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How to pronounce Alyssa vs. How to pronounce Alissa

How do you pronounce Alyssa and Alissa. Are they pronounced the same? And if they are, which spelling do you like better? Thanks alot.

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Poll created: Sep 07, 2011
Total Votes: 2


Both are pronounced ah-LEE-suh
posted by guest :: 6 years ago | report

I prefer Alissa, it looks softer and cleaner to me, lol. Both are okay though.
posted by guest :: 6 years ago | report
I would pronounce them both the same.
but I much prefer the spelling of Alyssa!
(Also,I disagree with the first comment,for ah-lee-suh I would go with the spelling Alisa)
posted by guest :: 6 years ago | report
I say ah-liss-uh for both. I prefer Alissa.
posted by Meghan<3 :: 6 years ago | report
I pronounce Alyssa like A lease ah and Alissa like Ah liss ah
posted by guest :: 6 years ago | report
I pronounce both the same. Ah-liss-ah
posted by guest :: 6 years ago | report
I’d pronounced them both Ah-liss-ah but I’ve heard people say it Ah-lee-sah by accident a couple times. My favorite spelling is Allissa because no one ever pronouces that spelling wrong.
posted by Kay :: 6 years ago | report
Uh. my name IS Alissa, and it IS pronounced A LEE SAH as the first post says. If you research the origin it actually comes from Hebrew and IS A LEE SAH, however recently i’ve noticed all the name sites have changed it to germanic origins and are telling you to pronounce it a liss ah which is alYssa. THEY ARE NOT THE SAME. My best friends name since i was 6 months old is AlYssa (liss) and I am Alissa, (lee).
posted by ALISSA :: 5 years ago | report
My name is Alyssa but we pronounce it Ah lish Ah.
posted by Lisha :: 4 years ago | report
My 8 month old is Alyssa and we pronounce it Ah-liss-ah but very often people call her ah-lee-sa( even the priest at her baptism until I quietly corrected him). and we get ah lisha too which I didnt understand why until the last post.
posted by Stacey :: 4 years ago | report
My name is spelled Alyssa and it’s pronounced Uh-lee-suh. Everyone in America pronounces it Uh-liss-Uh, but in other countries they pronouce it correctly. I wish it was spelled Allysa.
posted by Alyssa :: 3 years ago | report
My name is Alissa and it is a soft vowel followed by two consonants. Just like Melissa but with an A instead. One "s" makes it a hard vowel.
posted by guest :: 3 years ago | report
My name is Alyssa and its pronounced A lays sah.
posted by Sa :: 2 years ago | report
I think people from other countries pronounce it differently. My name is Alyssa but is pronounced as ah-lay-suh, most people pronounce it as uh-lee-suh or as uh-liss-uh, it kind of made me think that Alice is a better option.
posted by Sakura :: 2 years ago | report
Born 1960. Named Alyssa, pronounced uh-lee-sah. My young mother to be fell in love with the name from a magazine ad for the Alyssa bridal dresses. I like my name!
posted by ALEESA :: 2 years ago | report
My name is Alyssa(Named after Alyssa Milano), pronounced uh-liss-uh but I find a lot of people that have Spanish as their first language pronounce it Uh-Lisa (including my older family members) and ve had others pronounce it Uh-lie-za even after it tell them how I pronounce it and where my mom got it from. I love my name and I like how it’s spelled on my birth certificate but if you want to name your child Alyssa or Alissa or anything of that matter, they might have a problem when it comes to pronunciation as they get older.
posted by Alyssa Marie :: 1 year ago | report
My name is Elisa and I pronounce it uh-liss-uh. My full name is Elisabeth.
posted by Elisa :: 1 year ago | report
My name is Alyssa and it is pronounced Al lee sa but every one calls me Alissa because they have trouble with it for some reason but I like the Lee sound better because it sounds more special or unique
posted by Alyssa :: 10 months ago | report
My name is Alyssa Marie. I pronounce my name as uh-liss-uh. Though Spanish people call me uh-lee-sah Maria and I stopped correcting them. I also get called Melissa a lot and a 7 year old calls me "Missa" lol. I also get called Alicia a lot which I never understood until reading that some people spell Alicia like Alyssa. Overall I like Alyssa better with a y and I like it pronounced as uh-liss-uh as I don't care too much for uh-lee-sah.
posted by Alyssa Marie :: 9 months ago | report
My name is Alyssa and it's pronounced ah-liss-ah. People call me Lyss for short since there is a y in my name, it's spelled that way. I get all kinds of variations of my name when it comes to nicknames: Aly(Allie), Alyss(almost sounds like Alice but uh-liss rather than ah-liss), Lyssa (Lissa).... when it comes to improper pronounciations, I've gotten: ah-lee-sha, ah-li-sha, ah-lee-sia, ash-lee(somehow, idk)... I prefer the way my name is spelled with a y. I never even knew the "Alissa" spelling existed until I was in 7th grade
posted by Alyssa :: 9 months ago | report
Mines spelled Alissa. We pronounce it uh-liss-uh. Best friend is Alysa and everyone pronounces it the same thing. I think it's more of a regional thing on how it's pronounced because I've never heard of any Alyssa, Alissa, Alysa, etc being pronounced uh-lee-suh
posted by Alissa :: 8 months ago | report
Yo ************s listen up its pronounced uh lee suh not uh li suh and whoever's name is uh lish uh pls leave
posted by Alyssa :: 6 months ago | report
I find that all Alyssas born before Alyssa Milano pronounce it A-lee-sa. After Alyssa Milano became famous lots of babies were named Alyssa with the pronunciation of A-liss-a. I was born in 1959 as Alyssa (A-lee-sa). All foreigners pronounce my name correctly. Only Americans mispronounce it.
posted by Alyssa :: 4 months ago | report
I'm Alyssa and pronounce it "Ah-Liss-Ah". I've heard both ways. I don't think one way is right or wrong, your parents name you and pronounce it the way they would it to be pronounced. So to each their own :)
posted by Alyssa :: 2 months ago | report

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