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Jack Emily vs. Jack other

We are having a girl in February and we can’t decide on a middle name for Jack. Her older sisters are Hunter Alyssa (6), Noelle Gabriella (4), and her older brother; Peter Chase.(2) We like Emily but don’t know if it fits with Jack. Suggestions? Bryan, Vanessa, Hunter, Noelle, and Pete Marionie

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Jack Other Marionie


Jack Emily Marionie


Poll created: Dec 26, 2007
Total Votes: 3


Jack for a girl is terrible. How about Jacklyn nn Jack? Give her something feminine to fall back on so she doesn’t hate her name.
Jacklyn Emily
Jacklyn Emma
Jacklyn Elise
posted by guest :: 10 years ago | report
We aren’t changing the Jack we were looking for middle names, Jack is NOT the middle name.
posted by Van :: 10 years ago | report
I think Jack is a cute, unique name for a girl.
Jack Michelle
Jack Alison
Jack Alexandra
posted by Sara :: 10 years ago | report
Why not use a more recognizable unisex first name like Logan, Taylor, Ryanne? Jack really, really, really does not work for a girl. What’s the reasoning behind it? I think Hunter is cute. I’m not trying to be offensive just trying to understand better.
posted by Christine :: 10 years ago | report
I don’t get it either.
posted by guest :: 10 years ago | report
Jack is not a good name for your daughter. She will get teased in school.
posted by guest :: 10 years ago | report
I personally feel REALLY REALLY bad for our baby. PLEASE do not name her Jack. Jackie/Jaquie or Jacklyn/Jaquelyn is 100% but please don’t name her Jack. I have a son named Jack and would not a appreciate it if on the first day of preschool I take him into the class and there’s a little girl named Jack. I don’t think any parents of boys named Jack would.
posted by guest :: 10 years ago | report
Please name her Jackie and call her Jack...What about Jacklynn?...It would not be good to name your daughter just Jack. There are SO many boys named Jack these days. Jack is not pretty for a girl and it is definatley one she will get teased over. I hate to sound rude but get ready for the jack off jokes because she will defiantely hear them from the boys when she gets to middle school.

Emily Jack
Emma Jack
Jaxon, Jackson (would be better than Jack)
posted by guest :: 10 years ago | report
Sorry that was supposed to be your baby not our baby.
posted by guest :: 10 years ago | report
We have narrowed it down to Jack Emily, Jack Emma, Jack Rosita, and Jack Elise
posted by Van :: 10 years ago | report
"Jax" is better than "Jack" for a girl. I hate to be negative about a name that obviously somone really likes, but this is comparable in today’s society to naming your son "Susie". It puts them at an unfair advantage. There are lots of other more "common" unisex names.
posted by guest :: 10 years ago | report
Kojack Emily
Kojack Emma
posted by guest :: 10 years ago | report

posted by guest :: 10 years ago | report
Jack is NOT A GIRL’S NAME!!!!!!
posted by guest :: 10 years ago | report
Naming your daughter Jack is quite like naming your son Jill...Tiss Tiss I feel sorry for her already!!
posted by UK Princess :: 10 years ago | report
I would not even name my female Jack Russell Terrier Jack. It is a terrible name for a girl just terrible. It is far worst than Hunter or even Gunnar for a girl.
posted by Hunter :: 10 years ago | report
People! She already made it clear that is what she is naming her baby girl!! I think it is lovely....I have a daughter named Noah Kate. I really like Jack Elise out of your favorites. Some others I like are:
Jack Anna
Jack Bethany
Jack Lynn** I really like this one
Jack Lynnete
Jack Hannah
Jack Tricia
Jack Louise
Jack Lusia
Jack Lucia
Jack Sofia
Jack Sophia
Jack Sofi
Jack Sophia
Jack Margaret
Jack Marguirte
posted by Jade :: 10 years ago | report
Ha! I agree! Naming your daughter Jack is like naming your son Jill! It’s NOT good for a little girl! I would feel so bad for her when she gets into school. Jacklyn nn Jack is better!
posted by guest :: 10 years ago | report
Jacklyn Emily nn Jack!? Something else besides plain Jack for a GIRL
posted by guest :: 10 years ago | report
Jade- You named your daughter Noah? Wow that is an all time low for mom naming daughter extremely boyish names. Noah is a character in the bible...a book some people respect. Was Noah a woman? No, Noah was a man. Was Moses a woman? No, Moses was a man. Was Jesus a man? Yes! Is God a man? this one is questionable but we won’t get into that. One more, Is Harry Potter a male character? Yes! Would you name your daughter Harry? If you named her Noah most likely you would...My point is embrace the fact that you are raising little women and give them a name that says I am a girl and that is okay!! I think by naming girls these very boyish names you are in some way dishonoring them as females. You are saying boys are better but with this name my daughter will be equal to a boy! Not true girls can be just as powerful with a name that is either unisex or feminine...Take Hilary Clinton for an example!!!
posted by Just an Opinion :: 10 years ago | report
"Just an opinion"--this is NOT my poll so therefore you should not be saying anything about MY child’s name! We feel her name is beautiful and thats all that counts. Also, Billy Ray Cyrus has a daughter named Noah!

