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WDYT of my top ten names

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#1 Morgan(:


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Posted 23 May 2010 - 07:47 PM

Hey! i really want to know what you think of my top ten favorite names for girls and boys here they are

1.Kendall Summer
2.Sydney Hope
3.Savannah Renee
4.Stella Victoria
5.Leah Elizabeth
6.Hannah Sophia
7.Cecilia Fay
8.Clarissa Faith
9.Alexandra Leigh
10.Samantha Lucille

1.Eli Everett
2.Isaac Matthew
3.Emmett James ( E.J.)
4.Caleb Thomas
5.Andrew William
6.Trevor Wyatt
7.Asher Nathaniel
8.Riley Finn
9.Colllin Alexander
10. Jonah Vincent

Please comment on them :P

~~~~~~ Morgan :P

#2 TessaRose


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Posted 23 May 2010 - 08:10 PM

My favourite of your names are-

Kendall Summer
I also don't mind Sydney, but being Australian I find it hard to imagine anything but the city haha.

I love most of your boys names though-

Eli Everett
Isaac /Alexander
Emmett James
Asher Nathaniel
Riley Finn

#3 Riley-Kate


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Posted 23 May 2010 - 08:36 PM

1.Kendall Summer - I'm not fond of Summer, but Kendall's nice.
2.Sydney Hope - Don't like either name, but good combo.
3.Savannah Renee - Love Savanna without the H; don't like renee, don't like the combo.
4.Stella Victoria - Hate Stella, Victoria's Ok.
5.Leah Elizabeth - Love both names, but bad combo.
6.Hannah Sophia - Meh on Sophia, like Hannah. Ok combo.
7.Cecilia Fay - Hate both names, also bad combo.
8.Clarissa Faith - Like faith, hate Clarissa.
9.Alexandra Leigh - Very pretty, but I like Alexandria better.
10.Samantha Lucille - Like Samantha, but def not lucille.

1.Eli Everett - Hate Eli, Everett is ok. Bad combo.
2.Isaac Matthew - Hate Isaac, love Matthew. Matthew Isaac sounds better.
3.Emmett James ( E.J.) - Don't like EJ, like Emmet James, though. It's on my list too.
4.Caleb Thomas - Def hate Caleb; not really my style. Like Thomas as a middle name. Bad flow.
5.Andrew William - Love andrew, not so fond of William.
6.Trevor Wyatt - Love Trevor, Wyatt is ugly.
7.Asher Nathaniel - Prefer Nathan, hate Asher. Makes me think of chimney sweep.
8.Riley Finn - I prefer Riley for girls, but maybe I'm just biased. Don't like Finn.
9.Colllin Alexander - Prefer only one L in Colin. Love Alexander.
10. Jonah Vincent - Don't like either name; bad flow.

#4 Mishada


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Posted 23 May 2010 - 08:40 PM

Combos I love:
Andrew William - I prefer William Andrew. Love both names.
Asher Nathaniel - Prefer Nathaniel Asher. Love both names.
Jonah Vincent - I like both names okay, and the flow works well. I might love the combo.

Individual names that I love:
Cecilia (Love, but slightly prefer Cecelia)
Victoria (Love the nickname Tori)
Samantha (don't hear it much, love it.)
Matthew (classic, simple, wonderful)
Wyatt (a very interesting name as a middle name)
Everett (prefer as a middle name. Also very interesting. I love it)

Names I like okay:
Sydney (I think I prefer Sidney though)
Stella (It is growing on me)
Savannah (Prefer it as a middle name)
Lucille (like it as a middle name)
Emmett (I prefer Everett. I think it is more interesting)
Collin (pretty good)
James (filler, but still nice.)
Thomas (also filler, still strong though)

Overall, I definitely love most of your boys names. Strong, classic choices. Unfortunately some of the ones that I really like are matched with ones I really dislike. The girls name sre the same way, though less so since I don't love that many of the names.

#5 kate_00


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Posted 24 May 2010 - 03:15 PM

1.Kendall Summer- Neither name is really my style but i kinda like summer.

2.Sydney Hope- Love the name sydney don't like hope

3.Savannah Renee- I actually love this name

4.Stella Victoria- Love stella, have never been a fan of victoria like nn tori though

5.Leah Elizabeth- its okay a little plain

6.Hannah Sophia- Love both names just not together

7.Cecilia Fay- I really like this name

8.Clarissa Faith- don't like any of it,

9.Alexandra Leigh- alexandra isnt me but i like leigh

10.Samantha Lucille- Not for me

1.Eli Everett- I like eli but not everett

2.Isaac Matthew- have never been fond of Isaac love matthew

3.Emmett James ( E.J.)- I really love this name

4.Caleb Thomas- dont like Caleb like Thomas

5.Andrew William- perfer William Andrew

6.Trevor Wyatt- Love the name but not together

7.Asher Nathaniel- Asher isnt me but love Nathaniel

8.Riley Finn- I think this mane is cute

9.Colllin Alexander- not me at all

10. Jonah Vincent- see above

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