I am the Baby Name Genie, a baby namer specializing in first and middle baby names.

I'll grant your wish for the perfect name for your baby boy or baby girl.

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Genie's Mailbag

Caleb in Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania
There was a big surprise a few weeks ago. In the middle of dinner, my mom told us that she was going to have a baby next year around April Fool's Day. We don't know if it's a boy or a girl yet, so give us what you got.
Baby Name Genie:
This is either a wonderful blessing and miracle, or it's the longest set up to an April Fool's joke in history. Assuming your mother isn't pulling your leg, I give you Derek Wayne for a boy and Laura Belle for a girl. No foolin'.
Mark in Virginia
We're looking for a girl first name. The middle name is Hayes. Wife's rules: No A's or M's. Must be feminine. My Rule: Reference to famous person in the arts or science is a plus. Thanks!
Baby Name Genie:
Have you heard of the astrophysicist who discovered pulsars, among other things? Her name is Jocelyn Bell Burnell. I recommend reading up on her so when your daughter Jocelyn Hayes asks you about her name, you'll be ready.
Stephany in Kentucky
We are having another girl! And I already have a name picked out - Briella Rose. I love it so much, but I told my parents of my name choice and they HATE it. But I am so in love with it that I can't seem to pick another name out for a little girl that isn't used very often. Please help!!!!
Baby Name Genie:
I'm sorry. You've mistakenly reached the Baby Name Genie. You're looking for Overbearing Parents Genie. He may be able to help you remind your parents that they got to pick your name, but you get to pick your daughter's name. If you'd like advice on the name itself, I can help with that. Try the more traditional Gabriella Rose, and save the pet name Briella for informal occasions.

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