Baby Name Genie's Mailbag

Can't find your message? Some mail not answered by the Baby Name Genie is submitted to our community of baby namers for answering.

Maya R. in California
My husband and I are expecting a baby girl and we're getting all kinds names. But we are trying to find something along the lines of the marvel heroes cause I'm a geek for that sort of thing, any good ideas?
Baby Name Genie:
For a super daughter with the incomparable powers of cuteness, genius and mystery, I grant you the name Natasha Storm. May she use her powers for good and not evil.
Shinay E. in Dallas, Texas
Hi Genie, I'm really struggling with a first name for a baby boy whose last name will be out of the ordinary (Lurks) and I'm really hoping for something that rolls off the tongue as well as is distinguished. Feel free to throw in a middle name if need be... Thanks.
Baby Name Genie:
An idea for your son slinks into my mind, sneaking up on me, prowling for opportunity. The boy Lurks, lies in wait for a name. To bring him out of the shadows, name him Benedict Adrian.
Joe in Ohio
My wife and I are expecting fairly soon, few weeks. My name is Joseph, go by Joe; hers is Sandra, goes by Sandy. Looking for a laid back, almost hippy name that will also work when he is president. Haden is definitely a part of it. Not sure first or middle. Need something that flows. Surname-Clemings.
Baby Name Genie:
When you think of people with hippie names, you think of high achievers and political juggernauts. When President Cosmic Haden's face appears on a coin, his ingrained anti-capitalism will come to an ironic zenith.
Lynn in New York
Help! I love the name Elsa, and love that it is a Scandinavian name, I am very proud of my Norwegian heritage! Should I be concerned about the Frozen craze? I would love to just 'let it go' and name my daughter Elsa, but I am getting cold feet!
Baby Name Genie:
Hey, I'm the one that does the puns around here. Actually... those were pretty good. You know, I had the same kind of question from a man in the late 1970's who wanted to name his son Luke. I told him, "It'll blow over. In twenty years no one will even remember Star Wars." That guy still won't return my calls. Elsa is a wonderful name and if that’s what you love, then go with it. Just be prepared for her friends asking her if she wants to build a snowman, and doting suitors insisting that love is an open door.
Leilah in Georgia
This is my first child, a boy. I really like the name Dahkota, but my husband isn't a big fan of it. I want his name to start with D and his middle name to be James. I want it to be really strong-willed, but nice sounding. It also needs to be ok for my husband, but he isn't any help with the process.
Baby Name Genie:
I'm sorry your huhsband doesn't like Dahkota. Perhaps he dehmands a better name. Suhggest Dehvin James and see if he ahpproves.
Hope in Tennessee
Well! Me and my husband have argued and argued over baby names! I'm done with all the negative attention and need your help. We're unsure of the gender, so both girl and boy name would be appreciated. We want something uncommon but nothing weird. Our last name is Daniels. Thank you!
Baby Name Genie:
Who doesn't not want negative attention? Certainly not me. I won't not give you Skyler Bailey and certainly not Ella Felicia. Don't do with it as you won't.
Rae in Arizona
Hi, a year and a half ago I sent you some mail about a girls name and you suggested Madelyn Sophie, which is now the name of my daughter! But baby number 2 is on the way, and it's another girl! I love the names Clementine and Hyacinth, but do you think they are too "different" from Madelyn?
Baby Name Genie:
Excellent! Ah, the wisdom of asking mythological creatures for advice. Such good news. Congratulations on your second daughter. Clementine is a better match for Madelyn.
? in ?
Ok genie, I have a challenge for you. I want to see if you really can make a perfect name. Here are the requirements: no common names, first initial can't match any other initial, last name Cooper, must flow perfectly, one boy name one girl name. GO!
Baby Name Genie:
Grayson Octavius Cooper.
Embry Aviana Cooper.
*drops mic*
Alfred in Washington DC
I want a patriotic name for our child. My wife, Rose, wants a more classic name (she's English). We want the middle initial to be F. Got any unique names (boy or girl) that are still classics?
Baby Name Genie:
O say, can you see a boy named Scott Francis in your future? A name suitable for the home of the brave. For a daughter, the queen of your castle will be most pleased with Eleanor Florence.
Jamie & Johnathon in Missouri
I Am Naming My Son Jake And We Want The Middle Name To Be After His Grandpa Trent. What Do You Suggest?
Baby Name Genie:
I suggest you stop capitalizing the first letter of every word. To your question, Jake Trent is a bit too explosive and abrupt. Try Jacob Trent to smooth it out.
Lindsey in Minnesota
My husband and I are looking for a first name to go with the middle name "Adam" preferable that goes well with the meaning of Adam which is "earth". We have a background in ministry and would like it to have some Biblical meaning. Last name is Mueller.
Baby Name Genie:
While Dusty may be a good name for you, it is, alas, not Biblical. Instead I give you Josiah to pair with Adam, which means the Fire of the Lord.
Aurora Drake in Missouri
I am looking for a first name for my baby boy, who's due in March. His last name is Drake. I'd like something Victorian and old school.
Baby Name Genie:
Something both Victorian AND old school--a tough assignment. In anticipation of the arrival of your long-awaited young gentleman, I bequeath unto you Horatio Drake.
Holly in England
Okay Mr. Baby Name Genie, I'm in desperate need of your help! We are expecting twin boys, and we need two perfect names that aren't too "American," like Hudson or Riker, as we're from England and they just sound tacky over here. But they should not be too English like Graham or Oliver, either. Haha, we're very picky!
Baby Name Genie:
Oh please. Mr. Baby Name Genie was my father. Just call me Powerful and Most Wise Genie. That's what all my friends call me. For your twin boys, I give you Jeremy and Tomlin; a bit of British prim and proper with just the right amount of American tackiness.
Poppy in South Africa
My sister is expecting her third - a little girl and has given me the task of naming her. I am really battling to find a name beginning with a T as her siblings' names are Tatum and Trent. Please help?
Baby Name Genie:
For a name that will fit your little niece to a tee, I grant you the name Tatiana.
Amanda in Louisville
We are having our third boy. Our other two are named Jackson and Houston. We aren't really committed to another city name. Yet we aren't totally traditional. Any suggestions?
Baby Name Genie:
Jackson and Houston were named after people, so they aren't purely city names. After eliminating Salt Lake City, Ephesus, and Radiator Springs as names for your third boy, I've decided to give you Austin.
Alyssa in Texas
I've always loved the name Vivien for a girl, but I married a man with the last name of Villarreal. Vivien Villarreal just sounds a little too alliterative for my taste. I want a feminine and elegant name for my daughter that isn't overwhelmingly popular. Do you think Evelyn Leigh Villarreal is a good choice, or do you have another suggestion?
Baby Name Genie:
Verily, Vivien is a virtuous and valorous title, yet the vicissitudes of Fate have intervened to vex your volition with Villarreal. The verdict is that a violation of "v"s is more vice than virtue. Before I vanish, allow me to vouchsafe that Evelyn Joyce would be my vote cast vicariously, hopefully not in vain.
Jordan in Texas
Hi my name is Jordan Flores (translated to Flowers in English). I'm looking for both a boy's and a girl's name that works with both English and Spanish cultures and flows with my last name. Please help!
Baby Name Genie:
I hope to sprout a name that is a beautiful bouquet for your budding son or daughter. The root of a good name stems from a nice arrangement of sounds. For a boy, give Marco Flores a try. For a girl, I give you Gabriella Flores.
Athena in undisclosed
So, I want a beautiful girl's name that comes from a well-known book. I'm open for creative names, but I won't name my daughter Katniss!
Baby Name Genie:
While Esther is a darling name that comes from the world's best-known book, try the beautiful Cosette from Victor Hugo's uplifting and inspiring tome Les Misérables.
Kalah in Colorado
I have a big dilemma: I want to name my daughter Ariel but my last name is Fishman. Also, I have two other daughters--both redheads with huge eyes. I'm worried about her getting made fun of. Some people say it's perfect and others say it's too much. So, I was thinking about the name Avril instead? I need some advice.
Baby Name Genie:
Now, that is a whale of a tale. While some may find Ariel a little fishy and carp about you floundering around with naming her, others will find your scaly princess to be a bit of a fish out of water. As long as you can take a little sea-horsing around, name her Ariel and see if others take the bait.
Wanderlust in Arizona
You have such fantastic naming insight that we wanted to consult your expertise. We have decided on names inspired by our love of travel. We found out we were pregnant in England! If we have a girl, her name would be "Sydney Rose Speck," and for a boy, "Miles Jameson Speck." Is the alliteration with "Sydney Speck" too repetitive? Does "Miles Speck" blend too much? (middle names are family names) Thank you for your words of wisdom!
Baby Name Genie:
Since you are so fond of travel, might I suggest the following names for your consideration: Layover Lucy Speck, Lost Luggage Speck, Undrinkable Water Speck, Somali Pirates Speck. You don't like these? Fine. Then, I would suggest dropping Sydney for a more apropos name: London Rose Speck. For a boy, Miles Jameson Speck is a great travel name.
Bekah and Joe in Arizona
Hello! I hope you can help us--cuz no one else can! We have been blessed with a baby GIRL!! Thank goodness! We have a son, aged 4, named Aaron Timothy Sheldon. We really love Chloe--but we're concerned it's way too popular compared to Aaron. What do you think, oh genius genie? If you think it's ok, what's your best suggestion for a middle name? So far we like Amelia and Anneliese with Chloe. If not, PLEASE suggest names!! Thanks! You're amazing!!!! -Your #1 Fans!!
Baby Name Genie:
So nice to hear from my #1 fans. Fans #2-#10 never seem to write. Both Chloe and Aaron rank in the top 50 for baby names for their gender, so Aaron is a good match with Chloe. For a middle name for your popular daughter, I give you Chloe Olivia.
Talia in NYC
My husband, Chaim, and I are trying to find a lovely Jewish name for our baby girl. We have picked a middle name for her. It is Tzofiya. It means "guardian" and is pronounced like Sofia is. We want something pronounceable but still true to her Israeli heritage. We cannot name her after close family members so Arielle/Ariella and Rachel are out. Chaim's mother wants to name her Adina but I do not think Adina Tzofiya sounds right together. Can you help us?
Baby Name Genie:
At the risk of upsetting your Jewish mother-in-law (typically someone you NEVER want to upset), you are right. For a first name that flows better but retains the same tone, name your daughter Eden Tzofiya.
Matt in North Carolina
If our baby is a boy, we have a dilemma. We cannot agree on a first name to go with David Decker. I need a suggestion and the middle name of David has to remain if I am not to be disowned by my father, and three "D" names would be anathema.
