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Cute vs. uncommon vs. baby girl

hi we’re Megan and Tyler we are 17 and having our first baby Girl! We had a son last year Mox Tyler he is the love of our lives so now we have this precious little girl coming into our life! I’m due on September 15! We can’t wait! We like cute but uncommon. Thanks, Megan,Tyler, Mox

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Uncommon 100% (2 votes)
Baby girl 0% (0 votes)


You do know what causes babies, don’t you????
posted by guest :: 2009-07-27 17:52:15 | report
posted by guest :: 2009-07-27 17:54:41 | report
Leighla (lee-la)
Ciel (see-elle)

Do you like any? Congrats and best of luck!
posted by guest: Jacki :: 2009-07-27 17:56:30 | report
yes we do haha but my boyfriend has a good steady job and we are amancipated I got my Diplomia this year. It wasn’t east and am in college to be a dental hygentist
posted by guest: Megan Tyler and Mox :: 2009-07-27 17:58:59 | report
Okay--well good luck with that--maybe you should go to school a little longer, at least until you learn to spell--emancipated, diploma, easy, hygienist. I don’t even believe this poll is true.
posted by guest :: 2009-07-27 18:02:41 | report
rynna, ansley, zara. I was looking at earlier ones and I like Layla but mns. We like ones with t’s and m’s
posted by guest: meg ty and mox :: 2009-07-27 18:04:26 | report
posted by guest :: 2009-07-27 18:04:50 | report
I agree with the 5th poster.
posted by guest :: 2009-07-27 18:06:06 | report
Reade (reed)
Caetrin (kate trin)
Druinn (drew in)
Maeli (may lee)
posted by guest :: 2009-07-27 18:06:48 | report
posted by guest :: 2009-07-27 18:07:15 | report
please do not be rude I am on my Iphone it’s hard to do this! Me, Tyler, and my beautiful Mox and baby girl are very much real!!
posted by guest: meg ty mox :: 2009-07-27 18:07:51 | report
but wdyt of the other names?
posted by guest :: 2009-07-27 18:08:52 | report
how come?
posted by guest :: 2009-07-27 18:09:58 | report
maeli, Reagan, caetrin could you make mn combos please!
posted by guest: meg :: 2009-07-27 18:10:38 | report
how come what?
posted by guest :: 2009-07-27 18:10:57 | report
posted by guest :: 2009-07-27 18:11:12 | report
Hi, my name is Callie, I’m 17 and have a 2 year old little boy and am also pregnant again with a baby girl! I’ve been posting polls looking for names for my little girl too, I’m due in October. My son’s name is Blake Ryan (: Just wanted to say from one teen mom of 2 to another, best of luck!!!! :D

I like the names Anya, Lydia, Keira, and any?
posted by guest: Callie :: 2009-07-27 18:11:20 | report
Ansley Kendra is pretty
posted by guest: Jacki :: 2009-07-27 18:11:42 | report
How come you’re on your phone

Reagan Shay
Reagan Avery
Reagan Taylor
Reagan Michelle
posted by guest :: 2009-07-27 18:12:34 | report
posted by guest: Anna. :: 2009-07-27 18:15:26 | report
Caetrin Taylor
Caetrin Maeli*
Caetrin Molly
Caetrin Marissa
Caetrin Melissa
Caetrin Miley
Caetrin Maxine
Caetrin Carys
Caetrin Mercer
Caetrin Mercedes
Caetrin Mika
Caetrin Mila
Caetrin Matilda
Caetrin Tara
Caetrin Tiffany
I really like Caetrin with Mox btw your boys name is beautiful!
posted by guest :: 2009-07-27 18:15:42 | report
Thanks Callie, most people think it’s fake I don’t care about that I know I have a beautiful so mox and baby girl!
posted by guest: meg :: 2009-07-27 18:16:23 | report
This is so sad. All of the women out there who are heartbroken each time the lose a baby, or can’t even get pregnant, and now teenage girls are on here bragging about having their second and third babies! What is the point in posting your age, other than to start an argument?
posted by guest :: 2009-07-27 18:18:45 | report
thank you everyone in our family loved Mox but Tyler want his name so we got Mox Tyler!! Caetrin Alexandria wdyt?
posted by guest: meg :: 2009-07-27 18:19:23 | report
we like Caetrin Alexandria, Caetrin Taylor
posted by guest: meg :: 2009-07-27 18:21:32 | report
Love it! And I wish you the best of luck! I’m sorry that so many people doubt your story. I am also 17 (but am not pregnant and have no kids). I hope your daughter and son grow up to love their beautiful and unique names. And who is to say she is bragging?!
posted by guest :: 2009-07-27 18:21:51 | report
I think it looks like something a bored teenager would come up with in a fake poll.
posted by guest :: 2009-07-27 18:22:12 | report
I posted my age because it is something the poster and I have in common. Honestly I’m sick of hearing how us teenagers should feel awful because there are families out there who cannot have babies. It might seem harsh, but that is not our fault. Yes, I’m 17 and will have two children come October, but I’m graduated from High School, work full time, will be starting online classes to get my CNA (and eventually become an RN) in the fall, and live on my own. Please, worry about your own business before you worry about ours.

