Genie's Mailbag

Can't find your message? Some mail not answered by the Baby Name Genie is submitted to our community of baby namers for answering.

Deborah in St. Louis
My husband was on the fence about the name Sawyer, but after we got the "sign" that it was good from the Baby Name Genie he was convinced! Thanks for your help!
Baby Name Genie:
I'm surprised he didn't see Sawyer sooner. Glad he is off the fence now. Hope it didn't tear a hole in his pants.
Carla in Kentucky
First name is Caroline. Can you make any suggestions for a middle name? Thanks!
Baby Name Genie:
Do you want ANY suggestions or GOOD suggestions?
Natalie in Idaho
We really like the name Brooke for our baby girl, but all we've found for a middle name is Lynne... we don't like it! Help genie!
Baby Name Genie:
If its good enough for a city--why not your baby?
Paige in California
You suggested the name Seth River and I fell in love with it. My son will be named Seth River now. Not only is it a very handsome name, but it has a personal meaning to me. Thanks!
Baby Name Genie:
You are most welcome! As long as your last name isn't Banks, I stand by that first and middle name combination.
Alexys in Canada
Hello, I just wanted to thank you for the name. My due date is December 4th 2005 and I have been looking for names everywhere, and I found "the perfect name" thanks to you. My son's name will be Bradley James Harrelson.
Baby Name Genie:
Indeed! Bradley is a fine name. I am glad you agree. I am sure your son will grow up to be an oustanding citizen. Keep practicing your breathing.
Michelle in Peoria, IL
You freaked me out! The first name you suggested, Alexandra, is on the top of our list. How did you know?
Baby Name Genie:
My apologies on the freaking. A clarification--Alexandra was not a name suggestion, it is the fulfillment of your wish for the perfect baby name. That it was on the top of your list of names is either coincidence or evidence of your superior intelligence. You decide.
Amy in California
You're SO FUNNY!
Baby Name Genie:
Thanks (I think).
M. Williams in Wisconsin
Thank you for the perfect baby name! Could you please give me advice on how to help my wife "see the light" about the name?
Baby Name Genie:
Have you tried hypnosis?
Perplexed in Location Withheld
I wished--I dunno how many times--and not once did I see the name "Jim Bob". What gives?!?
Baby Name Genie:
There is a good reason for that. I do like "Robert" and "James". "Bob" is short for "Robert" you know.
Amanda in Texas
I am worried that if I name my baby boy Lazarus as you suggested, he will be picked on in school.
Baby Name Genie:
Your baby boy will be picked on in school.
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