Baby Name Genie:
If he has trouble with anathema, then just give him his inhaler. It'll stop his wheezing right away. Oh, wait, I'm thinking of asthma. For a name that will take your breath away, name him Jonathan David Decker.
Larissa in Edmonton
Please help us genie! We are unexpectedly expecting baby #3 (surprise!) and we need a great name that flows with our other children's names, Nia Joy and Zoe Anai. My husband's name is Jack Kenneth (both namesakes). I'd like to include a namesake for baby #3 but I have the names Gloria Anne & Daniel John (my parents) and Marjorie Anne & Larry Kenneth (my husband's parents) to work with.
Baby Name Genie:
Congratulations on your surprise. Perhaps you can write the book "What to Expect When You're Unexpectedly Expecting". Halle means unexpected, so if your child is a girl then name her Halle Anne. For a boy, surprise everyone by naming him Donovan Jack
Sage in New York
I need help picking out a name for a little girl. One that's beautiful, maybe even elegant, but can have a nice tough nickname.
Baby Name Genie:
You've presented an interesting challenge. A name that is elegant, but sounds tough when shortened. A study in opposites. Name the girl Samantha for a classic and elegant name. Use the nickname Sam when it's time to get tough.
Astraea in New York
Hi Genie. I've been stumped for a long time on a girl name that would fit perfectly with the last name Xavier. I absolutely love names from Greek mythology like my own name, Astraea, but I also love names that are full of meaning and history. I am very fond of unique names like Ariadne or Callista rather than the usual Helen or Chloe that most people recommend to me. Any suggestions?
Baby Name Genie:
I try to research the meaning of names from mythology, but it's all Greek to me. For a name fit for a demigod, I give you Aurora Selene Xavier.
Megan in Boston
So I have been using you for a while to find the perfect name. I have also been using many other sites. As I was looking around for a perfect name for my baby that is soon to come, January came up. I absolutely ADORE this name, but I'm afraid that January would get picked on in school. Along with that I can't seem to find a perfect MIDDLE name. Please help!
Baby Name Genie:
January is a perfectly acceptable first name, as evidenced by the actress January Jones. Many children are getting unique and unusual names these days. I think January Ruth would be a great way to start the year.
Amanda in New York
We are having twin boys! We are pretty much set on Rhys William for one of them. We go back and forth with other names for the other twin. We need a suggestion. We would like the middle name to be just the initial V. It also needs to fit with older brother Caleb. Thanks for your help!
Baby Name Genie:
Name your sons Rhys and Selah. People may ask why you named your son Selah V, but "that's life."
Charlotte in New York
The hubby and I are both sci-fi geeks, so we gave our first daughter the space-themed name of Terra Halley (as in Halley's Comet). We'd like to keep with the space theme for baby #2 (also a girl). My hubby's side of the family is British, so something they could easily pronounce. Any advice? Thanks!
Baby Name Genie:
Are the Brits known for being especially bad at pronouncing things? When I think of "Leicester" and "Gloucester" and "aluminum" and... Oh my. Yes, I see your point. For your little space cadet, I give you Aurora Celeste.
Linsey in Utah
Hi! We have 5 daughters and are now having a BOY! Our last name is Holley and we're looking for our BOY to have an ALL BOY name, since his last name is already quite girly and he will be raised in a house FULL of girls. Thanks!
Baby Name Genie:
I foresee many a dress-up session from his sisters for the boy Holley. Let's give him the name Hunter Jackson to help him fend off his sisterly foes.
K F in North America
So, I really like the name Harriet (Hattie for short), but people seem to think it's too old-fashioned. Also, I wished for the "perfect" name about fourteen times and Harriet never came up. Am I just a weirdo? My brother says Gwenifer is way too weird and I'm crazy to prefer it to Gwenivere, so. . .
Baby Name Genie:
So... You are just a weirdo.
Lauren in Indiana
I'm due with my 2nd son in April. My husband and I cannot find a name we love. We like unique names. If we know of someone with a name, it's out. Our first son is Aeson, our last name is Cook. I've studied probably a million names and am at my wit's end. Help!
Baby Name Genie:
If you're at your wit's end, then you were wise to rub the lamp. The name Thaddeus Deon should prove to be the unique name that has eluded you.
Mireille in Lebanon
I am expecting a girl and finding it really difficult. We have one boy and his name is Elias named after a relative. Our family name is Sarkis and I need the baby girl name to be related to Mary or Maria. Thank you.
Baby Name Genie:
I'm sorry you're finding it difficult to expect a girl. Don't worry, she'll grow on you. In the meantime, I have a beautiful Lebanese name for your daughter: Mariam Kitra.
Demi in North Dakota
Dear Genie, I'm having a super hard time agreeing with my hubby on a name. I love hippie names, but he likes old classic names. Do you know of any old classic hippie names for each gender. If it's a boy, his middle name is James, If it's a girl her middle name will be Roxanna.
Baby Name Genie:
What child doesn't want to be named after an aging hippie? Please take these life affirming names and live in harmony with your brothers and sisters: Marley James and Star Roxanna. Peace out.
Robert Gonzalez in Texas
My wife is having our fourth child in a couple of hours, it's a girl and we have picked out Shiloh as a middle name, any advice on a first name? Our last name is Gonzalez by the way. Looking for something with a nice ring to it...thanks!
Baby Name Genie:
A couple of hours? Nothing like waiting until the last minute. I am tempted to give you Speedy since you are in such a rush, but somehow that doesn't seem right for your little girl. Instead I give you Elena Shiloh Gonzalez.
Dallas in Indiana
I'm having a little girl and I have no clue what to name her all because of her last name. Her last name will be Dunklee so it's hard to find a cute name. I want something really girly like Brookelynn or Mackenzie but I just don't know with a last name like Dunklee.
Baby Name Genie:
Sometimes simple is better when going for elegance and charm with a difficult last name. I give you Bryn Elizabeth. Names ring cuter when the child herself is sweet and polite.
Jess in Sydney
Hi I am 35 weeks today with baby boy, been through every single name in every culture and can't decide. Dad is Michael, little sister is India Skye and surname is Thomas. Please help!! It needs to be strong, to go with Thomas, but not overused, and not weird to spell to everyone.
Baby Name Genie:
I'm still trying to figure out how your unborn son already has a little sister, but perhaps you do things a little differently in Sydney. No matter. I give you Dexter Orion Thomas for a name that's sure to impress down under.
Jenny in Florida
Wonder Wonder Genie. Would you do us the honor of helping us name our children because we are kind of failing at that part of parenthood. My husband is kind of a classic type and I am more of a.... unique type of person. And we are incredibly lucky to be having twins. A boy and a girl, last name Lockheart.
Baby Name Genie:
To satisfy both lovers of classic names and lovers of unique names, the clear solution is finding obscure older names. Your twins will be the only kids on the block with the names Lavinia Rose Lockheart and Chauncey King Lockheart.
Stormie in Colorado
Me and my husband Roosevelt have a girl named Liberty, but we are going to have a new member to the family. We know it's a boy, but Roosevelt wants a president last name to keep the family tradition. Any ideas? Yours truly, the Bensons.
Baby Name Genie:
Finally! A parent that will take my suggestion of Van Buren seriously. Though, I sense that name still may not suit you. Instead, name your son Truman for a suitable successor to Roosevelt.
H in London
Okay so me and my hubby met in 2002, got married on 02/22/12, our house number is 2, and now we are pregnant with twin boys! But we can't agree on two perfect first and middle names! We have two daughters, Eva Lilly and Lacie Faye, so they need to go well with them and our last name Newton. Thanks.
Baby Name Genie:
What the deuce? Talk about the Terrible Twos! You're going to need some help on the double. I've paired down the list to give you some names that are twice as nice:Jacob Daniel Newton and Caleb Matthew Newton.
Madalyn Daven in United States
I need a short unique middle name to go with Juniper Kendall. Thanks!
Baby Name Genie:
A tree cannot grow without the sun, so for a unique middle name, I give you Juniper Sol.
Marie in Chicago
My husband and I are expecting our first child and are having trouble deciding on a name for a boy. We prefer to stay away from names that are very trendy and want a name that will look good on a resume...also our last name is Link so many names don't fit well with it. So PLEASE HELP!!
Baby Name Genie:
For an employable son who will never be the weakest link, I give you Christopher David.
Natalia in Calgary
Looking for an international kind of boy name for parents with European background. Last name is Matey. Siblings names Gabriela and Max. Would appreciate any help!!! Baby is due in a week or two.
Baby Name Genie:
Argh! Shiver me timbers, Matey. I best be comin' up with a name, lest ye make me walk the plank. I give you Dominic for a name with which he can sail the seven seas.
Naomi in Rhode Island
Hi! Wow, we're having a baby girl!! Our last name is Spider and it's super tricky to find a name that flow without sounding eerie. Could you pretty please help? Thanks!
Baby Name Genie:
You have such an itsy-bitsy problem, but naturally you'd come to the web for help. Take this out for a spin: Name your daughter Evelyn Casey Spider to put the best of her eight feet forward.
Ashley in Utah
We're having a boy, and would like him to have a name based on a New York or Toronto Street name. Like Hudson. We like old fashioned names, and something to do with Canada, as well. Can you help?
Baby Name Genie:
So, you want to take a bite out of the Big Apple and bundle up the Great White North. While Hudson would be a great choice, try Christopher Danforth for a name that you’ll love in a New York minute.
Kim in IL
My husband and I are desperately seeking advice and direction while choosing our daughter's name. We don't want anything that is too popular, but nothing to unusual or made up either. A name that says pretty, intelligent, and loving. I would like to use a family name of Claire or Jo as a middle name. Our last name is Brooks. Thanks so much for your help.
Baby Name Genie:
Neither common nor unfamiliar, you'll find Dakota Claire or Dakota Jo to be the name that says it all.
Eleanor in Ireland
I am expecting a girl and finding it really difficult to find a lovely, not so common but not too unusual, name. We have 1 boy and his name is Séamus whom we mostly call Sé (Shay) or Séimí (Shay-mee). Our surname is Lawlor and her middle name will be Maureen after a relative. Your suggestion would be greatly appreciated, thank you!
Baby Name Genie:
I often get requests for Irish names, but usually from Americans looking to their roots. Tell little Séamus that his new sister will be called D'Arcy Maureen Lawlor. Now what are the odds that she's a redhead?
Lindsey Spencer in OR
I am expecting my second child. We have a beautiful daughter named Ashlyn Nicole. We picked her name because it means "dream." We were thinking it would be nice if her younger brother had a name that meant something along the lines of "down to earth" and also sounds good with her name. Any ideas?
