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Found some old name lists!

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Posted 17 July 2013 - 01:03 PM

I was searching through my stuff, like I do now and then, and found two old name lists! I thought I'd compare them with what I have now, and maybe you can give opinions on them and stuff. :P



Charlotte Ayla - I used to love this name. It was generated by the genie the first time I used it, and I guess it was kinda what made me want to join up. I do still like it, but Charlotte is far too popular for me now. Ayla is pretty, but it's not my favourite anymore.

Lyra Emme - Ugh, I can't describe how amazing I think this name is. It's currently fighting with Lyra Florence for top spot on my list, but at the moment I'm favouring Lyra Emme. So gorgeous!


Sofia Juliana Renee - I think this has a very princessy feel, and for me now, it's a bit too much. I still like Sofia, but more as a middle, but Juliana and Renee aren't on my list anywhere. It's still cute, but too princessy and long for me.

Phoebe Juliet - This has a slight princessy feel, but it's not overdone I don't feel, and I's more grown up to me that the other combo. I love it :)


Cadalyn Faith - Cadalyn is a gp right now, it's too trendy for me, and has a made up feel, but I still have a soft spot for it. Faith is alright but I don't love it.

Hermione Pearl - I love the feel of this name, despite its obvious links to HP. Yes, people might automatically assume that HP is the reason I chose it, but I don't care lol.


Everleigh Quinn - I don't care for either of these names anymore. My taste has definitely changed lol.

Eloise Luna - I love how feminine this feels, but I could totally picture this on a feisty little tomboy too. So gorgeous :3


Roselyn Aubrey - I actually, honestly would love this if it was Rosalind Audrey, I love how cute and classic it sounds, whilst still maintaining a spunky, modern feel. I don't really care for either Roselyn or Aubrey anymore to be honest.

Avery Victoire - While I know most people on this site prefer Avery on a boy, I honestly think it's so adorable for a girl. I just love the sound of this combo.



Percy Ewan - While I still love Percy, Ewan has fallen out of my favour. I don't really like this combo anymore.

Asa Bellamy Jack - What can I say that I haven't already said about this combo. Love, love, love.


Oscar Vance - I still like Oscar, but Vance is a massive no for me right now. I just don't like the sound of it.

Tate Montgomery - I like how modern yet classic this sounds. So handsome.


Henry Robert - I still love this combo, it's my fail safe fall back combo, but it's not on my list at the moment. I'm just preferring other names right now.

Noah Stanley - Love the combination of trendy and old fashioned.


Ethan Alexander - I still think this is super handsome. Love it.

Roman Alexander - Hehe, I find it funny how Alexander is still #4's middle lol. Love this combo.


Josiah Matthew - Not sure how I feel about this name. I'm just feeling meh about I guess.

Hector Leo - Loving this at the moment. Hector is just adorable to me, though I'm sure loads of people won't think it is.

Feel free to comment and add your opinions :)

Hannah x

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