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Serious Help vs. Needed vs. ASAP

Hello, I’m Brooke, and I’m officially OVERDUE! My little girl was due on Thursday, and has yet to make her appearence. Being that I’m only 16 they’re inducing me on Monday before she gets too big for me to deliver. I have been searching and searching for the last month for her name and haven’t found it yet. I am to the point where I just feel like breaking down crying because I have so little time left to name her! I really want to find her somethng feminine, and classic. I want her middle name to be Marie. I like all kinds of names, but still haven’t found that PERFECT name. Thanks.

The Top Baby Name is...

Serious Help






Poll created: Jun 06, 2009
Total Votes: 1


Lydia Marie
Sophia Marie
Abigail Marie
Beatrice Marie
Cecilia Marie
Clarissa Marie
Eliza Marie
Isabel Marie
Julia Marie
Stella Marie
Virginia Marie
Caroline Marie
Christina Marie
Diana Marie
Emily Marie
Frances Marie
Hailey Marie
Rebecca Marie
Sarah Marie

Those are some classics. Like any?
posted by LaurenE :: 8 years ago | report
Here are some names that I like and I think go well with Marie. Let me know if You like any.


Let me know if You want more.
posted by cortney :: 8 years ago | report
Don’t cry! :-( I hope that this helps you. :-)

Do you see any that you like??

Kaylinn Marie (Kay or Kayli)
Carolyn Marie (Carrie or Carol)
Rachel Marie (Rach, Ellie, or Elle)
Melanie Marie (Mel)
Vanessa Marie (Nessa, Nessie, or Vaness)
Ella Marie (Elle or Ellie)
Elizabeth Marie (Lizzy or Liz)
Anna Marie (Ann)
Annah Marie (Ann)
Brooklyn Marie (Brook)
Abigail Marie (Abbie)
Amanda Marie (Manda or Mandy)
Alexis Marie (Lexi or Lexis)
Lauren Marie (Laurie)
Laura Marie (Laurie)

God bless you,~Rachel
posted by Rachel :: 8 years ago | report
Im sure you will find tje perfect name in time even if its a few days after she is born..dont get stressed over it!

Here are some names i like
Francesca Marie
Charlotte Marie
Helen Marie
Georgia Marie
Lucy Marie
Annabella Marie
Gabriella Marie
Eliza Marie
Alexandra Marie
Alexandria Marie
Adrianna Marie
Leanna Marie
Rebecca Marie
Selena Marie
Amelia Marie
Seraphina Marie

hope this helps...let me know what ones you like!
posted by Kate :: 8 years ago | report
Lorelai Marie
Elisabeth Marie
Natalia Marie
Victoria Marie
Kaylee Marie
Aurora Marie
Alexandra Marie
Bella Marie
Amelia Marie
Caroline Marie
Taylor Marie
Rylee Marie
Jade Marie
posted by Rae :: 8 years ago | report
Joanna Marie (Joann or Joa)
Susannah Marie (Susanne)
Savannah Marie (Savanne)
Camdyn Marie (Cammie)
Karah Marie
Sarah Marie
Melissa Marie (Mel or Mellie)
Melody Marie (Mel or Mellie)
Ashley Marie (Ash)
Lydia Marie (Lydi)

Do you like any of the names that I suggested? God bless you, Brooke! He is the ONLY hope. Go to to find out how you can go to heaven. NOTHING else can save you. ~Rachel
posted by Rachel :: 8 years ago | report
I like Sophia Marie, it’s one I’ve been considering, I also like Ella Marie, Alexis Marie, and Brooklyn Marie, although it’s really close to MY name (Brooke Marie lol). None of them I love though, which has been my problem. My friend just had a baby and named her Faith Adelyn, and it’s just so gorgeous IMO, I want something equally as gorgeous for my daughter.
posted by Brooke :: 8 years ago | report
I like Rylee Marie, and Lydia Marie. Sarah Marie is also pretty.

Rachel, I know how I can go to Heaven. I’m a very religious person, but I don’t see what that has to do with my poll.
posted by Brooke :: 8 years ago | report
Yes, Rachel, please tell us why you feel the need to write that on so many polls. Why not stick to your naming help only?

I like Sophia Marie, Lydia Marie, and Sarah Marie - they are equally as lovely as Faith Adelyn.
posted by LaurenE :: 8 years ago | report
Rachel. Just because she’s 16 and has a baby doesnt mean she’s not religious. You dont need to tell her that god is the only way. Stick to baby names!