Baby Name Genie:
While your dream girl walks around with her head in the clouds, your son will firmly have his feet on the ground. You'll find a humble Paul Cade to be a name of humble and pure origins.
Rochelle in OR
I need a boy name. First and middle. Last name Tyler. Something biblical with a good meaning. Can be after missionaries too.
Baby Name Genie:
St. Francis Xavier brought Christianity to the east. Joel means "The Lord is God". Combined, you'll find the name suitable for your baby boy and your Christian values: Xavier Joel Tyler.
Jessica in Florida
My husband and I are having a disagreement on our son's first name. Our son's last name will be Adkins. I really like Adam for a first name, but my husband feels it doesn't fit and likes Justin. Our son's middle name will my husband's late brother's name, Chase. Please help us. We don't want anything that will be a mouthful to say and that will look good on our baby boy.
Baby Name Genie:
For a name that fits, is custom made for your baby boy, and suits him for all occasions, follow your own metaphor. Try Taylor Chase Adkins for a name that's not just sew-sew.
Nina in Philippines
Hi Genie. I and my hubby want to name our 1st child, we want a name that can be used both for boy or girl and we want it to start with our initials R and N or R and L. We want the meaning of the name to be strong. That's all Genie! Thanks!
Baby Name Genie:
Greetings, my friend from the Philippines. You challenge me with some rather specific requests. Alas, I am up to the task. For a strong name for a boy or a girl, choose Reyes Lyn. Reyes means "King", Lyn means "Lion-like". Just be sure to hold Reyes up when he's born for that perfect Lion King moment.
Holly in Indiana
We are having our first baby boy with the surname "Arthur". My husband has a son named Kingston Edward Arthur so he can go by King Arthur. We would like an unusual boy name that can go along with Kingston. Help please!!!
Baby Name Genie:
Alas, m'lady, it is my quest to search for and find for you the Holy Grail of names for your rightful heir. His name shall be Roman Atticus Arthur, emperor of all he surveys (as long as he shares his toys).
Haley in California
I am expecting my second child, and I need a cute name for a girl. Something unique but not too crazy. My husband likes Brooke and Lilly but those are too plain for me. I already have a son named Ryan, and that name is too common. Can you help me come up with something adorable, unique but not too crazy?
Baby Name Genie:
Ah. "Unique but not too crazy." Every parent's wish for how their child will turn out. For Ryan's little sister, I give you Brayden. May she grow up to be no more crazy than her parents.
Patrick in South Africa
We are expecting our third boy. Our first two are named Christopher Eric Denyssen and Thomas Joseph Denyssen. His second name will be Aiden. We have a fear of too many names endings in "en", like Jason Aiden Denyssen or, Hayden Aiden Denyssen, and a dislike for modern names such as anything ending in "ox", or fruit - "Apple", or electrical - "Blue ivy". What is the solution, dear Genie?
Baby Name Genie:
Let the Hollywood types keep the Blues and the Apples to themselves. With siblings named Christopher and Thomas, a classic name is in his future (unless you want him to be known as the "artsy" one). Kenneth Aiden Denyssen will help your new addition feel right at home.
Amy in North Carolina
My husband and I are having a boy and we are having a hard time picking a first name to go with our last name of Forte (Italian background). We want a strong name that is a little unique. My husband's name is Carl (we both have simple names) but went with Arianna for our daughter. Any suggestions?
Baby Name Genie:
Fortunately for you, finding first names IS my forte. It's most fortuitous that you finally came to me. Fortify your son by formally naming him Sebastian Forte.
Liz in United States
My husband wants to name our son after his best friend who passed away. His name was Master. We have agreed to use that as a middle name. So we have______ Master Mudong. We are going back and forth on Elijah as a first name. What do you think? Any other suggestions?
Baby Name Genie:
Elijah Master is a fitting yet mildly intimidating name. Have you considered Ninja? Thigh? Grand? Dungeon? Blaster? Sorry, just had to get those out of my system. I digress. Just go with Elijah.
Kelly in New jersey
Already have a daughter, Liberty and she has cousins Freedom, Justice and Allegiance. Don't want to overdo the patriotic theme but need a unique name for our baby. Don't know gender.
Baby Name Genie:
No, you certainly wouldn't want to overdo the patriotic theme, though I bet your Fourth of July picnics are outstanding. Since, you certainly can't name your child Bob or Helen, the perfect name for your ideological family is Truth.
Jeni in Iowa
Hello, My husband wants to use his grandfather's name "Gene" if we have a boy. I would like to use it as a middle name, but he is insisting on using it as a first name. Our surname is Pederson any suggestions for a middle name that would flow well? Thanks!!
Baby Name Genie:
Is Gene short for Eugene or perchance it's short for Genie? For your son, I'm sure your husband and grandfather would be most pleased with Gene Caleb Pederson.
Nicole in Nebraska
I want my daughter's name to be Lyrrah and I am having a difficult time choosing a middle name. I want it to sound musical... Lyrrah for "lyre player". Any suggestions?
Baby Name Genie:
Not to string you along, but I'm trying to a-chord you the perfect name for your plucky player. So don't fret. Lyrrah will be humming a new tune with the middle name Allegra.
Lindsey in Washington
My husband and I want to name our firstborn son Silas Dean Hink, after our grandfathers. However, my Grandma and my Mother seem to hate it, and are constantly trying to suggest anything else. Is it bad? Honestly? I won't cry. Thank you sir!
Baby Name Genie:
If you've found a name you and your husband like, then no one should be able to dissuade you from it. (Unless it's truly horrible like Hamster S7evin Googleface or something like that.) Silas was not particularly popular twenty years ago, but like all things, what was once old is new again. Silas is now in the top 200 and increasing in popularity. You've chosen well.
Ender in Canada
We are having our first baby and are looking for first names that start with "D." What do you think about Dyson (boy) or Dahliah (girl)? I'm more worried about Dyson, as I am aware that it is the name of a vacuum cleaner!
Baby Name Genie:
I'm sure you're expecting me to make some sort of pun about how giving your son the name of a vacuum cleaner really sucks. But, no. I'm better than that. I may live in a lamp, but I try to keep it classy. For a classy name for your baby I give you Dylan or Deborah.
Kailah in OK
I am having twins - a boy and girl. The surname is Jones. I like unusual spelled names from Roman, Egyptian, and Greek mythology. Could you find a girl name that has the initials of RK and a boy of AK? Thank you.
Baby Name Genie:
How about Persian mythology? Care to name your child after your favorite Genie? All right, all right, if you insist on using my mythological competitors, I give you Rhea Kassandra Jones for your girl and Ajax Khronos for your boy.
Morgan Moulongo in NJ
My husband and I enjoy a family of mixed heritage. I come from American hippies raised in the southwest, and he is from Cameroon, a formerly French colony in central Africa. We have a five-year-old girl named Lillian (Lili) Moulongo (said Moo-Long-Go.) We are expecting a second girl. Chloe kind of fits the bill, but seems too trendy. My hippie self is yearning for something a little more botanical or clever - yet easy to say because our last name is more unique. Help!
Baby Name Genie:
If you're looking for a botanical name, might I suggest Holly? It also sounds great when spoken with a French accent.
Linda in USA
Last name is Hrachovy. We would like a pretty Russian name for his heritage but also combine my American heritage. Can you help us? Many thanks, awesome Genie! -Linda and Dmitri
Baby Name Genie:
Surprisingly, not many Russian names easily transfer to an American culture. However, there are a few. Try Alexander or Alexei Hrachovy. Then to make it more American sounding you can shorten it to Alex. Dobryy den.
Terra in Oklahoma
It's our first child, and she's a girl. Our last name is Watson. I was going for Suzanna Adelle for a while, but grew not to like it. I've also liked the names Skyler Dean and Stormy Kay in the past, but decided against them. Is there any way you can help?
Baby Name Genie:
With names like Skyler and Stormy, I’m seeing a definite meteorological theme here. Not to rain on your parade, but the forecast shows a different name for your daughter. Name her Sadie Joy for a baby girl with a sunny disposition.
Mercedes in FLorida
I'm having my second baby girl. Her sister's name is Sacha Sophia so I really wanted a name that starts with the letter S, both first and middle name. Any suggestions? Last name is Rueda.
Baby Name Genie:
So, someone steered you to solicit my superb suggestions for a sound sobriquet starting with S? I sanction the submission of Sahara Suzanne. Salut!
Hannah in Washington
I am expecting my first child, a little girl. Our family is German, so... I wanted to know if there are any German cultured little lady names out there.
Baby Name Genie:
Of course there are German cultured little lady names! Name your little Fräulein, Ada Elsie.
Haley in Ohio
Genie, I'm due with my first child (a boy) in June. The problem is our last name, Fee, is a difficult one to pair names with. Any suggestions? Thanks!
Baby Name Genie:
Your last name is problematic indeed, but not impossible. Name your boy Greyson Michael. No charge for naming your small Fee.
Rachel Martin in San Antonio, TX
My husband and I both love the name Aston for our baby boy....but our last name is Martin. You can understand that we just don't want this to be a source of teasing or misconceptions of the purpose of our choice. What do you think?
Baby Name Genie:
The idea of naming your son Aston Martin has me shaken, not stirred. Only a secret agent could pull off a name like that. Instead, name him Dylan and he will be the Son Who Loved You.
Sydney in Kansas
I'm 5 months along with my first child! We know it is a girl, and my husband and I can't seem to find a name! We need a name that has a nice ring to it, but is not crazy weird! So please nothing like Valentine, or Katniss!
Baby Name Genie:
So, you don't have much love for Valentine and have no hunger for Katniss. Very well. For a name that is beautiful but not crazy weird, I give you Madeline Simone.
Jessica in Los Angeles
We need to choose a baby girl name, and can't decide! We absolutely love Charlotte, but worry its becoming too popular. Our short list includes Vivienne, Caroline and Georgina. But keep coming back to Charlotte. What do you think we should do?
Baby Name Genie:
Yes, Charlotte has gotten popular in the last few years, but you can't let the popularity of a name deter you from the name you love. If Charlotte is the name your heart is set on, then let her be named Charlotte. You can always use Charl, Charlie, Chaz, Carly, Carrie, or Lottie as a nickname if you need to separate her from the crowd.
Sarah Jeanne in Rifle, CO
I'm having a baby boy any day now and am completely stuck on a name. Surname Houston. I would love a modern but mellifluous name like Cooper or Connor, except I need the initials to be PJ (first and middle) after a recently deceased relative. Any suggestions? Also, love your ideas, especially for girls. If this baby were a girl, I would be totally set. Thanks!
