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What do you think of these names?

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Posted 26 June 2009 - 03:25 PM

Aria lives with her Uncle Lancelot and Aunt Elaine. Her father, Cedric, left her mother shortly before her mother found out she was pregnant with Aria. Her mother, Yseult was in a car accident 6 months after Aria was born. At age 15 Aria finds a letter from her father Cedric to Yseult that explained that he was a fairy and he had a vision that she would become pregnant if they keep their relationship going and by fairy laws it is illegal to have a relationship with a human and if a child results both must be killed and the fairy is put in prison. One thing Cedric failed to explain in the letter is that he is was soon to become the King of the Winter Fairy. He was forced to marry two weeks after he left Yseult. He married unnamed stepmother. SHe became pregnant with twins 2 weeks after Yseult became pregnant with Aria. Freya Isolde and Eryx Cedric were born twelve hours before Aria.

The story begins when Aria finds the letter and tells her best friend Moth about it and he revels that his family were fairies and when he saw her eyes she knew that she was the fairy next destined to be Queen of the Winter Fairy. After that he always made a point of making sure that she was safe and alive. They go find John who Ys told Aria to go see when she was ready to meet her father. They tell John everything they know and he takes them to Cedric. The rest is her struggle to get to know the father she never knew existed and adjusting to the fact that she is becoming a fairy. She is also going through lessons preparing her to become Queen eventually.

Azaria Rose? Dawson nn. Aria- She has long blonde hair with red ends. Her eyes are bright ice blue lined with black like a husky's. Someone with these eyes is born every generation and they are destined to be the next Winter King or Queen when the current one retires or is killed. She dresses gothic but has a positive outlook. She is tall and thin and is known as the ice queen (ironically) by classmates because she tends to be shy which some people take as being stuck up. She can be wild and loves to do things that her Aunt and Uncle disapprove of like her belly button peircing, her tattoo, the ends of her hair dyed

Timothy ??? nn. Moth Parker- He is also a fairy who is a protector. His father is the protector of Freya and Eryx and when he retires Moth will become their protector. He is Aria's best friend. They are very close and have been since they were little. He has spiky blood red hair and dark brown eyes. He is the worrier and is always the voice of reason for Aria. He is more outgoing then Aria. He also is gothic.

Freya Isolde Asher- She is Aria's half sister and she is also Eryx's twin sister. She has dark blue hair and red eyes. The easiest way to descirbe her is the biggest b#### you have ever met multiplied by 3 times. She is Tall and Thin and is very stuck up. She hates Aria because before Cedric was all about kepeing her happy and now he spends all his spare time with Aria. Her mn. is Isolde because Cedric siad it was his favorite name but really he wanted Ys to have a name sake in his world. They don't look anything like Cedric. She lives the life that we all think that a princess would live.

Eryx ??? Asher- He is Aria's half brother and he's also Freya's twin brother. He has the same dark blue hair but his eyes are dark brown. He is basically the opposite of his sister. He loves her but is quite often annoyed with her. He is quiet and very sweet. He likes Aria and wants to help her and becomes one of her best friends. He and Moth become good friends because they both want to keep Aria safe. He is tall and has broad shoulders and is muscular. Dosen't look anything like Cedric

Cedric Thaddeus Asher- Loved Yseult. He was forced to marry unnamed step mother. They are more of good friends then lovers. He is very stressed all of the time. He rarely has free time and now when he does he is trying to get to know the daughter he never knew he had. He is sweet and very protective. He has lime green hair and the same eyes as Aria.

??? ??? Asher- Aria's stepmother. She is a lot like Freya. She doesn't think that Aria sound like with them. Doesn't want Cedric to spend anytime with Aria. She is medium height and has dark blue hair.

Help please! THanks in advance! Sorry it's a lot!


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Posted 26 June 2009 - 03:35 PM

I love the medieval theme.

Ummm.. lets see

I like Azaria Rose Dawson nn. Aria

I like Timothy Orion (O-ryan)

Oh, and Demelza Asher is a name for Aria's stepmother.

Thats all I like or think of.

#3 Guest_Tora_*

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Posted 28 June 2009 - 04:08 PM

THanks Holly! I really like Demelza for the stepmother.

I forgot the name of the tutor.

????? ????? ?????- He is the tutor for Freya, Eryx, and Aria. He has light blue hair and green eyes. He is quiet and shy around adults and people he doesn't know but is loud and funny in class and when he is comfortable. He loves to read books about faries and see the common misconsptions like wings. He loves Eryx and Freya like an uncle and like Eryx quickly becomes close to Aria because they have he has to give her extra lessons on being a future queen and a current princess. He is tall with long limbs.


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Posted 04 July 2009 - 11:05 AM

I like the name Azaria Rose, but not with the last name Dawson. It reminds me of Rosario Dawson. GL!

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