be a Math Teacher, but has either postponed it or decided that he didn't want to do that at all. In fact, he purposely failed out of his last year of high school. He never actually did tell his father or I why. I think it had something to do with him wanting to go to the Army, but why he didn't try at all that year, is beyond me. During his Senior year, he decided that he wanted to join the Army. Here I was thinking that he hated guns. He has always said he wants to make the world a better place. Even though I am upset about his last year of high school, I am still proud of him for wanting to fight for our country.

Cruise, surprisingly has decided to attend college. She is the only one so far. She started about a year ago, because that's how long it took for her to clean up her mess. She actually didn't clean up her mess. She is still addicted to drugs, and I think she has used college as an escape, and to cover up the fact that she can't stop, and is ashamed of it. I thought I was a good mother, but to Cruise, I feel like I did something wrong. I was only 21 when she was born, and I didn't really have any support then (emotionally, at least). She does, however, seem to enjoy being in college and studying Law. I think that is the only place she feels she belongs. Now, Cruise wants to be a Lawyer. I think she will be a great Lawyer because she is very convincing, and that is an important attribute in that field.

Griffith, the oldest of my boys, has become very quiet and has decided to hit the books. He's not the goofy kid he used to be. In fact, he doesn't have a bright attitude anymore at all! He has become a pessimistic, neurotic, very cold and obsessive-compulsive teen. He is constantly worried that he won't get into a good college because he wasn't serious about his grades, unlike his younger brother, Breccan. He has actually become jealous, and the two don't get along that much anymore. He has almost all Bs, but to him, that's like the epitome of an eating disorder. In other words, the bad grades are not there, but that's how he sees it. He wants to be a Biochemist, but keeps complaining that he is not good for it. He has begun to get lower grades, but not by much. They are worse now then they were then, but he had exceptional grades then, and they have only gone down a little. Gavin and I are really worried about him.

Breccan, the younger of the twins, has changed the least out of any of my kids. He is exactly the same as he was 5 years ago - just the same quiet, intellectual child I knew then. He was always distant, but has become more distant, though, and I think that is because of his twin.


It's been three years and all of my children have graduated high school and started their lives! Though their lives are just beginning, the busiest part of my mine is now coming to an end. I've handled every curve ball life has thrown at me, and now I'm facing some of the last. But I have to remember to keep my guard up!

Sawyer, my oldest step-son, has twin boys! Their names are Theodore Cannon and Raymond Lance Newton. The little tykes are 3 years old now. Sawyer has moved out, but still lives close by; only a half hour away. Sawyer is currently dating. He is a single father, because the mother of his sons left - almost right after she gave birth to them.

Fletcher, my youngest step-son, does not have any kids. Fletcher has been gone since he left high school. He is living in Afghanistan now, but only because he is still in war. He is married, however. Fletcher's wife is named Karsen Alexandra Newton (nee Townsend). Fletcher met his wife back in high school, and they own a home not too far away from their school.

My daughter, Cruise, also has twins! A boy and a girl. Their names are Harry Gunner and Addison Grace Newton. They are newborns. Cruise lives with me. She is not with anyone, so I am helping her out. Pretty much the same scenario happened with her, as it did with Sawyer. The father of her kids are never around, except this time, the father knocked her up and left. In other words, he was NEVER there!

Griffith, my oldest son, does not have any children. Griffith doesn't live with me, but he is actually only right down the street from me. Griffith is not married, either. I don't think he is ready to commit, seeing he has more than one girlfriend! What a player! (Remind you of him when he was a child?) On another note, Griffith is back to almost the same way he was when he was a child!

Breccan, also, does not have kids yet. He did leave home - to the other side of the country. I hardly ever hear from him. I never understood that child. He is married and has kept his wife a secret. The only thing I know is her name - Kandace Olympia Newton (nee Hughes). Rumor is she's pregnant also, but I am not sure.

