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My New Lists! (Boys)

my list boys opinions

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#1 Laugh-Dream-Love


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Posted 19 September 2017 - 05:06 AM

I finally finished putting together my new lists! I like combos with a mix of popular and uncommon names in them, so that's pretty much the style I've got in these lists. I would love some opinions on them, and any suggestions you have! I am aware that the lists are very long, and I apologise in advance!


Asa Huckleberry

Asher Bellamy

Aubrey William

Atley Benedict

Brogan Robert James

Byron Mordecai

Calvin Draco

Caden Winter

Digby Holden

Dax Hawthorne

Deacon Felix

Emrys Harper

Edmund Aloysius

Eliot Thackeray

Emory Calix

Fox Nathanael

Finley Balthasar

Finnick Jude

Huxley Jonah

Henry Montague

Hugo Penley

Hamish Rafferty

Isaac Bravery

Jago Fletcher

Jack Lysander

Jay Osiris

Lane Maverick

Lennon Samuel

Leo Hawking

Lucas Prospero

Miller Jackson

Mackenzie Ajax

Oscar Tristan

Otto Wilberforce
Orion August

Peyton Maxfield

Rainer Montgomery

Rocco Sebastian

Rudy Llewellyn

Russell Fisher

Sylvester Pine

Shepherd Oliver

Theodore Finch

Vander Ignatius

Wren Fitzwilliam

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#2 brimariiee


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Posted 19 September 2017 - 01:27 PM

Asa Huckleberry -Not a fan of Asa but nice combo.

Asher Bellamy -Feels a little feminine to me but that could be a good thing.

Aubrey William -NAF of Aubrey on boys but William makes the gender clear.

Atley Benedict -Good combo!

Brogan Robert James -I think it's odd to only have one with 2 middles, only really like it as Brogan Robert.

Byron Mordecai -A little unusual but a fine pairing.

Calvin Draco -Definitely gives me a vampire vibe. Maybe switch with Asher, Asher Draco and Calvin Bellamy?

Caden Winter -Unfortunately Caden is being used on girls so I wouldn't pair it with Winter.

Digby Holden -Digby sounds more like a nickname to me tbh.

Dax Hawthorne -Love this, might be my favorite so far!

Deacon Felix -I like this but it also feels a little off...maybe switch with Caden, Deacon Winter and Caden Felix?

Emrys Harper -A little unsure on this one.

Edmund Aloysius -No clue how to pronounce Aloysius.

Eliot Thackeray -Good combo!

Emory Calix -Calix is a little odd.

Fox Nathanael -NAF of the spelling of Nathanael but sounds fine together.

Finley Balthasar -Balthasar as a name always makes me chuckle but they are a fine pair.

Finnick Jude -Good combo!

Huxley Jonah -Unsure on Jonah with Huxley.

Henry Montague -Great combo! Another favorite!

Hugo Penley -Good combo!

Hamish Rafferty -Hamish is a little odd but fine combo otherwise.

Isaac Bravery -Bravery seems weird to me but, maybe a switch with Emrys, Emrys Bravey and Isaac Harper?

Jago Fletcher -NAF of Jago because of potential pronunciation issues.

Jack Lysander -Good combo!

Jay Osiris -Not sure how to pronounce Osiris, kind of similar OCyrus would be?

Lane Maverick -Good combo!

Lennon Samuel -A little off imo but good combo.

Leo Hawking -Good combo!

Lucas Prospero -NAF of Prospero, I think just Prosper would be better.

Miller Jackson -Surname heavy but good combo!

Mackenzie Ajax -Since Mackenzie isn't super popular on boys, I'd use a more common boys name for a middle. Maybe switch with Lennon, Lennon Ajax and Mackenzie Samuel?

Oscar Tristan -Don't care for the flow of these two.

Otto Wilberforce -Wilberforce only makes me think of the Seewald's now, sorry.
Orion August -Good combo!

Peyton Maxfield -This is definitely my favorite one!

Rainer Montgomery -Great combo!

Rocco Sebastian -Good combo!

Rudy Llewellyn -I've always assumed Llewellyn was like Lou-ellen but if that's not right, no clue how to pronounce it.

Russell Fisher -Good combo!

Sylvester Pine -I'm biased towards Sylvester but, good combo!

Shepherd Oliver -A little off but good combo.

Theodore Finch -Good combo!

Vander Ignatius -Eh, a little too odd of a pairing.

Wren Fitzwilliam -I prefer Ren for boys but, good combo!

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#3 Jenna_Lee


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Posted 09 October 2017 - 08:10 PM

I've sorted them into categories to make it easier.