Brooke: I love Rylee and Lydia
posted by guest :: 8 years ago | report
See any that you take a fancy to?

Ruth Marie (Ruthie)
Evelyn Marie (Evie)
Isabella Marie (Izzy)
Iva Marie (Ivy)
Amber Marie
Kate Marie
Breanna Marie (Brea or Bree)
Ellen Marie (Ellie)
Joyce Marie (Joy)
Nyla Marie
Clara Marie (Claire)
Claire Marie
Claire Rebecca

Hoping you find a name soon, Rachel
posted by ~Rachel :: 8 years ago | report
Audrey Marie
Skyla Marie
Emmalee marie
kelsey marie
Norah marie
Ava marie
Julia Marie
Lydia marie
Lillian Marie
Evelyn marie
Jade marie
ruby marie
like any
posted by guest :: 8 years ago | report
Come on Rachel....stick up for yourself...
posted by guest :: 8 years ago | report
Thanks everyone. I had sex and got pregnant, that doesn’t mean I’m going to hell, I just made a bad choice, and God forgives.

I really like Sophie/Sophia Marie. I do like Lydia too. Everytime I find a name that I like I think back to my friend introducing me to her daughter. I asked what her name was and she said "Faith Adelyn" and I want to be able to say my little girl’s name with as much pride and confidence as she did.
posted by Brooke :: 8 years ago | report
I like Nyla, a lot, I also like Audrey, Lillian, and Ava!

Another name that I REALLY like is Arianna...thoughts?
posted by Brooke :: 8 years ago | report
Leave Rachel alone...we don’t need to clutter this poll with discussions on religious beliefs. I don’t agree with her choice to talk about that on here, but I’m not going to fight her about it right now.

Brooke, Lydia Marie is so cute!
posted by guest :: 8 years ago | report
Arianna is beautiful. Arianna Marie is so sweet sounding and cute
posted by Rae :: 8 years ago | report
Natasha Marie

Dear Brooke, I hope that you are really a Christian. May you come to know Him! If you believe that Jesus died on the cross for your sins, was buried, and rose again, you will be in heaven with Him forever and ever! If you believe that He died for you, was buried, and rose again, you will go to Heaven with Him forever! "THERE IS NO OTHER NAME UNDER HEAVEN BY WHICH YOU MAY BE SAVED". How wonderful that will be; going to see our maker! I believe this, and know that Jesus cares about me so much. He’s the One who made me. HE LOVES YOU, BROOKE! HE LOVED YOU SO VERY MUCH THAT HE SENT HIS SON, JESUS, TO DIE ON THE CROSS FOR YOUR SINS! HE WAS BURIED, AND THEN ROSE AGAIN! WHAT AN AMAZING STORY! JESUS LIVES! HE IS RISEN! AND THAT IS WHAT EASTER IS ALL ABOUT.


"I’m not offended for being teased for loving Him".
posted by Rachel :: 8 years ago | report
Rachel. We arent teasing you. We are just saying that you dont need to discuss this when some one is asking for help with a name for their baby.
posted by guest :: 8 years ago | report

PS: I’m not ashamed to live for Him.
posted by Rachel :: 8 years ago | report
I don’t like Natasha, could you please leave the religious discussion out of my poll though? I’m here to find a name for my daughter, not get a lesson on religion...sorry.

I do really like Arianna Marie. I think I’ll take a list of names that I get from here to the hospital on Monday and then when she’s born I’ll look over it and see which one fits her best...or which one "calls" to me as her name, lol.
posted by Brooke :: 8 years ago | report
Rachel, nobody is teasing you for your beliefs! That’s great that you are such a devoted follower of Christ! But, here isn’t the place to discuss that, and you don’t need to "force" your beliefs on the poster, especially since she appears to already believe in Christ.

Brooke, I really like Sophia Marie and Lydia Marie (better than Faith Adelyn IMO), and Arianna Marie is just alright in my opinion.
posted by LaurenE :: 8 years ago | report
i think Audrey Marie and Ava Marie and Lillian marie are just stunning
posted by guest :: 8 years ago | report
Thanks, Lauren. Sophia Marie, and Arianna Marie are toping my list right now. :D I also really like the name Alice, it is so sweet sounding and girly to me.
posted by Brooke :: 8 years ago | report
Lauren, you ask "Why don’t you stick to baby names?". The reason is that I have such a burden for those than do not know Jesus. I feel so sad for those who do not bother to hear of Him, and those who do not believe in Him. I’m not trying to be a prophet, but those that do not believe will go into the Lake of Eternal Fire. The Bible says so. God NEVER lies, and He wrote the Bible, lol!

