Baby Middle Names Advice

Baby seated on white fabric. #1) Say your baby middle name ideas with the first and last name together. The ideal middle name should flow and not wrap your tongue up in knots.

#2) A middle name that begins with a different letter or sound than the first name ends with normally makes for a smoother name combination.

#3) Vary the number of syllables in each name. A long middle name can nicely compliment a short first and last name. A short middle name can smooth out a long first and last name combination. Whatever you do, don't string three long names together (unless you want your child to have difficulty filling out forms their whole life!)

#4) Do your child a favor and check out the initials to make sure they don't spell an intelligible word or acronym that will unnecessarily provoke schoolyard teasing. For example: Cynthia Irene Anderson = CIA.

#5) Resume test the middle initial (if you really want to get picky). One of the few places people use their middle name is on a job resume. Type out first name, middle initial, and last name and see how it looks. Hard sounding letters like "D", "J", and "T" sound stronger than letters like "L" and "C".

#6) Don't stress too much about finding the perfect middle name--unless you think your child will be a president, poet, or doctor. Most people don't use their middle name in daily life.

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Genie's Mailbag

Carina in Canada
Dear Genie, I need you to help me find a Greek name for a girl. I've already used Theodore and Sebastian for her siblings. But every other Greek girl's name I see is either too pretentious, hard to pronounce, or just too popular now. The only name I can picture using is Caroline, but it's not Greek!
Baby Name Genie:
The Greeks would name her Charissa Zoe. Then, they would stuff her in a wooden horse and give her to the Trojans. So, my advice would be to borrow the name but not the rest of their tactics.

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