The Newton Family

DW: Emeline Ivana {45}

DH: Gavin Wyatt {47}

DSS/DSS: Sawyer Beckett/Fletcher Langston Newton {23}

DD: Cruise Evangeline Dell-Preston {23}

DS/DS: Griffith Axel/Breccan Maddox Newton {20}

DGS/DGS: Theodore Cannon/Raymond Lance Newton {3}

DGS/DGD: Harry Gunner/Addison Grace Newton {NB}

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Posted 24 November 2013 - 11:41 AM

Me: Keziah Molly St Germain
Age: 18
Occupation: A Nanny
Home: Birmingham, England
Looks: Short, straight black hair, green eyes


It's been six months since we last saw each other, right? I don't know anymore these days with the amount of parties and drunken nights I've had. Who cares? It's fun! So what if I wake up with headache or in someone else's bed? One night though, I was drunk and had a row with my older sister, Rosanna Stacy, and slept with her ex-boyfriend, and ended up getting myself pregnant. At the time I thought it was the best comeback possible, but now I'm not so sure of it. Surprisingly, Rosanna didn't seem hurt by it and only thought that I was stupid for doing such a thing. The month after, me and Rosanna told him about the baby and he instantly rejected to in any way help me and the child. That was the time when I realised how close me and my sister were. She offered to be like the other parent to my child, and I couldn't be any more thankful that she had forgiven me so easily for what I tried to do to her.

I soon went for my first ultrasound and it revealed that I was pregnant with a healthy baby girl! So many girls in our family...

Later that year, I gave birth to my healthy baby girl, who I named Bluebell Evangeline St Germain "Bels". She has my black hair and green eyes.


Bluebell is now 2 years old and for her party, me and Rosanna decide to have a Dora the Explorer theme because it's her favourite TV show at the moment. We invite all our family, friends and coworkers to the party. I am so proud of Bels and how she has grown! But there are are more twists of fate in the making that will soon make themselves clear! A coworker of Rosanna's catches my eye and we start chatting. His name is Anthony Mason Merritt and he has no children.


(I accidentally deleted this so what basically happened was Keziah and Anthony moved in and had a girl called Lavinia Orchid Merritt who has brown hair and brown eyes like Anthony. Rosanna also gives birth to a girl but doesn't stay with the dad)

The St Germain/Merritt
Rosanna Stacy St Germain (25)
Keziah Molly St Germain (21)
Anthony Mason Merritt (24)
Bluebell Evangeline St Germain (3)
Lavinia Orchid Merritt (0)


Wow, twelve years have passed since Lavinia was born. Me and Anthony got married! Bluebell is now 15, while Lavinia is 12. Bluebell is
popular and energetic, and Lavinia is friends with everyone. Bluebell knows better than to cause trouble, and Lavinia is a good kid. Me and Anthony make the decision to move across town, so the girls can still attend the same schools.

The St Germain/Merritt Family

Rosanna Stacy St Germain (37)
Flora Bryony St Germain (12)

Keziah Molly Merritt (33)
Anthony Mason Merritt (36)
Bluebell Evangeline St Germain (15)
Lavinia Orchid Merritt (12)


It has been another five happy years for our family and Bels has left school and is going to college, majoring in Languages!! She is still popular and energetic, and Lavinia is still friends with everyone! However, Lavinia has recently given birth to a baby girl (so many girls...) called Dominique Sienna Merritt who is now 1 year old. Fortunately, Lavinia is really smart who has been able to easily catch back up with schoolwork.

The Merritt/St Germain Family

Rosanna Stacy St Germain (42)
Flora Bryony St Germain (17)

Keziah Molly Merritt (38)
Anthony Mason Merritt (41)
Bluebell Evangeline St Germain (20)
Lavinia Orchid Merritt (17)
Dominique Sienna Merritt (0)


It's been three years and both Bels and Lavinia have graduated highschool and started their lives! Another shock is that Rosanna has finally got married at 42 and had another child!!

