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My New Lists! (Girls)

my list girls opinions

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#1 Laugh-Dream-Love


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Posted 19 September 2017 - 05:01 AM

I finally finished putting together my new lists! I like combos with a mix of popular and uncommon names in them, so that's pretty much the style I've got in these lists. I would love some opinions on them, and any suggestions you have! I am aware that the lists are very long, and I apologise in advance!


Alice Phaedra

Amelia Kestrel

Alba Jillian

Bernadette Opal 'Birdie'

Cecilia Nyx

Cecily Marlowe

Celeste Isabella

Clara Tempest

Daisy Gwendoline
Elspeth Zadie

Eleanor Happy

Elinor Ottoline

Eliana Truly

Eloise Clarity

Flynn Olivia

Freya Guinevere

Faye Antoinette

Grace Wilhelmina

Hermione Laurel 'Hero'

Hazel Cornelia

Hedwig Katherine

Hester Myfanwy

Ingrid Jemima

Iris Andromeda

Ivy Temperance

Isobel Winter

Juliette Grey 'Jett'

Joy Arabella

Keren Theodosia

Lyra Delphine

Lune Rejoice

Lyla Persephone

Margo Sophronia

Madeleine Rue

Matilda Plum 'Tillie'

Minerva Ruth 'Minnie'

Miriam Sunflower 'Mimi'

Mary-Pearl Francesca

Maude Sofia

Olwen Thomasina

Phoebe Delta

Polly Jamesina

Phoenix Estelle

Quinn Louisa May

Rosamund Fawn

Ramona Darcy

Seeley Mirabel

Scarlet Primrose

Simone Thessaly

Susannah Cleo 'Sunny'

Tansy Meredith

Twila Roxanne

Viola Daphne

Vivien Pearl

Yvaine Celia 'Evie'

#2 brimariiee


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Posted 19 September 2017 - 02:00 PM

Alice Phaedra -No clue how to pronounce Phaedra. Faye-dra?

Amelia Kestrel -Krestel sounds a little masculine to me but it's okay.

Alba Jillian -Okay combo. Feels a little off.

Bernadette Opal 'Birdie' -Good combo.

Cecilia Nyx -Okay combo, Nyx feels masculine.

Cecily Marlowe -NAF of Cecily. Fine otherwise.

Celeste Isabella -Flow seems off here. Celeste Isabelle might be better.

Clara Tempest -Good combo!

Daisy Gwendoline -Good combo if it's -lynn, sounds off if it's -line.
Elspeth Zadie -Bit of an odd pairing. Doesn't really roll of the tongue well. Switch with...Alba maybe, Elspeth Jillian and Alba Zadie?

Eleanor Happy -Interesting but cute combo.

Elinor Ottoline -Fine combo.

Eliana Truly -Good combo.

Eloise Clarity -I like Eloise but not sure about it with Clarity. What about Eloise Marlowe?

Flynn Olivia -NAF of Flynn on girls but sounds fine together.

Freya Guinevere -Fine combo.

Faye Antoinette -Good combo.

Grace Wilhelmina -Good combo.

Hermione Laurel 'Hero' -Good combo.

Hazel Cornelia -Fine combo.

Hedwig Katherine -Fine combo.

Hester Myfanwy -NAF, don't know how to pronounce Myfanwy and my guess isn't appropriate for a name.

Ingrid Jemima -Okay combo.

Iris Andromeda -Good combo.

Ivy Temperance -Good combo!

Isobel Winter -Good combo.

Juliette Grey 'Jett' -Good combo!

Joy Arabella -Good combo.

Keren Theodosia -Not sure about either of these names...

Lyra Delphine -Good combo.

Lune Rejoice -Can't really tell one way or the other if this is feminine or masculine tbh.

Lyla Persephone -Good combo.

Margo Sophronia -Sophronia seems like a little much.

Madeleine Rue -Cute combo, no matter the pronunciation of Madeleine.

Matilda Plum 'Tillie' -Good combo!

Minerva Ruth 'Minnie' -Good combo!

Miriam Sunflower 'Mimi' -Good combo.

Mary-Pearl Francesca -Francesca is too much of a mouthful with Mary-Pearl. Switch with...Lune, Lune Francesca and Mary-Pearl Rejoice?

Maude Sofia -Okay combo.

Olwen Thomasina -Seems a little masculine. Olwen feels masculine to me and then using a feminine Thomas doesn't help. What about Olwen Clarity?

Phoebe Delta -Good combo.

Polly Jamesina -Seems a little off. What about Polly Thomasina?

Phoenix Estelle -Phoenix is more of a boys name to me but Estelle helps.

Quinn Louisa May -Cute combo! I'd consider making it Louisa-May if you're using one middle name for others though.

Rosamund Fawn -A little clunky imo.

Ramona Darcy -Good combo!

Seeley Mirabel -I prefer Seeley on boys. Okay combo.

Scarlet Primrose -Good combo!

Simone Thessaly -Is Tessaly a name? The th- is throwing me off here.

Susannah Cleo 'Sunny' -Good combo!

Tansy Meredith -Good combo.

Twila Roxanne -Good combo.

Viola Daphne -My favorite on this list for sure!

Vivien Pearl -Another favorite!

Yvaine Celia 'Evie' -Sounds a little off to me. Celia feels a little too short sounding with Yvaine.

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#3 Toorgedors


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Posted 27 October 2017 - 02:24 PM

Hope you dont mind - thank everyone who voted on my other poll- but we have another girls name to throw in the mix... Thanks for taking the time to look

#4 arhythmofnames


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Posted 25 November 2017 - 06:50 PM

Lovely list you have! Personally not every name I like, however they are still all beautiful! The only two combos I'd switch would be Lune Rejoice & Freya Guinevere to Freya Rejoice & Guinevere Lune.

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#5 SelenaK


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Posted 26 November 2017 - 12:40 PM

 Top Names: 


Cecily Marlowe- Cecily is beautiful and Marlowe adds a fresh, unexpected feel.

Daisy Gwendoline- Both classic names that work so well together.

Elinor Ottoline- A literary first name with a striking middle that really works.

 Hermione Laurel 'Hero'- An unexpected combination with a cute nickname.

Iris Andromeda- An elegant first name with a strong middle name.

 Susannah Cleo 'Sunny'- A traditional first name with a quirky middle and an adorable nickname.


Least favourites:


Alba Jillian- Love the first name but with Jillian it reminds me of bajillion. 

Eleanor Happy- The first name is lovely but Happy doesn't quite fit.

Lune Rejoice- Neither of these are really my style, sorry!

Polly Jamesina- It sounds a touch too old together. I think Polly could work with a fresher middle name.


A few suggestions:


Alba Guinevere

Eleanor Verity

Lune Francesca

Polly Marlowe

Lyra Jillian

Ramona Happy

Viola Rejoice

Seeley Jamesina


Hope you find something to inspire you!

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