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Maddyn vs. Yes vs. No

I have always loved this name for a little girl. What are your thoughts? Her middle name would either be Claire or Grace. Thank you for your help!

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Poll created: Mar 19, 2010
Total Votes: 20


Here we go again with the clearly boys names on girls.
posted by guest :: 8 years ago | report
EXACTLY! LEAVE BOYS NAMES TO LITTLE BOYS! Why not just name her Tom, Dick, or Harry?!!
posted by guest :: 8 years ago | report
No actually its not! My younger sister was killed by a drunk driver when she was 19 and her name was Madison. Our family has always thought that Maddyn would be a cute alternative to honor Madison! So you need to know the story before you judge a poster. Not EVERY poll is fake on this site! Some people are truly here for help.
posted by poll poster :: 8 years ago | report
Madlyn is cute!
posted by guest :: 8 years ago | report
Who said fake?! No one said fake - quit jumping to conclusion. We said it’s a boys name!! And IT IS! So sorry to hear about your loss but that story doesn’t change the fact!
posted by guest :: 8 years ago | report
I like Madalyn better
posted by guest :: 8 years ago | report
That is the name that I was going to use with my first child but he was a boy and then my cousin named her daughter Madelyn Elyse shortly after, so now that I am having my last child and only girl my mom thought of Maddyn!
posted by Poll Poster :: 8 years ago | report
IMO, if you don’t want the honest opinion of others, want everything sugar coated, don’t come to a public site and ask for opinions. Agree - Madlyn or Maddy is girly, Maddyn/Madden is a boys name.
posted by guest :: 8 years ago | report
Frustrations again! Get over it-girls will sometimes have boy names! Its called unisex.
posted by guest :: 8 years ago | report
Who said it was fake? Madison (Madeline, Maddie, Madelyn) Madden is a boy name. And the story doesnt change my mind its a boy name sorry. Spelling is with a y does not make it girly. babynamesworld .com Madden Boy Gaelic: Descendent of the hound. The Madden’s were an indian tribe in Maine. I have got to see this uni-sex name site that people are pulling these names from.
posted by guest :: 8 years ago | report
Its absurd is what it is. Why on earth would you want to give a girl a boys name and vice versa?
posted by guest :: 8 years ago | report
I will fight about this one. Boys take girl names too!!!!!


People are just so used to it. And the girls are just starting to take the boy. The boys took them long ago and now it’s the girls turn. Sorry life is not fair. Girls are just so equal to boys.
posted by guest :: 8 years ago | report
Baby name guesser. com says that Based on popular usage, it is 2.426 times more common for Madden to be a girl’s name than a boys. Sorry PP it goes both ways!
posted by guest :: 8 years ago | report
We are all created equal including names!
posted by guest :: 8 years ago | report
My kids are all Unisex even my boys are.Cause boys take girls names too.
posted by guest :: 8 years ago | report
I don’t care who started taking opposite sex names first, it’s ignorant IMO. You think a little girl wants to have the same name as a little boy in her class? Come on people. And I don’t think a little boy wants to share his name with a girl either. Equality being what it is - should not affect a childs name.
posted by guest :: 8 years ago | report
Uni-sex is names that fit on boys and girls not boy that people insist of stealing away from the right gender to please themselves and give the child a life time of frustrations. YOu want uni-sex here you go.


I’ll find more for you.

give madden a girly twist like the names Austine from Austin, Justine from Justine. Madine (May-deen nn Maddy) there pretty,unique, girl name honors sister.
posted by guest :: 8 years ago | report
Wow, I am so sorry that I started this "discussion" I was honestly just asking opinions on a name! I don’t think that Maddyn would be awful on a girl not all girls have to have frilly, girly, ultra feminine names like Delilah, and Lily. All people are different.
posted by Poll Poster :: 8 years ago | report
When are kids get married many are going to guess if they are a [removed] couple when reading the annoucment in the paper because Ryan and Avery sound like boys to me. It’s a shame.
posted by guest :: 8 years ago | report
If you like the name use it and ignore the negative people.
posted by guest :: 8 years ago | report
Cameron Kamryn
Jessie Jesse
Jaden Jayden
Alexander Alexandra

Ya I get the point!
posted by guest :: 8 years ago | report
Couldn’t agree more about the wedding announcements, etc. And not being frilly is one thing, being masculine is another.
posted by guest :: 8 years ago | report
Yes but a girl desereves a girl name. THere are girl names that aren’t girly.