"Not ashamed to proclaim His name!"
posted by Rachel :: 8 years ago | report
I understand, Rachel, that you love the Lord, and many of us do. It is great to know that you are very willing to express your gratitude, and not be offended by what others think. However, on a baby naming site, we should possibly stick to baby naming, and not judge others simply because they are pregnant teens. This simply isn’t the place to be discussing religious beliefs.

Brooke, congratulations! You must be very excited for the arrival of you little princess!

I love Ariana (with one n!) It’s beautiful! Ariana Grace would be stunning! Hope you use it! Good luck!
posted by ~kristen~ :: 8 years ago | report
I know that you’re not trying to rude, and I’m not trying to be annoying. I am just finishing up your questions. I’m not trying to force my beliefs on anyone, but I want them to know the truth.


PS: Arianna Marie is great!
posted by Rachel :: 8 years ago | report
Rachel, the point is this is a poll for naming my baby, not for you to teach about Christ and the Bible. Really all you’re doing is cluttering up my poll and that’s making it harder for me to see the names people are suggesting, and it’s throwing people way off topic. I’m 2 days overdue and could have her today or tomorrow even! I need to find a name for her, not learn about the bible, sorry.
posted by Brooke :: 8 years ago | report
Rachel, Chill I’m a Christian also, but this is not the place to try to tell others how to live their lifes. Espically since Brooke has already said she was religious. So just stop.
posted by guest :: 8 years ago | report
Dear Kristen,
I’m not judging anyone. By the way, I try to spread the gospel on every poll I vote on! Kristen, are you a Christian? Just wondering.

posted by Rachel :: 8 years ago | report
Thanks Kristen! I’d like to keep her middle name Marie though. My middle name is Marie, my mom’s middle name is Marie, and my grandma’s first name is Marie. It’s a family name ;) I like Arianna with two "n"s because I like it Anne-uh, not awhn-uh :)
posted by Brooke :: 8 years ago | report
Okay, Rachel, thanks for answering my question. But, Brooke already said that she knows the Lord, so why do you still question that? I don’t really need an answer to that question, though.

Brooke, did you get rid of Lydia Marie? Sophia Marie is my favorite of the ones you like - I love the name Sophia!
posted by LaurenE :: 8 years ago | report
Vera Brooklyn would be very pretty (: or Emma Lauren x GL & Congrats
posted by xx mandii :: 8 years ago | report
Alright, Brooke has already said that she doesn’t want any more talk about religion on her poll, so we should respect that. Let’s just stick to names.

I really do LOVE Ariana Grace! I think it’s elegant, feminine, gorgeous, stunning, and would be perfect! Let me know if you like it!
posted by ~kristen~ :: 8 years ago | report
I’m trying to stop. :-) Brooke, Lydia Marie is the best name of the ones you like. Arianna Marie is second. I hope you name her Lydia Marie. God bless.

posted by Rachel :: 8 years ago | report
Anna Grace is pretty too (:

Emma Grace
Charlotte Marie
Natalie Kate
Aria Isabelle
Delaney Caroline
Mollie Caroline
Anna Kate
Hope Lauren
Noelle Cassidy
posted by xx mandii :: 8 years ago | report
Sorry, I didn’t see that you were keeping Marie! Arianna Marie is very beautiful! I would definately use it! Please make a poll announcing the arrival of your little angel! Good luck!
posted by ~kristen~ :: 8 years ago | report
I did get rid of Lydia Marie. I liked it, but can’t see myself naming her that lol. My list right now is Sophia, Arianna, Alice, Nyla, and Ava. I’m looking to add more though, just so I have a nice list to look over at the hospital.
posted by Brooke :: 8 years ago | report
Mandi- I really like Aria! That is going on my list, thanks so much!

