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Years of Your Life dice game, Part 2/5 (years 14-18)

dice game part 2

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Posted 02 May 2021 - 12:33 PM

This is a 5 part series. Part 1 was years 0-13, Part 2 will be years 14-18, Part 3 will be years 19-40, Part 4 will be years 41-60, and Part 5 will be years 61-80. Of course you can discontinue anywhere along the lines but the option to continue will be there.   :blush: 


Here is part 1: https://www.babyname...showtopic=39964


Here's your dice: https://www.wizards....d/dice/dice.htm


Roll the dice to determine what happens each year. You can choose whether you want one or two life events to happen per year. You don't have to do the same number of events per year for ever age group. It's your choice how detailed you want to be.


You can add things like whether they attend homecoming, prom, etc (those sorts of details are more set per age rather than dice game format   :lol: ) You can decide whether you graduate high school/secondary school during your 18th year or if you graduated at 17 and are taking a year off at home post school. 




Name (roll a 20 sided dice) 

1. First letter is the same as the first letter of a parent.  
2. A name with a double letter (ie Elliott, Camille, Anne, Reese) 
3. You choose. 
4. The name honors a relative in some manner. 
5. First letter is the same as the first letter of the surname. 
6. Name honors a favorite childhood book or movie. 
7. The name ends with a consonant. 
8. The name is unisex or has a unisex nickname possibility. 
9. A nature name or a name that has a nature related meaning. 
10. 6 letter long name. 
11. A top 50 baby name according to the most recent SSA baby names list. 
12. An animal name or a name with an animal meaning. 
13. A word name (includes nature words, inspirational words, etc) 
14. A 2-4 letter name. 
15. Baby name containing the letter O. 
16. A winter related baby name. 
17. A name relating to the space or the sky. 
18. 3+ syllable name. 
19. A name related to science or scientists. 
20. Old fashioned name. 
Life Events (roll a 4 sided dice then a 12 sided dice) 
1.1. You take on a new hobby! What is it? 
1.2. You are diagnosed with an allergy. What are you allergic to? How much does this alter your life? 
1.3. You fall in love for the first time. 
1.4. Your family goes on vacation. Where to? 
1.5. You discover a favorite book series! Which one is it? 
1.6. You applied for a job but you were rejected. 
1.7. You attend a big family gathering. 
1.8. Your family moves to a new city. How far is it from where you lived? How do you feel about it? 
1.9. You experience an injury that permanently disables you. What happened? How will life change to accommodate this? 
1.10. You have a most/least favorite class. Which one and why? 
1.11. You make a friend. What's their name? What are they like? 
1.12. You come out as LGBTQ+. Are your loved ones supportive? 
2.1. You discover a favorite spot to connect with nature. Where is it and/or what is it like? 
2.2. You are diagnosed with a neurodiversity! Which one(s)? [neurodiversity includes ADHD, Autism, Dyscalculia, Dysgraphia, Dyslexia, Dyspraxia, Hyperlexia, Synesthesia, etc]  
2.3. You have a surprise party! Were you surprised? Did you love it? 
2.4. This year, you have an amazing teacher! What about her made your school year amazing. 
2.5. You get fired/let go from a job. What happened?  
2.6. You went on a school trip! Where to? 
2.7. You learn a musical instrument! Which one? 
2.8. You discover you have a talent! What is it? Do you enjoy the talent? 
2.9. You fail an important test! What test is it? Will you be able to retake it? 
2.10. You gain a new sibling! [use Baby Related Events to determine the sex of baby and whether there's multiples. Use Name section to name them]
2.11. Your parents are having marital problems. Roll a dice to determine whether they remain together or separate with even being staying and odd being separation.  
2.12. Your family goes on vacation. Where to? 
3.1. You get in a fight at school! Did you instigate, were you defending yourself, or were you defending a classmate? Did the school resolve it satisfactorily?  
3.2. You tried out for a team sport but were rejected. 
3.3. You go to a concert! Who did you see/ what kind of concert was it? 
3.4. You join an after school club. What kind is it? 
3.5. You find out you are pregnant! Is the other parent supportive? Are your own parents supportive? Is the parents of the other parent supportive? How does this affect your future plans? 
3.6. You learn to ride something with wheels! What did you learn to ride? (Bicycle, skateboard, roller blades, etc)
3.7. You lose a loved one. Who was it? Were you close? 
3.8. You dye your hair a fun color. What color do you choose? 
3.9. You take an important test. What for? How does it go? 
3.10. If your parents are separated, one of your parents is getting remarried! How do you feel about it? Will you gain any bonus/step siblings?  
3.11. You break a bone! Which one and how did it happen? 
3.12. You get your first job! Where at? 
4.1. You fight with a family member. What happened? Are you able to resolve it? 
4.2. You gain a new sibling! [use Baby Related Events to determine the sex of baby and whether there's multiples. Use Name section to name them]
4.3. You lose a best friend. What happened? 
4.4. Your family takes a road trip! Where do you go? 
4.5. You experience an injury that disables you for a period of time. What happened? How are things changing for you?  
4.6. You are invited to go on vacation with a friend! Where to? Do your parents let you go? 
4.7. You join a sports team. What sport? 
4.8. Your family moves to a new country. Which one/where at? How do you feel about it? 
4.9. You begin volunteer work! Where at? 
4.10. You add a pet to the family. What kind of animal? What do you name it? 
4.11. This year, you have an awful teacher. Are you able to switch teachers? Do things begin getting better?  
4.12. You are diagnosed with selective mutism! Do you acquire a communication device? Do you learn sign language? How do your loved ones accommodate and support you? 
Baby Related Events (Roll a 20 sided dice. If you roll multiples, roll the dice again to determine the sex of each baby. Even will be girl and odd will be boy)
1. Baby boy 
2. Baby girl 
3. Baby boy 
4. Baby girl 
5. Twins 
6. Baby boy 
7. Baby girl 
8. Baby boy 
9. Twins 
10. Triplets 
11. Baby girl 
12. Baby girl 
13. Baby boy 
14. Baby girl 
15. Baby boy 
16. Twins 
17. Baby boy 
18. Baby girl 
19. Twins 
20. Baby girl 

