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Natalie vs. Nickname

I like the name Natalie but fear all the means nicknames that rhyme with it like FATalie or RATalie. I also don’t like Nat like a gnat. Should I stear clear of this name? Anyone have a Natalie or know of one and have they experienced any bad nicknames?

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Poll created: Feb 23, 2008
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Yeah she gets called Nat. I didnt even think of FATalie or RATalie.
What about Natalia as something a bit prettier at least then nn could be Talia or Tali and not Nat
posted by guest :: 10 years ago | report
My cousin’s name is Natalie and she never got teased. People call her Nat, I know you don’t like that nickname but that will probably be what most call her. Some do call her Talie or Talia as well.
posted by guest :: 10 years ago | report
Being on the slightly larger side myself I would have hated to be called FAT NAT and kids can be soooo nasty!!
posted by guest :: 10 years ago | report
I knew a natalie who was never teased. Its a pretty name. Natalia is very pretty also
posted by guest :: 10 years ago | report
I have a daughter who’s name is Natalie and she hasn’t had any kids or anything picking on her name or anything.
posted by AJ :: 10 years ago | report
Natalie is really nice, I don’t think children will call her Ratalie and the like. You can use NATY and TALLY for short.
posted by guest :: 10 years ago | report
My name is Natalie and i have never once been teased about my name.. i think its a lovely name that i’ve grown to appriciate.. i usually get nat from friends and my closest friends call me nattie
posted by natalie :: 10 years ago | report
My name is Natalie. I’m only 13 years old, but when a certain person that I know gets bored tha actually Do call me fatalie. It makes me EXTREMELY uncomfortable and out there. Even embarassing. The name is pretty, but I can’t have a regualer nickname like Aly or Em or Brit.
posted by Natalie :) :: 9 years ago | report
My name is Nathalia and i live in Norway. everytime i meet new friends, either if it is on parties or on school they tell me how much they like my name and how pretty it sounds, which is true. i only know 4 in norway with that name, and it is a beautiful name and its not used that much like sarah, kristin, helen and that makes it even prettier
posted by Nathy :: 9 years ago | report
My name is natali [spelled with no E for that touch of uniqueness] and i was never picked on for it. but i do hate it when people call me Nat.
posted by Natali :: 9 years ago | report
my name is Nathalie and everyone i know calls me Nattie becasue ever since i was little that is the name i grew up with being called.. however i was thinking of the name Nadia as being a popular nickname for Natalie or Nathalie.. what are your thoughts???
posted by Nathalie :: 9 years ago | report
My name is natalia and im 15
i’ve never ever been called ratalia or any of those
i haven’t even thought bout that as being as my nicknames
they all call me nathy, nat
but they never make fun of my name
at all
it you ask me i think it’s a pretty name
it’s not use alot and pretty much yup
that its
posted by guest :: 9 years ago | report
im called natalie and i like my name sum ov da nicknames wich r short for natalie r lee,natty,tally,nat,tilly and allie wich r all pretty kwl i get called nat cat.
posted by tallyxx :: 9 years ago | report
My name is Natalie and so is my best friend’s. We grew up together, so people had to come up with ways to distinguish between us. They called her Nat (because she liked that nickname) and me Natalie. It was pretty simple. My family calls me Nattie, which I really like. Some of her friends call her Nattles. No one has ever called either of us Fatalie or Ratalie (though my sister once called me Bratalie, but I deserved it). If kids want to make fun of someone they will, whether their name rhymes with fat or not...
posted by Natalie :: 9 years ago | report
My Name Is Natalie & I’ve Never Been teased Like That. i Usually Get Called Nat, Natzs Or Scat :-)!
posted by Natzs x :: 9 years ago | report
My name is Natalie and my friends don’t, nor other people, tease me with Fatalie (though my cousin does that sometimes). I love the name Natalie, it’s really pretty.