these names are not frilly and allow a person to be tomboy I am one of those names and trust me I know. Be different but don’t make her stand out from earth to the moon. There’s a difference of standing out and just being plain silly.
posted by guest :: 8 years ago | report
Not on a girl.
posted by guest :: 8 years ago | report
I am pregnant I am naming my daughter Charlie. Also my cousin is pregnant with a boy and she is naming him Charlie. Silly Cute and A lil’ Funny
posted by guest :: 8 years ago | report
Aaron Erin
Cameron/Camryn Kamryn/Kameron
Casey Kaci
Chris Kris
posted by guest :: 8 years ago | report
I like how you spelled it. But it sounds like madden (I’m not sure if that’s how you want it pronounced). the famous sports caster. or just "to madden" as in to make angry.
posted by guest :: 8 years ago | report
At least your not using Alexander. THat’s sad a girl and a boy charlie in the same family. Where did the world go wrong? People and their selfish likings.
posted by guest :: 8 years ago | report
Like one of the other posters, who cares as long as you like the name.
posted by guest :: 8 years ago | report
Even though I got very little help. Thank you all for your opinions. Thanks to ones that did help me.
posted by Poll Poster :: 8 years ago | report
you got help from everyone you just choose to not except it. LIke someone else said you come to the public and expect everyone to sugar coat this for you. No way your getting a taste of the real world deal with it.
posted by guest :: 8 years ago | report
Yes, you wanted opinions and you got them - they just weren’t the opinions that you wanted. I still think it was helpful. You will either take our advice or not - whatever the case, you were given opinions.
posted by guest :: 8 years ago | report
I would like it a teensy bit more if it was spelled Madden or Maddan. It kind of reminds me of someone getting mad though.
posted by guest :: 8 years ago | report
Im sure you can deal with it! They cant.
posted by guest :: 8 years ago | report
I like it. It also has a great meaning to you and your family. Maddyn Grace is so ADORABLE!! There are alot of ppl on this site who hate unisex names. (not really sure why) I on the other hand love them.
posted by guest :: 8 years ago | report
The name has teh word Mad in it and it sounds like to madden. YOu want your child to sound mad? Not a fan of any Mad names and don’t support them for that reason boy or girl.
posted by guest :: 8 years ago | report
I don’t mind unisex names on girls as long as they are not too masculine.
Equality will never happen, women give birth, men don’t. LOL!
Maddyn (love the look not pronunciation).GL!
posted by guest :: 8 years ago | report
how about addison? its still a tribute to your sister but a little different
posted by guest :: 8 years ago | report
What is ignorant ppl is intolerance and bashing others for not having the same tastes/styles/opinions as you do. "Unisex" names are nothing more than BOY names that become popular as girl names and eventually ppl stop using it for a boy for fear it is too feminine. This has been happening for years. Think Robin/Tracy/Stacey.

There is a way to give your honest opinion without sarcasm and bashing, ppl.

I’m betting some of these bashers have boys named Riley or Bailey or Taylor and that’s why they’re so [removed]ed, lol!!!
posted by guest :: 8 years ago | report
Actually I don’t have any children with uni-sex names. It’s okay to have different styles, tastes ext but when you lose your common sense its sort of like being drunk and you forget the reality of things.
posted by guest :: 8 years ago | report
Well, yes, I can imagine a parent who chose the name Riley for their son was rightfully annoyed when parents started giving the name to their daughters. I know many names have shifted from being boys names to girls names, but if all names do that, what will parents name their little boys? It’s worse for a boy to have the same name as girls in his class (teasing-wise).

Poster, I’m sorry for your loss and I think it’s great that you want to honour your sister, but if you didn’t use Madden before because there’s a Madelyn in your family, then why would it be any different now? No one wants duplicate, matching or rhyming names in a family. Besides that, there are many other names you could use for your daughter that would sound good on a girl, even when she grows up. Have you considered giving her Madden or Madison as her middle name as a tribute, but giving her a name that she can grow up with as a first name? Or just naming her Maddy, if that’s what you want to honour?
posted by guest :: 8 years ago | report
I think Maddyn Claire is a good name. Who cares if Maddyn can be a boys name aswell. Its called unisex.
posted by guest :: 8 years ago | report
It’s called a boys name that people call unisex so they can use it on a girl. You must also realize that MadiSON is a boys name (son of Matthew).

Poster, have you considered Addison, Adeline or Adelaide with the nickname Addie? Or perhaps Matilda nn Mattie? Matilda is a feminine form of Matthew, which is part of the meaning of Madison. I have also met a woman named just Mattie, which suits her well. Mattie sounds just like Maddy, which would be her nickname, correct? But it will never be mistaken as a boys name. Problem solved, for many posters :).
posted by Jen :: 8 years ago | report
Most of the names people say are unisex, are not.

Honestly, I can see a little girl with the name Madden/Maddyn, I like it better on a boy though.