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Posted 02 May 2021 - 10:41 PM

DH: Matthew Howard Hart [47; brown hair and blue eyes]
DW: Viola Monroe Hart (nee Dodger) [45; blonde hair and green eyes]

DD: Anna Monroe Hart [17;  blonde hair and blue eyes]

DS: Robin 'Robbie' Howard Hart [16; blonde hair and blue eyes]

DD/DD: Arielle Caroline Hart and Holly Mae Hart [14; brown hair and blue eyes/brown hair and green eyes]

DD: Daisy Quinn Hart [13; blonde hair and green eyes]
DS: Peyton August Hart [8, brown hair and blue eyes]


Furbaby: Oliver [orange tabby]


Year 14: Matthew is 43, Viola is 41, Anna is 13, Robbie is 12, Arielle and Holly are 10, Daisy is 9, and Peyton is 4.While homeschooled, Anna is in 8th grade, Robbie is in 7th grade, Arielle and Holly are in 5th grade, Daisy is in 4th grade, and Peyton is in preschool. Anna begins volunteering at the local children's hospital. 
Year 15: Matthew is 44, Viola is 42, Anna is 14, Robbie is 13, Arielle and Holly are 11, Daisy is 10, and Peyton is 5.While homeschooled, Anna is in 9th grade, Robbie is in 8th grade, Arielle and Holly are in 6th grade, Daisy is in 5th grade, and Peyton is in kindergarten. For her birthday, Anna gets a male orange tabby kitten whom she names Oliver.
Year 16: Matthew is 45, Viola is 43, Anna is 15, Robbie is 14, Arielle and Holly are 12, Daisy is 11, and Peyton is 6.While homeschooled, Anna is in 10th grade, Robbie is in 9th grade, Arielle and Holly are in 7th grade, Daisy is in 6th grade, and Peyton is in 1st grade. The family takes a week long road trip up to D.C. to see what they are learning in school up close.
Year 17: Matthew is 46, Viola is 44, Anna is 16, Robbie is 15, Arielle and Holly are 13, Daisy is 12, and Peyton is 7.While homeschooled, Anna is in 11th grade, Robbie is in 10th grade, Arielle and Holly are in 8th grade, Daisy is in 7th grade, and Peyton is in 2nd grade.  Anna and a group of friends go to see Russell Dickerson in concert. 
Year 18: Matthew is 47, Viola is 45, Anna is 17, Robbie is 16, Arielle and Holly are 14, Daisy is 13, and Peyton is 8.While homeschooled, Anna is in 12th grade, Robbie is in 11th grade, Arielle and Holly are in 9th grade, Daisy is in 8th grade, and Peyton is in 3rd grade. One of Anna's friend's family has a cabin in the mountains and they offer to let the friends use it to celebrate graduation. Anna and the same group of friends she went to the concert with go stay up in the cabin for a long weekend.