posted by Natalie :: 9 years ago | report
my name is natalie and ive never been teased bout my name. i shorten it to natzy or my family call me tally, but ive never had any problems.
posted by natzy0509 :: 9 years ago | report
my name is natalie and alot of people call me nat. i think they are just to lazy to say my full name. yes my sister has made fun of me calling me Fatalie or natabrat. i dont know where that came from. i really like my name. i dont really get bothered being called nat.
posted by Natalie :) :: 9 years ago | report
My name is natalie and yeah some kids do call me fatalie but i look passed that and you would just have to tell your child that she is better then those people and she needs to look past that cuz they are just jealous...and my friends call me nat and my family does but it gets on my nerves but im use to it and i just let it go!!! and i really DO LIKE MY NAME!!!
posted by Natalie :D :: 8 years ago | report
yea, im natalie and all my life ive been called NAT, i love my name but for every name the people who are just rude will find a rude one to match it, so i wouldnt be to worried as there are also many nicknames that are not rude or offencive, i go to a girls school and i have not been teased it only the few from the guys school (btw they are just a rude school) that call me something else... good luck, and natalie is a great name... xxx
posted by natstar :: 8 years ago | report
My name is natalie, and I dont really ever get called anything but Nat as a nickname. I love my name. I think its pretty and other people like it too. There are many other names that get made of more than Natalie. It would be rare.
posted by Anon :: 8 years ago | report
My own name is Natalie. I do sometimes get teased for my name. But most people call me Nat or Nattey girl is what my parents call me.
posted by guest :: 8 years ago | report
posted by guest :: 8 years ago | report
My name is Natalie and the only person ever to make up a bad nickname was my brother, Fatalie Natalie? I know, weird.

All in all, I love the name Natalie, I think it’s very pretty. It only took me 15 years to realize it! But I wish I would have started on the nicknames Li-Li or Allie, but my best friends name is Allison so that wouldn’t work. Her mother calls me Nat-Lee. I like that one.

Anyway, good luck! And Natalie really is an awesome name.
My nicknames that my friends call me are: Cattie Nattie, Nattie Cake, Nattie, Nat, Nata-Roo (my middle name is Ruth).
posted by Natalie :: 8 years ago | report
My name is natalie and i honestly have never liked it, im always trying to find nice nicknames but they never stick:(..two of my friends sumtimes call me fatalie in a jokey way (not in a mean way or anything, though i obviously dont like it) most people call me natz..which i think i prefer to natalie but i still dont like it:(
posted by natz :: 8 years ago | report
My name is Natalie and I’am 13 yrs. old... I’ve been teased about my name a couple of times by ppl and its really annoying.. I just hate is when ppl call me that, but maybe to some ppl Natalie is a very nice name..
posted by Natalie_French_Babe :: 8 years ago | report
My name is Natalie. I am 12, and I never got teased. I liked to be called NELLIE. My mom calls me NAT sometimes.
posted by natalie-AKA NELLIE :: 8 years ago | report
My name is Natalie, I’m 13, and I’ve only ever had a spin off it once with "nat the school cat" by some immature 10 yr old boys. My dad sometimes calls me Nabratalie in an affectionate way, odd as it seems. It doesn’t bother me at all. People always shorten it to Nat automatically, and I didn’t used to mind but it’s started to become rather annoying - it sounds horrible. I wish I’d started on the nicknames earlier, like when I started high school, because now everyone, students and teachers alike, just call me Nat. Two of my good friends are named Ellie and Lily though, so that sort of kicks out the nicknames I’m fond of if only for the sake of confusion.

Maybe I’ll warm up to it, and I like the name iteself, but I’m really not keen on it for me.
posted by Nattlessnake :: 8 years ago | report
My name is natalie, I’m 16.
My friends call me nathan, natalia, natolia.
