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Brinley vs. Brynlee vs. Brynlie

How would you spell the name Brinley, Brynlee, or Brynlie for a little girl? nn Bryn. Is it too out there? Thanks!!

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Name Votes
Brinley 53% (9 votes)
Brynlee 29% (5 votes)
Brynlie 18% (3 votes)


It’s not far out there. I have a friend who’s daughter’s name is Brynn. Brynn would be a cute nn for Brinley. Okay, I voted for Brinley, but now thinking about it maybe Brynlee spelling is better. Or maybe Brynley
posted by guest :: 2008-01-06 23:42:04 | report
posted by guest :: 2008-01-07 00:11:53 | report
I don’t like the double e’s... and Brinley would be next best, but I like the "y" for the nn Bryn.
posted by guest: Lauren :: 2008-01-07 00:28:53 | report
I like just Bryn or Brynley.
posted by guest :: 2008-01-07 00:44:34 | report
Brynlee definitely. It’s cute, and sophisticated for whan she gets older. I have a friend named Brynn, so either Brynn or even Lee could be adorable nn.
posted by guest: Kenzie :: 2008-01-07 02:44:01 | report
I love Brinley it think it’s pretty, and Brynn will age well
posted by guest :: 2008-01-07 11:50:34 | report
I like Brynlee.. since thats what we have decided to name our baby! :) Brynlee Jordyn is her name. I wanted the -y in Bryn in cause she wants to go by Bryn sometimes.
posted by guest :: 2008-01-31 13:23:00 | report
I have a 10 year old girl named Brynlie. She loves her name
posted by guest: Slc Brynlie :: 2008-10-19 18:31:26 | report
I Like Brynlee the best, its cute :)
Brynlee Paige or Brynlee Jordyn.
posted by guest: Rebecca :: 2009-06-04 22:36:09 | report
Brinley, Brynlee are both so cute! I would definitely name little daughter Brinley or Brynlee. Brinley Sophie. I would also use Gracie. But Brinley/Brynlee first. :)
posted by guest: b :: 2009-07-24 17:05:58 | report
I LOOOVE BRYNLEE!!! that is how i spell my name!! i get so many compliments its crazy!! (:
posted by guest: Brynlee :: 2009-09-22 00:37:24 | report
Well I am partial to Brynlee, since that is what we are naming our little girl due in February! Brynlee Olivia- LOVE IT!! :)
posted by guest :: 2009-12-03 18:02:10 | report
I have a 3 year old name Brynlie. We put the y in at the beginning so that she could go by Bryn if she chooses to. We did ie at the end so that we weren’t redundant with the y.
posted by guest: Carrie :: 2010-01-09 10:21:43 | report
I like Brynlee...we named our little girl Brynlee Claire...she can go by Bryn or Bryn Claire if she wants.
posted by guest: Clara :: 2010-03-18 22:36:13 | report
We have a Brynlie Reese!
posted by guest: jesikaray :: 2010-04-30 10:21:20 | report
I have a Brynlie Taylor :o)
posted by guest :: 2010-07-20 10:18:12 | report
LOVE Brynlee! Our daughter is Brynlee Amanda and our son is Bryson Jeremy. We love the option of nicknames Bryce and Bryn.
posted by guest: Amanda :: 2010-08-29 09:25:03 | report
posted by guest: terha :: 2010-09-29 22:38:26 | report
I have a Brynlee ~ 18months old. We named her Brynlee Sophia ( Sophia being after a great grandma) We decided to spell it this way so that she can go by Bryn if she likes. I also found it more feminine. I say go with whatever your hearts tells you! The most important thing is that you love the name and love how you decide to spell it! Its great to get opinions from other people, but ultimately go with whatever you wish!
posted by guest: Voth :: 2010-10-06 15:26:05 | report
We have a Brynnlee! Love the name....we have gotten TONS of compliments on it!
posted by guest: KW :: 2010-10-31 21:14:49 | report
Having a Brynlie also makes many people think that her name is Britney... SOOOO many people get her name wrong when they hear it:(
posted by guest :: 2010-11-16 14:13:14 | report
My name is also Brynlie. I love the way I spell it. It is so pretty and original. As you can see, I only got 2 votes! ;)
posted by guest: MsMimi :: 2010-12-09 21:32:31 | report
My daughter is Brynlee Grace, she is an amazing little girl and 5 years old now. That would be my vote.