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Posted 03 May 2021 - 05:49 PM

The Uzun Family


DexW: Harmony Thérèse née Townsend Uzun [49; wavy red hair & gray eyes]

DexH: Ajax Alfonso Uzun [47; straight brown hair & brown eyes]


DD: Irina Felicity Uzun [26; straight brown hair & gray eyes]

DS: Gabriel "Gabe" Wolf Uzun [21; wavy black hair & blue eyes]

DD: Anastasia "Ani" Thérèse Uzun [17; wavy red hair & gray eyes]

DS: Willem "Will" Lucien Uzun [16; curly red hair & brown eyes]

DS: Lionel Sage Uzun [15; straight brown hair & brown eyes]

DD: Theodora "Thea" Mary Uzun [10; frizzy brown hair & brown eyes]

DD: Opal Curie Uzun [9, curly black hair & brown eyes]

DS: Sebastian "Seb" Ajax Uzun [4; straight red hair & brown eyes]


DCat: PJ


Harmony & Ajax, with their eight children; Irina, Gabe, Ani, Will, Lionel, Thea, Opal, and Seb (& cat, PJ)


The Geelen Family


DGF: Anastasia "Ani" Thérèse Uzun [17; wavy red hair & gray eyes]

DBF: Felix William Geelen [17; curly red hair & hazel eyes]


DD: Billie Joy Geelen [0; wavy red hair & gray eyes]


Ani & Felix, with their daughter; Billie


Year 1

Harmony and Ajax Uzun welcome a daughter, Anastasia "Ani" Thérèse Uzun, who joins siblings Irina, 9, and Gabe, 4. 


Year 2

Shortly after Ani's first birthday, her little brother Willem "Will" Lucien Uzun is born. They soon become best friends.


Year 3

This year, Ani's third brother, Lionel Sage Uzun, comes into the world. Ani loves helping her family care for Lionel.


Year 4

Ani and her family take a vacation to Richmond, UK, where they see The River Swale, Easby Abbey, and Middleham Castle, among other cool sights.


Year 5

Ani's paternal grandmother, Irina Mary Uzun, whom her sister was named for, passes away. Ani doesn't really understand what's going on because of her age.


Year 6

Ani makes a friend at kindergarten named Lola Hadaway. They enjoy playing board games and going to the park together.


Year 7

Ani tries to make the local competitive dance team, but she doesn't make it. She is disappointed, but her parents make her feel better by signing her up for tap lessons.


Year 8

This year, Ani's family welcomed another little girl, Theodora "Thea" Mary Uzun. Ani is excited to finally have a little sister to play with.


Year 9

Ani's parents had another little girl, Opal Curie Uzun. Ani and Will chose Opal for her first name because of the character in Because of Winn Dixie and Irina chose Curie after Marie Curie.


Year 10

After years of practice, Ani joins and becomes captain of her school's dance team. Her family is very proud of all the hardwork she did to get to this point.


Year 11

Ani discovers a hidden talent-- whistling in perfect pitch. She tries learning as many songs as she can in whistle-form.


Year 12

Ani's family takes a vacation to Chandigarh, India, where they see Sukhna Lake, Elante Mall, and the Rock Garden of Chandigarh.


Year 13

Ani is diagnosed with selective mutism, so she begins therapy. Her family is very accommodating and they help in social situations.




Year 14

Ani learns to play the tuba in her high school marching band.

Ani's family to welcomes a little boy, Sebastian "Seb" Ajax Uzun. Ani takes on a larger responsibility taking care of Seb than she has with any of her other little siblings.


Year 15

Ani has an amazing homeroom teacher, Mr. Samuelson. He seems very welcoming and safe toward his students.

Ani comes out as bisexual. Her immediate family and friends are extremely supportive, while her extended family is less so.


Year 16

Ani is diagnosed with a soy allergy. It's an adjustment, but everyone around her is slowly getting more used to it.

Ani's parents are having marital issues, but they work through it and stay together.


Year 17

Ani's family adopts a cat, PJ, named by Opal after her favorite food, peanut butter and jelly.

Ani finds out she is pregnant! Her boyfriend, Felix Geelen, is supportive, as is her family, though they are disappointed.


Year 18

Ani delivers her daughter, Billie Joy Geelen, resembles her perfectly. It's a difficult change, especially for Ani-- dealing with high school and a baby.

After more problems in their marriage, Ani's parents decide to divorce.

Ani spontaneously dyes her naturally red hair a pretty lavender purple.

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Posted 04 May 2021 - 05:01 PM

LN: O'Toole


DH: Albert Harris

DW: Charlotte Rosemary, née Pine


DD: Lily Madison (18)

DS/DS: Chase Oliver / Harrison Mars (17)

DS: Bennett Charles O'Toole (7)


Albert, Charlotte, Lily, Chase, Harrison, & Bennett




When I was one, my parents had twin boys, Chase Oliver & Harrison Mars.