If you go with Maddyn, I like Maddyn Claire. GL!
posted by guest :: 8 years ago | report
Yes! Matilda nn Mattie! Why did I not think of that! I think it’s perfect. And it means "mighty in battle" which is a great meaning!
posted by guest :: 8 years ago | report
I think Maddyn Claire is a wonderful name for a girl! She’d probably be called Maddie, but that’s really cute.
posted by landed521 :: 8 years ago | report
Just had to add, I named my daughter Maddyn. I liked Madelyn and my hubby liked Madison. We met another Maddyn and it was the perfect compromise. Her mn is Elizabeth. It fits her perfectly. And she has an older sister named Emerson, so I’m definitely on the side of unisex names.
posted by guest :: 7 years ago | report
I named my daughter Maddyn Grace. I think its a beautiful name and it is not very common - which I like. We call her Maddy for short...
posted by Guest :: 7 years ago | report
I love the name Maddyn. I should since it is what my husband and I named our daughter almost 3 years ago when she was welcomed to the world. I have never heard of it before and thought it was quite original. I did find it in one baby name book since. We call her Maddyn..not Maddy. Just a personal preference. I like Maddyn and there are a lot of Maddys in the world who typically short for Madison or Madaline....which she is not. The are both pretty names but I wanted her to be called by her uniques name of Maddyn. And it just suits her. Also, since I have had her I have only gotten compliments on her name. No one has made any comments about it sounding boyish (maybe they were thinkig it but just never said..who knows and who cares). ALso, the day she was born, word got out that there was a "Maddyn" that arrived. A nurse from a different area in the hospital specifically came down to see her since she herself had a 4 year old GIRL named Maddyn. (Spelled Maddin ..I think that is how she told me she spelled it). There was another girl on a message board that I posted on a little bit on who annouced she had a baby girl named Maddyn as well. So seems to me that it is more popular for a girl than a boy. My daughter’s middle name is Kathleen ( my name) and my middle name is Grace (my mom’s name) ..I like Grace for the middle name . ;) Name your baby whatever you like...she is your daughter and everyone will love her no matter what her name is!!
posted by Kathy :: 7 years ago | report
I have a daughter named Maddyn Sarah. I love her name!!! I also have a daughter named Addisyn. I love her name too! We also do not use Addy or Maddy. There is no reason a girl can’t have a either of these names. I have never met or heard of another Maddyn until I googled it and found that there were a few out there. =) What a wonderful way to honor your sister at the same time being able to give your child her own identity. I really hope that you did pick the name Maddyn. That way is one more of us out there.
posted by MaddynsMom :: 6 years ago | report
wow never read so much anger about baby names.. crazy, get a life!
posted by guest :: 4 years ago | report
I am naming my daughter Maddyn Aurora Genevieve. My name is Devan Taylor and I grew up with a "boy’s" name perfectly fine, and people love my name. I don’t care if it’s supposed to be a boy’s name, it’s pretty without as many syllables as Madalyn or Madison. I think there are too many hormones on here. XD
posted by Devan :: 4 years ago | report
Named my daughter Madyn, too. Get over all the issues with unisex names. As far as a girl not wanting to have the same name as boys in her school- true we’ve met two other Madden’s who were both boys, but she’s more excited to meet someone with the same name than she cares about gender (she’s in 1st grade). It’s not as though unisex names are taboo in our country. Btw, she still loves pink, ballet, barbies and all things "girl"
posted by Madyn’s mom :: 4 years ago | report
My name is a M last name and I wanted my daughter to have a M last name as her first. Sort of like a JR. thing. I was deciding between Maddyn and Makenna. I choose Maddyn. She has a unique name and we love it. I hope you named her Maddyn :)
posted by momofamaddyn :: 4 years ago | report
I named my daughter Maddyn! My other 2 are Morgan & Austin, and wanted a vowel n as last 2 letters. And big sis insisted on m name so she could wear her hand me downs & they could match with monogram clothes. We love the nick name Maddy but Madison was way too popular and not a fan of Madelyn. I saw madden when looking thru baby names and immediately fell in love I knew right then that was my daughters name before I was even verified she was a she! We changed spelling to a y, to make more girly & so nickname Maddy would work! We chose Maddyn Elizabeth Lane. I think it’s so beautifully elegant. Elizabeth is family name. We call her Maddyn, Maddy, Or Maddy Beth. When she gets older she can choose what she goes by! We call my older daughter Moe, as she is 8 now She goes by Morgan more. But when I was pregnant my hubby said I think it will be funny when she is older and I talk about Moe and in walks in a tall, beautiful long hair brunette, and mouths drop! Lol! Same goes for Maddyn. I do hate when I tell people her name and they say I like Madelyn. I have to correct, but everyone thinks her name is beautiful & unique, just like her! So regardless of your opinion, I wouldn’t change her name for anything! Go with the name you love, forget everyone’s opinion, let them name their child them self, they’ll be the one who has the child in class that has 3 others with the same name.
posted by Sam :: 3 years ago | report
And to clarify.. On

Maddyn is a girls name, origin Hindi meaning Cupid..

Just because you haven’t seen it doesn’t mean it doesn’t exist..

And for all you negative NAncys, go comment on baby names like Apple or North! Oh wait those are ok and completely normal & acceptable because celebrities chose them! But when someone likes a name; that is when spelled differently can also be used as a boys name, you go all defensive? Why is your name Richard & people call you Dick? Lol.. My name is Samantha, and people call me Sam, and I’m 5’9 128 lbs long brown hair & blue eyes.. I’m not mistaken as a boy! So get the freak over it!
posted by Sam :: 3 years ago | report
My daughter is naming her second daughter Maddyn (Maddy) and it’s great with me! It’s got an Irish meaning in one interpretation. I actually think it’s a sissy name for a boy!!!
posted by Happy Nana :: 2 years ago | report
My daughters name is Maddyn and everyone loves it, we have never met another Maddyn.
posted by KOKO. :: 2 years ago | report
My daughter's name is Maddyn and most people compliment her on her name.
posted by Mom of 2 :: 3 weeks ago | report

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