posted by guest: Thlete :: 2011-02-24 13:02:31 | report
I like Brinlee. Our granddaughter is coming in July but her spelling is going to be Brinley. BEAUTIFUL name!!
posted by guest: darlene :: 2011-02-27 18:33:21 | report
We have a Brynlee Marie, who is now 5. We used spelling of Brynlee so, she too, could go by Bryn later if she wishes.
posted by guest: connie :: 2011-04-08 13:44:23 | report
I love the name Brynlee because that’s how I spell my name!DON’T GO HATING ON BRYNLEE!!!!!!!!!
posted by guest: Brynlee :: 2011-05-14 20:51:38 | report
We have a Brynlee Nichol :). I love it. Also chosen with the Y so she can go by Bryn as a nickname. Nichol after her Aunt Nichol.
posted by guest: Cheryl :: 2011-05-15 17:25:00 | report
I am thinking about Brynlee since my husband’s name is Bryan.
posted by guest: Danielle :: 2011-05-26 16:23:26 | report
I named my daughter Brynlee Dawn. i really debated on the spelling cuz i hate when people spell names wrong but if you think about it, the name "Bryn" is found alot more than "Brin". so Bryn-Lee makes perfect sense.
posted by guest: guest :: 2011-06-16 22:28:54 | report
I’m having a hard time deciding between Brynlee or Brinlee. A rediculously subtle difference, but I can’t make up my mind!!!
posted by guest: Jfedez :: 2011-07-09 17:09:34 | report
we have a 22 month old Brynley Kayte. We\’re always getting compliments on her name and its spelling.
posted by guest :: 2011-07-16 01:48:47 | report
I am 7 months pregnant with a baby girl and we are naming her Brinley Nichole (my middle name). It was between Brinley & Brinleigh in the beginning.
posted by guest: Mommy2b :: 2011-07-26 20:20:12 | report
I can\’t believe how popular this name is! I had never heard of it and loved it so one of my twin girls is Brynlee Addison... now I know two other moms who had babies not long ago and named their girls brynlee as well! love the name but I\’m hoping it doesn\’t become to trendy like ella or aiden. I always wanted unique names for my children!
posted by guest :: 2011-09-03 22:55:31 | report
posted by guest :: 2011-09-08 18:17:38 | report
My name is Erin and my husband’s name is Ben, so if we have a little girl (we find out in three weeks :), we are going to name her Brynlee and call her Bryn. It’s a combination of Ben and Erin. Maybe it’s corny to some, but we like it. Also, most people won’t know that she is named after us because it’s not that apparent, but she’ll know and that makes it special :)
posted by guest :: 2011-09-26 14:02:04 | report
My husband and I love the name Brynlee! We are having a little girl and have decided to name her Brynlee excited!!! I think her nn will be Bryn, but my husband thinks her nn will be Lee...who knows?
posted by guest :: 2011-10-13 10:25:01 | report
I’m having twins due in January 2012 if I can keep them in that long. We also will be naming our girl Brynlee and our boy Bryce!
posted by guest: Melissa :: 2011-10-14 22:14:33 | report
I am pretty sure we are going to name our daughter due in January Brinley. We have two boys Brady and Brennan and an Irish last name so adding Brinley Jo to the mix will be perfect. Bailey and Briley are our runner ups.
posted by guest: Father of the Br kids :: 2011-10-19 23:08:35 | report
very in South Wales, UK the name Bryn means ’Hill’ and is a BOYS name....we have named our son Brynlee (his dad is lee and lee is also scottish for a small river) so his name means ’hill river’.
posted by tracyv :: 2011-10-26 08:33:55 | report
I have a Brynley Marie!! love her name. :)
posted by guest :: 2011-11-23 17:12:42 | report
I named my little girl Brynlee Marie. Marie is my middle name. It is perfect for her.
