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My 20 Names

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#1 Katie-Nana


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Posted 23 May 2013 - 08:22 AM

Most of my thoughts about baby names is toward narrowing down my names to a few absolute favorites. So the name your 20 kids game is quite challenging for me. Here is my list for 20 kiddos (in no particular order) as of today, ask me tomorrow and they will probably change. What do you think?

Wiley James Benjamin - James Benjamin is my BF full name.
Leona Evermay "Lennie" - After Ben's grandmother Leona Mae.
Theodore Lark Alfred "Teddy" - After my grandfather Lark Alfred, Jr.
River Cordelia
Rand Starling - Starling being a bird name which run in my family
Sidda Marylark - Marylark is a mesh of both my grandparents first names Mary & Lark
Molly Georgiana - I just love Georgiana, but coincidentally, George is Ben's youngest brother's name
Eller Whitman
Amos Darwin
Percy Matilda - Matilda somewhat honors my mom, Milda
Casper Ingram
Sawyer Abram
Farris Winifred - Winifred honors both of my grandfathers, Lark Alfred & Wilfred
True Pheriby - Pheriby is an old family name
Patience Delilah
Prairie Eliza - Eliza is after my sister Sally's middle name, Elizabeth
Indiana Margaret "Indie"
Althea Laurence - Laurence honors my mom's sister Laurie and Ben's dad Larry
Tulaine Virginia "Tunie" - Tulaine is a family name on my mom's side, Virginia was my grandmother's middle name.
Thomas Dicken - Dicken somewhat honors my dad, Richard.

#2 Laugh-Dream-Love


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Posted 23 May 2013 - 09:48 AM

Wiley James Benjamin - I think this combo is very handsome. I'm considering using my BFs full name as a middle for my first son too.
Leona Evermay "Lennie" - This is adorable, although I'm not a fan of the names on their own. Lennie is so darn cute :3
Theodore Lark Alfred "Teddy" - Handsome. Teddy is so cute, and I love Lark Alfred.
River Cordelia - Love this! I like how fresh River sounds for a girl, as opposed to how overused it sounds on a boy. Cordelia is cute.
Rand Starling - Not really a fan of Rand, but it sounds very handsome with Starling.
Sidda Marylark - Not a fan of Sidda, but Marylark is cute.
Molly Georgiana - Love it! It's adorable, but I can see it aging well too.
Eller Whitman - Handsome, although Eller is very similar to Ella when I say it in my head.
Amos Darwin - A very handsome combo.
Percy Matilda - Prefer Percy on a boy, but as a nickname for Persephone it's cute. Matilda is adorable.
Casper Ingram - Love Casper, Ingram is nms.
Sawyer Abram - I'm not a fan of either name, but they're cute together.
Farris Winifred - Not a fan of this combo, sorry.
True Pheriby - I think it might flow better as Pheriby True, but it's still cute. I love Pheriby.
Patience Delilah - I'm not a fan of these together, but I think it's because I prefer Patience as a middle name.
Prairie Eliza - Adorable :3
Indiana Margaret "Indie" - I prefer Indie as a nn for a boy, but this combo is cute.
Althea Laurence - I'm sorry, but Althea is very dated for me, I just can't see it on a baby. Laurence is cute, but i prefer it for a boy.
Tulaine Virginia "Tunie" - Tulaine is cute, but I'm not a fan of Virginia. Tunie is cute but it reminds me of Harry Potter. Tulaine and Pheriby would make a cute sibset.
Thomas Dicken - Thomas is eh for me, but I like Dicken.

#3 Guest_StarBabyNamer_*

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Posted 24 May 2013 - 01:35 PM

Wiley James Benjamin - Love this one. James is very handsome
Leona Evermay "Lennie" - Evermay is very unique. Love Leona and Lennie too!
Theodore Lark Alfred "Teddy" - Not a fan of Alfred or Teddy. Like Theodore and Lark.
River Cordelia - Like this one
Rand Starling - Randy fits Starling better,
Sidda Marylark - Marylark sounds a little strange.
Molly Georgiana - Love Molly. Georgiana is my sisters name. Haha
Sorry I am too lazy to type out any more. Want more? Just ask.

#4 Kookie


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Posted 24 May 2013 - 03:38 PM

Wiley James Benjamin - very nice! Wiley isn't my favourite but still nice :)
Leona Evermay "Lennie" - Soooo pretty!
Theodore Lark Alfred "Teddy" - cute
River Cordelia - love River but Cordelia is nms
Rand Starling - Starling is lovely but I'm not sure about Rand
Sidda Marylark - Not a fan of either name to be honest...sorry!
Molly Georgiana - love, love, love Molly and Georgiana is gorgeous!
Eller Whitman - Both names nms but nice sounding
Amos Darwin - again, nms but nice sounding
Percy Matilda - I would only really use Percy for a boy but Matilda is nice and love the nickname "Mattie"!
Casper Ingram - Casper is cute but don't like Ingram very much
Sawyer Abram - this is nice :)
Farris Winifred - not really a fan of either name, sorry
True Pheriby - True is quite nice but nms and Pheriby is cute :)
Patience Delilah - Would prefer as Delilah Patience but a nice combo
Prairie Eliza - Beautiful
Indiana Margaret "Indie" - lovely
Althea Laurence - I would only use Laurence for a boy an not a fan of Althea
Tulaine Virginia "Tunie" - Beautiful!
Thomas Dicken - handsome

My favourite girl is: Molly Georgiana
My favourite boy is: Sawyer Abram

Hope I helped!

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