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Spring, summer vs. Fall, Winter?

Do you speak another language? What is spring, summer, fall or winter in your language (transliterated because I don’t read other alphabets)? We are (finally!) pregnant and expecting quadruplets; they will be our only children. So we thought it’d be cute to tie their names together somehow and thinking of what there are 4 of we thought of seasons :). But Spring, for example, sounds weird in English as a name, so we thought other languages. So we’re asking as many people on as many sites as we can. Thank you so much!

The Top Baby Name is...

Spring, Summer


Fall, Winter?


Poll created: Jul 12, 2013
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I speak French, but I think the seasons would be uglier as names than the English versions. If you really want to consider them
Spring: Printemps
Summer: Ete (accents on both the e’s)
Fall: Automne
Winter: Hiver
posted by guest :: 4 years ago | report
In portuguese spring is ’primavera’, summer is ’verão’, fall is ’outono’ and winter is ’inverno’. Not all that good for names...
You should try Google Translate. Type in all four names (better use Autumn instead of Fall, might get confused for teh verb) and click on different languages to translate them to.
posted by guest :: 4 years ago | report
Summer: Verano
Spring: Primavera
Autumn: Otoño
Winter: Invierno
posted by guest :: 4 years ago | report
I only know Finnish and German and I don’t think either language really sounds good...I think you may have to reconsider and find something else that there are 4 of...
But just so you can see them

Finnish: Kevät, Kesä, Syksy, Talvi
German: Frühling, Sommer, Herbst, Winter
posted by guest :: 4 years ago | report
Spring: Wiosna (vee-os-na)
Summer: Lato (la-to)
Fall: Jesien (yeh-ee-en)
Winter: Zima (zi-mah)
posted by guest :: 4 years ago | report
Sorry! Jesien is pronounced yes-ee-en
posted by guest :: 4 years ago | report
How about using the theme? Like flowers of the seasons if they’re girls or weather themes etc?
posted by guest :: 4 years ago | report
Spring, Summer, Winter, Autumn:

Afrikaans: Lente, Somer, Winter, Herfs
Spanish: Primavera, Verano, Invierno, Otoño
Latin: Ver, Aestas, Hiems, Autumnus
Chinese: Chūn, Xià, Qiū, Dōngjì
Finnish: Kevät, Kesä, Talvi, Syksy
Hindi: Vasanta, Grīṣma, Sardī, Sarada rtu
Welsh: Gwanwyn, Haf, Gaeaf, Hydref
Irish: Earraigh, Samhradh, Geimhreadh, Fómhar
Bengali: Basanta, Grīṣma, Sītakāla, Sarata
Italian: Primavera, Estate, Inverno, Autunno
Swahili: Spring, Majira, Winter, Autumn
Czech: Jaro, Léto, Zima, Podzim

I think you could make a few groupings out of these. A few of them depend on the gender of the child.
posted by guest :: 4 years ago | report
In french: Printemps, Ete (with accents), Hiver, Automne...

... not very good names, I’m afraid.

In Thai, Kimhan means summer (the hot season, more specifically, since the seasons aren’t quite the same there).

In Arabic, summer is Alsaif (al being ’the’)
winter is Ashitah
spring is Alrubia/Alrabia
and autumn is Alkharif

In Italian:
Autunno -- autumn
Estate -- summer
Primavera-- spring
Inverno-- winter

In Japanese:
Haru -- spring
Fuyu-- winter
Aki -- fall
Natsu -- summer

There are variants which are names, e.g. Haruhi

sorry, that’s the best i’ve got! You could probably do names with seasonish meanings, though, like Noel or Noelle for Winter.
posted by guest :: 4 years ago | report
How about looking,for names that,mean the different seasons.
Or using months for spring
May, April or June.
Or Flowers
I like Autumn, Noelle, Summer, May.
posted by guest :: 4 years ago | report
May, June, April, Lillian

Summer, Rose, June, August


Holly, Noelle, Noel
posted by guest :: 4 years ago | report
I personally think it would be cuter (and much more practical) to name your children names that remind people of a certain season rather than use the actual season names themselves.

-Spring people think of new life and nature such as flowers, trees, etc. (girls- Willow, Rose, Violet, Flora, Ivy, Dahlia) (boys- River, Heath, Ash, Leif)

Summer names could be inspired by vacation places such as the beach. (girls- Oceana,Coral, Skye, Shelly) (boys- Storm, Finn, Bodhi, and Kai)

Fall names (girls- Scarlett, Sienna, Maple, Raven, Hazel, Ginger, Sage ) (boys- Forrest, Hunter, Rory, Rowan, Bruno, Sage)

Winter names (girls- Holly, Noel ) (boys- Jack, Nicholas
posted by guest :: 4 years ago | report

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