The boy nickname is a unique nickname, I’m not a complete tomboy but i still love my name.
posted by guest :: 8 years ago | report
My Name is Natalie and I have no problems with it. I have been made fun of but not because of my name But people will find a way to make fun of any name.
posted by guest :: 8 years ago | report
Im called natalie, i never get picked on by them names, jus stay positive and see! besides everyone has rhymes tht can be bad, you jus hav to live with it, its a name! USE IT! lol thankyou x
posted by Natty noo naa :: 8 years ago | report
my name is natalie and i really like it. some of my friends call me Nat which i like, and for a while i was called Lea. and iv never been called names before. but i also like the name lilly
posted by natalie :: 8 years ago | report
My name is natalie and I’ve never once had someone tease me about my name. Unfortunately in our sad society however if a kid is fat they will probably be teased anyways no matter what their name is.. I love my name and wouldn’t change it for anything!
posted by nataliefrmchicago :: 8 years ago | report
lol, natalies unite! :P
to let u in on a little secret, we only ever are called nat (and on occasion naty) as a gud nicname.. nd its annoying. i got a nicname based on my last name, so it really depends on the person and how they are, not just ther first name..
posted by lol, this probs wont get read ==’ :: 8 years ago | report
Natalie is a gorgeous name, I wouldn’t change it... Though personally, the nicknames don’t suit me, it’s a beautiful name and yes, Nat is the common nickname, but there’s something about it that makes it seem a best friend or a comrade. The meaning has always bugged me though...born on Christmas. That’s more of an adept factor in the name. I would prefer, not for me, but for someone else, that they choose a name with a prettier meaning.
posted by Natmaster :: 7 years ago | report
My name is Natalie and I get sad when everyone has unique nicknames like Brit, Maddie, and Lexi! I would never change my name though... I think it’s beautiful. Most people call me Nat but I hate when somebody calls me Nat Nat! I feel like I’m being baby-ed! But I <3 my name.
posted by NotNastyNatalie :: 7 years ago | report
My name’s Natalie. I’ve never been made fun of for my name. I’ve never known another Natalie that got made fun of for their name. If anything I get compliments.

I hate the nickname Nat too, I prefer Lee or Nate, only because I like guys names for girls. Nicknames people have used based on my name is Nat, Nattie, Natnat, Natalata, and Nate
posted by guest :: 7 years ago | report
My name is Natalie. I think its a really pretty name and unique so its not just something like Sarah or Kristen or Abby...really common names. I was called Nattie when i was younger by my family, now its Natalie, and my friends call me nat. I have NEVER been teased with those fatalies or ratalies. I am not crazy bout the nicknames, but it doesn’t matter, I perfer to go by my real name.
posted by NattieNOTFattie :: 7 years ago | report
Hello, my name is natalie.
I havn’t been teased by my name but a friend has said it but it was only a little joke.
I Like To Go Nutss Some Time And once i was called nata nutter and it really suited me but now i have grown out of it and i am having difficults with a nickname but a name is a name and i can live with it. if i get teased about it i woud go along with the joke or tell someone and then they can suport me. i am still young and i know there will be a great nickname out there for me and you so don\’t worry its a name and a name can mean anythink!!!
posted by Naata Gawgiee;) :: 7 years ago | report
My name is also Natalie, but I never get called FATalie or RATalie. Sure sometimes I get called Nat, but I don’t mind it. It’s a really nice, unique name that can be made into a lot of cute nicknames. I get a few compliments on my name here and there from people when they figure out my name. They go "Oh, that’s such a pretty name!"
posted by natalie :: 7 years ago | report
Hi! My name is Natalie:)I really like my name, because it is unique, but not too unique. At school, there is a Natalie who is a year older than me, and I think there is another in high school. It is a known name, but not an overly popular name. It is a name that pretty, and can be fun and bubbly when made into a nick name:)) I hope this was helpful!!
posted by Natalie :: 7 years ago | report
I know what you’re talking about ... the mean nicknames. My name is Amanda and in the 2nd grade boys made fun of me as A man duh! And it really just sucked. Now i go by Amy. I have a friend (actually 3) named Natalie and they have never been called these mean names. And there are lots of good nicknames for the name Natalie. Hope this helps!
