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Elocin (eh-loh-sin) vs. Yes vs. No

My name is Nicole and I want to name my daughter Elocin which is Nicole backwards. What do you think?

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Elocin (eh-loh-sin) 0% (0 votes)
Yes 0% (0 votes)
No 100% (8 votes)


Elosin sounds and looks a bit odd. How about Eloise or Ellison or Elison?
posted by guest :: 2013-11-03 13:37:28 | report
I like the name but not that it is yours backwards.
posted by guest :: 2013-11-03 13:37:36 | report
Ellison would be way better.
posted by guest :: 2013-11-03 13:39:17 | report
Is there something wrong with it being mine backwards?
posted by guest :: 2013-11-03 13:39:43 | report
No offense but Elocin sounds very made up. Maybe try a different version of Nicole.


Or use Nicole as a middle name.
posted by guest :: 2013-11-03 13:40:44 | report
Sounds like something a doctor would prescribe.
posted by guest :: 2013-11-03 13:41:22 | report
Elocin looks absolutely dreadful. Also, Ellison is a boy name
posted by guest :: 2013-11-03 13:41:26 | report
There are certain names that have no gender. Ellison is one of them -_-
posted by guest :: 2013-11-03 13:44:28 | report looks like the name of an antibiotic...
posted by guest :: 2013-11-03 13:48:53 | report
Ellison would have no meaning. There’s a reason I would spell it Elocin. It’s my name backwards.
posted by guest :: 2013-11-03 13:49:59 | report
Find a new name.

Ellison does have a gender, pp, look it up. Anything that has "son" means SON OF. Even if it’s become "cute" or "popular" for a girl, it doesn’t change the meaning. Your ignorance is appalling.
posted by guest :: 2013-11-03 13:52:14 | report
My ignorance is appalling?? Well I’m just trying to find a name for my daughter! It runs in my family to name our kids after ourselves!
posted by guest :: 2013-11-03 13:58:26 | report
People who name their daughters Emerson don’t seem to give two craps that it ends in -son. So what if it means "son of"? And maybe people like certain names that end in -son for their daughters simply because they like them, not because they’re cute or popular. Calm your titties.
posted by guest :: 2013-11-03 13:59:07 | report
So give her Nicole as a middle name.
posted by guest :: 2013-11-03 14:00:18 | report
This is why I don’t like Ellison. 1. It has no meaning to me. 2. People have too many different thoughts about it ending in son.
posted by guest :: 2013-11-03 14:00:48 | report
She has to have a first name that relates to me or else I would use Nicole as her middle name.
posted by guest :: 2013-11-03 14:02:33 | report
Just name her whatever your favorite name for a girl is and make Nicole the middle name. Simple.
posted by guest :: 2013-11-03 14:02:49 | report
I met a girl named Nikken once. Very different, I know, but I thought I’d suggest it anyway.
posted by guest :: 2013-11-03 14:04:21 | report
I would give her your middle name elcoin is pretty but a tad unique try your middle name then she will feel honored
posted by guest :: 2013-11-03 14:10:35 | report
Yes well it’s not that simple. I already said that I can’t use Nicole as the middle name. Please read the other comments.
posted by guest :: 2013-11-03 14:11:05 | report
Thanks for the suggestion!
posted by guest :: 2013-11-03 14:11:30 | report
Like you mean use my middle name as her middle name?
posted by guest :: 2013-11-03 14:12:22 | report
The person that said it was simple posted at the same time as you, chill the hell out. Also, your comment doesn’t actually state "cannot use as middle name". The way it is written makes it seem like using your name as a middle name is an option. So before getting snippy, make sure you’re comments make sense.

Elocin is absolutely horrible! Find a name that sounds like you’res or has the same meaning. Or just break whatever tradition it is, traditions are meant to be broken sometimes
posted by guest :: 2013-11-03 14:14:21 | report
How about Nikken Elocin?
posted by guest :: 2013-11-03 14:14:48 | report
I’m sorry I don’t appreciate your comment. To me my comment makes perfect sense but you have to keep in mind that I am pregnant and have hormones. I get annoyed when I have to say things twice even if we did post at the same time. So please don’t tell me to chill the hell out. I’m stressed enough.
posted by guest :: 2013-11-03 14:22:00 | report
Thanks for the suggestion of Nikken Elocin :) but I just don’t think that will work for me :/
posted by guest :: 2013-11-03 14:23:12 | report
You’re not the only pregnant, stressed out woman in the world. You need to remember that as well. Your comments were completely rude especially when people took the time to comment on your poll in the first place.
posted by guest :: 2013-11-03 14:28:15 | report
I know that but all pregnant woman are pretty much the same as me. We get stressed and hormonal. So just because I’m not the only one doesn’t mean I don’t have the right to be stressed. I’m sorry if I offended anyone but I’m not going to be nice to people just because they took time to comment on my post because sometimes they take time to comment rude things.
posted by guest :: 2013-11-03 14:34:15 | report
Hi this is the girl who said give her your middle name and no I mean give her your middle name as her First name and make elocin her middle name that works for everybody and your daughter will feel loved and honored
posted by guest :: 2013-11-03 15:08:13 | report
That’s a nice idea :) thanks!
posted by guest :: 2013-11-03 17:03:57 | report
You are very welcome :)
posted by guest :: 2013-11-03 18:34:39 | report
So what are you going to name her
posted by guest :: 2013-11-04 18:42:06 | report
I know I’m kind of late but I just happen to run across your pole when I was searching the meaning of my name backwards. sweetheart name your child and I do repeat your child whatever you’d like. I happen to like the name Elocin. Its different. You can pronounce it (Ella sin). Whatever you decided would be your own and beautiful.
posted by guest: Nicole :: 2014-11-13 18:26:32 | report
Hi, I stumbled across this page after seeing the username ’Elocin’ elsewhere. I really liked it straight away, but then reading how it’s apparently some medication which is a bit of a shame. But that drug may not be available forever. Elocin is a nice name and I won’t be surprised if it becomes more and more popular over the years. It’s really great that its Nicole backwards too.

Haha my phone actually autocorrected it to Elohim, so I looked that up and it means ’God’ so there’s Elohim for a boys name!

Very confusing previous posts above by the way, that’s the problem with everyone named as ’guest’!
posted by guest: Bianca :: 2014-12-05 11:59:32 | report
One Nicole to another, Elocin is a pretty Awesome name. Nicole spelled backwards or not!
posted by guest: Nicole :: 2015-03-09 18:01:03 | report
Ny middle name is nicole and for years now i have planned to name my daughter Elocin too!
posted by guest: taylor :: 2015-04-28 22:42:28 | report
Elocin, I really like it. From a guy’s point of view, it has a nice ring to it and flows easily. I would have no problem naming my child Elocin.
posted by guest: Elocin :: 2015-06-01 19:54:46 | report
You’re all ignorant.
posted by guest: Elocin :: 2015-08-05 06:47:03 | report

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