Asher Bellamy - Usually  I could take or leave Asher, but I think it goes wonderfully with Bellamy. Sort of a soft-sounding but still masculine combo. Really great!

Caden Winter - Caden is another one of those names that I don't love, but you've really made it work here. I've never thought to use Winter on boys, although I love the nickname Win, so it's really a great idea. A really unexpectedly great combo.

Eliot Thackeray - Super handsome and literary! Eliot/variants have been growing on me more and more recently - Elliot Calder is on my own list.

Theodore Finch - Really great combo all around. I've always loved Finch.

Wren Fitzwilliam - Really handsome! Wren on boys is growing on me after seeing it a couple times, and I adore Fitz names. The flow here is perfect.



Asa Huckleberry - Love Asa, and I like the combo's flow and literary connection, but Huckleberry seems like a bit much for me.

Aubrey William - Still not sure if I like Aubrey (on either gender), but you're starting to convince me haha. William is a handsome classic and they go really well together.

Finley Balthasar - It's very surprising to me that I like a combo with Balthasar as the middle, but I love Finley and I just think this is a really charming combo.

Henry Montague - I like Henry (although a personal connection has made it unusable for me), and Montague is a cool nod to Romeo & Juliet. Really nice flow/sound too.

Hugo Penley - I really like Hugo, and Penley is interesting. They go well together.

Leo Hawking - Strong and animal-y but also soft and classic. It has a really good sound.

Rudy Llewellyn - I adore Rudy, and Llewellyn is interesting in sound, but quite difficult to remember how to spell. They go well together.




Brogan Robert James - not crazy about Brogan (mostly because of the 'bro' beginning, it reminds me of the common slang), but the combo has a good flow.

Calvin Draco - I like Cal names, and Calvin is no exception, but I don't like Draco (the Harry Potter association is just so strong), so it kind of balances it out.

Dax Hawthorne - Love Hawthorne as a middle (great literary association, and a down-low nod to my beloved Gale Hawthorne from the Hunger Games - and also nature related! what a winner). Dax I don't really like, but it's not horrible.

Deacon Felix - Not a fan of Deacon, but I absolutely love Felix. It's so hard to find something to pair Felix with and have it sound good, and you've pulled it off.

Fox Nathanael - Fox is cool, but I would probably prefer it as a middle. I also prefer the spelling Nathaniel. It has a good flow, but I think I would like Nathanael Fox a bit better.

Finnick Jude - I really like how this combo sounds, and I adore Jude, but I just can't get on board with Finnick. It reminds me of the word finicky, which isn't really a good thing (although the character in THG is quite lovable).

Jago Fletcher - Really interesting combo. I love Fletcher. I've actually never heard of Jago, and I'm not totally on board yet, but it sounds kind of cool.

Jack Lysander - I think Lysander is really cool for a middle, I'm just iffy on using Jack as a first when there's so many more interesting firsts to choose from (I've struggled to find a spot for Jack in my own list, since I'd like to honor a relative).

Jay Osiris - Don't like Osiris, but Jay is nice.

Lennon Samuel - If it were Lennox instead of Lennon, this would be in 'like' (although it wouldn't flow as well). There's just a bit too much N in Lennon for me. Samuel is a great middle though.

Miller Jackson - Decent names, but a bit too surname-y for a combo. I mostly noticed because on The 100, one of my favorite TV shows, there are two characters who are called by their last names, Miller and Jackson.

Oscar Tristan - Both names are nice, but I think the the flow is a bit off, maybe due to the S sounds and both being two syllables and sort of abrupt.

Orion August - I really love August, but I'm not a big fan of Orion - I like the stellar association, but I don't like the way it sounds.

Rainer Montgomery - Rainer is handsome (Did you once have Hugo Rainer on your list? It's coming to mind and it's a handsome combo), and they sound decent together, but Montgomery is just such a mouthful and not really my cup of tea.

Russell Fisher - Not a fan of Russell, but Fisher is really handsome as a middle and they go well together.

Sylvester Pine - Not going to lie, it sounds like a tree species (although it has a good ring to it). I guess for me, Pine is a little too far into nature to work as a name. Sylvester might be nice as a middle. 

Shepherd Oliver - I like Oliver, and Shepherd is okay, but I feel like it's not a great match. The flow is a bit clunky to me (which is rare for your combos). I think Oliver Shepherd has a much better sound.



Don't like

Atley Benedict - Just not a fan of either name. The combo sounds nice, but as a name, Atley feels sort of... unfinished, I guess? Like it's missing something. Adler Benedict would be interesting.