Best Wishes,
Amanda A.K.A Amy
posted by The Face ☺ :: 7 years ago | report
my name is natalie and im in middle school, and i havent been called any mean nicknames. EVER!
posted by nattie :: 7 years ago | report
Natalie is a beautiful name. I have only gotten compliments. I think there are WAY worse nick names for other names. "Fatalie" I have never been called, if you were to name her "Patty" then "Fatty" ya that may be a concern. Kids will be kids either way. If they are going to make fun of her for being bigger, she will probably just be called fat. Also, the whole name calling only last through middle school. Natalie is a great name! My nick name has been "Natou"
posted by Natou :: 6 years ago | report
I’m Natalie, and I have had so many nicknames: Nat, Nata, Nellie, Nell, Nelda, and my sisters and old friends call me Natlor (or Natlorium, gotta love sisters). In college I was Natty Ice, and Natatocious. I always end up as Nat, though I’d rather just be Natalie. It’s a great name to have, and so far I’ve only ever met 3 other Natalies. Unique is good.
posted by Natlor :: 6 years ago | report
my name is natalie and i get called natty rattie or even most of the time nat and other people call me nat the rat but u know wat i aint care wat people call me just ignore it and get on with ur life other than worrying urself over a name
posted by nat :: 6 years ago | report
Well I’m a nathalie and my friends have found a way to make an embarrassing nickname. "You can’t spell snatch without NAT" sNATch.
posted by guest :: 6 years ago | report
My name is Natalie and all my friends call me Natalie or Lee-Lee, which I think is pretty cute!
posted by guest :: 6 years ago | report
my name is natalie and l am called liea (LEE A) and wen i was little people called me nat the rat
posted by natalie :: 6 years ago | report
My name’s Natalie and I’ve never been called those. I go by Nat, Nate, Natalie, and NatCat.
posted by nataliehope52 :: 6 years ago | report
I named my daughter natalie, she is 21 months old and i havent experienced any bad nicknames like the ones you’ve mentioned. I call her nat once in a while and i dont think of that when i if you truely like the name why not name your daughter natalie.
posted by Lv2010 :: 6 years ago | report
My name is Natalie I’ve only been called Nat once or twice but people always call me Natterz because I talk a lot. My family call me Natalina when they want me to help them.
posted by CrazyNatterz :: 6 years ago | report
My Name is Natalie I would get teased maybe once. Though I did have a woodshop teacher that called me Nate...that was just weird.
posted by Natish23 :: 6 years ago | report
My name is Natalie I am 25 years old and never in my life have been teased for my name or called Fatalie or anything like that. Sometimes when my friends are goofing around they will call me Natalia or Natasha for fun.People almost always just called me by my full name, Natalie. Nat is unavoidable from time to time from my closer buddies.
posted by guest :: 6 years ago | report
my friend gets called Natzers or Natzi her name is Natalie
posted by anonymous1998 :: 6 years ago | report
My name is Natalie but my family calls me Natalia and I was never made fun of for any of them, and I dont like Nat, so I just ask people not to call me that unless I grew up with them. The reaction I always get is what a beautiful name it is, I love my name.
posted by Natalie :: 6 years ago | report
Natalie is my middle name but it’s the only one I have by for the past 20 years. I first heard "Fatalie" in middle school when friends were trying to rhyme everyone’s name with adjectives. Other than that I never heard that joke come up again. To family friends I’ve always been Natalie, Natasha, Natalska, Natalia, Nati, Ali, and any other form of Nat... However to my mom I am always Nat and have been since I was about 15-16. My younger sisters have been calling me Nata since I can remember. Very close friends call me Nat (less than 10 probably) and even closer friends call me Nata (maybe 5 including my sisters) since I mever introduce myself as that- they’re endearing nicknames that come with strengthened friendship I think. And as far as "gnat" goes, no one has ever confused it or even though of it as far as I know. When I introduce myself by Natalie most everyone compliments the pretty name. Growing up I knew a few other Natalie’s but never had a problem or got annoyed. All in all, I love my name and would definitely think about passing it down! Hope the long post helps! :)
posted by guest :: 6 years ago | report
I’m seventeen and named Natalie. Plenty of people call me Nat. It’s quite interchangeable. I know a guy who calls me Nat the Cat. No one has ever suggested a derogatory nickname.