Baby Name Genie:
You get extra credit for using "mellifluous" in a complete sentence. As for your query, your son will enjoy the pleasing sounds of Parker Jackson.
K in UK
I need a cool name for my baby boy, we have chosen Kellen as his middle name & his last name will be Andrew, but can't seem to settle on a first!
Baby Name Genie:
Hold on, let me put on my sunglasses and leather coat. Okay, now I'm ready. Your hepcat son will be known as Ryker Kellen Andrew, ya dig? It's a cool name that you will warm up to.
Dakota in Colorado, TX
I'm pregnant again with another boy and can't find anything original. I like the name Toziah but it's too close to my first son, Tobias. If you could help me with an idea, I've made both Tabias and Toziah from names I've seen but my brain went blank.
Baby Name Genie:
Your brain went blank? Oh dear. What was the last thing you remember? Are you safe? This is terrible. Stay there, I'll call the authorities. You're going to be just fine... In the meantime, think about Enzo Kaiden as a unique name for your boy. You do remember that you're pregnant, don't you?
Morgan in Springfield, IL
Help! My husband and I are expecting our first child, a girl. And we cannot agree on a name!! We had settled on Avery and kept it to ourselves, but then his cousin announced that is what they were naming their baby girl, due 7 days after us. I was heartbroken, but my husband is now set on choosing another name. We have been through hundreds, perhaps thousands of names now. I like unique (and sort of last name'ish, i.e. Emerson or Hadley) but he likes more traditional (i.e. Hailey). Any suggestions?
Baby Name Genie:
Much like well run movie theaters, there's no seat saving in baby names. If you'd like to name your daughter Avery, there’s nothing stopping you from doing so. However if, for the sake of filial harmony, you insist on finding a new name then I give you Hayden.
Cinthia in San Fernando
Hi Genie, I read letters you have received and quickly realized you were the perfect person to help me name my first baby boy! My husband and I agreed that we both like Ezekiel but are looking for a second name to give him a powerful, enlightening name. We are both Hispanic and would like something that sounds good in English and Spanish with that sense of natural born leader that will flow with his last name Vergara. Any suggestions?
Baby Name Genie:
My suggestion: Tell your friends that I'm the perfect genie to help name babies. After all, I'm Baby Name Genie. It's pretty much all I do. For instance, the name you seek for your boy is Ezekiel Ferdinand Vergara. See? Perfect.
Erin in South Carolina
My Husband and I are using the name James (Hubby's Father's name and my Grandfather's) for our first boy and are contemplating the middle name Ryker to go with it. I would also like to honor my Father and his name is Bruce Wayne...and I don't like either of those. Is there a variation of Bruce that we could use?
Baby Name Genie:
Your father is Bruce Wayne? That's awesome. Does he have a secret lair and a latex suit? Does he fight crime in Gotham City when everyone else is asleep? If you follow the history of Bruce back to Scotland, you'll find Robert the Bruce. Try James Robert for your son's not-so-secret identity.
Bella in Boston
My name is Bella Monocco and my hubby and I are expecting baby number five in April. The gender is unknown. We want a name that flows with the names of our children, Jacks, Olivia, Starr, and Ryder. And the names of ourselves, Bella and Jason. Our family is very athletic with horseback riding, baseball and football. A name that would sound good being announced would be perfect!
Baby Name Genie:
Ladies and gentlemen. Boys and girls of all ages. Please welcome onto the polo field, wearing shoulder pads and a helmet, with his lucky bat on his shoulder, number 34 in your program, but number 1 in your hearts, Ace... Jackson... Monoccoooooooo!
Sirena Lopez in Arizona
Me and my husband are both having problems on what to name our baby girl. He likes Annabella and I like Abigail. We have agreed on Hope as the middle name but we can't agree on her first name! Please help!.
Baby Name Genie:
Now these three remain: Annabella, Hope, and Abigail. But the greatest of these is Hope. Followed by Annabella. And then a distant third is Abby. Tell your husband, he was right.
Cat in Scotland
We're expecting a baby girl and would love a pretty, cute short name that went well with the surname Craig.
Baby Name Genie:
Greetings, my Scottish friend. A pretty and cute name for a pretty, cute Scottish lass, I can think of no better name than Eliza Anne Craig.
Sidney in Kentucky
I want a cute city-like name for a girl. I'd prefer if I could play a nickname on it. Like my name is Sidney, people call me Sid.
Baby Name Genie:
The world is full of cities that would be great names for your daughter. London, England. Savannah, Georgia. Boring, Oregon. But my choice for you is Madrid. Call her Maddie as a nickname.
Marla in Grand Forks, ND
My husband and I would like to name our son Bobby, after my father. The issue is that my husband's father, Robert, assumes that this is to honor him as well. This is most definitely not the case. Should we go ahead and name the child Bobby or should we go with our second choice, Benjamin?
Baby Name Genie:
You certainly don't want to mistakenly honor someone. That would be embarrassing. Follow your instincts and go with Benjamin to avoid any confusion.
Trisha in Wilmington, NC
I am needing help with a baby boy name. The surname is Watson. We like the name Parker but maybe for the middle it doesn't sound right in the front. However, we find anything that ends in an -on doesn't really work either. As a side note our daughter's name is Kennedy and we love it.
Baby Name Genie:
Finding a name for your child is elementary, my dear Watson. For once we eliminate the impossible, whatever remains, however improbable, must be the truth. Name your son Isaac Parker. The game is afoot.
Megan in Missouri
I need help coming up with a boy's first name. His middle/last name is Ellsworth Hoyle. I would like a name that compliments the English feel without being a common William, John, or Phillip.
Baby Name Genie:
Keep a stiff upper lip, m'lady.  Chip, chip, cheerio and all that rot. For a name that even her majesty would be proud of, I give you Graham Ellsworth Hoyle.
Shana in WV
Genie, I need your expertise! We are expecting our 3rd girl. And we are at a complete loss for a name. I am 9 months and all we have is a middle name, Ranae. Her sisters' names are Desirae and Kaelyn. We are looking for something not too common and not too old school. Please help because we CAN NOT agree on anything. ________ Ranae Kurpel. Please help and please respond!!
Baby Name Genie:
I see you are fond of the "æ" grapheme (a fancy word us linguist-types use to mean "two letters hugging"). I'm sure you two can agree on the name I give you: Mægan Ranæ Kurpel.
Autumn in Colorado
Hi Name Genie, I am in desperate need of your advice. I am stuck trying to find a girl's name that I like both the sound of the name and the meaning. I like names like Sierra and Sienna, but I don't like the meanings(saw and reddish brown). I also kind of liked Saria (princess), but no one else seems too. Sarina is kind of pretty too, but I'm not sure about it. Any suggestions? I seem to like names that start with "S" and end with an "ah" sound.
Baby Name Genie:
A wise man once told me, "When given the choice, choose wisdom."  Wisdom in the Scandinavian parts of the world is translated into Sofia.  You'll find Sofia to be the wisest choice of all.
Kay in New York
My husband and I are expecting our first baby boy, but we have a huge dilemma; our surname is an absolute disaster-- Szczelaszczyk {seh-lass-check}. I am head over heels in love with Ezra, he is too but he also thinks it'll be one "z" too many. What do you think, Oh Wise One?
Baby Name Genie:
Ezra Szczelaszczyk is not one "z" too many. It's approximately four z's too many.  But when life gives you lemons, make lemon cakes. Ezra is a perfect first name for your son.
Haley in Missouri
I am having a baby girl. A family tradition says a second born child must have the same initials as their mother or father depending on the gender. The initials are HN. The surname is McKellan. My name is Haley--so, no suggestions with that name please.
Baby Name Genie:
Your family has some oddly specific traditions.  What's Christmas like at your house?  A joyful time of parliamentary procedures and formulaic regimen? To satisfy tradition, name your child Hadassa Nicole McKellan.
Kaitlyn Grace in New Zealand
I need a strong, girl's name to go with the surname "Lockwood." I am interested in finding a name and altering the spelling slightly to make it more unusual. Can you give me some names please?
Baby Name Genie:
Some names?  How many children are you having?  I only offer the perfect name for each child. Your daughter will enjoy the strong, though slightly unusual, Krysta Rose Lockwood for her name.
Kim in AZ
Hello Genie! We are expecting our second son and we know you can help us find the perfect name. Our last name is Graves so a caveat would be to avoid silly acronyms like OMG or HOG, and teasable names like Oliver (all of our) Graves and Tobias (to buy us) Graves. We gravitate toward older names like Henry and Owen but might like a more contemporary middle name to bring it into this century. Thanks, Genie!
Baby Name Genie:
Since Doug, Justin, Phillip, and Mark are out of the question, name your son Michael Riley Graves to ward off the bullies and ne'er-do-wells.
Katherine in Unknown
Hi genie, I'm expecting a baby girl soon and her middle name will be Max or Maximum I really need a first name that is powerful and not ordinary I like older names but I want something with a modern twist. Thanks can't wait to see what your awesomeness will bring.
Baby Name Genie:
Naming a baby is no time for half measures, therefore you must give her the maximum.  Though, not literally.  It's important to give her a name that is both powerful, but also feminine.  Name her Parker Maxine for a unique take on an older name.
Bailey in Washington
I'm having my second child, first girl. Her big brothers name is Xavier Flores, middle name Andon - picked by you of course! (: the baby girl is half Mexican so I want to give her a beautiful, majestic name with a kind of Hispanic feel. I really wanted the middle name to be Grace. Any ideas? Thank you :D
Baby Name Genie:
Another satisfied customer.  So happy to hear that Xavier Andon worked out for you. For a beautiful name for a beautiful Latina, name your daughter Esmeralda Grace.
Bonnie in Canada
I am stuck. I am having a boy in 7 weeks and cannot decide on a name. My last name is Hess and I love the name Maxwell but put together with my last name, it sounds like coffee! What do you think of the name Maddox Hess (Max for short)? Does it flow? Honesty, please.
Baby Name Genie:
Maddox Hess has a robust aroma, but is a bit too bitter for my taste. Instead, go with Mitchell Hess for a name that's good to the last drop.
Rose in Australia
I was wondering if it is a good idea to name my baby boy Valentine. I am quite fond of the name, but I am afraid of future teasing resulting from it. PLEASE HELP!!!
Baby Name Genie:
For the sake of your son and the future wedgies he will likely receive at school, do not name him Valentine. However, if your heart is full of love for this name, go with Valentino for a full name and then shorten it to Val in normal use. Your son will thank you.