I love Jack on a girl! Go for it!!!
posted by Jade :: 10 years ago | report

I have created my own poll with the names Noah and Jack. I want to find out which is worse for a girl.
posted by a boy named sue :: 10 years ago | report
Just an opinion-
Hilary Clinton is a disgrace and if she becomes president the U.S. will be a disgrace too. If she does become president I am moving to Canada. Not everyone believes in the bible.
I like Jack Sophitia also.
posted by Van :: 10 years ago | report
boy named sue-
I asked for middle name suggestions not comments on the first name. All your poll proves is you are acting like you are five
posted by Van :: 10 years ago | report
Sorry Jade...didn’t mean to offend you. Noah is definately when feminine compared to Jack but they are both boys names. I was just trying to make a point that strong woman can have feminine names is all. I am a man by the way and I am offended that someone would want to name their daughter Jack. Maybe that is because my name is Jack and I always thought of it as a guy only kind of name...Noah is my nephews name and I still think it is better fitted for boys unless it has the spelling Noe which is feminine.
posted by just an opinion :: 10 years ago | report
Thanks for the helpful people, I am making a poll tomorrow with our final three decisions. BYE! Van
posted by Van :: 10 years ago | report
What are the final 3?
posted by guest :: 10 years ago | report
I don’t know, My husband isn’t home yet and I was going to start dinner soon and discuss it.
posted by Van(who is Procrastinating) :: 10 years ago | report
Good luck Vanessa!
posted by Jenna :: 10 years ago | report
Thanks(Still procrastinating) :P
posted by Van :: 10 years ago | report
What do you mean by still procrastinating?
posted by Jenna :: 10 years ago | report
I do not want to make dinner...I know it is a little sad
posted by Vanny :: 10 years ago | report
Well just make something easy. Meatballs and noodles w/ gravy over it always works for me and my family :)
posted by Jenna :: 10 years ago | report
Nope it HAS to be Chicken Alfredo. It’s a tradition to make it the day after Christmas
posted by Vanessa :: 10 years ago | report
"VAN" you obviously don’t care that a HUGE amount of voters went hay wire when reading your poll. Either A. You are a fake. Or B. you like the controversy and actually enjoy people getting upset at the very notion that you want to name your daughter Jack. Personally I think it is quite horrible. I mean just incredibly awful. Almost offensive. But than again you pleasure in
the controversy. The more negative comments the better. You have the audacity to call people childish and retaliate by saying they should "stop
acting like they are 5". When in reality the most
childish behavior is first considering the name JACK for a girl, and second, not handling the criticism well by the voters. If you are this defensive now than how are you going to feel after she is born? A name is not usually such a debatable subject. If you received this many negative reactions wouldn’t a rational parent think twice before choosing this name?
posted by Danielle :: 10 years ago | report
Oh. How did that tradition start?
posted by Jenna :: 10 years ago | report
Dad? Bryan are you reading this or is Van not letting you? Please don’t name your daughter Jack.
Please please.
Mom has LOST IT. Bryan you are her only hope.
posted by guest :: 10 years ago | report
I actually had no idea people would get this angry over Jack. I thought people would just give me some nice suggestions or ignore the poll like the others
He proposed on Dec. 26 and i was eating Chicken Alfredo.
posted by Van :: 10 years ago | report
Aww Vanessa! That’s sweet! Congratulations! How long have you guys been married?
posted by Jenna :: 10 years ago | report
Exactly Van. What do you think will happen after she’s born? If adults are being this rude imagine how children will act?
posted by guest :: 10 years ago | report
Do you like any other unisex names?
posted by Christine :: 10 years ago | report
Bob, Roger, and Dick were at the top of my list right below Jack.
posted by Van :: 10 years ago | report
For girls?
posted by Jenna :: 10 years ago | report
Good night Van. May you pass the 9th grade this time around.
posted by guest :: 10 years ago | report
how about Bobbie its nice for a little girl. Not a fan of Jack though makes me think of Jack Russel Terrriors.
Bobbie Elizabeth
Bobbie Alexis
Bobbie Rose
Bobbie Jayne
~If you really love the name Jack i would give her an ultra girly middle name for when shes older if she hated her 1st name
Jack Alexandra
Jack Marie
Jack Elizabeth
Jack Renee
posted by Regan :: 10 years ago | report
I love Jack Russell Terriers!! Don’t love the name Jack for girls though...great name for a boy.
posted by guest :: 10 years ago | report
I like Jack...I mean, maybe she ACTUALLY likes the name, and not the controversy. I mean, some people actually just want a mn and not a big battle over it! Why does it matter, anyway? If you don’t agree with it, don’t even say anything. Personally, I LOVE Jack Elisabeth. It’s gorgeous. I’m just obsessed w/boy names for girls, though...It’s just something I have ALWAYS loved! And Jack is just perfect, in my personal opinion. I got hell for naming my daughter Blake, but I love it and SHE loves it, and that’s what matters...It’s not as if you can personally ask your children what you should name them. Even if you did name her...Olivia, she might hate it and change her name to Jack...Which would be funny, btw...
posted by Ella :: 10 years ago | report
Please do not name your child Jack. She will get teased sooooooo much in school !
Name her like Jacklyn or something other than Jack.

& i feel sorry for your girl named Hunter.
posted by LeLe ! :: 10 years ago | report
I firmly believe that Jack is a boy’s name. In fact, my younger brother is named Jack. Please don’t think you’re doing your daughter a favor by naming her something other than Madison or Mackenzie or Ashley. I really like Jacqueline, and maybe for a nn you can call her Jack or Jackie. I think that you’d be making a mistake if you named her Jack.
posted by guest :: 10 years ago | report

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