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I always really disliked over the top weird baby names. I’d have quite a time wondering what on earth celebrities were thinking. Pilot Inspector? Audio Science? Apple and Moses? However, my husband loves it. He just wants one child with a name he likes and he promised he’ll never bother with it again. I said it was okay as long as he ran it past me first. So we were looking through a baby name book, looking as food names for baby names after reminding him about Apple Martin...So we found Apple, Cherry, Celery, Plum, and others...but there was one (to my surprise) that I actually liked. Lemon. Yes, i know it’s weird, but I just fell in love with the name. Not long after that we found out we were having a girl and we kept calling her Lemon, but then my sister found out and as much as she liked it, when she told my mom, everyone kept calling and wondering what on earth we were thinking. And I did say that he could have one name he liked and I actually like it, too, but...what do you think? Because I have no idea what to do. I know you must think we’re insane, but I’m really just looking for an opinion on Lemon. Thanks. Emily & Steven.

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Poll created: Jul 20, 2007
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i dont see why...its not as if its bad then all these names celebrities call their kids for example..Summer Song,Fifi-trixibelle,Scout,Clementine,Dusty Rainn,Moon Unit

if you like it use it i think its quite cute!
posted by guest :: 10 years ago | report
I think weird baby names are sort of annoying, but if the name has something to do with you and your husband that’s okay. Like, John Travolta has a son named Jett. Odd name, but John Travolta LOVES airplanes & has his own plane/pilot’s license. Gwyneth Paltrow said of naming her daughter Apple: "It sounded so sweet and it conjured such a lovely picture for me you know, apples are so sweet and they’re wholesome and it’s biblical and I just thought it sounded so lovely and...clean! And I just thought, "Perfect!" Moses is also a biblical name. So they have a theme & it works for them. Do you like lemons? Are you partial to lemonade? If not, then what are your hobbies? What do you love to do as a couple? Any passions like music or art? Get creative - this is your kid & their name for LIFE. I veto Lemon unless you have a good reason.
posted by guest :: 10 years ago | report
Thank you. I really want to use it!
posted by emily :: 10 years ago | report
I do love favorite fruit and I’ve been craving them more since being pregnant...this is hard...
posted by Emily :: 10 years ago | report
I see the appeal of the name. The only thing negative I can think of is if someone buys something and it breaks down, they always say...I bought a lemon...
posted by guest :: 10 years ago | report
I think it’s sweet...then again, no one really liked my names (Pepper, Basil, Berry, and now...Ginger Poppy!) But it is cute. Makes me think of summer and lemonade and fresh, good, bright things...Go for it!
posted by Julia :: 10 years ago | report
Just don’t make her/his middle name Ada or Jello.
posted by guest :: 10 years ago | report
That wasn’t my plan. LOL. Thanks.
posted by Emily :: 10 years ago | report
If it were me I wouldn’t do it but its not and I think if you want to name your child LEMON then do it! Please think about what grief the child may indure from a name like that tho. I sometimes think that parents can be a little selfish in naming children weird names that they might like at the time but their children will hate or get ridiculed over.
posted by mm :: 10 years ago | report
Why not just call her Cherry Blossom or Apple Blossom or Strawberry Twist.
posted by guest :: 10 years ago | report
I think as long as you give her a more common middle name you should go for it. If she gets older and really doesn’t like her first name she can always start going by her middle name-gives her a choice.
posted by Kasi :: 10 years ago | report
Why not let Lemmon be the middle name. Your baby still can have it and she will not be made fun off.
posted by Abigail :: 10 years ago | report
posted by CLAIRE :: 10 years ago | report
It is your child, but think about what it will be like when the child is called for the first time in every grade...Lemon Martin? Think about the playground, I think a different name is fine, but it just makes things harder for the child. Can you use it as the middle name and then call her it? She is your child and you should feel free to call her what ever you want!
posted by jead619 :: 10 years ago | report
i think it is super cute!
posted by Tyler & Jessica :: 10 years ago | report
I like the name as long as it has a normal middle name to go with it then it seems more like a name and less like a fruit. So whatever you do don’t name her Lemon Lime.

