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Genie's Mailbag

Lynn in New York
Help! I love the name Elsa, and love that it is a Scandinavian name, I am very proud of my Norwegian heritage! Should I be concerned about the Frozen craze? I would love to just 'let it go' and name my daughter Elsa, but I am getting cold feet!
Baby Name Genie:
Hey, I'm the one that does the puns around here. Actually... those were pretty good. You know, I had the same kind of question from a man in the late 1970's who wanted to name his son Luke. I told him, "It'll blow over. In twenty years no one will even remember Star Wars." That guy still won't return my calls. Elsa is a wonderful name and if that’s what you love, then go with it. Just be prepared for her friends asking her if she wants to build a snowman, and doting suitors insisting that love is an open door.
Leilah in Georgia
This is my first child, a boy. I really like the name Dahkota, but my husband isn't a big fan of it. I want his name to start with D and his middle name to be James. I want it to be really strong-willed, but nice sounding. It also needs to be ok for my husband, but he isn't any help with the process.
Baby Name Genie:
I'm sorry your huhsband doesn't like Dahkota. Perhaps he dehmands a better name. Suhggest Dehvin James and see if he ahpproves.
Hope in Tennessee
Well! Me and my husband have argued and argued over baby names! I'm done with all the negative attention and need your help. We're unsure of the gender, so both girl and boy name would be appreciated. We want something uncommon but nothing weird. Our last name is Daniels. Thank you!
Baby Name Genie:
Who doesn't not want negative attention? Certainly not me. I won't not give you Skyler Bailey and certainly not Ella Felicia. Don't do with it as you won't.

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