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Having trouble choosing between two or three baby names? Maybe its time for an outside opinion.

Create a FREE baby name poll and see which name rises to the top!

It's super easy and fun! Get started below or see current polls.

STEP 1: Enter your top two or three baby names:

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STEP 2: Customize your poll introduction message:

Sample: Hey, I have two favorite names and I can't decide! I am counting on you to help. Thanks! ~Lisa

Baby Name Poll Guidelines:
Our desire is to keep this a fun place for getting and giving helpful baby naming advice. By using the baby name polls your agree to:

  1. Keep it real. No fake families, life stories, or babies please.
  2. Keep polls clean and good natured. Polls with swearing or that are inflammatory in nature will be removed.
  3. Keep polls on topic. Polls are only intended for helping choose a baby name. Off topic polls will be removed. Please use the community forums for baby name fun, baby and pregnancy advice, book character naming, and offering of baby name advice.
  4. Limit the number of polls created to three in a three hour period to give everyone an equal opportunity to receive votes and feedback.
  5. Refrain from promoting products, services, or websites and/or offering personalized baby naming advice (ie: "Ask Me Polls").
Violation of these guidelines may result in being banned from creating polls and posting comments.

Privacy Caution:
You are responsible for what you post. Please think twice before posting your due date, an uncommon last name, ages, where you live, the names of family members, or other information which may be used to personally identify you.

Poll Problems:
If you experience problems, need help, or have a complaint about a baby name poll please drop us a word.