When I was two, I met my best friend at daycare: Grace Alexandra Coleman.

When I was three, my paternal grandmother died. I was too young to understand, but I missed her a lot.

When I was four, my parents separated.

When I was five, I broke my arm while playing on the playground at school.

When I was six, my brother Harrison was diagnosed with cancer. After treatment, he went into remission.

When I was seven, I had an awful teacher.

When I was eight, I learned how to rollerblade.

When I was nine, my brother's cancer returned.

When I was ten, my family went on a vacation to the Grand Canyon.

When I was eleven, my parents had a baby boy named Bennett.

When I was twelve, my parents officially got back together.

When I was thirteen, my family went on a road trip to San Francisco.

When I was fourteen, I failed my math final.

When I was fifteen, I broke my ankle and had crutches for a few months.

When I was sixteen, I learned how to skateboard.

When I was seventeen, my family moved from Los Angeles to Seattle.

When I was eighteen, I got my first job as a camp counselor.

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Posted 10 May 2021 - 02:19 PM

LN: Hills


DW: Roberta Elizabeth (42)

DSH (Step-Dad): Henry Roscoe Marsh (44)

DH: Harrison Ronald (43)

DSW (Step-Mom): Leora Rose McMillan (34)

DS: Ernest Orion (17)

DD (me): Lily Hermione (14)

DD: Sonnet Clover 'Sonny' (13)

DD: Primrose Lark (7)

DS: Hayden Orville (3)


Year 14: My best friend, Emmy, stops hanging out with me. We got into a fight after she cheated off of me on a science test, and got us both in trouble with the principal


Year 15: I start a new hobby! I start to crochet scarves and blankets for my friends and family, as I find it extremely relaxing


Year 16: Sonny and I get in a fight over her boyfriend. I have a big crush on him, which she knows, but she tells me to back off. We eventually work it out after he breaks up with her, and we start to bond as sisters again


Year 17: Years after my gymnastics injury, I decide to finally join a sport again. I start swimming, which I love. Everyone tells me I am a natural in the water, and I love it more than anything


Year 18: This year, I fall in love for the first time. I start dating my girlfriend, Evelyn Annabel, who is a very down-to-earth girl who likes to play the guitar and write stories like me. She means the whole world to me, and I couldn't be happier with her

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Posted 13 May 2021 - 11:18 AM

The Gorman Family


DW: Eve Vincenza Ybarra-Gorman [55; straight blonde hair & gray eyes]

DH: Christopher "Chris" Cedar Gorman [53; curly brown hair & green eyes]


DS: Cedar Albert Gorman [19; straight brown hair & brown eyes]

DD: Claire Vincenza Gorman [18; straight brown hair & blue eyes]

DD: Caroline "Callie" Eve Gorman [13; wavy brown hair & green eyes]

DAS/DAD: Rocco Christopher & Rosa Ybarra Gorman [3; wavy blonde hair & brown eyes / wavy brown hair & brown eyes]


DCat: Godfrey [16; tuxedo]


Eve and Chris, with their five children; Cedar, Claire, Callie, Rocco, and Rosa, and their cat; Godfrey



One Year Old

My parents worry because I start walking late, but doctors confirm nothing is wrong.


Two Years Old

I make a best friend at daycare named Abram Brown.


Three Years Old

My family adopts a pet cat! We give him the name Godfrey.


Four Years Old

I am diagnosed with a shellfish allergy.


Five Years Old

My little sister, Caroline "Callie" Eve Gorman, is born!


Six Years Old

My family moves to San Francisco, California.


Seven Years Old

My parents are having issues in their marriage, but they work them out and stay together.


Eight Years Old

I learn how to swim in my neighborhood pool!


Nine Years Old

I teach myself to roller blade in my basement!


Ten Years Old

I have a terribly mean teacher for the first semester, but I am able to switch teachers for the second.


Eleven Years Old

My sister Callie is diagnosed with cystic fibrosis.


Twelve Years Old

I join my school's chess club after learning my chess talent!


Thirteen Years Old

My family takes a vacation to the Everglades, Florida.


Fourteen Years Old

I lose a best friend after they move away and we drift apart.


Fifteen Years Old

My parents adopt my new siblings, boy/girl twins, named Rocco Christopher and Rosa Ybarra Gorman!


Sixteen Years Old

My Aunt Nora passes away. I'm hit especially hard because we were very close.


Seventeen Years Old

After my Aunt Nora's passing, my mom's family has a large gathering to celebrate her life.


Eighteen Years Old

I dye my naturally brown hair a pretty dark blue.

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