I am the Baby Name Genie, a baby namer specializing in first and middle baby names.

I'll grant your wish for the perfect name for your baby boy or baby girl.

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Genie's Mailbag

Jayme in South Florida
Dear Genius Genie, Four years ago, you helped us decide on our son's name - Miles Jameson - inspired by our love of travel! We beseech you for our second child, a daughter, and would love to follow the travel trend. If our second was a boy, he would have been "Easton," for the "East Coast"; however, my husband would prefer something more feminine for a daughter. Her middle name will be a family name: Josephine, Juliana, or Marie. Oh wise Genie, what first name would be perfect for our newest little traveler?!
Baby Name Genie:
Ah yes... I remember. Is he traveling often? If so, say "hello" to Frequent Flyer Miles for me. For your daughter, name her Savannah Marie for a name befitting a cosmopolitan jet-setter.
Lillian in Michigan
I used your advice previously and have a lovely daughter named Cheyanne Ruby. We are looking for help with baby number two who will join us soon! And, just to warn you, our last name is Coffin!
Baby Name Genie:
I'm happy to undertake such a request for a repeat customer, though this really is the last nail in the Coffin family. If your second child is a girl, name her Sierra Ruth, and for a boy, Dylan Oliver, unless you think this whole thing is a grave mistake.
Monica in TX
We like the name Violet, and we like Serenity, but we don't want those names. Can you give me a mysterious feminine name related to them. Please? And thanks.
Baby Name Genie:
For a mysterious name that will keep them guessing, I give you the name Lillian Skye for your young enchantress.

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