Byron Mordecai - Just don't like either one here, sorry.

Digby Holden - I just really don't like Digby. Holden is okay.

Emrys Harper - I like Harper on boys, and I want to like Emrys... but it just doesn't work for me.

Edmund Aloysius - Not a fan of either name.

Emory Calix - Not for me. It feels overly trendy, and I don't really like either name individually.

Huxley Jonah - I like Jonah, but I don't like Huxley at all. Sorry.

Hamish Rafferty - Not a fan of either name here.

Isaac Bravery - Isaac is okay, but in my opinion Bravery is too much of a word to be used as a name.

Lane Maverick - Just don't like either name.

Lucas Prospero - I like Lucas, but I don't like Prospero and the Ss clash a bit.

Mackenzie Ajax - Really dislike both of these names.

Otto Wilberforce - I think Otto is cute, but Wilberforce is just too much for me.

Peyton Maxfield - Don't like either name, sorry.

Rocco Sebastian - I really like Sebastian, but I don't like Rocco at all.

Vander Ignatius - Not a fan of either name.


I'll get around to the girls eventually!

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#4 ezj


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Posted 03 January 2019 - 07:34 PM

The ones I like are:


1. Aubrey William - but I think William Aubrey sounds good too. "Liam Aubrey"

2. I would choose Finley Nathaniel or Finley Jude if those were an option.

3. Hugo Penley is alright

4. Jack Lysander is interesting

5. I like Theodore Finch

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#5 Annie S.

Annie S.

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Posted 03 January 2019 - 08:41 PM

Asa Huckleberry- Asa is one of my all time favorite names. Don't really like Huckleberry. It's a bit too out there for me and I'm not really feeling the flow to it. I think that Huck could be a really cool name, but with a different name than Asa.

Asher Bellamy- Bellamy seems a bit girly to me.

Aubrey William- Pretty solid combo. Liam Aubrey comes to mind.

Atley Benedict- Solid combo. One of my favorites.

Brogan Robert James- I don't like Brogan at all. It feels...made up? Also, not a big fan of double middle names. Not sure why. Just dislike them. The flow is there, though.

Byron Mordecai- Not actually sure how to pronounce this middle name.

Calvin Draco- The flow could be better, but not a bad combo.

Caden Winter- Good combo.

Digby Holden- I don't like either of these names. Digby especially. It seems like one of those names from the past that should just be left there.

Dax Hawthorne- Love Hawthorne.

Deacon Felix- Okay

Emrys Harper- Decent

Edmund Aloysius- Not sure how the middle name is pronounced, but I love Edmund. Very charming.

Eliot Thackeray- Nice combo.

Emory Calix- Not sure how I feel about this one. Maybe just Emory Cal?

Fox Nathanael- Really like this one.

Finley Balthasar- Surpringly cool name.

Finnick Jude- love this one

Huxley Jonah- Huxley will always sound like a dog name to me. Love Jonah.

Henry Montague- Love both these names. Actually, this is the first and last name of the main character from the boom The Gentleman's Guide to Vice and Virtue. I found the connection funny. But, I love both names and the flow of this combo.

Hugo Penley- Hugo is okay. Penley is a little too strange for my taste.

Hamish Rafferty- Okay.

Isaac Bravery- Not sure how I feel about Bravery, even as a middle name, but it flows pretty good.

Jago Fletcher- Interesting name.

Jack Lysander- I like this one.

Jay Osiris- Not sure how to pronounce this middle name.

Lane Maverick- Solid name.

Lennon Samuel- I think that Samuel Lennon flows better. Love Samuel.

Leo Hawking- Flows well.

Lucas Prospero- Surprised that I like this one.

Miller Jackson- Fine. Not huge on either name, but they aren't bad names.

Mackenzie Ajax- Solid name. I love Mack more as a name, but don't like it with Ajax. Mack Alexander?

Oscar Tristan- I don't think that it flows at all.

Otto Wilberforce- Otto is okay. Wilber is okay. Don't like Wilberforce.

Orion August- Solid combo.

Peyton Maxfield- Nice combo

Rainer Montgomery- Love this one.

Rocco Sebastian- I don't like Rocco at all.

Rudy Llewellyn- I don't like either of these names. A little too strange. And Rudy seems like a name that sounds weird under anyone under 80.

Russell Fisher- Pretty good.

Sylvester Pine- Love this one.

Shepherd Oliver- Love this one.

Theodore Finch- LOVE

Vander Ignatius- Vander is very cool. Ignatius is...interesting?

