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Esme vs. How you pronounce?

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Poll created: May 09, 2008
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I have never heard this name before but I think it could be pretty. I would pronounce it Ez-mee (long e sound) but I’m not sure. gl
I wonder if it’s ever a nn for Esmerelda?
posted by guest :: 10 years ago | report
Hmm. good point. I tought it was a name in itself. The magazine i was reading was refering to Samatha Morton`s daughter name. They spelled it Esme. But I couldnt figure out how to pronounce it. Iv seen it written with an ’’é’’ (Esmé) so i tought it was an ’’ey’’ sound. Either way it looks unique! Thanks for the help.
posted by poster :: 10 years ago | report

The girl’s name Esme \e-sme, es-me\ is pronounced es-MAY. It is of French origin, and its meaning is "esteemed".
posted by alexandramae :: 10 years ago | report
Oh, tx!
would make sense why some write it with a é then.
thank you :)
posted by poster :: 10 years ago | report
Esme is the masculine form of the name... Esmee is the feminine. It is pronounced EZ-may. And I think it’s utterly GORGEOUS!!!
posted by guest :: 10 years ago | report
I think Esther is prettier than Esme. But maybe that’s not unique enough for your style.

How about the name Eden?
posted by guest :: 10 years ago | report
Our daughter is Esme, and while we are big Francophiles, we do actually pronounce it Es-mee, not Es-May. We call her Ez or Ezzie for short, and we think it’s super cute, and she definitely is supercute, and that’s not just ’cause I’m her mom. It’s a great name, and has a great meaning.
posted by K. :: 9 years ago | report
Our daughter is named Esmé. She is half French and half American. Her French father pronounces it "Ess-may" and I pronounce it "Ezz-may." The meaning behind the name (old French for loved or esteemed) makes it a standalone name as far as we’re concerned. For us, it is not a short form of Esmeralda. This name is more common in the UK than it is in the US or in France.
posted by guest :: 9 years ago | report
It can be pronounced either way. I like to pronounce it Es-mee
posted by guest :: 8 years ago | report
Our daughter is an Esmerelda and an Esme - we pronounce it Ez-mee. I am hearing lots of people who read ’Twilight’ pronouncing it Ez-may, which makes me worried for our little girl when she gets to school!
posted by r :: 8 years ago | report
no it is ez-ma(’a’ pronounced like for example a tree)
posted by Esmeralda :: 8 years ago | report
It\’s usually ez-may, but I\’ve heard it pronounsed es-may, es-mee, and ez-may before.
posted by Zoe :: 7 years ago | report
It is NOT pronounced ez-mee. It can be, but it is supposed to be pronounced ez-may. There.
posted by the name knower :: 7 years ago | report
my nwborn daughter is esme.... I pronounce it es(may) but my husband says es(mee)! I really dont mind as either is just gorgeous!! She gets ez or ezzy too!
posted by guest :: 5 years ago | report
I always thought it was short for Esmeralda
posted by Dutch :: 5 years ago | report
There are recordings online to provide correct pronunciation. The French-derived version is spelled Esmé
(note accent) so the end is certainly "-may." In the U.S. birth certificates do not allow such letters so we must make due with Esme, and simply understand (or relay) how the name should be said. Additionally, there are recordings online to provide assistance with pronunciation, like:

Of course, if the child’s name is Esmerelda with Esme as a nickname then it seems it could go either way, depending upon spelling and preference.
posted by NotGuessing :: 5 years ago | report
I’m a 28 year old Esme (no accent, pronounced Ez-me). People call me Ez-May sometimes by accident and it doesn’t really bother me, although it sounds odd to my ears.
posted by esme85 :: 4 years ago | report
My middle name is Esme, and my family and I have always pronounced it Ez-mee. While I never liked the name when I was a child, I love it now. I will say that I find it interesting when people post with authority that the way to pronounce the name is Ez-may. Not in my family.
posted by MyNameIsEsme :: 4 years ago | report
Esme with an accent is the French version, it’s pronounced es-May. Esme without an accent is pronounced esme, it’s more common in UK nowadays. It’s my name so trust me on this!
posted by Esme :: 4 years ago | report
My name is Esmè and I love my name, the french way is EZ-may but the english version is EZ-me. So all those people who are yelling at eachother saying its EZ-may just consider that there are other ways. The name was orginally from france, they took it to England, but England doesn’t have accutes so they took it out, so some people pronounce it as it looks. SO STOP ARGUING ABOUT IT.
-Esme, age 11.
posted by Esme :: 4 years ago | report
My name is EZ-ME
-Esme, age 11
posted by Esme :: 4 years ago | report
My name is Esme, also pronounced Ez-ME. I used to hate my name growing up because how people would pronounce it Ez-MAY (now I understand the French origins). I love my name and have gotten used to people pronouncing it wrong (wrong to me and all the other Es-me’s).
posted by Esme :: 4 years ago | report
I’m an Esme also pronounced as EZ-ME. I’m 41 and have always pronounced it this way. Mine is short for Esmeralda though so many people call me EZ-MAY, and sometimes I try to correct them. Esme, age 41.
posted by Esme :: 3 years ago | report
The correct way to pronounce Esmé is Ez-may. Those pronouncing it Ez-mee have it wrong - that may be your name and how YOU pronounce it but someone, somewhere along the line got it wrong!
posted by Lou :: 3 years ago | report
My name is Esme and its pronounced Ez-mee, it would only be pronounced Ez-may if the name has an accent like this: Esmé
posted by Esme :: 3 years ago | report
My daughters name is Esmè pronounced like the letter S and meh like e sound in the word bet
posted by Amordonez :: 2 years ago | report
All of these people insisting this name has to be pronounced es-may are ridiculous. If the name has an accent mark, then it is pronounced with they may, but if it does not have an accent mark, it could be pronounced either way. In England and in Latin countries it is commonly pronounced ez-mee and they do not use an accent mark. And for all you people on your it’s a French name high horse, remember that in France, Esme is a masculine name, Ezmee is a feminine name so if you want to get all technical about it, the French w
way, at least spell your daughter’s name correctly.
posted by Sarah :: 2 years ago | report
Correction, I meant to say that Esmé is masculine, Esmée is feminine, so quit complaining that other people are saying it incorrectly when you aren’t even spelling it correctly in reference to your daughters.
posted by Sarah :: 2 years ago | report
J D Salinger’s perfect short story deserves a mention here - "For Esme ...With Love and Squalor"
posted by Esme :: 2 years ago | report
I’m an EZ-me (Esme). Named after my father’s sister whose name was pronounced the same. I hated it most of my life because people called me Ez-may. Now I am too old to care (52) and often introduce myself to the more senior citizens I meet as Ez-may - purely for the ease of it (it saves all the explanations). I also pronounce my name that way over the phone - because 9 out of 10 times I get called Lesley as confirmation. I have never used an accent mark - and never will. I think it’s all down to how your mum and dad want it pronounced. 😊
posted by Esme - Australia :: 2 years ago | report
My name is Esmé, and it is pronounced ez-may. It appears to be possible to pronounce it ez-mee, but this is the modernized version as it was intended to be pronounced ez-may, because it is. French name and originally spelled with the accent.
posted by Esmé :: 2 years ago | report
I don’t understand you people who insist there is only one way to pronounce Esme. It can be provinces either way. In fact you can pronounce your name any way you want. You can spell it Esme and pronounce it "marigold". My name is Rachel like in the Bible and I’ve had lots of people call me Rachelle (rhymes with Michelle). My niece is Ezmi and yes we call her EZ-me because THAT IS HER NAME. She is actually named after my grandfather Ezra. Stop being so judgmental.
posted by Rachel :: 1 year ago | report
I don’t see any way to edit my post but of course I meant "pronounced" not provinces (stupid autocorrect).
posted by Rachel :: 1 year ago | report
I wouldn't use a name that is so confusing to pronounce and spell. After years of working in the medical field just give me something easy. It is a struggle to say some of the names these days.
posted by Rhonda W :: 10 months ago | report
My name is Esmé with an accent, and I have a friend called Esme. Neither of them are short for Esmeralda, but our names our pronounced differently because of the accent. My name is pronounced Ez-may, and hers is pronounced Ez-mee. Personally I think Ez-mee sounds really weird, but anyway. Beyoncé has the accent, if it was without it, it would be pronounced Beyonc-ee. But I guess everyone has their different opinions, so if you think it is Ez-meeeeeee then I don't mind, but if you anyone ever calls me Ez-me, I am not happy.
posted by Esmé :: 10 months ago | report
My p.e teacher always calls me Ez-mee and I hate it because it's not my name, and ez-mee disgusting just like me friend Esmé
posted by Guest :: 10 months ago | report
I'm considering naming my daughter Esme without the accent but still pronounce it Ez-May. I just don't want her to have to explain it to others on the daily. With that being said, I have considered spelling it Esmae so it's a little easier for those to pronounce. But then I fear the misspelling of it. Any suggestions?
posted by Nicole :: 2 months ago | report

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