The Merritt Family

Keziah Molly Merritt (41)
Anthony Mason Merritt (44)

Bluebell Evangeline Murphy (23)
Aidan Kermit Murphy (24)
Tessa Primrose Murphy (2)
Louis Arrow Murphy (nb)
(Live in Romford, Essex, England)

Lavinia Orchid Farrell (20)
Keegan Rory Farrell (22)
Dominique Sienna Merritt (3)
Madeleine Naomi Farrell (1)
(Live near to Keziah and Anthony)

Rosanna Stacy Townsend (45)
Declan Riley Townsend (38)
Flora Bryony St Germain (20)
Harry Lance Townsend (3)

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Posted 27 November 2013 - 03:29 AM

My name is Cornelius Zachariah Waite, but everybody calls me Corey. My mom watched Hello Dolly too many times when she was pregnant with me and then decided to name me after her favorite character, but it's all good (I secretly like the name). I was born in Sussex, New Brunswick to parents Christopher Jacob and Rachel Madison. I have curly brown hair and brown eyes. When I was 7 we moved to Halifax, NS and that's where we've been since. I am now 19 years old, 6'1", and I work at the local fish market.

6 months pass...

I've been having a lot of fun lately, probably too much. My brother Romulus "Romy", our friends Carson and Jasper, and I are constantly partying. We're out late, don't always wake up at home, and more often than naught wake up with a hangover. After one particular crazy night, not only do I wake up with a hot chick in my bed, that hot chick is Romy's girlfriend, Celeste. After a very awkward conversation with my bro, we call it good especially after it was found that Celeste wasn't drunk that night... whoops. So they break up, and she exists the picture until three months later when she's at my door telling me she's pregnant with my child and that there's no way that it's Romy's. Romy of course finds this news incredibly funny. I tell her I'll be there for the kid, and 5 months later our little girl is born four weeks early. She has my curly brown hair and her mother's deep blue eyes, we name her Bluebell Seraphina Waite. I wanted to name her Isabella, but Celeste was set on Blue, so we managed to compromise. Celeste and I are far from being together, but at least that awkward night brought me my sweet little Bella.

Two years later...

Bella is now two years old and we are having a Cailou themed birthday party for her. I for one can't stand Cailou, because he's a whiny spoiled brat but of course Celeste allows her to watch it and now it's her favorite show. But I suppose that's what happens when your child lives between two homes. We invited friends, family, and a couple coworkers to her big day. I'm so proud of my little girl and how much she has grown. At the party I catch sight of a beautiful woman I had never met before. We get to talking and I find out her name is Abigail Sofia Ross and that she has three year old twin boys named Chandler Beckett and Sawyer Blake. We continue to talk for 5 minutes or so when we are rudely interrupted by Celeste, that's when I find out that Abigail is Celeste's younger sister who has just moved to Halifax from the west coast near Vancouver. Just my luck.

One year later...

Its been a year since I met Abi at Bella's birthday party. And despite the initial awkwardness of how we're all connected, everything since has gone really well. We've spent more time together and seem very happy. Our relationship is advancing extremely well and the children are doing great, so we decide to get married. Three months later we find that Abi is pregnant, and we are extremely thrilled. As the pregnancy goes by we discover that she is pregnant with girl triplets. The children are unsure, and the size of Abi's belly probably doesn't help reassure them. They arrive in no time at all and we name them Beatrice Fleur, Matilda Iris, and Penelope Rose.

Many years later...

Andy and Sawyer are Juniors in high school, Bella is a sophmore, and the triplets are in the seventh grade. They are all growing into there various and differing personalities. Andy is the quiet intellectual type and an overall great kid. Sawyer is friends with everybody which creates many distractions for him and his grades begin to fall. Bella is quite popular and very energetic, she's a good kid though and stays out of trouble. Bea is popular and energetic as well, her popularity however gets her in with the wrong crowd and she starts sneaking around and doing drugs. Mati on the other hand is friendly though quiet, and stays away from trouble because she knows better. And lastly, Nellie, like her brother Andy, is quiet and intellectual which in turn keeps her out of trouble. In the midst of all of the teenage chaos and drama Abi and I decide, against all protests, to move to Victoria, BC clear on the other side of Canada.