Lemon Marie
Lemon Grace
posted by Sam :: 10 years ago | report
Steven and I like Lemon Charlotte Jennings. Is that good?
posted by Emily :: 10 years ago | report
Lemon Charlotte Jennings. I like it! Go for it :o)
posted by guest :: 10 years ago | report
I like Charlotte Lemon Jennings :) I think that flows a bit better AND can save her from being made fun of in school. We spend 13+ years in school and kids can be SO harsh and I don’t think ANYONE wants their child to be tormented day in and day out at school ya know?
P.S. My nephew is named Milo Lemon Rocket (withholding last name)
posted by nn :: 10 years ago | report
I LOVE the name Lemon Charlotte Jennings!!!
posted by Alice :: 10 years ago | report
go 4 it!
posted by izi :: 10 years ago | report
NO! celebrities can do it cause they are famous but not normal people! think of how growing up would have been for you if YOU were named Lemon. please don’t do this.
posted by guest :: 10 years ago | report
Celebrities shouldn’t do it either. I’d make fun of Apple whether or not she was Gwen Paltrow’s daughter. Or Pilot or Audio...
posted by :( :: 10 years ago | report
I love Lemon!!!
posted by haley :: 10 years ago | report
posted by guest :: 10 years ago | report
u r dumb
posted by brook :: 10 years ago | report
Leave her alone! Lemon Charlotte is adorable!
posted by guest :: 10 years ago | report
Why not orange or grape? Also good flavors.
posted by guest :: 10 years ago | report
Apple and Lemon are great names! I saw someone with a poll with the name, Plum, also a good choice.
posted by Grace :: 10 years ago | report
posted by guest :: 10 years ago | report
I like Lemon. Lemons, lemonade, lemon flavored snow cones...
posted by Susie :: 10 years ago | report
I’d appreciate if people didn’t call me dumb. I just really like the name. Lemon is better than Emily, at least in my opinon. Too many Emilys, not enough Lemons.
posted by Emily :: 10 years ago | report
I named my daughter Apple...Lemon’s perfectly good, too.
posted by zoe :: 10 years ago | report
i think lemon apple cherry is a good name. you’d have a fruit basket for a daughter.
posted by guest :: 10 years ago | report
Don’t listen to them! I love Lemon! Go for it! If anyone is actually going to make fun of someone, they’ll find any reason to do so. From names to hair to the gum you chew. Some people are just dumb.
posted by Lily :: 10 years ago | report
I think you’d find a good compromise if you named her Charlotte Lemon. You still retain the originality of using the name ’Lemon’, and you and your husband both like it, but it will allow your daughter to have a more ’professional’ sounding name (if she chooses) when she gets older.
posted by guest :: 10 years ago | report
I also agree with using Lemon as a middle name. Unless you have the status of a star, it just isn’t cute amongst the common folks. She will forever be taunted with names like "Lemonade" "Lemon Meringue" etc.
posted by guest :: 10 years ago | report
posted by Lisa :: 10 years ago | report
posted by Lisa :: 10 years ago | report
I think you should use it. It’s cute.
posted by abby :: 10 years ago | report
posted by guest :: 10 years ago | report
That was just uncalled for.
posted by Emily :: 10 years ago | report
I like Lemon better than Charlotte.
posted by tessa :: 10 years ago | report
i like it. i know that kids willl come up with dumb jokes...but they are dumb jokes. kids can pick on anyone for any reason.
posted by anna :: 10 years ago | report
My neice’s name is Lemon. I like it.
posted by kellie :: 10 years ago | report
I used to know a girl named Keyshona who was best friends with girls named LaWanda and Latoya....since Lemon is much better than those, I say go for it!!!
posted by Nicki :: 10 years ago | report
I would name her lemon but give her a common middle name. That way she has a choice. You don’t want her to hate you the rest of your life. Go for i though!
posted by guest :: 10 years ago | report
I think Lemon is nice...I prefer it to Peach or Pear or Plum!

P.S. I know you’ve probably had the baby already, I’m just in an advice giving mood! Congrats either way!
posted by Sophia :: 10 years ago | report
I want to name one of my kids lemon too
posted by guest :: 5 years ago | report

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