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We need soooo vs. much help!

When we gave names to our first three children that started with the letter L, we never thought that we would be having our 4th and 5th children! We are all out of L names that we like, cause we were only going to have three children, but these twins were a big surprise. Our other children are named Lucia Abigail, Lauren Elizabeth, and Liam Christopher. Any ideas? The twins are girls by the way and we don’t like Leah, Lily, Lillian, or Laura...Thanks-Michael, Victoria, Lucy, Lauren, Liam, and the twins

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We Need Soooo


Much Help!


Poll created: Oct 14, 2007
Total Votes: 4


Lainey Jane
Lorelei (not from gilmore girls) Jayden
posted by guest :: 10 years ago | report
Lexi or Lexington

I love L names...good luck, let us know what u choose.
posted by =) :: 10 years ago | report
What about the name Lydia, Liliana, Lacy, Larrissa. Just some thoughts!
posted by guest :: 10 years ago | report
Lacey Lachel Lainey Lal Lale Lameko Lana Lanalia Lane Lani Lanli Laquoiya Lara Larah Laraine Laree Larisa Larissa Larnee Larni Larrah Latara Latisha Latishya Laudy Laura Laura-Ann Laureen Laurel Laurelle Lauren Laurene Lauretta Lauri Laurice Laurie Laurie-Ann Lauryn Lawa Lawrian Layla Layne Lea Leah Leah Leana Leanda Leanna Leanne Lee Lee Cho Leeanne Leela Lee-Marie Leesa Leeza Leia Leigh Leigha Leighanna Leighanne Leila Leilani Leisa Leisha Leith Leiticia Leitu Lena Lenor Lenore Leona Leone Leonie Leonora Lesina Lesley Lesley-Ann Leslie Leticia Letitia Letiticia Lexi Lexia Lexie Lexine Lexy Leyla Lia Lian Liana Liani Lianna Libbi Libby Libi Lidia Lien Lierre Liesel Ligia Lil Lila Lili Lilia Lilian Liling Lilith Lillee Lilli Lillian Lillianna Lillie Lilly Lily Lilz Lin Lina Linda Lindall Lindsay Lindsey Lindy Lindz Linet Lini Linley Linnea Linsey Linzy Liping Lira Lis Lisa Lisa-Mae Lise Liselotte Lisie Liss Lissa Litonya Livie Livvie Livvy Livy Liyana Liz Liza Lizzie Lizzy Llani Llianne Lluwannee Lochani Lodema Lois Lola Lolita Lolly Loni Loo Lora Loraine Loredana Loree Loreen Lorelli Loren Lorena Loret Loretta Lori Lorin Lorna Lorraine Lorretta Lorrie Loryn Lottie Lou Loucifa Loudi Louisa Louise Lovina Lozz Luana Luci Lucia Lucie Lucille Lucinda Lucy Lucynka Luisa Lulu Luna Lya Lydene Lydia Lylia Lyma Lyn Lynda Lyndal Lyndell Lyndelle Lyndon Lyndsay Lyndsey Lynell Lynette Lynley Lynn Lynne Lyric Lyris Lysanne Lyvia

....from one of my fave baby-girl name sites.. GL and congratz!
posted by s.r. :: 10 years ago | report
What about giving the twins their own letter. Like M since it comes right after L.
Maggie and Malory!
posted by guest :: 10 years ago | report
Lydia, Louise, Layla, Lainey, Lola, Liza, Leigh
posted by kristen :: 10 years ago | report
I love Liliana, Layla, Lola, Lydia, Lena and Lyla.
posted by guest :: 10 years ago | report
Lindsey and Leslie
posted by Sophia :: 10 years ago | report
Here are some of my favorites:
Laney, Lisette, Lennea, Lydia

I would agree that it would be the PERFECT time to pick a new letter, one just for the twins!!
posted by guest :: 10 years ago | report
Layla and Leana or Leanna
posted by guest :: 10 years ago | report
i like
posted by guest :: 10 years ago | report
Since they are twins you could always go with a new letter. I wouldn’t limit myself to just L’s if I were you.
posted by guest :: 10 years ago | report
Pick a different letter. If it was going to be just one then I would say go with an L again, but there are two of them. You could also go with an M and a V for Michael and Victoria. That way, you would have 2M’s, 2V’s, and 3L’s.
posted by guest :: 10 years ago | report
DON’T GET HUNG UP ON THE LETTER L. Pick names that you love, who cares about what letter they start with. It seems juvenile to me.
posted by guest :: 10 years ago | report
I agree...give them their own letter.
posted by guest :: 10 years ago | report
Louisa and Lori
posted by kisser :: 10 years ago | report
Lara (La-ra)
Dont give them a new letter
posted by Rea :: 10 years ago | report
posted by idk :: 10 years ago | report
posted by guest :: 10 years ago | report

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