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Genie's Mailbag

Holly in England
Okay Mr. Baby Name Genie, I'm in desperate need of your help! We are expecting twin boys, and we need two perfect names that aren't too "American," like Hudson or Riker, as we're from England and they just sound tacky over here. But they should not be too English like Graham or Oliver, either. Haha, we're very picky!
Baby Name Genie:
Oh please. Mr. Baby Name Genie was my father. Just call me Powerful and Most Wise Genie. That's what all my friends call me. For your twin boys, I give you Jeremy and Tomlin; a bit of British prim and proper with just the right amount of American tackiness.
Poppy in South Africa
My sister is expecting her third - a little girl and has given me the task of naming her. I am really battling to find a name beginning with a T as her siblings' names are Tatum and Trent. Please help?
Baby Name Genie:
For a name that will fit your little niece to a tee, I grant you the name Tatiana.
Amanda in Louisville
We are having our third boy. Our other two are named Jackson and Houston. We aren't really committed to another city name. Yet we aren't totally traditional. Any suggestions?
Baby Name Genie:
Jackson and Houston were named after people, so they aren't purely city names. After eliminating Salt Lake City, Ephesus, and Radiator Springs as names for your third boy, I've decided to give you Austin.

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