posted by Natalie :: 5 years ago | report
My name is Natalie and I’ve never been called any mean nicknames due to my name. All my life I’ve been called Allie
posted by PandaBear<3 :: 5 years ago | report
I named my daughter Natalee. She is 5 months old. Close family members call her different nicknames i.e. Nat, Nattie, Natsie, Lee Lee, Nattie Cake and of course a slew of other nicknames that have nothing to do with her given name. I think the name is beautiful! Good luck in your search for the perfect name!
posted by Momma :: 5 years ago | report
Natalie is a really nice name, but personally i like Natalia better. I know a girl named Natalia, and yes she does get called Nat, but that’s not an awful nick name.
posted by guest :: 5 years ago | report
My name is Natalie and I have never once been called a mean name like Fatalie, Bratalie or Ratalie. My family calls me Nat and Natbug because I loved lady-bugs when I was little, but friends prefer to call me Nat, Natty, Nat-Nat, Nelly, and Talie.
posted by Guest :: 5 years ago | report
My name is Natalie and here is my opinion. When I was younger, I HATED being called Nat. It always reminded me of thos annoying little bugs. For some reason Nat bothered me but NatNat was I really liked being called. I still go by that name today. Now I don’t mind being called Nat anymore. It has grown on me. It is now just become a part of who I am and I don’t mind a bit. As for Fatalie and Ratalie, no one ever calls me those things. It’s out there in the open, but it just never happens. Anyway, Natalie is a groovy name and if you like it, go for it. :)
posted by NatNat_Ninja :: 5 years ago | report
My name is Natalie. and i lovelovelove nicknames. people call me stuff like nate, nat, natatoui,natatat,natattack, natty,natman, etc. the worst is fatalie but its only my close friedns that call me that because they think its funny...i dont really care though . never heard ratalie though
posted by ahofehn :: 5 years ago | report
I have a Natalie and Madison. We call Madison mad,madi or madi-girl. As for Natalie she’s only 3mos old we mostly have been referring to her as baby girl but I really like nattie as a nickname for her as well as nat so then we will have a madi- girl and a nattie-girl : )& madi and nattie. I hope to teach my daughters to know anyone who’d make fun of their name obviously have bigger issues/problems than they do. I want My girls to be proud of their names because they are beautiful names (even though I may be a bit biased in this situation)
posted by AmandaRae :: 5 years ago | report
Yah my name is natalee and my dad does not like nat but mom calls me natty!;)
posted by Natty :: 5 years ago | report
My Name is Natalie but I hate everyone calling me Nat cause like you said so yourself it sounds like gnat, so I thought of a few nicknames when i was in school. Allie, Tallie, Natty, Nats but I wanted one to call my own that shows my personality by just the name and then I got it and My Nickname has always been Natz and I love it :)
posted by MissVioletWolf :: 5 years ago | report
My name is Natalie. I was never fat but I did however been call fat Nat, fatalie but I also had some bad [removed] names like Nat the brat. Naughty Nat for my black friends called me Nigga Nat (I’m not black) but it’s funny and I’m also tattooed so everybody now calls me Tatt’d Nat.
posted by Tatted Nat :: 5 years ago | report
So my name is natalia I love my nam very much I get called n nata nat talia nataleea ndog ( I love dogs:-) )
posted by nat :: 5 years ago | report
My mom and my step dad called me nasty Natalie growing up when I would retaliate AGINST my sis my bro and step bro ... All of them were pretty fkin rude to me growing up.. Needless to say after being hospitalized a few times for suicede the name calling stopped.