Meg- I love Caetrin Alexandria but I would spell it Caitrynn (:
posted by guest: Callie :: 2009-07-27 18:22:32 | report
go with Taylor as it is close to Tyler and your daughter will have a connection to her daddy and brother.
posted by guest :: 2009-07-27 18:22:57 | report
Kaitryn/Kaitrynn is even better, actually (:
posted by guest: Callie :: 2009-07-27 18:23:44 | report
How abotu the name Farrah?
posted by guest :: 2009-07-27 18:25:21 | report
Whatever. Any person who posts their age (which is usually only teenagers) is bragging. What other point would they have? No, it isn’t your fault other women can’t have children, but there is no reason to rub it in their faces that you are so young and careless that you got pregnant. It is really starting to get annoying!!
posted by guest :: 2009-07-27 18:26:21 | report
we like the Caetrin spelling it’s unique we are also 17 and have and son cayden
posted by guest: matt and haylee :: 2009-07-27 18:27:12 | report
posted by guest: hannah :: 2009-07-27 18:28:48 | report
Farrah is Beautiful I like Caetrin alexandria Taylor wdyt meg?
posted by guest :: 2009-07-27 18:30:03 | report
it’s too long I really Caetrin Alexandria. We like Farrah we will save it for our next baby girl! Do you guys think it’s ok?
posted by guest: meg :: 2009-07-27 18:32:35 | report
When is she coming, next year? Keep it up and you will have grandchildren by the time you are 30, especially if your kids turn out to be like you!
posted by guest :: 2009-07-27 18:33:44 | report
Go with Farrah Taylor, it’s better then Caetrin Alexandria IMO
posted by guest :: 2009-07-27 18:34:38 | report
Life sure goes by fast....first you’re in high school, then having fun in college, dating, and meeting your futrue hubby or wife, getting that first apartment, living on baloney sandwiches, finding that terrific job, buying your first house, making new friends, and starting a family. Oohhh the memories....I wish you all the best of luck, and for the other teens, please take your time to enjoy all that life has to offer, so that when you start a family, you are ready in everyway possible.
posted by guest :: 2009-07-27 18:35:42 | report
Love it, last poster! I wish these teenagers who are out sleeping with whomever, whenever would realize that raising children isn’t the walk in the park that they act like it is! They seem to think it is so easy. Of course, when America is paying for your children, you can have as many as you want, as early as you want. I just don’t believe they are as well to do as they say they are!
posted by guest :: 2009-07-27 18:37:45 | report
I was a teen too when my husband and I got married. That was 17 years ago, and we have one of the best marriages out there. And our kids our terrific too, and we’re doing good for ourselves. I just wanted to post this because I know first hand just how rude people can be. I have a SIL who loves to make comments all the time which put me down, mainly that she thinks she was the smart one because she went and got her Master’s degree in biology before starting a family. That’s great for some people, but having a family young gets a bad rap. It doesn’t always turn out to be a bad thing. We’re glad we had our kids young and have no regrets. I worked out okay for us and it can for you too. But you just have to learn to ignore some people with such rude comments. They are usually just unhappy with their own life and like to put others down to make their selves feel good - that’s what I finally realized with my SIL.