Five years later...

The past few years have been fairly smooth and happy for my family. Andy, Sawyer, and Bella have graduated high school, and Bea, Mati, and Nellie are now high school seniors. Andy is currently attending college and majoring in biology, in the years since high school he has become quite rebellious while still remaining to make wise choices. Sawyer decided not to attend college though with his energy and popularity he parties like he is, all of his partying leads to some serious substance abuse. Bella is a French major and practically friends with just about everyone. Bea has cleaned up her act since we moved across Canada and has become quite intellectual, a result of becoming a bookworm. Mati is friends with everyone and can be quite the flirt, this leads to a pregnancy during her junior year and the birth of my first two granddaughters; Adella Ruby Waite and Melody Jade Waite. Upon moving, Nellie has become quite the loner and her grades have begun to fall.


Three years later...


All of my children have now graduated high school and have begun to live their lives on their own. Life at home has calmed down now for Abi and I and now we get to enjoy each other and look forward to visits from our children and grandchildren.


Andy has graduated from college at the top of his class and is now pursuing his masters degree at University of British Columbia in Vancouver. Being so busy with his studies and making us proud he hasn't given us any grandchildren yet but he of course still has plenty of time. He is set on having a stable job and income before starting a family, we must have done something right with this boy.


Sawyer has been clean and sober for the past two years and we have been supporting him the entire way. He has met and married a beautiful young woman, Karsen Marie Hanton, who has turned out to be his saving grace. They live about 5 minutes from us which makes it super convenient to visit our newly born grand son, Theodore Gunner Ross.


Bella has graduated from college, moved to Seattle, Washington, U.S., and is teaching French to high school students. She is happily married to Declan Niall Quinn, and they are the proud new parents to our beautiful granddaughter, Maisie Sunday Quinn.


Bea is now living in Texas on an U.S. Army base with her husband Rory Shea Cullen, where she is a stay to home mother to our two year old grandsons Walter Crew Cullen and Edmund Lance Cullen.


Mati now lives in Toronto, Ontario with her new husband, Cian Aidan Maguire, where she is studying fashion design at the Ontario College of Art and Design. Mati and Cian are doing a wonderful job raising Ella and Mel; Cian loves and treats them as if they were his biological children.


Nellie is currently living in Vancouver with her husband, Malachy Finn Sullivan, and her one year old daughter, Alexa True Sullivan.

The Waite Family

DH: Cornelius Zachariah {43}
DW: Abigail Sofia {43}

DS/DS: Chandler Beckett Ross & Sawyer Blake Ross {24}
DD: Bluebell Seraphina {23}
DD/DD/DD: Beatrice Fleur, Matilda Iris, & Penelope Rose {20}


Corey & Abi w/ Andy, Sawyer, Bella, Bea, Mati, & Nellie.


The Ross Family

DH: Sawyer Blake {24}

DW: Karsen Marie (Hanton) {24}


DS: Theodore Gunner {nb}


Sawyer & Karsen w/ Theo.



The Quinn Family


DH: Declan Niall {25}

DW: Bluebell Seraphina {23}


DD: Maisie Sunday {nb}


Declan & Bella w/ Maisie.



The Cullen Family


DH: Rory Shea {22}

DW: Beatrice Fleur {20}


DS/DS: Walter Crew & Edmund Lance {2}


Rory & Bea Cullen w/ Walt & Eddie.



The Maguire Family


DH: Cian Aidan {23}

DW: Matilda Iris {20}

DD/DD: Adella Ruby Waite & Melody Jade Waite {3}


Cian & Mati Maguire w/ Ella & Mel.



The Sullivan Family

DH: Malachy Finn {25}

DW: Penelope Rose {20}


DD: Alexa True {1}


Malachy & Nellie Sullivan w/ Alexa.

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