posted by guest: Guest :: 2011-12-01 21:43:01 | report
Baby girl due in april! Considering Brynlee strongly. But it looks like it’s more popular than I realized. Uhhhgggg! This naming business is stressing me out!
posted by guest: Idaho mommy :: 2011-12-02 04:50:02 | report
I have a Brynlee Claire and we call her Bree. We spelled her name that way so she’d have more nickname choices such as Bryn, Bree and Lee. I love this name and I live in Utah and have not met any Brynlee’s yet.
posted by guest: Lia :: 2011-12-08 02:16:34 | report
my daughters name is brynlee
posted by guest: ella.makenzie.byrnlee.mommy :: 2011-12-19 18:28:35 | report
I love the name Brynlee! Spelled B - r - y - n - l - e - e.
posted by guest: Madison J. :: 2011-12-28 15:42:40 | report
I have a 6 yr old named Brynlie Hope. She likes to go by Brynbryn. She doesn’t like her name but i get many, many complimants on it. I always have to spell it for people tho..they spell it Brinley most of the time. My Brynlie has said that her name does not sound like a "grown up" name when she gets older. Why she is thinking that far ahead I dont
We are pregnant again and are naming this little one Brycen but call him Bryce. I have noticed a few others who have done the same. The two names seem to really go well with each other. I also have a Brooklyn "brookie" and Bransyn.
posted by guest: Stacy :: 2011-12-30 21:58:51 | report
I like Brynley and brynlee the best
posted by guest: bridgette :: 2012-01-12 15:14:53 | report
I have a Brynlee Rain :)
I like spelling it that way she can go by bryn or bryn bryn
posted by guest :: 2012-02-08 21:19:20 | report
Brynlee Nicole!!!!! After her father Bryan and 2 aunts middle names Nicole :) super cute! Our first born Lila Elizabeth. So there’s Lauren and Lila, Bryan and Bryn <3
posted by guest: Lauren :: 2012-02-24 17:39:41 | report
I have a 5 year old named Brynlee Alayne.
We get tons of compliments on her name because not many people have heard of it.
We call her Bryn, BrynBryn, Brynee Bear, Brynee Girl, in addition to her regular, beautiful name. :)
posted by guest: Karla :: 2012-05-05 23:33:07 | report
My name is Brynlee and my nick-name is Bryn
posted by guest: Brynlee :: 2012-05-24 21:40:56 | report
I have a Brynlee Reese.. I love the name although I didn’t realize it was as popular as it is.
posted by guest: Whitney :: 2012-06-14 10:19:43 | report
i like brinley but i think there should be two Ns
posted by guest :: 2012-07-28 12:43:59 | report
posted by guest :: 2012-07-28 12:44:53 | report
My 9 year old is Brynlee McKenna!! Fabulous name! My other little girl is Blake Alexandra!!
posted by guest: B’s mommie :: 2012-08-28 20:02:00 | report
I have a Brynlee and her name is Brynlee Star.
posted by guest :: 2012-10-11 10:26:45 | report
We’re going with Brynley Deana for our little girl due in Feb! Deana is after our mothers Debbie and Diana ;)
posted by guest :: 2012-11-30 22:51:14 | report
We are due in Feb. and I\’m naming my little girl Brynlee Elizabeth. I think it\’s very feminine and most of my friends have never heard it before.
posted by guest: Audrey :: 2012-12-27 09:44:05 | report
After reading the comments it seems like \"Bryn\" (vs \"Bri\") is the favorite root for the name despite the poll of less than 20 votes at the top of the page.
posted by guest :: 2013-01-10 23:56:17 | report
My husband and I fell in love with the name Brynlee!! We are naming our baby girl Brynlee Rae who is due in April 2013.
posted by guest: shnmartinez :: 2013-02-07 11:55:51 | report
I love the name. my almost one year old is brynley. I did not know the name was so common. that sucks cuz I love unique name. as my outher daughter is graceyn faith. and I have only hard that one 2 times.
posted by guest: amber :: 2013-03-14 16:28:25 | report
We too have a Brynlee Grace! She is now 20 months old and super sassy :) Love my baby girl!!
posted by markamanda2006 :: 2013-04-02 22:28:47 | report
I’m in love with the name Brynlee! My baby girl is Brynlee Jo.