Elizabeth in Georgia
I AM 9 MONTHS ALONG AND DONT HAVE A NAME!!!! I Like really strong/unique names, but everything I have come up with falls flat. My last name is O'hare. I really like Blaze as a middle name for a boy (per your suggestion) but I need a good first name to match it!
Baby Name Genie:
Whoa, Elizabeth. Nine months along. Well, that explains all the shouting. Blaze is a great middle name for your strong baby boy, pair it with Maximus for a unique name worth YELLING about.
Lucy in Texas
Baby # 3 coming next summer. Brothers are Connor and Maddox. I love that they have the same flow with double letters in the middle. I'd like to have one for either gender that flows the same. Help please :)
Baby Name Genie:
Need a twinned letter title that will dazzle?  Feel free to borrow Brennan for Daddy's buddy. For your little princess, choose Anna.
Whisper in Utah
My husband and I are having a hard time coming up with a name for our second child, the gender is still unknown. We are looking for something that's common but unusual. Something that fits between our names since his so common (James) and mine is not (Whisper).
Baby Name Genie:
Be very, very quiet… we're hunting baby names. The name you're looking for is Ashton Edward or Madeline Bree.
A. Evans in London
My husband and I are having a baby girl. His name starts with a D, and we would like her name to also. I want anything that will sound beautiful with the last name Evans. Mostly, I want a name that would sound famous. We both enjoy singing so we would love for her to become a singer. Any suggestions?
Baby Name Genie:
"Please welcome to the stage, the lovely and talented Danielle Evans!" Yep. That works.  Name her Danielle and she'll be singing your praises.
Crystal in unknown
Hi there, ok here's the dilemma-I suck at making decisions!!! For a baby girl, my Hubby and I like Annalise and Annabella. I don't know which one to choose. The one thing throwing me off Annabella is all the Bella boom that's been happening. We have a long last name, so needless to say, I have no clue about a middle name either. Did I mention I was indecisive???
Thanks. Sincerely, Desperate
Baby Name Genie:
For those who are terrible at making decisions, I like to provide them multiple choice.  Please choose one of the three names for your child:
A. Annalise  Brielle
B. Annalise  Brielle
C. Annalise  Brielle
Arika in California
Dear Genie, my hubby and I are expecting our first boy. His family tradition is to use the fathers first name as the middle name for the baby. We need help with a first name! We want a unique, farm-boy sort of name to compliment the rather normal sounding ____ Christopher Frederick. Please help!
Baby Name Genie:
You'd like a farm-boy name? As you wish. He shall have the name Wesley Christopher Fredrick. It's not so inconceivable.
Samantha in Wisconsin
Hi genie! I really like the name Clara-belle for my daughter, but my 3 year old watches a show with a cow named clarabelle on it. Can I still use that name or will it just be weird?
Baby Name Genie:
It'll be weird. If you like Clara, you can use that, but leave the belles to the cows.
Elizabeth in Greenwich, CT
Dear Genie, I find your retorts to be incredibly witty as well as your name suggestions to be quite interesting. So here is my question: my husband and I have narrowed down our soon to be son's name to either Christian or Elijah. For a middle name he likes Alexander (our last name is DeWalt) however I am not convinced as it sounds too pompous to me. Any suggestions for middle names would be greatly appreciated!!
Baby Name Genie:
Pompous? No. If his name were Christian Alexander, First of His Name, Earl of His Stuffed Animals, King of Diaper Rash, Duke of the Crib, Protector and Keeper of the Realm then perhaps that would sound a bit pompous. But simply Christian Alexander is a wonderful name that he should be humbled to have.
Sofia in Calgary
I'm expecting my first son in 7 weeks...his last name is Aljanabi, and my two favorite names are Amir and Romeo... And I was thinking to combine both and make one his first and one his middle...please advise ;)
Baby Name Genie:
Amir Romeo Aljanabi is a princely name I happen to love. You have chosen wisely.
Sarah in Colorado
Baby boy #3 will be here in February. We like Robert as a middle name and Cayden as a first. However, Cayden is a little too popular as we prefer unique names instead of over used names. We also enjoy Welsh, Irish, Scottish, Gaelic, etc names. Brothers are Ronan Michael and Emmett James. Last name is Kelly. Any suggestions for baby boy's first name with Robert as the middle?
Baby Name Genie:
This name will serve your child Welsh should you choose to use it. Trust me, I'm giving it all she Scot. Name your son Caelen for a unique name from the Emerald Isle. Irish you the very best.
C. Castillo in Florida
My husband and I are expecting our first. We want the name to be strong, but give a slight nod to our Italian/Spanish backgrounds without ending up too "Jersey Shore." Our surname is Castillo, actually meaning "castle."
Baby Name Genie:
Well, I was going to suggest "The Situation", but I'll save that for someone else. For your strong baby boy, I offer you the name Dominic Castillo. May he aspire to be the lord of his castle.
Kristin in Idaho
Hi, I am going to be a 1st time Grandma to a baby girl due the end of January. My daughter loves the name Coraline. She is having a hard time finding a middle name. The baby's last name will be Hererra. My daughter is a little quirky, loves music, dancing. Any advice?
Baby Name Genie:
Your granddaughter certainly needs a quirky middle name that reflects her mother's love of the arts. Name her Coraline Melody Hererra and let her forever be a song in your heart.
Darlene in Wisconsin
My husband and I are due to welcome a baby girl in the next few months. Even so, we have yet to pick out the perfect name. My husband's name is Roman, I would like something cute to go along with it that's unique.
Baby Name Genie:
Friends, Roman, countrymen, lend me your ears.
For I come to name your daughter, not to raise her.
The name that she shall have is fitting.
A name of Roman history and pride.
So let her be named Aurelia.
Nikole in Iowa
We want a unique name the goes along with Micah and Jodias. She is going to be a girl! Her middle name will be Saige or Payge. Last Name is Niebuhr.
Baby Name Genie:
She already is a girl. Her name is going to be Abigail Saige-or-Payge Niebuhr. Though I confess that is a strange middle name.
Taylor in Va
Dear Awesome Genie, I love the name Sapphire, nickname Saff, but for a boy. And Sapphire is kinda girlie. Do you think that it would be an acceptable name? Or maybe as a middle name? Or should I just trash it and find another name I like?
Baby Name Genie:
You are both correct and incorrect. First, you are correct that I am awesome. Second, you are incorrect that Sapphire is kinda girly. It is not. It is terribly girly. I am bound by the Baby Name Genie oath to dissuade you from using Sapphire for your baby boy. If you desire a precious gem name for your precious son, name him Jasper.
Judi in New Jesery
We are expecting our first daughter and are very excited. Me and my husband are techers(he is a college professer) and we want the name to sound smart. But we want a female name no unisex!
Baby Name Genie:
Oh boy. I certainly hope you are not grammar or spelling teachers. For a classic and smart sounding baby girl, I give you Evelyn Maude. But please, before you put pen to birth certificate, first learn to spell it.
Lily in UK
I adore the Welsh name Arianwen for if I have a girl, but I'm completely stuck on finding a middle name. It would need to be beautiful and feminine but fairly 'normal' since Arienwen is so unusual. I feel that otherwise it would be overkill and seem too extravagant. I don't want something which is too overused though, although I think classic, timeless names are an exception.
Baby Name Genie:
Arianwen is a unique and polysyllabic name chosen from the Land of Song. The perfect middle name you seek is Grace; a timeless, though familiar name with merely one enchanted syllable.
Jasiah in Ohio
We want to name our new son "Lyric" and his last name is "Foster." His dad wants his initials to spell "LIF" or "LYF." Any suggestions for a middle name that starts with "I" or "Y"? Please help!
Baby Name Genie:
Want a middle name for your son Lyric, but don't know the words? Don't fret. I've know this little ditty, and I'll give it to you for a song. Name your child Lyric Isaiah Foster. You won't go wrong.
Alexandra in London
Dear Genie, my husband and I are having trouble settling on a baby name for our baby girl on the way. I prefer old, more traditional names while he prefers modern, average everyday names. We finally settled on Rosalie Elizabeth but I'm thinking that too many people have that name or something similar. Is there any other name you can think of that we can both agree on instead of Rosalie?
Baby Name Genie:
If you have settled on a name that you both love, then don't let fear of others change your mind. Rosalie Elizabeth is a beautiful name. If you have trouble with similarly named contemporaries, use Rose or Rosie as a nickname.
Allison in Oregon
Well I'm having a boy and I happen to like the name Hunter, but I'm not sure if it sounds good with our surname Spencer? Because both end with "er" do you have any advice?
Baby Name Genie:
Hunter Spencer would be a fine name for your boy. But if you wish for something less rhythmic, then look to the stars. You'll find Orion Spencer to be the twinkle in your eye.
Melissa in Australia
I have always loved the first name Hudson but married a man with Hudson as a surname. Any tips?
Baby Name Genie:
Congratulations on acquiring a name from your husband that you like. Some spouses are not nearly so lucky. My advice to you is to love your surname and find a new love in first names.
Rachel in MA
My husband and I met at the premiere of the fourth Harry Potter movie and want to give our first child a name with a Harry Potter reference. We don't know what gender it is. Do you have any ideas for boy & girl names that reference Harry Potter, but not too obviously?
Baby Name Genie:
You wisely seek a magical name from the magical genie. If your muggle is a boy, I can think of no better name than Cedric. And for a girl, I have a soft spot for Ali, the flying carpet merchant. Both names can be found in The Goblet of Fire. Middle names I leave to you, once you know which is witch.
Alyssa in IN
I happen to love the middle name Quincy but can't seem to find the right first name for the lad. Ah what to do. Help me won't you?
Baby Name Genie:
You and John Adams finally have something in common. If you have the constitution, name your son Thomas Quincy.
M. Baume in Canada
I am due to give birth to my first baby very soon! My husband and I chose the perfect name for a baby girl, but we found out that we are having a boy. If we ever have a girl, her name would be Brooke Lynn Baume (Baume being the surname). We are thinking of Leo or Leonardo for our baby boy.  Is there another name you can recommend that might complement Brook Lynn better?
Baby Name Genie:
I can give you several names that complement Brooke Lynn. Name your boy Man Hatten Baume. Harr Lemm Baume fits nicely as well. Also, I love New York.
Alene in South Africa
We have two boys Luke Edward & Mark Ryan. Our Surname is Candy. Now we are expecting a little girl. The boys have decided her name should be Emma Lili. What do you think? Any other suggestions?