posted by Nastynat :: 5 years ago | report
Things didn’t get better as I got older either it does not matter if I do not make any mistakes on paper work some how I rub the universe the wrong way or people just see my name and hate me. I do not think any one has had the type of luck I do when it comes to paper work . My fiancé didn’t believe me until we had our daughter and has seen me have to redo the same paper work 3-4 times because of some moron on the other end. I want to change my first name Natalie to something els
posted by guest :: 5 years ago | report
My name is Natalie and I’ve never been teased or made fun of cos of my name. My friends and family all call me ’Tally’ and I love my name :D
posted by guest :: 4 years ago | report
My name is Natalie and people just call me Allie, or sometimes Lili (Lee- Lee) but some people call me Nat, but that doesn’t bother me at all, I changed my name from "Phuong" to "Natalie" I think the name is really pretty but I never been called Fatalie or Ratalie...
posted by Natalie :: 4 years ago | report
My Name is Natalie, I absolutely love my name. It’s long and pretty rare. I only know 2 other Natalie’s. And one is spelled at Nathaly. I like my spelling because I find it more common so people never have to ask how to pronounce it. I find long names to be the prettiest because short names are plain, common, and boring. I love my name because it has a nickname in it (Nat) it doesn’t bother me at all, it makes me feel like the person that says it is thinking enough to put thought into it. And call me Nat. People wouldn’t call me that if get didn’t like me. I’ve only been teased a little but I laughed too. They called me "Bratalie" which I kinda think is cute. Hahaha. My Bestfriend calls me "Natalia" just because she’s my Bestfriend. But other then that I can’t think of another name Id rather have. I’m in love with mine.
posted by Nataliaaaaaa :: 4 years ago | report
My name is Natalie. I was called Fatalie starting at age seven. I hate my name, as well as Nat or Nattie or any of the normal nicknames for Natalie. I also hate my middle name, Jill, so I can’t go by that. I have been going by my nickname, Laddie, for several years. A few friends also call me Nate or Neith (pronounced Nayth), which I like.
posted by Laddie :: 4 years ago | report
I have a 10 month little girl named Natalie and obviously, I love the name. We mainly call her Naty but because she’s still a baby she has plenty of cutesy nicknames as well. A few examples are Naty-bear, NatNat, Bratty-butt and Burger-bones (I really have no idea how that one came about and it’s not name related at all..) It’s a beautiful and elegant name that it fits my daughter perfectly.
posted by Jen :: 4 years ago | report
My name is Nathaly (spelled this way in Colombia) my mom used to call me tataly but most people just call me Nathaly ot Natty but not to be picked on. Though when i was in 3rd grade people called me nat as i was thinking that they were callin gnat. But i finally got over it. I have never been called fatalie or ratalie or anything like that but here is a tip for you if you get called something you dont like just say i dont like that name so plz stop that and call me by my normal name or something that i am okay wth.
posted by Nathaly :: 4 years ago | report
My name is natalie I’m 14, I’ve been called ratalie and fatalie lots in my life, and coz of it I don’t like my name, but the weird thing is I’m not fat at all and I don’t look like a rat, so my advise is let thm continue till they realise it’s not worth it anymore.
posted by natalie :: 4 years ago | report
My name is natalie and my friends call me natty when I was younger I was a bit loopy so people called me batty or nutty natty I wish I had the nickname talie but you cant just start making people call you that when you are 15 :( the only unique nickname I have is nataplop because my freinds in my class came up with it but we all have haflepoof (hafsah) and yasmino (yasmin) and chino (rebecca) theres als o juicy lucy too. in school the teachers call me natty because idk they just do! I dont mind a november baby(25th) but I was suposed to be a december baby thats why natalie was chosen, my parents were under the impression natalie ment christmas child or gift from god so ya At the end of the day I glad im called natalie and I wouldnt change my name for the world :)
posted by just another natalie :: 4 years ago | report
My name is Natalie, I have a sister who is alot youger than me and she has been calling me nanny ever since she could talk. I think its cute when she calls me that. Also I have never been picked on becouse of my name.So if you like the name I say Go 4 It!
