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Baby vs. Gentry

Hello baby namers. My husband and I have fallen for the name Gentry, yes we know it may sound boyish but we love the name and plan to use it either way. We now need middle names. If baby Gentry is a boy we want a name that sounds strong and masculine. If she is a girl we want a very soft and girly middle name to balance out the name Gentry. So what middle names sound with Gentry? Thank you, Autry and Whit

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Poll created: Mar 31, 2011
Total Votes: 6


Gentry Thomas
Gentry Noelle
posted by guest :: 7 years ago | report
never heard of this name before. But i like that.
Gentry Parker
Gentry Leighton
Gentry Collin
Gentry Noel
Gentry Elijah

Gentry Sophia
Gentry Olive
Gentry Ainsley
Gentry Willow
Gentry Eliza
Gentry Charlotte
Gentry Adaline
Gentry Matilda
Gentry Violet
Gentry Vivienne

hope that helps. Goodluck!
posted by Becca :: 7 years ago | report
Well, Gentry definitely does NOT sound like a boys name! Its very feminine sounding IMO and I would NOT name a boy this!
posted by guest :: 7 years ago | report
I have only ever heard Gentry as a girls name. Cant really picture it on a boy.

Gentry Elizabeth
Gentry Olivia
posted by guest :: 7 years ago | report
I have only ever heard Gentry as a girls name. Cant really picture it on a boy.

Gentry Elizabeth
Gentry Olivia
posted by guest :: 7 years ago | report
Gentry Alexander
Gentry Michael
Gentry Mason
Gentry Benjamin
Gentry Maxwell
Gentry Davis
Gentry Levi
Gentry Harrison

Gentry Colleen
Gentry Alexa
Gentry Elaine
Gentry Caroline
Gentry Margaret
Gentry Rebecca
Gentry Savannah

PS - I have a friend named Gentry, a girl. I think it works well for boys or girls. GL!
posted by guest :: 7 years ago | report
Gentry Rose
Gentry Pearl
Gentry Mia
Gentry Juliet
Gentry Annabel
Gentry Lily
Gentry Violet
Gentry Aurora
Gentry Anastasia
Gentry Seraphina
Gentry Arabella
Gentry Mae
Gentry Annaliese
Gentry Linnae
Gentry Bianca
Gentry Lynn

Gentry Michael
Gentry Roman
Gentry Lucas
Gentry Trent
Gentry Pierce
Gentry William
Gentry Harris
Gentry Carmichael
Gentry Xander
Gentry Zane
Gentry Peter
Gentry Jack
posted by Becky :: 7 years ago | report
Gentry Michael
Gentry Alexander
Gentry Matthew
Gentry Daniel
Gentry Olivia
Gentry Sophia
Gentry Ava
Gentry Katelyn or Kaylin
posted by guest :: 7 years ago | report
You do realize Gentry is a social class.
posted by guest :: 7 years ago | report
okay this is rude and i apologize but gentry is a Horrible name!!!!!!!!!!
its weird!!!!!!!!!
posted by lyndsay :: 7 years ago | report
Kinda of going off of your names

Genrty Aubrie (similar to Autry)
Gentry William (similar to Whit)
posted by guest :: 7 years ago | report
Gentry Abigail
Gentry Cadence
Gentry Shae
Gentry Caitlin
Gentry Elise
Gentry Scarlett
posted by guest :: 7 years ago | report
I can’t really picture Gentry on a boy.

Gentry Elizabeth
Gentry Nicole
Gentry Olivia
Gentry Harper
posted by guest :: 7 years ago | report
Wow thanks for the feedback.
We like for the boys-
Gentry Collin
Gentry Noel
Gentry Mason
Gentry Davis
Getry Levi
Gentry Harrison
Gentry Pierce
Gentry Harris
Gentry Alexander

Gentry Charlotte
Gentry Ainsley
Gentry Addaline
Gentry Violet
Gentry Vivienne
Gentry Coleen
Gentry Lily or Lillian
Gentry Aurora
Gentry Annaliese
Gentry Aubree
Gentry Audra

Yes we do realize that the english meaning is "high social class" but we are ok with that. How often do people discuss the maning of their name. I personally do not do that often. The meaning doesn’t really hold much value to us. We also realize people think the name Gentry is weird. People have told me my name, Autry, is "weird." Thats ok i think it is better to be a little off and weird than blend like the majority. But thats just me. Thank you all for your excellent guidance and please help us find baby Gentry a great middle name. Thanks, Autry and Whitley
posted by guest :: 7 years ago | report
Gentry Harris and Gentry Mason sound great,
gentry Charlotte, Gentry Aurora, and Gentry Violet are pretty.
posted by guest :: 7 years ago | report
Gentry isn’t a male name - please don’t use this for your son! Or if you absolutely INSIST make it a mn for a boy.
posted by guest :: 7 years ago | report
For the PP
posted by guest :: 7 years ago | report
Gentry Levi is very cute
posted by guest :: 7 years ago | report
I dont think Gentry is manly either but is cute for a girl
posted by guest :: 7 years ago | report
My son is Gentry and its meaning is also gentleman, so yes it is a boy name too... His middle name is William. He is 8 now, and I have only heard of 1 other Genty, which is also a boy;)
posted by jlakia :: 6 years ago | report
We just named our son Gentry Alexander 2 days ago and we have had nothing but positive responses to it.
posted by FatherOf3 :: 5 years ago | report
My name is Gentry. I’m a boy. I’ve always received compliments on my name especially from well educated people . I’m very happy that my name is Gentry. I wouldn’t wanna be named any other name! And when I do have a son, I will also name him Gentry.
posted by gentry :: 4 years ago | report
My daughters name is gentry coraline!
posted by 123 :: 4 years ago | report
I’m actually surprised by the people that never heard Gentry as a boy’s name. I had suggested Gentry to my boyfriend and he turned his nose up and said there were a lot of guys he went to school with that were named that. He’s Black, so maybe it’s traditionally more of a Black name. I came back to him a couple weeks later, and said, "I know you hate the name Gentry, but what about for a girl." He told me that he didn’t hate the name, but thought it was very common (though I have never known anyone with the name.) He thought Gentry as a girl’s name was a little more creative.