posted by guest: ahbb2172215 :: 2013-05-31 13:52:00 | report
My two year old daughter is Brynlie. We do call her Bryn, which is why I chose to spell it this way. Her middle name is Michaelyn, pronounced ma-Kay-Lynn. Her fathers middle name is Michael and her grandmother and great grandmother are both Lynn so we decided to combine the two! We get a ton of complements on her name!
posted by guest: Jennifer :: 2013-06-20 17:01:34 | report
Naming our baby girl Brynlea Grace. Love it!
posted by guest: Guest :: 2013-07-03 10:32:44 | report
My 11 yr old is named Brynlie Reese! We call her Bin Bin, Binnie, BrynBryn. She is as unique as her name. :)
posted by guest: Terri :: 2013-07-05 05:40:41 | report
Our daughter is Brynlee Nicole, Bryn for her nn! :)
posted by guest: aimee :: 2013-08-22 12:44:32 | report
I have a Brinley Claire who is 5!
posted by guest: Kim :: 2013-12-18 11:47:16 | report
My husband and I are expecting our 3rd child in June and we’ve decided to name her Brynlee Hazel. All if our family though seems to think we made it up, which obviously we did not. I think Brynlee is a beautiful name and I am so excited to use it. Now we’ll have a Kaylee, Bradley, and Brynlee.
posted by guest: Amanda :: 2014-01-11 08:15:20 | report
My daughter’s name is spelled Brynlei Elizibeth! I love her name and she goes by Bryn as a nn. And yes it is spelled B-R-Y-N-L-E-I
posted by guest: Jen :: 2014-01-20 23:43:19 | report
My sons name is spelt Brynley I didn’t like it with the "i" in :-)
posted by guest: Clare :: 2014-02-10 08:35:26 | report
I have twins and I named them Brynlee and Brooklyn. I live the name Brynlee but I also did not realize it was so popular!
posted by brookbryn :: 2014-03-03 15:53:18 | report
We have a 2 year old names Brynlie Elizabeth! We fell in love with that name and it is not that popular (yet)! We love her spelling :)
posted by guest: Kristin :: 2014-03-06 11:14:13 | report
We are expecting our third baby in August. A GIRL!! We absolutely love the name Brinley. We’re naming her Brinley Monroe.
posted by guest: Alicia :: 2014-04-02 14:38:31 | report
I have a Brynlie Marie.
posted by guest: nbaggen :: 2014-04-14 19:27:28 | report
We have Brynlie Dawn!! We get lots of compliments. I did the y in front for the nn Bryn as she ages. And I did the ie at the end because mine is ie. No other reason.
posted by guest: cherie :: 2014-05-05 12:30:06 | report
My daughter is 15 months old and her name is Brinnley Edelyn-Rose. I sometimes call her brinn. I don’t think it matters how you spell it, Brinnley is an awesome name all around :) (aerynn <- a variation of Erin or Aaron girl-ified)
posted by guest: sirenal :: 2014-05-09 09:37:32 | report
Brinley! im having a baby girl in August. I love the name Brinley but want the middle name to be Lynn. Does Brinley Lynn sound ok together?
posted by guest: hudson12 :: 2014-05-31 21:32:23 | report
LOVE the name!! We have a Brynlie Marie Faith! (I gave all of our kiddos two middle names!) we debated between Brynlie and Brynleigh when I was prego! Brynlie was the winner! Sooooooo many compliments and positive feed back on her name! Absolutely in love with it!! :)
posted by guest: Dayna :: 2014-07-08 15:50:38 | report
My 8 yr old daughters name is Brinley Megan. Always loved the name. She’s a redhead too- it just seemed a perfect fit.
posted by guest: Melinda :: 2014-08-07 21:55:05 | report
I have a 10 year old named Brynli Ann and it fits her beautifully!!
posted by guest: jamie :: 2014-09-17 19:31:47 | report
My name is spelled brynlie and I like brynlee but I do like the y in the beginning because I go by bryn sometimes
posted by guest: brynlie :: 2014-10-12 15:30:55 | report
My daughter was born in July and her name is Brynlie Kate, I love the name and have for quite a while. i was so excited when i found out i was having a girl! We went back and forth for a while trying to decide the spelling.