posted by Natalie :: 3 years ago | report
My name is natalie and its okay. The worst parts is when people ask how it’s spelled because everyone spells it like "Nathalie" or "Nataly" and also "Natly". Another thing I don’t like is how nervous I get when talking to new people so I talk kinda quite I guess and when I say my name (it happens wayy to often) people say "Abby?, Kayle? Lee? Natalia? Laney? Bailey? Hailey? Jayleen? Rylee? Gabby? And others and I hate that.
posted by Heyyy :: 3 years ago | report
My name is Natalie, I’m 15, and most of my friends call me Tili. Some people call me Nat, but I quickly tell them how much it bothers me, because Nat just sounds like ’gnat.’ I have yet to be called FATalie or Ratalie.
posted by Tili :: 3 years ago | report
My name is Nataliya & my mom calls me Natasha, my aunt’s call me Nata! I love my name. Some other Nick names could be Tali, Taliya, Natt, Natalie, and Lee!
posted by guest :: 3 years ago | report
My names Natalie I never got teased but I do hate the name Nat some family members call me Natalia or Natasha
posted by guest :: 3 years ago | report
I named my daughter Natalie Mae and shes never been picked on about her name. Shes 9 now and I wish I would’ve thought of the nickname Tallie before thats really cute but I have lots of nicknames for her. Once in a while shes called Nat but mostly Nattie, Nattie Mae, Miss Mae. Also she is thr only girl with two brothers so we also call her sissy or sissy mae and I also call her sissy friend for some reason lol. I love her middle name so I use it alot.
posted by Christina :: 2 years ago | report
My name is Natalie. Not once have I been picked on about my name. People have tried and failed. But I do prefer Nat as I’m more of a tomboy, so it’s perfect for my personality. Although I do get called Natty, Nutella, and in the past, my last name ’Jonsey’. But it’s a very good name to live with, you have the option to have a girly name, neutral or boyish. When my nephew was learning my name he would call me "Auntie Nat titty" and it was the best thing that I’ve ever been called. There’s not many ways for people to make insults from the name. The ones hae pretty much been said, fatalie and ratalie. Not really anything more. So that’s a plus.
posted by NatFromAcrossTheSea :: 2 years ago | report
My name is Natalie, the only nickname I have that I hate is nat, but my uncle calls me BRATalie sometimes. But that’s all
posted by guest :: 2 years ago | report
Well my name is Natalie and I’ve never been called ratalie or Fatalie. I have been called Nat, Natie, nik nat, nattles. I love my name and it’s endearing to be called these nicknames. There’s the possibility of mean names but I feel like that’s the case with any name really
posted by Natie :: 2 years ago | report
My name’s Natalie and I never get teased for it. Whatever name you choose children will always be able to find a stupid nickname if they’re not nice to them. I recommend using whatever name you like.
posted by guest :: 2 years ago | report
My names natalie, and i constantly got called fat nat or natty fatty, but i thiught that was just cause my last name had fat in it. I diddnt think of the fact that it rymed too
posted by Natalie :: 1 year ago | report
My names natalie, i have been called nat for as long as i remember and i hate it. Over the last year, ive tried getting my friends to either call me natalie of tallie which i liked the sound of. However, one of my friends has started calling me tally belly. I am overweight so its just horriable. However i love my name, it sounds pretty, if i could just get people calling me by my real name, i would be fine. Natalies a great name and ive only met one other natalie in my whole life.
posted by Guest :: 1 year ago | report
My name is Natalie and I don't like my name. Some people call me nat, but I wish people would call me Allie
posted by Guest :: 1 week ago | report

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