Baby Name Genie:
Emma Lili does fall sweetly from the tongue, though excessively so with your sugary surname. I'm certain Mark and Luke will find Emily Rose more to their taste.
Megan in WI
It's tradition in my husband's family that the first born son have a name that starts with "T" and the middle name Edward. I don't like traditional names like Timothy or Thomas, but I'm having a terrible time coming up with something I do like. Troy, Terry, and Trenton are the last 3 generations. Help!
Baby Name Genie:
A tiny bit of turmoil toward a terrific tradition of "T" names: Timely and tough, though not trite like Timothy or Thomas. Thankfully you've tested the true teller of titles. Give Tate Edward a try and tell me if it doesn't tickle your tongue.
Judith in WI
I really like the name Pickle. Can I have suggestions for a middle name? I am definitely naming my son Pickle, so only middle name suggestions please!
Baby Name Genie:
I herby warn you that naming your baby boy Pickle would not be kosher. But since you are against canning it, I reluctantly offer you the middle name Dillon.
Jill in Holland
I really REALLY like the name Arden Sophia for my daughter. But it seems me and my hubby are the only people that do. How do I convince my friends and family that we love this name and that it WILL suit our little girl? Many thanks in advance.
Baby Name Genie:
First acquire a spool of orange thread, four twisty ties, an empty soda can and two mints. Never mind. Actually, you and they are probably better off if you don't do anything to convince them. Simply name your baby girl what you desire.
Rachel in MA
What is a good name for a baby girl born around Christmas? That is unique. And cute.
Baby Name Genie:
The perfect name for your baby girl is Holly Renee. However, you will regret not wishing for a few silent nights once this child is born.
Allison, proud US Air Force wife in England:
My mom had friends growing up with names like Mary Jane, Rose Marie, etc. I'm looking for two part girl names like these but with a modern twist. Please help.
Baby Name Genie:
I give you two choices: Alexa Grace or Zoe Claire. Either of these two part girl names will fly, fight, and win.
Betsy in Alabama:
With two boys, John and Mark, we're now looking for a traditional girl name for the last name Allison.
Baby Name Genie:
A baby girl named Rachel should be the next addition to your family. Don't you agree?
Talia in Dayton:
My husband loves the name Kari, pronounced Kahr-ee, for a girl but I am afraid everyone will mispronounce her name as Carrie her whole life. I have had to correct people on my first name and hate it. He loves the name and I like it too. What should I do?
Baby Name Genie:
Pack your bags and move to Norway. Kahr-ee is a pretty name, but mispronunciations will be common no matter how you spell it--unless you live in Norway. Bon voyage!
Wade in Japan
My wife is Japanese and I'm American. I would like our daughter to have an American first name and a Japanese middle name. What do you think? Is the Genie familiar with Japanese names?
Baby Name Genie:
The lamp does make it difficult for me to get through airport security, but Abbygail Kioko is the way to go.
Amy in Australia
We have settled on Shelby as a first name for our baby girl and her last name starts with M. We want her to have her father's initials, which are SSM. We are stuck on a middle name starting with S.
Baby Name Genie:
Try Sofia, Sabrina, or Savannah on for size.
Heather in North Carolina
Mr. Genie in your shiny lamp please ~*PoOf*~ some magic for a surname "Roe". I have two children, Olivia Grace and Matthew Cole, from a previous marriage whose names quite nicely fit their cognomen. However, I remarried, this time to a Roe and fishing for Roe in this boat is anything but merry, despite what other homophones imply. Therefore, I need help finding first and middle names for a baby girl and boy that fit Roe but also mix well with Cole and Olivia. The last thing I want are idioms, like Duksin A. Roe or Skid Roe on my baby's birth certificate.
Baby Name Genie:
Don't fret--life will be a dream again if you name your baby Caroline Rebecca or Alexander Logan.
Elle in Illinois
I love the name Reese for a girl and would love to use my grandmother's name as a middle name. Is Reese Bernice too funny sounding? If so, I will go with Elizabeth which is my mother's middle name.
Baby Name Genie:
Unless she was a poet, I think your grandmother would give her blessing to name your baby girl Reese Elizabeth.
Stacy in Oregon
We named our first-born Falkner, which is a family name. The OBGYN's comment, "He better grow up to be tough" sums up what many others think of our choice. That being said, we love the name, and feel it suits Falkner perfectly. My question: What to name the next boy??? Obviously a simple name won't suffice. Please help Genie!!!!
Baby Name Genie:
Since the pen is mightier than the sword, choose another Nobel prize winning author: Beckett, Eliot, or Russell. You might consider another OBGYN as well.
Jessica in Location Withheld
I am having my first daughter and I'm stuck. I LOVE the name Melody, and I'm sure her father would have been pleased with that name, but I don't know if Melody Jamie goes well together. Please help.
Baby Name Genie:
For a divine cadence, Melody Jayne can't be beat.
Crystal in Pennsylvania
I have a girl and two boys and WIPED out all of my favorite choices; number 4 (boy) is gonna be "No-Name" if we don't come up with something! Last name is Russell and we want Jack. How irresponsible as parents would we be to name our child Jack Russell? Would you bark at it?
Baby Name Genie:
Genies don't bark, but Sean Evan Russell will ensure your son is top dog on the playground.
Wally in Nevada
My sister said you act like a repeat the same thing over and over.
Baby Name Genie:
Considering you sent this to me three times, I wonder what your sister says about you.
Susan in New Jersey
I'm having another boy and need a name we can all agree on. My husband and I both want Ian Perry Costello, but my mother-in-law wants Marcello and Marc for short. I can't let him go through life with a nursery-rhyme name like Marcello Costello. What can I do to please her?
Baby Name Genie:
Nothing. Stick to your instincts: Ian Perry is sublime.
Rebeckahe in California
Hello, Genie. My name is Rebeckahe (pronounced Rebecca). This is my second daughter; my first is Alannah Noelle. I want my second to match her name. What should I name her? Thank you for the help.
Baby Name Genie:
Hello Rebeckahe (pronounced Rebecca). Nathalie Corinne compliments her sister's name nicely.
Sarah in Ohio
Hello. We have decided on the name Prince for our son! The problem is that we can't think of a middle name that goes with Prince the way we like it. Please help!
Baby Name Genie:
There is a reason Prince changed his name to a symbol. Henry William is a far more regal choice.
Jessica Czajkowski in Virginia
We are having a difficult time even knowing where to start with first names for both boys and girls that go well with the last name Czajkowski. I'm thinking... the shorter the better. Please help guide this quest!
Baby Name Genie:
Look no further than Eli or Anna for your coming baby. Your child's teachers will thank you for choosing an easy to spell name.
Julie in Georgia
I like the names Ava and/or August for my little girl, but I'm unsure of middle names for both of them. I want something uncommon and powerful. With the last name Zimbelman, this has been such a hard task...Can you please give me some ideas???
Baby Name Genie:
Ava Daphne or August Naomi are uniquely inspiring names for your baby girl.
Nancy in Location Withheld
Hello, Genie. Can you please, please help us quiet the never ending suggestions from family and friends and give us the perfect middle name for Christian Morello?
Baby Name Genie:
I can only grant you temporary relief from your dilemma. Christian Elliot Morello is the baby name that will stun your loved ones into silence--until the inevitable sea of parenting suggestions rolls in.
Ray in Germany (Army)
Dear czar of baby names, guru of the naming convention, and the one with the gift of labeling newborns I have a problem. Expecting my second daughter here soon and I have decided to name her Kayla. I'm in desperate need of a middle name. Please help!?
Baby Name Genie:
Dear one who is middle name challenged, in search of perfection and fraught with indecision, Kayla Jane is the baby name you await.
Jessica in CO
My husband and I have decided on the name Andi for a little girl. We are having problems finding a middle name. I don't really care for the most commonly used names. Thank you for your help.
Baby Name Genie:
I compliment your choice of the name Andi--a superb name for a baby girl. You will find that the middle name Marlene completes your selection.
Raini in LA
My husband and I have decided on the name Isaac for our second son but we are having a hard time agreeing on a middle name. We would like something not quite as biblical as Isaac. Any suggestions?
Baby Name Genie:
Neither of you should have to sacrifice to agree on Trevor as the baby's middle name.
Rachel in WV
I love the names Elizabeth and Isabel. What's your opinion on combining them? Elizabelle? Also, I was considering the middle name Rae. Thanks.
Baby Name Genie:
Rae is a fine middle name. Elizabelle needs to go though. Stick simply to Elizabeth. Elizabeth Rae makes a splendid name for your baby girl.
Monica in MA
Me and my husband both like the name Gabrielle, but we have no idea on middle names that would match? Any ideas?
Baby Name Genie:
Celeste or Simone compliment the name Gabrielle nicely.
Victoria in MA
Hi. I am expecting my son in August and I have a first and last name but no middle name... Dante ??? Owens. I want something that sounds good looks good and isn't really a first name. Any ideas? Me and my fiance are going crazy trying to figure out a middle name.
Baby Name Genie:
Go with a location name or a last name as the middle name. Here are three middle names to stop your baby name insanity: Cline, Carlton, Montanna.
Sarah in TN
I want to name my baby Emma, but my husband wants to name her Emily. Do you have any good names that start with Em?
Baby Name Genie:
Aside from popularity, I see nothing wrong with the two baby names you have in hand. Since neither of you will back down though, I suggest a truce. Agree to name your baby Amelia; then, go out for hot fudge sundaes to celebrate resolution to your stalemate. Could you order one for me and bring it by the lamp while you are at it?
Ginny in Canada
The boy name you suggested, Julian Gunner, totally blew me away! My grandfather's name was Julian and my husband's grandfather was Gunnar! It's like it was fate! I never thought of using either of these names for our baby nor did I think of using them in combination. Thanks Genie!
Baby Name Genie:
Your recognition of my superior baby naming skills is appreciated.
Mandy in Iowa
I am pregnant and would like help. I would like to use the middle name Dale if it is a boy and Violet if it is a girl... but these names are hard to match with a first name. Help.
Baby Name Genie:
If the baby is a boy, name him Nicholas. If the baby is a girl, name her Allison.
Lacey in Kansas
Thank you so much, the first name you suggested is the perfect name, and our baby boy matches the name too, his name is Chris Marshall West. Thanks again and I hope you continue to do a good job as a Genie (I hope you get new furniture for your lamp too. It must be tight in there!)
Baby Name Genie:
Congratulations! Glad to be of assistance. Finding new furniture hasn't been as big of a problem as finding a store that delivers to genie lamps.
ur mother in Location Withheld
well mr. [word removed] geni ur stupid who the [word removed] would name there baby Orion
Baby Name Genie:
I sincerely hope you are not considering a career as an English teacher.