I have a second cousin named Emma, so I can’t use that lol.
posted by Brooke :: 8 years ago | report
Elia Marie
Grace Marie
Cassie Marie
Elise Marie
Ayla Marie
Mary-Alice Marie
Nicole Marie
Auden Marie
Aubrey Marie
Kaelin Marin
Tess Marie
Eve Marie
Avery Marie
Helena (Hell-EE-nuh) Marie
Karli Marie
Talia Marie
posted by xx mandii :: 8 years ago | report
I don’t think Alice Marie sounds as good as a name ending in -a would with Marie. Just my opinion.


Any of those?
posted by LaurenE :: 8 years ago | report
Ayla Marie is beautiful!! I also like Audyn (spelled this way), and Aubrey!
posted by Brooke :: 8 years ago | report
Another reason not to give your age on this site.

Brooke-calm down, you have crazy hormones in you now...get used to that! You will see your baby and know a great name for her. Faith Adelyn is a nice name that your friend chose, but it is certainly not the best name or the only name out there. Surely you have an all time favorite name that you have loved for a long time....go with your gut and don’t second guess yourself.

Rachel-What you are displaying here is why people often do not receive the word of God well. You are stating your belief (albeit, beliefs I agree with) at an inopportune time, a time that will NOT get your point across. I understand that you are not ashamed, etc. to proclaim your faith, however, you are not accomplishing what you are intending to. Led by example, not by being overbearing.

Let’s all move on from this poll. Maybe Brooke can repost with the names she now likes.
posted by guest :: 8 years ago | report
Oooh, I like Olivia and Julianna!
posted by Brooke :: 8 years ago | report
I like Arianna best, Lydia jsut reminds me of beetlejuice lol, but a few my personal favorite names are Christiana, Ava, Jordan, Rachael, Gwendolyn,Grace, Eliana ay-lee-on-nuh, Karen and Olive
posted by zzz :: 8 years ago | report
I really like Eliana.

Guest- I’m not hormonal, sorry if it came off that way. I just didn’t like that Rachel was throwing my poll off topic, instead of baby names people were arguing about religion. I know it’s hard to tell someone’s tone over the internet, but I’m very happy today. :)
posted by Brooke :: 8 years ago | report
Okay, Brooke, if you would like some serious help discussing the pros and cons of your narrowed down name list, then I’d try for help. Just post in the Name Help section - it’s way more private.

Or, just see which name fits your daughter best when she is born. The best of luck to you and your baby girl! :)
posted by LaurenE :: 8 years ago | report
Thank you, Lauren! I really like Arianna and Sophia, but I think I’ll see what she looks like when she’s born.
posted by Brooke :: 8 years ago | report
Brooke, i don’t think you are hormonal because of your comments to Rachel (she is way out of line), I suggested that because of the things you indicated in your comments in the post, crying etc. The name will come. Repost, you’re poll is getting too far down.
posted by guest :: 8 years ago | report
out of what you’ve said you like i like Arianna and i really like Eliana, the others you like are nice too but they’re popular and people might think you haven’t really thought about it and you’re just naming her after a trend. but take the list with you and see what fits. it would be your worst nightmare if you chose a name and then it didn’t suit her! GL!
posted by guest :: 8 years ago | report
LaurenE, I just checked out that nameflower site & commented on your poll; it’s a cool sight, very neat (:
posted by xx mandii :: 8 years ago | report
Lol, yeah, I’m just SO frustrated with not finding a name that I’m ready to cry. I guess that would make me a little hormonal, but really just SUPER frustrated. I’m going to make a new poll now with some names that I like. :)
posted by Brooke :: 8 years ago | report
I think it would help if you put a new list for us to judge on. GL!!!!!!!
posted by guest :: 8 years ago | report
Hey Mandii, thanks for checking out the site, but I just looked at that, and I definitely didn’t post that poll! I’m not even having a baby! I don’t know who did, but they must have been impersonating my name (or maybe they have the same name?)...I don’t know, but it was really weird. If someone is impersonating me, they have great taste in names! I loved those names!
posted by LaurenE :: 8 years ago | report
Addison Marie (Addy)
Alya Marie
Ansley Marie
Taryn Marie
Grace Marie
Senna Marie
Harlow Marie
Shayla Marie

I do like Arianna Marie too... Good Luck!
posted by wynd :: 8 years ago | report
I think I might name my daughter Mikiya Marie...Do you like it?
posted by guest :: 8 years ago | report
mikayla marie
alissia marie
like any?
posted by guest :: 8 years ago | report

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