Wren Fitzwilliam- Wren feels very girly to me. Fitzwilliam sounds like a last name only to me.
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#6 Marvelous_Things


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Posted 09 January 2019 - 09:09 PM

Asa Huckleberry- Not a fan of this one. I don't like Asa. I appreciate the literary reference in Huckleberry, but I've never been able to take this name seriously.


Asher Bellamy- LOVE this combo. Asher has really grown on me. I like Bellamy a lot. It reminds me of Matt Bellamy from the band Muse.


Aubrey William- I usually think of Aubrey on girls, but this combo is so handsome. It sounds old-fashioned in the best possible way.


Atley Benedict- This one is okay, but I'm not huge on Atley. I would prefer Atlas Benedict.


Brogan Robert James- I love Brogan (and pretty much any other Irish boy name). Robert is nice, James is one of my favorites, and the combo flows well.


Byron Mordecai- I like both of these names, but I don't like them together.


Calvin Draco- Nice combo


Caden Winter- Meh, I'm kind of on the fence on this one. Caden is nice, but -aden names are so overdone currently. I like Winter, but as more of a girls name. Overall, not a bad combo, I'm just not feeling it.


Digby Holden- I like Holden a lot, but I'm not a fan of Digby.


Dax Hawthorne- Another handsome combo! I'm really crushing on Hawthorne lately...


Deacon Felix- Nice combo.


Emrys Harper- This one just looks a little too feminine for my taste.


Edmund Aloysius- Love this one!


Eliot Thackeray- I like the sound and flow of this one, though I wouldn't usually pick those names.


Emory Calix- Emory is nice, and I love Calix. I think Calix Emory sounds good too.


Fox Nathanael- Nice combo


Finley Balthasar- I'm okay with Finley, but I don't really like Balthazar. The two names don't really fit together, IMO. They just seem like two completely different styles to me. 


Finnick Jude- I love this one. It's very handsome and cool-sounding.


Huxley Jonah- Nice combo. I also like the sound of Jonah Huxley.


Henry Montague- Handsome and sophisticated.


Hugo Penley- I don't really feel strongly about this combo. I could take it or leave it.


Hamish Rafferty- I like this one a lot. 


Isaac Bravery- Another great combo! Isaac Valor would also sound nice and have the same meaning.


Jago Fletcher- Is Jago pronounced JAY-go or JAH-go? Either way, It's a nice combo.


Jack Lysander- Love this one!


Jay Osiris- This one is okay. I'd probably pair Osiris with something longer and/or a little more unusual.


Lane Maverick- Nice, though I would prefer Maverick Lane.


Lennon Samuel- I like this one! Lennox Samuel would be nice too.


Leo Hawking- Another handsome combo. I like Leo a lot. I wouldn't usually consider Hawking, but it's nice in this combo and could have Hawk as a cool nickname.


Lucas Prospero- Meh. I'm pretty neutral on Lucas, and while Prospero is a cool name, I wouldn't actually use it.


Miller Jackson- I like both these names separate, but I wouldn't use them together. I would rather not have two surnames at once.


Mackenzie Ajax- I can only see Mackenzie on a girl (perhaps due to the fact that it's my cousin's name). I'm not big on Ajax, and I don't like how these two names sound together.


Oscar Tristan- Another one of my favorites on your list. I love Tristan. Oscar isn't a name I'd usually think of, but it goes well with Tristan.


Otto Wilberforce- Otto has been a bit of a GP for me for a while. I like the sound of Wilberforce. It sounds like a powerful wizard from a fantasy novel or something. I'm not crazy about the Duggar connection, though.

Orion August- I think August Orion flows better. But this is still a great combo.


Peyton Maxfield- I've never liked the name Peyton on either gender. I don't really know why. I prefer Maxwell to Maxfield.


Rainer Montgomery- So handsome! 


Rocco Sebastian- This combo sounds very sophisticated and European. I like it!


Rudy Llewellyn- I like Llewellyn, but I'm not a fan of Rudy. I would prefer Rory Llewellyn or Remy Llewellyn


Russell Fisher- I like Russell, I don't like Fisher.


Sylvester Pine- Not a fan of this one. I don't like Sylvester and it makes me think of the cartoon cat. Pine isn't terrible, but there are other tree names that I prefer.


Shepherd Oliver- I like it.


Theodore Finch- Another great combo


Vander Ignatius- When I first saw Vander I read it Vader as in Darth Vader! XD (Not that that's a bad thing...)

Anyway, it's a nice alternative to Xander and flows well with Ignatius


Wren Fitzwilliam-  I like Fitzwilliam, but  I only see Wren as a girl name.

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