Genie's Mailbag

Can't find your message? Some mail not answered by the Baby Name Genie is submitted to our community of baby namers for answering.

Monica in TX
We like the name Violet, and we like Serenity, but we don't want those names. Can you give me a mysterious feminine name related to them. Please? And thanks.
Baby Name Genie:
For a mysterious name that will keep them guessing, I give you the name Lillian Skye for your young enchantress.
Lizmari in South Africa
Oh Genius Genie, greetings from South Africa, the land of braaivleis and pap. A baby girl is due in November and needs to be named after her grandparents, mainly using the letters in the grandparents' names. Their names are Petro Gerda (granny) and Gerhardus Petrus (grandpa). Surname is Helm. Dankie!
Baby Name Genie:
Thank you for your greetings. I've always loved getting such South African Endearmints, just not the bill that comes with them. Name your baby girl Geraldyna Petara, and she will surely grow into a choty goty.
Zoe Jewell in Maryville, TN
Ok, you're so not gonna get this one. I'm having twin girls. My family rides horses (as well do I), and we have pitbulls. I don't want names that are too girly, but I don't want to get crazy either. GO!
Baby Name Genie:
I have a rather dogmatic approach to finding the perfect baby name. No horsing around. Hunter Victoria and Caroline Rey are the names you're looking for, unless you're some sort of neigh-sayer.
Megan in North Backwoods USA
I'm looking for boy names that have legendary quality, are VERY unique. I like Celtic, Scottish, Latin, Irish, & Italian heritages. Middle names are also appreciated if u have ideas :) PLEASE no Robert, Thomas or Brandons. The siblings are Victoria Lisette, Athena Rhianon and Zack.
Baby Name Genie:
No need for some watery tart to throw a sword at you to name your child. Dub him Merlin Cahal for a truly legendary title.
Sonora in Nevada
Please help. I need an elegant female name that is not common yet not ugly. I need a name that sounds happy and joyful as well as strong and brave. It cannot sound like a boy name. It must be a girly name.
Baby Name Genie:
Your daughter is in for a merry childhood if these are the things you value. Look forward to Caroline Jolie making a joyful noise.
Ceylan Milor in Georgia
I'm expecting my first daughter soon, but I can't decide on a first name. I want something Turkish that means a type of animal. I don't care if it will be hard to spell or pronounce for Americans. It should start with a C. The middle name is Handan, after a relative. Last name Milor (Mee-lor).
Baby Name Genie:
There are few animals in this world more graceful than a gazelle. I give you the Turkish name Ceren Handan for your graceful daughter.
Maya R. in California
My husband and I are expecting a baby girl and we're getting all kinds names. But we are trying to find something along the lines of the marvel heroes cause I'm a geek for that sort of thing, any good ideas?
Baby Name Genie:
For a super daughter with the incomparable powers of cuteness, genius and mystery, I grant you the name Natasha Storm. May she use her powers for good and not evil.
Shinay E. in Dallas, Texas
Hi Genie, I'm really struggling with a first name for a baby boy whose last name will be out of the ordinary (Lurks) and I'm really hoping for something that rolls off the tongue as well as is distinguished. Feel free to throw in a middle name if need be... Thanks.
Baby Name Genie:
An idea for your son slinks into my mind, sneaking up on me, prowling for opportunity. The boy Lurks, lies in wait for a name. To bring him out of the shadows, name him Benedict Adrian.
Joe in Ohio
My wife and I are expecting fairly soon, few weeks. My name is Joseph, go by Joe; hers is Sandra, goes by Sandy. Looking for a laid back, almost hippy name that will also work when he is president. Haden is definitely a part of it. Not sure first or middle. Need something that flows. Surname-Cleming
Baby Name Genie:
When you think of people with hippie names, you think of high achievers and political juggernauts. When President Cosmic Haden's face appears on a coin, his ingrained anti-capitalism will come to an ironic zenith.
Lynn in New York
Help! I love the name Elsa, and love that it is a Scandinavian name, I am very proud of my Norwegian heritage! Should I be concerned about the Frozen craze? I would love to just 'let it go' and name my daughter Elsa, but I am getting cold feet!
Baby Name Genie:
Hey, I'm the one that does the puns around here. Actually... those were pretty good. You know, I had the same kind of question from a man in the late 1970's who wanted to name his son Luke. I told him, "It'll blow over. In twenty years no one will even remember Star Wars." That guy still won't return my calls. Elsa is a wonderful name and if that’s what you love, then go with it. Just be prepared for her friends asking her if she wants to build a snowman, and doting suitors insisting that love is an open door.
Leilah in Georgia
This is my first child, a boy. I really like the name Dahkota, but my husband isn't a big fan of it. I want his name to start with D and his middle name to be James. I want it to be really strong-willed, but nice sounding. It also needs to be ok for my husband, but he isn't any help with the process
Baby Name Genie:
I'm sorry your huhsband doesn't like Dahkota. Perhaps he dehmands a better name. Suhggest Dehvin James and see if he ahpproves.
Hope in Tennessee
Well! Me and my husband have argued and argued over baby names! I'm done with all the negative attention and need your help. We're unsure of the gender, so both girl and boy name would be appreciated. We want something uncommon but nothing weird. Our last name is Daniels. Thank you!
Baby Name Genie:
Who doesn't not want negative attention? Certainly not me. I won't not give you Skyler Bailey and certainly not Ella Felicia. Don't do with it as you won't.
Rae in Arizona
Hi, a year and a half ago I sent you some mail about a girls name and you suggested Madelyn Sophie, which is now the name of my daughter! But baby number 2 is on the way, and it's another girl! I love the names Clementine and Hyacinth, but do you think they are too "different" from Madelyn?
Baby Name Genie:
Excellent! Ah, the wisdom of asking mythological creatures for advice. Such good news. Congratulations on your second daughter. Clementine is a better match for Madelyn.
? in ?
Ok genie, I have a challenge for you. I want to see if you really can make a perfect name. Here are the requirements: no common names, first initial can't match any other initial, last name Cooper, must flow perfectly, one boy name one girl name. GO!
Baby Name Genie:
Grayson Octavius Cooper. Embry Aviana Cooper. Boom. *drops mic*
Alfred in Washington DC
I want a patriotic name for our child. My wife, Rose, wants a more classic name (she's English). We want the middle initial to be F. Got any unique names (boy or girl) that are still classics?
Baby Name Genie:
O say, can you see a boy named Scott Francis in your future? A name suitable for the home of the brave. For a daughter, the queen of your castle will be most pleased with Eleanor Florence.
Jamie & Johnathon in Missouri
I Am Naming My Son Jake And We Want The Middle Name To Be After His Grandpa Trent. What Do You Suggest?
Baby Name Genie:
I suggest you stop capitalizing the first letter of every word. To your question, Jake Trent is a bit too explosive and abrupt. Try Jacob Trent to smooth it out.
Lindsey in Minnesota
My husband and I are looking for a first name to go with the middle name "Adam" preferable that goes well with the meaning of Adam which is "earth". We have a background in ministry and would like it to have some Biblical meaning. Last name is Mueller.
Baby Name Genie:
While Dusty may be a good name for you, it is, alas, not Biblical. Instead I give you Josiah to pair with Adam, which means the Fire of the Lord.
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