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Genie's Mailbag

Alyssa in Texas
I've always loved the name Vivien for a girl, but I married a man with the last name of Villarreal. Vivien Villarreal just sounds a little too alliterative for my taste. I want a feminine and elegant name for my daughter that isn't overwhelmingly popular. Do you think Evelyn Leigh Villarreal is a good choice, or do you have another suggestion?
Baby Name Genie:
Verily, Vivien is a virtuous and valorous title, yet the vicissitudes of Fate have intervened to vex your volition with Villarreal. The verdict is that a violation of "v"s is more vice than virtue. Before I vanish, allow me to vouchsafe that Evelyn Joyce would be my vote cast vicariously, hopefully not in vain.
Jordan in Texas
Hi my name is Jordan Flores (translated to Flowers in English). I'm looking for both a boy's and a girl's name that works with both English and Spanish cultures and flows with my last name. Please help!
Baby Name Genie:
I hope to sprout a name that is a beautiful bouquet for your budding son or daughter. The root of a good name stems from a nice arrangement of sounds. For a boy, give Marco Flores a try. For a girl, I give you Gabriella Flores.
Athena in undisclosed
So, I want a beautiful girl's name that comes from a well-known book. I'm open for creative names, but I won't name my daughter Katniss!
Baby Name Genie:
While Esther is a darling name that comes from the world's best-known book, try the beautiful Cosette from Victor Hugo's uplifting and inspiring tome Les Misérables.

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