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Aden/Aislinn Bryson/Briella vs. Alexander/Abbilynn Caden/Cadence vs. Adrian/Aurora Luka/Lunnir

We have a tradition in my family to follow a B-C-L-T naming pattern in honor of my Great Grandmother’s children. Her children were Bonnie, Conita, Linda (my grandma), and Tim. My grandmother’s children were Lena and Chris (mixed around). And my mother’s children were Caitlin and Lauren (me). I love this tradition but want to use it for the middle name and have all the first names begin with "A". Am I limiting myself or is it a good idea. Oh and the fourth children names would be Alek Theron/ Arianna Thalia. Please some feedback? I love all the names I have picked out so I don’t need any name suggestions but feedback on flow of certain names or favorite names is more than welcome.

The Top Baby Name is...

Aden/aislinn Bryson/briella Mckay


Alexander/abbilynn Caden/cadence Mckay


Adrian/aurora Luka/lunnir Mckay


Poll created: Oct 25, 2012
Total Votes: 7


So are you having quads or just thinking ahead in case you have more kids? And I think it would be fine to stick with A names. There are a lot of really nice ones. It’s not like your limiting yourself to the letter Q.

Aden Bryson: prefer the spelling Aiden. Not sure it it flows because both end in "on". Maybe Aden Bryce. I also don’t like Aden if you go with Adrian because I find them too similar. Maybe Aaron/Aron instead of Aden if you go with Adrian.

Aislinn Briella: Aislinn is prounced like Ashlyn right? If so, love it and it flows nicely.

Alexander Caden: Love it and the nickname Alex. I would NOT use Caden if you end up using the name Aden. In that case, maybe Caelan, Caleb, Case, or Cash. Alexander Caelan would be nice.

Abbilynn Cadence: I don’t like Abbilynn but I do like Abigail and the nickname Abby. I wouldn’t use Cadence if you use Caden. Maybe Candace instead in that case.

Adrian Luka: love it but again, it’s too close to Aden. Maybe Adam if you want to stay with Aden.

Aurora Lunnir: Love Aurora, hate Lunnir. Maybe Luna if you want to go with a similar name, though both would be sky related names (Aurora being the lightshow up north and Luna meaning moon). Maybe Aurora Lucille, Aurora Luciana, Aurora Lucy.

Alek Theron: Alek is to close to Alexander, in my opinion. Theron is different but I like it. Maybe Alan, Alastair, Alton, or Alden.

Arianna Thalia: love it. I also love Adrianna and Audriana.

So, pretending that you end up with four boys or four girls, here are my top suggestions, based upon your names:
Girls: Aislinn Briella, Abigail Candace, Aurora Lucille, and Arianna Thalia nn Aislinn, Abby, Rory, and Ria
Boys: Aiden Bryce, Alexander Caelan, Adam Luka, and Alastair Theron nn Aiden, Alex, Adam, and Ari
posted by guest :: 5 years ago | report
Thank you for taking the time to write back. So far you are the only one who thought it was worth commenting back.
I chose 4 names because 4 is my max after that either me or my husband is getting fixed (probably him ;]).
The name I use will depend on what gender the baby is. I am going to let them be a surprise which is why i have names in both genders. For example if the first child is a boy I want the middle name to begin with B and Aden (or Aiden which i like too) Bryson is what sounded nice together. I don’t like normal names at all. I chose Lunnir to honor my strong Irish heritage. I don’t like the names Adam, Aaron (my man’s best friend’s name), Alastair (too old), Ari (too common), Alton, Alan (ex-teacher), Alden, Lucille (Ball), Lucy, Luna (because people could call her Loony then), Candace (Candy) , Abigail (too common), Bryce (girl i know) but thank you for your effort. Aislinn has many pronunciations and I am debating my favorite: Az-lynn or Ashlynn (but this is the common version). Thank you soo much.
posted by Lauren Kae :: 5 years ago | report
These are the other girls names I was considering: Arianthia or Aurelia or Annalise or Alexandria
posted by Lauren Kae :: 5 years ago | report
Don’t know if you will go back and check this but I’ll comment anyways. Aurelia is lovely (as is Aurelio for a boy), but is close to Aurora so don’t do both. Annalise is lovely. I actually knew someone whose name was Annaliese. Same pronounciation. Alexandria is also lovely, but would use it with Alek/Alexander for obvious reasons. It should be easy to pick four names that aren’t too close to each other.
posted by guest :: 5 years ago | report
Sorry, I meant I wouldn’t use it.
posted by guest :: 5 years ago | report
Thank you so much for commenting. I was hoping for more comments when I got back on today but I got your feedback so its better than nothing. = ) I don’t know about Aurelio, it sounds somewhat Hispanic. And I chose A because I thought it would be the easiest. Thanks for the feedback!
posted by ArmyWife93 :: 5 years ago | report
Aurelia and and Aaden (my niece is Aurelia and it is BEAUTIFUL)
Anastasia and Alexander
posted by guest. :: 5 years ago | report
I wasn’t looking for suggestions of new names just whether the A first names followed by the B-C-L-T pattern middle names is a good idea.
posted by Lauren Kae :: 5 years ago | report
First and third commentor again: It is a good pattern. And probably easier to follow than having the first names be BCLT as quite a few of those names are probably taken by your family members.
posted by guest :: 5 years ago | report
Well thank you first and third commenter again. lol
posted by ArmyWife93 :: 5 years ago | report
I love the pattern. You should keep the BCLT as first names and the A names. You kid could still go by their A name, my brother does that;)
posted by guest :: 5 years ago | report
Ashton Brayden- Alivia Charlotte -Abbie Lily -
Aden Trace-
Annalynn Bailey- Alex Caden- Ammon Lucas-
Addison Trica
posted by guest :: 4 years ago | report
does BCLT stand for bacon cheese letuce and tomatoe?????
posted by guest :: 4 years ago | report

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