posted by guest: Jamie :: 2014-10-15 14:46:05 | report
We are having a little girl due January 2014. I played with variations of names and woke up in the middle of the night with the name Brinley. I had to google it to make sure it was actually a name! Apparently it is! I have never heard it before and am in love with it. Brinley Marie.
posted by guest :: 2014-10-17 21:49:13 | report
Baby girl on the way. We are naming her Brynnly. My husbands name is Bryan and mine is Emily. Good combo of both. Hey name will be Brynnly Rose :)
posted by guest :: 2015-01-09 09:58:44 | report
I have a 5 yr old George Reed and recently found out pregnant with a little girl due in March. My husband wanted a biblical name so we decided Jordan. Now closer to my due date I have grown out of Jordan as it seems to be more unisex. I want a girly girl name so with mine being Brittany and my mom being Linda, we came across Brinlee or Brenlee. Any suggestions would be great!
posted by guest :: 2015-01-29 10:57:53 | report
My daughters name is Brynlee Jade!!!
posted by guest: Laura :: 2015-02-18 15:26:35 | report
My daughter’s name is Brynnlee Elaine. She is six and has decided she wants to be called Brynn. Oh man....they grow up so fast!
posted by guest: Lindsay :: 2015-03-21 19:15:30 | report
Brynlee is the defiant winner! Best name I ever heard of.
posted by guest :: 2015-05-01 19:22:08 | report
We have a seven year old named Brynlea MaKenna...e choose this spelling because it incorporated letters from mine, my husband, and her two older siblings names. We live it and always get lots of compliments on it!
posted by guest :: 2015-05-12 23:36:11 | report
My name is Brynlee.... I love my name because it is soooooo rare... No one spells it this way. I love it. There are many people that I know that are Brinley’s or Brynlie’s and I love how I’m the only one spelt this way. It makes me rare. All the Brynlie’s, Brynlee’s, and Brinley are awesome though and all of them are unique in their own ways I rarely ever see anything with Brynlee on it, or any other ways to spell it. I’m just saying that all the ways to spell it are BEAUTIFUL!!
posted by guest: Brynlee :: 2015-08-15 22:27:27 | report
I spell my daughters name Brinlye
posted by guest: mamab :: 2016-01-08 02:09:11 | report
I love Brynlee. We named our daughter Brynlee and we have 2 sons named Bryce and Keegan. I love their names
posted by guest: Danielle :: 2016-01-27 22:08:28 | report
The name doesn’t roll off your tongue. I don’t know why this name would be popular it’s not as cute as people are making it out to be. Why would you go with this name when there are cute names
Like Cora lee or Nora lee and they would so much better
posted by guest: Maggie :: 2016-02-04 23:31:14 | report
I absolutely love Brynlee! This is the way I spell melt name and I have gotten so many compliments!
posted by guest: Brynlee :: 2016-03-08 11:13:36 | report
My daughter is 2-years old and we named her Brynlee Marie. I have heard that the name, Brinley, is a popular name for male’s in England so I chose the spelling of "Brynlee" because it looked more feminine - and it sure fits because she is such a girlie girl. We call her "Bryn" for short.
posted by guest: Brynlee’s mom :: 2016-04-15 16:43:40 | report
My twin daughters names are Brynlee Alanna Lynn and Breslyn Isla Grace ❤️
posted by guest: Tina :: 2016-04-29 22:25:12 | report
These are stupid names by vacuously ignorant people which illustrate how bad it is just by the discussion on spelling. Phat chance. Johnlee Smithly
posted by guest: Beesure Deezure :: 2016-05-06 09:57:11 | report
My name is Brynlee and its cute. I dont really like it but its best out of the three. I usually just go by Bryn.
posted by guest: THE AMAZING BRYNLEE :: 2016-11-17 11:36:37 | report
My wife and i just had a baby girl and named her Brynlee My name is Ryan and hers is Breanna so we kinda put them together, were getting mixed reactions from friends but we dont care we love it !!
posted by guest: ryan :: 2017-01-11 19:45:02 | report

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