Melanie in Newcastle
I have to name my baby boy due in March. I hate every boy's name in the whole world. Help me!
Baby Name Genie:
All boy baby names in whole world, eh? Go with the name Orion. It's officially heavenly.
Samantha in SC
I like the name Kaitlyn Grace but I want to hear from someone else if its a nice name?
Baby Name Genie:
Trust your instinct.
Paul in Atlanta
We are having twins (boy and girl) and my wife likes the names Olivia and Owen, but I don't like the double "O" names because it's too close to the rhyming names. What do you think?
Baby Name Genie:
You are stressing out too much. It is not uncommon to give twins baby names with a connection. The names sound good together.
Jess in AU
I love the names Nora and Noah do you think it would be confusing or silly for a brother and sister to have these names???
Baby Name Genie:
One question: Did you like it when your mom mixed up your name with your siblings (or pet)? I am sorry, but its time to start thinking of a different baby name combination even though they are both great names. If you MUST use them though, consider making one a middle name (Patrick Noah).
Mina in TX
My husband likes the name Leonardo for our son-to-be. He even keeps calling the baby "Leo". But I can't stand the name. I keep thinking of Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles, and my sisters all think of Leonardo DiCaprio. Any suggestions for a suitable alternative?
Baby Name Genie:
Leander will get your mind off of pizza eating turtles; plus, it eliminates the nickname Leo. He could go by Lee if your husband likes the "lee" sound.
Mary in FL
My husband wants to name our son David. I don't really like this name, but I won't mind having David as a middle name. Any ideas on a good first name to match with David Rodriguez?
Baby Name Genie:
Nathaniel David will make an excellent name as both a baby and an adult.
Mary Ann in PA
My husband and I really like the ring of Cole Miller as a boy's name but can't come up with a good middle name. I don't really want anything off the wall, but something with a nice flow. Any ideas?
Baby Name Genie:
Cole Miller is an excellent choice for a name. You will find the middle name Zachary compliments it nicely.
Erica in KY
I have what I think is the perfect first name for my baby girl, but I am stumped at the thought of a middle name. I wanted to use Faith, but the name is very similar to my sister-in-law's baby born just two days ago. My baby's name will be Kyndra ___ Robbins and her baby's name is Keira Faith--a little too close for me. I want a name that means something "good." Maybe a Christian name...? Can you help? Thanks.
Baby Name Genie:
Either Kyndra Felicity Robbins or Kyndra Verity Robbins are wonderful alternatives. Whether this constitutes "help" or not depends on if you accept my advice.
Cami in OH
Hey Genie, my husband and I really want to name our son Wes, but we're worried it's too close to 'wuss'? Is it? Any alternate name suggestions?
Baby Name Genie:
Wes is not too close to "wuss" at all. There are plenty of people in this world with the name Wes. It is a perfect name! Especially for your baby. If you must have a different name though, you will find Spencer to be an excellent alternative for your baby boy.
Kellie in VA
We've decided to name our son Grady but haven't been able to come up with a middle name that sounds right. Any suggestions?
Baby Name Genie:
I'll give you three middle names for your baby boy: Nathaniel, Kelton, and Jerome. All of them have a nice ring when paired with Grady. Congratulations on the coming baby!
Becky in MI
If I name my baby girl Kirsten, I am concerned people will mispronounce it continually. I like "Keersten" not "Kersten" as the pronunciation. What do you think?
Baby Name Genie:
I prefer the pronunciation "Keersten." Friends and family will take their cue on how to pronounce her name from you. As for strangers, its not that big of a deal if they say her name slightly incorrectly. The upside to the name is that it could help her identify telemarketers more quickly (if they are still around in the year 2030).
Jami in KS
I think you should respond to more letters. I'm sure you get tons of questions, but pregnant ladies are often moody and unreasonable and can be down right frantic in their search of the perfect name. We need all the help we can get...and you're so great at your out more! Now, what is a good middle name for a baby girl named Riley? My husband likes Bay (or Bae) but I'm pretty sure that's an animal noise. Thank you. (Please don't make me "eat a big piece of chocolate cake")
Baby Name Genie:
Do you even like chocolate cake? As long as your last name is not Townsend, Amanda will make a superb middle name for your baby girl. If your husband is stuck on the "ay" sound though, please use Rae instead of Bay, you'll be glad you did (By the way, on the animal sound thing on "Bay" is pretty obscure--unless you are confusing it with "bray").
Lori in MN
My husband and I are having a baby boy in Sept. and we are using the name Ethan for his first name and I wanted to use Lyle for his middle name after my grandpa. Our last name starts with a "K" so his initials will be ELK. Is this too weird?
Baby Name Genie:
Too weird would be PIG, GUT, or GAS. With your baby being a boy, when he gets old enough to care, he is more likely to think ELK is a cool set of initials.
Michelle in Florida
I'm adopting a baby that I've been fostering. She is two months old and has the same name as my dog, "Chloe" (a name I love). Every time I say her name the dog comes running. I'm afraid at some point the baby might get hurt. The dog won't understand a name change and I'm not getting rid of her, so I'll be changing the baby's name. Her middle name will be "de Hart". Any suggestions?
Baby Name Genie:
I have little sympathy for you since you broke the #1 rule in pet naming: "Never name your pet a name you want to name a future child." Nonetheless, I think you will find the name Nicole to be a suitable alternative.
Renee in Sydney, Australia
I have searched my baby name book of 750,000 names and cannot seem to find a middle name for Chanel. I just want a nice middle name that sounds like it's meant to go with Chanel. Thanks.
Baby Name Genie:
You must have skipped over the name Monroe -- Chanel Monroe. Sleep on it.
Ashley in IL
We are about to have a baby boy and decided on the name Sean but we have no idea about the middle name. We were thinking about Michael but would want something more original. Any ideas?
Baby Name Genie:
I assume when you say "original" you are not referring to supposedly "creative" spelling variations, gender neutralizations, or name mashups. Wesley goes nicely as a middle name... and its not overused--yet.
Rhianna in USA
Is the name Haven Skylar Barclay a beautiful name?
Baby Name Genie:
Somehow, it seems, there is always someone somewhere who thinks something is beautiful. In this instance, I am not that someone.
Jessica in California
My husband and I chose the name Gabriel for our little boy, but that is the end of agreement. He wishes for our sons full name to be: Gabriel Knight Booth. He feels it is a strong name. I hear the name Knight and I remember Jordan Knight from New Kids on the Block.... needless to say, I can't handle that. Can you please help me find a middle name that my husband and I agree on?
Baby Name Genie:
Here is a name your husband will agree has the right stuff: Gabriel Klayton Booth.
Kendra in Missouri
My baby boy is supposed to be born in seven days and the name is still undecided! I am so stressed! We like the name Matthew, but I also like the name Trey. I wanted the middle name to be James though. Could I use the name Matthew Trey James Lewis. Or is that too much? I don't want him to have a hard time in life because of the two middle names.
Baby Name Genie:
Could you? Yes. Should you? No. But only because Trey James does not flow well. People don't have a hard time in life because of two middle names, its much more complicated than that. But even if it did make life hard, you can rest in the thought that adversity breeds character (Don't even think that gives you permission to name him Matthew Sue!).
Shari in Alabama
Can you please help me find a middle name for my first child/son Ian? My baby is due in May. I relied on my husband to find a perfect middle name. No luck so far. We both have a very active, creative, and unique lifestyle. If you would incorporate that in the name. It will sure help the headache that me and my husband have.
Baby Name Genie:
Try Tylenol for the headache and Koda for the middle name. in Location Withheld
WHY DON'T YOU EVER USE THE NAME RONNA??? It's the tightest name evah. And I think that you don't have what it takes to be a Baby Name Genie. Why don't you just go and hide in your "lamp", cuz that's one thing you're good at! Love ya!
Baby Name Genie:
Ronna is a fine name. You have my permission to use it. On the lamp issue... have you ever tried living in one? If you could get some decent furniture it wouldn't be so bad; but, doll house chairs really aren't that comfortable.
Brandy in Idaho
Our baby boy is going to be born in 6 days. I have come up with many names, but my husband does not like ANY of them!! He has come up with one, but I'm not crazy about it. Please help! We want the middle name to be Michael. Any suggestions?
Baby Name Genie:
Yes. One. Avery.
Heather in MO
My boyfriend and I are having a baby and we found out it is a boy. I asked him about a name and he is set on naming our baby Jesus. He said I could pick the middle name. I really don't like the name Jesus and neither does my family nor his because they are all religious. So, this is a big issue and I don't know what to do. What do you think of that name?
Baby Name Genie:
In the U.S. you and your baby boy will certainly face many interesting looks if you name him Jesus (unless you pronounce it: Jesús). But in Latin America it would be no big deal. Jesús is a rather common name there. Assuming you have already sought to understand why your boyfriend is so attached to the name and that you have also expressed your concerns about the name, here are two ideas to get out of the pickle you are in: 1. Pick the middle name Peyton and call him J.P. (or just call him by his middle name) 2. See if you can get some traction with the name Joshua--it is closely related to the name Jesus.
Tally in CA
I need a middle name for Chayton. He is going to be my new little brother and I get to name him but I can't find a middle name to match. Please find me a name that means something strong and has a Native American twist to it. Thanks.
Baby Name Genie:
Since you have the honor of doing the naming I won't give you anything conclusive. Here is an idea though: Nahuel. It means "jaguar"-- a solid, strong image. Beware though. It may inspire him to practice sneaking up on you and startling the living daylights out of you for fun on a regular basis. Then again, little brothers like to do things like that regardless of name!
Sammy in NY
(Message 2 of 2) Thank you! Thank you! Thank you! She loved the name and it is our daughter's name. She is 7 lbs. 8oz. and 21 inches tall. She will forever know the Genie saved her name. Thanks again. Sammy NY
Baby Name Genie:
Congratulations! I am sure she is as beautiful as her name. Glad to be of assistance. Enjoy your new bundle!
Dana in TX
I need a middle name for Tori. Something really catchy, but not too "cutsie". My husband really likes the name, but I don't "LOVE" it. I am looking for a middle name that will send it into that "LOVE" category.
Baby Name Genie:
I recommend these three catchy, but not cutsie, baby girl names: Tori Beth, Tori Lynn, or Tori Raquel. You decide.
Sammy in NY
(Message 1 of 2) My daughter will be born in less then four days! My wife is really set on the name Velveta--seriously. She said that if I could come up with a very girly cute name she would drop Velveta Rose Alen. Any suggestions? She thinks double middle names are cute. Help. Help. Help.