We have a plan of naming our children with celestial middle names, so if we chose this for a daughter, we’d probably go with Gentry Aurora or Gentry Lyra.
posted by It’s Me :: 4 years ago | report
my daughter\’s name is Gentry Coraline
posted by mom :: 4 years ago | report
My son is named Gentry. His middle name is Brion. He is 21 years old. My son attended daycare with another little boy named Gentry James. The name is unique, but is also a great topic of discussion for the young and old!
posted by Proud Mom :: 4 years ago | report
Planning to name our next child Gentry Dixon or Gentry Claire.
posted by jess :: 4 years ago | report
Wow! I’m dumbfounded at how rude people are. Why do people think they’re entitled to tell people what they should or shouldn’t name their child. They’re looking for a MIDDLE name, not your opinion on the name they already like!
posted by Tshaw :: 3 years ago | report
My name is Gentry, I’m a 36 year old woman. As a child I didn’t like it but as I have gotten older I have grow to love it. I can just write Gentry on almost anything and people know who it belongs to.
posted by Gentry :: 3 years ago | report
I just looked this name up bc I want to name my future BOY Gentry! People stop hating. I thinks its a beautiful naname fir girl or boy
posted by Kristen :: 3 years ago | report
I think that the comments about not liking the name gentry or telling someone please don’t name your child that is very ignorate and rude, who are you to speak to someone like that. I am due to have my first son march 8th and we are naming him gentry. I came to this website because me and my husband can’t agree on a middle name. I’m very shocked about thaws comments. To everyone else THANK YOU for all the great ideas
posted by E crosby :: 3 years ago | report
We named our little boy Gentry and we love it. What made us like it even more was the meaning "Gentleman; of high social position". I always remind him he has to live up to his name. :) The meanings to our kids name are very important to us. But it really it all comes to what you like. :) If you like Gentry for your little girl that’s what you should name her.
posted by Bre :: 3 years ago | report
I named my daughter Gentry Caroline
posted by jessie_rhoden :: 3 years ago | report
We named our new little man Gentry Lewis and we have gotten so many compliments on his name. We chose it because it’s my mother in law’s maiden name. I think it is a wonderful name for a boy or a girl.
posted by Kae :: 3 years ago | report
My daughter’s name is Gentry Elizabeth, she is 12 and goes by Geny (pronounced Jenny ) we have always had positive responses to it though I had never heard of anyone else having it. I love that it seems to be gaining popularity.
posted by kgArizona :: 3 years ago | report
When my daughter was born in 1978 I named her Gentry Michelle. I grew near the town of Gentry Arkansas and always thought it would make a great first name.
posted by DG :: 3 years ago | report
I am a 30 yr old Gentry and my name is weird but I LOVE IT. Middle name Nicole.
posted by Gentry :: 2 years ago | report
When I had our son in 2011 we fell in love with the name. We had only heard it as a boy name. We are very big on the meaning of a name. We looked it up in our babyname book and searched it online and found the same definition. I printed it to put in his baby book. It said the meaning was "gentleman, of high social postion". Back in the day in London that was what Gentry meant. . .gentleman. So my tough, no fear, fun loving little man child is reminded to always be a gentleman, to be kind and respectful. 😊 He is slowly getting there. I don’t see Gentry as a girl name due to its meaning but I have since realized it has become a popular girls name which makes it a gender neutral name (like Peyton) that the definition of its meaning is beginning to change. But I still have the baby name book that give the definition I shared when choosing his name. It’s really up to you and what you like. For instance we named our daughter Reagan...Some like it as a boy name. I have only heard it as a girl name. Each to their own.
posted by bre :: 2 years ago | report
To the pp it’s funny we are discussing gentry for our son and our other sons middle name is Reagan lol
posted by guest :: 2 years ago | report
My son is Gentry Chace.
posted by Sonisgentry :: 2 years ago | report
Hello I have a brother who is 46yrs old and his name is Gentry James. Named after my grandmother "English" doctor. We are Black. Gentry in the "English" term means gentleman or gentle. So it’s fit for a boy. My mother named all of us a "weird" name.. Luciana and Hirlee for us to be African American. Hoped you found a middle name for your bundle of joy
posted by Helpful Reader :: 1 year ago | report
I love this name for a boy or girl. I'm disgusted by the rude and disrespectful comments people have made here. Keyboard courage. Regardless, I stumbled upon the name Gentry tonight and enjoyed reading through the middle name suggestions.
posted by SArah :: 7 months ago | report

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