Anyways, GL!!!
posted by guest :: 2009-07-27 18:37:51 | report
I will have you to know that I am very happy with my life, and am not putting her down. I am telling her the truth, and I don’t care if she wants to hear it or not.
posted by guest :: 2009-07-27 18:43:57 | report
I am getting tired too of the teens coming on here bragging about being pregnant. Why is it necessary to state your age? I don’t start of by saying, "Hi, I’m 35 and I need a name for my baby girl." The only reason to state your age as a teen is to get a rise out of people. Just say you need a name for your baby.
posted by guest :: 2009-07-27 18:47:50 | report
well that woman is right you are trying to put us down making fun of my spelling, saying I’m fake, a bragged, I have only slept with one man Tyler!! Also as long as our kids have food drink love a good home it’s ok and my mox is a happy little boy!
posted by guest: meg :: 2009-07-27 18:57:09 | report
I actually did just post a poll asking for names, I didn’t post my age whatsoever, and some poster from this poll came in and asked me why I didn’t post my age in my poll like I did on here. First you tell teens NOT to post their age then you tell them that they SHOULD? Uhhhhhhhh...

Again, to clear up any confusion the only reason I posted my age in here was because the poster and I are in the same situation. No other reason, I’m not "bragging" about being a teen mom, period.
posted by guest: Callie :: 2009-07-27 18:58:23 | report
You know, maybe having kids young worked out for some people, but it doesn’t work out for everyone, a lot of marriges don’t. But I think it does a disservice to everyone to make others believe that having kids young is a fairly tale. Maybe others on hear are "rude" because they know better about life’s challenges. The economy is bad, jobs are isn’t easy for many, many people...young and old....please don’t disrespect others by minimizing the hardships of young parenthood. You never know who is on this site and how impresionable they might parents, you are now role models (to more than just your own kids)....never forget that.
posted by guest :: 2009-07-27 19:01:26 | report
Actually, for the longest time, the teens posted that they were just pregnant. Now everyone that has posted is a teen who already has another child..Seesh! I guess they don’t know how hard it is to have 2 little ones running around!
posted by guest :: 2009-07-27 19:11:58 | report
Actually, we obviously do know how hard it will be to have 2 little ones running around. There is nothing either of us can do about it now. I do not see why you all think you can judge teen moms, and make assumptions about teen moms without knowing them. How do you know how well the kids are taken care of? You don’t. This is not a debate site, this is a baby name site, and reguardless of the mother’s age everyone should help everyone. We’re all in the same boat.
posted by guest: Callie :: 2009-07-27 19:17:55 | report
I have to agree..some of the posters were rude, but some where trying to be helpful...yet you totally ignored those comments, as if you didn’t care.

Trust me, as a teacher....there are so many things "I can tell."
posted by guest :: 2009-07-27 19:21:40 | report
"Okay--well good luck with that--maybe you should go to school a little longer, at least until you learn to spell--emancipated, diploma, easy, hygienist. I donít even believe this poll is true."

That comment was totally uncalled for. How do you know the poster isn’t dyslexic, or doesn’t have a learning disablitity. Just because they can’t spell great doesn’t mean they’re under-educated, or that they can’t be a great parent.!!!!!
posted by guest :: 2009-07-27 20:11:16 | report
getting back on topic... I love Caetrin Alexandria! Beautiful!! As is Mox Tyler! Good luck and don’t let someone knock you down for starting a family as early as you did. I mean, in the 1600s, you would been married and had children at 13 so I’d say you waited a while.
posted by guest :: 2009-07-27 22:24:36 | report
thank you so much we are going with caetrin Alexandria!!!!
posted by guest: Megan :: 2009-07-28 07:42:12 | report
I think it is HILARIOUS that you say you have only slept with one MAN!!! He was only 16 when your son was born! That is NOT a man!!!!!
posted by guest :: 2009-07-28 09:57:34 | report
move on if you’re gonna be rude!!
posted by guest: Megan :: 2009-07-28 17:15:34 | report
Just because you are younger doesn’t mean you won’t be a good parent. Age has nothing to do with it.

I have seen plenty of bad older mothers and plenty of bad young mothers.

It all depends on the person & the maturity level.
posted by guest :: 2009-08-05 20:38:10 | report

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