Baby Name Genie:
I believe you will find the name Valerie Kathryn Rose Allen to be less "cheesy" and a perfect fit for your coming baby girl.
Sara in CA
(Message 2 of 2) Why don't you get a new job because you obviously don't like it very much. People write to you because they think that you are going to send them some real advice, but instead you are just a flat out jerk! I asked for some simple advice to compromise with my husband on a name for our new daughter. Instead you suggested that we have marital issues because of a lack of communication. Talk about taking your job out of context. If that is what you think advice is, then you must not be thinking very hard. Why don't you become a shrink, then you can give people marital advice and it won't be uncalled for.
Baby Name Genie:
I am sorry. It looks like I misunderstood the question part of your previous message. See if you can both agree to letting your baby girl decide the name for you. If she comes in June, name her June. If she comes in July name her Julie. If she come REALLY early then Mae -- no scheduled inducing allowed (unless of course you must, but then don't go with my suggestion). P.S. I can't help that I am a baby name genie. I just am one. There is not somebody to turn my resignation into. That would be like trying to resign from being a human.
Sara in CA
(Message 1 of 2) Hi Genie, I am going to have a little girl at the end of June and I really want her to have a beautiful, girly name. Only problem is, my husband is very picky and doesn't like any of the names I do. How do I get him to stop being soooooo unbelievably ridiculous about naming our daughter?
Baby Name Genie:
You will not like what I have to say to your very "I" centered note. So stop reading. No really--stop. Beware the crazy cycle!
Priscella in SC
We can't agree on a boy's name. I don't like Micah (that's what you picked). If it's a girl, we're going with Skylar Faye Rowe. The middle name needs to be Kinsland if it's a boy, because he wants to keep that name in the family. We just can't agree on a first name. Any suggestions?
Baby Name Genie:
I've already given you a fabulous baby boy name that you refused. Do you really want a second?
Jeff in FL
My wife and I unwittingly named both our first two children after presidents (Jackson/Kennedy). We like the trend, so now that my wife is pregnant again (Yah!) we like Grant for a boy, but cannot figure out a middle name. Please help!
Baby Name Genie:
Grant Owen or Grant McKinley but not Grant Ryder. I'll keep an eye out for the 2056 ticket to see what you decided.
Melissa in MA
I need your HELP! I cannot find a middle name for Mia. I have looked on every website and through tons of books. I'll take any suggestions! Something feminine...not a big fan of the bi-gender names. Thanks!
Baby Name Genie:
Mia May flows and is fun to say-- which is great until you need to whip out her middle name to stop her cold in her tracks. In the rare case that you would need to do that (since your baby girl will be an absolute angel) I recommend Mia Danae.
Jess in Alabama
My friend and I are both pregnant and we both love the name Ava. We both had the name picked before we knew the other one liked it. She wants to use it and I want to use it, what should I do?
Baby Name Genie:
If its a boy, don't use the name. If its a girl tell her you are planning on using the name but that you will spell it backwards.
Rachel in MA
I just had a baby and I don't know what to name her because everybody is calling her different names. PLEASE HELP ME!!!!!!!!!
Baby Name Genie:
Excuse me? She is your baby. Name her what YOU want. Tell everyone to clear out so you can have time alone with your daughter. Then take every little detail of her in and enjoy the life you brought into the world. A name will come. Once you pick it do NOT back down. Congratulations!
Cara in TX
I am SO sick of the bi-gender name trend! You can't tell anymore whether a child is a boy or a girl based on their name. I can't find a decent name for a boy because the people who insist on using male names for girls are making almost every male name seem feminine! I need a real strong male name! I don't want people wondering the gender of my child when they hear his name.
Baby Name Genie:
Don't despair. A few boy names remain unblemished. Last I checked I know no girls named Peter, Kenneth, or Clint. For an extra strong boy baby name, go with Sampson.
Terri in Iowa
I like the name Cooper Ray but my husband likes Samuel Ray. So, I thought of combining. Does Samuel Cooper work together in your opinion?
Baby Name Genie:
Your effort to reach a compromise is admirable. Yes, Samuel Cooper will do just fine. It works quite nicely as both a baby name and an adult name. Good work.
Bobbie in Location Withheld
I would like to name my new Baby Girl a name that starts with the letter "B". This is my second child and my other daughter's name starts with "B". Any suggestions?
Baby Name Genie:
Yes. One suggestion. Pick a name that starts with "R".
Kelsea in Idaho
I am still in high school and for an assignment in one of my classes I have to carry around a 10 lb. sack of flour and pretend that it is a baby. I am really into this assignment so I want a good name for it. I was thinking of Lukas William. What do you think?
Baby Name Genie:
Introducing your "baby" with a name to inquiring strangers is much better than, "This is sack of flour that I am pretending is a baby." Since, you do not have to worry about the psychological ramifications of the name and have no husband to nix your first and middle baby name ideas, name it whatever you want. Now is your chance.
Esther in Texas
Hi Genie. I'm going to have a baby boy in June and I'm still not too sure about his name. My husband wants to name him Rufino Andres Rocha. I am not too sure about the middle name. It is hard to find a hispanic name that starts with the letter "a." I need help. What do you suggest?
Baby Name Genie:
There are worse names than Andres. But since you must have an alternate, Antonio is an excellent middle name for the combination you are considering.
Ariel in FL
My inlaws hate the name my husband and I have!
Baby Name Genie:
Do not flinch.
Nancy in Irvine
Who do I love?
Baby Name Genie:
Hmmm... a person with a belly button, a nose, hair and... What do you think I am? A love genie! Sorry Charlie..err..Nancy. I stick with baby names.
Julia in TX
Thank you for suggesting the middle name Carter to go along with Morgan. It's perfect!
Baby Name Genie:
You are most welcome. Glad you recognized it as a winning first and middle name combination. Best wishes to you and your growing family.
Danielle in OR
Our last name is Woods and I wished for a girl. You said Danielle Woods. That is where it throws me off. The thing is, my name is Danielle, and I want my baby to have her own name and not mine. Plus, every single name you suggested, I don't like. I'm not a person who always complains, but this time I am.
Baby Name Genie:
You should have been honored to know your good name was worth passing onto your child.
Misty in MO
I am wanting to name my lil girl James, I'm not sure of a middle name but many people have said there is no way James is a girl's name. Do you think I am crazy for wanting a lil girl with the name James? My husband's family has masculine names for the girls such as Frankie, Billie, Cody.
Baby Name Genie:
I don't think you are crazy (as in mentally ill)... just different. VERY different. If a boy can be named "Sue," then I suppose a girl can be named "James." "Frankie" though? Yikes! It looks like you married into the right family.
Ashley in NY
I love you, your my hero.
Baby Name Genie:
Thanks, but I would recommend that you revisit your definition of hero.
Kelly in NC
I want to call the baby boy I'm having Mack--but I don't want to use it as a first name! I need a first name to go with my middle name!! Please help! Thanks!
Baby Name Genie:
Alas, Mack is a hard middle name to introduce, but since you insist--Andrew or Warren is fitting. Do keep the boy's diet in check lest he becomes known as the Golden Arches signature sandwich.
Lennae in St. Louis
Will my baby boy get made fun of if his name is Dominique Reilly?
Baby Name Genie:
Kasie in
What do you think about Shelby Kate Moore?
Baby Name Genie:
Original, but it would be a "skam" to say it wasn't problematic. I "shall be more" excited if you were to switch to Chelsy Kate.
Alison in California
What do you think of the initials GJB? I don't like them but my husband thinks I'm being too picky.
Baby Name Genie:
After some contemplation, I've decided to give neither you nor your husband the foolish pleasure of saying to the other, "Ha! See, I was right."
Kelly in Charlotte, NC
Which sounds best to you: Evan Scott Brown, Asher Scott Brown, Cillian Scott Brown, Roman Scott Brown, or Sebastian Scott Brown? I cannot decide for the life of me!
Baby Name Genie:
If you are willing to change your last name, then Roman is the clear choice. Your husband won't agree to this--therefore, go with Evan Scott Brown. Strong. Short. Flowing. Plus, you will rest better at night knowing he won't face a constant barrage of teasing about his numerals in math class.
Deborah in St. Louis
My husband was on the fence about the name Sawyer, but after we got the "sign" that it was good from the Baby Name Genie he was convinced! Thanks for your help!
Baby Name Genie:
I'm surprised he didn't see Sawyer sooner. Glad he is off the fence now. Hope it didn't tear a hole in his pants.
Carla in Kentucky
First name is Caroline. Can you make any suggestions for a middle name? Thanks!
Baby Name Genie:
Do you want ANY suggestions or GOOD suggestions?
Natalie in Idaho
We really like the name Brooke for our baby girl, but all we've found for a middle name is Lynne... we don't like it! Help genie!
Baby Name Genie:
If its good enough for a city--why not your baby?
Paige in California
You suggested the name Seth River and I fell in love with it. My son will be named Seth River now. Not only is it a very handsome name, but it has a personal meaning to me. Thanks!
Baby Name Genie:
You are most welcome! As long as your last name isn't Banks, I stand by that first and middle name combination.
Alexys in Canada
Hello, I just wanted to thank you for the name. My due date is December 4th 2005 and I have been looking for names everywhere, and I found "the perfect name" thanks to you. My son's name will be Bradley James Harrelson.
Baby Name Genie:
Indeed! Bradley is a fine name. I am glad you agree. I am sure your son will grow up to be an oustanding citizen. Keep practicing your breathing.
Michelle in Peoria, IL
You freaked me out! The first name you suggested, Alexandra, is on the top of our list. How did you know?
Baby Name Genie:
My apologies on the freaking. A clarification--Alexandra was not a name suggestion, it is the fulfillment of your wish for the perfect baby name. That it was on the top of your list of names is either coincidence or evidence of your superior intelligence. You decide.
Amy in California
You're SO FUNNY!
Baby Name Genie:
Thanks (I think).
M. Williams in Wisconsin
Thank you for the perfect baby name! Could you please give me advice on how to help my wife "see the light" about the name?
Baby Name Genie:
Have you tried hypnosis?
Perplexed in Location Withheld
I wished--I dunno how many times--and not once did I see the name "Jim Bob". What gives?!?
Baby Name Genie:
There is a good reason for that. I do like "Robert" and "James". "Bob" is short for "Robert" you know.
Amanda in Texas
I am worried that if I name my baby boy Lazarus as you suggested, he will be picked on in school.
Baby Name Genie:
Your baby boy will be picked on in school.
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