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Tuesday vs. January vs. Winter

Which do you like or dislike? Middle name will be Elizabeth

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Poll created: Dec 05, 2013
Total Votes: 23


While none are my style, DEFINITELY Winter. Tuesday is bland - what’s special about Tuesday. It’s just a random day in the middle of the week. January is better, but still it’s not really a very special month to be using. Yes, it is winter so it has the imagery of winter but if you want that imagery just go straight to Winter.
posted by Nicola :: 4 years ago | report
You’re actually considering TUESDAY? Winters a bit weird and January’s very weird, but Tuesday??? Are you a troll?
posted by Bea’s Mom Lillian :: 4 years ago | report
I love Winter. Not a fan of the other two.
posted by guest :: 4 years ago | report
Tuesday has been used as a girls name for a long time.
posted by guest :: 4 years ago | report
Of course it has, but that doesn’t mean it is a nice name.
posted by Nicola :: 4 years ago | report
None !
posted by guest :: 4 years ago | report
I like unusual names and hate filler or twee names but these are simply not very nice.
posted by guest :: 4 years ago | report
I only like Winter. The other two just don’t sound like names to me, imo. I much prefer Janet to January, and Tuesday is just dull. Sorry! I really do like Winter, tho’.
posted by Mel Acen :: 4 years ago | report
Tuesday means Thor’s Day, so I’d save the name Thor for a boy.

Winter and Thor would be a kick [removed]ib set!
posted by guest :: 4 years ago | report
I like Sunday better than Tuesday (like Sunday Rose-- Keith Urban and Nicole Kidman’s daughter). I also don’t like January, I like August better.
So my vote goes to Winter! (although Autumn is prettier)
posted by guest :: 4 years ago | report
Winter Elizabeth is lovely. I’m not a fan of the others.
posted by guest :: 4 years ago | report
I really don’t like tuesday because then people would ask if your other kids are monday and thursday? i REALY like winter But there is no nick name! so i’d go january and call her "jann" or "jane a". :) and i don’t think you’re a troll. :)
posted by kelbel :: 4 years ago | report
Actually, Thursday means Thor’s Day, not Tuesday. Tuesday actually means Týr/Tiw’s Day. (either spelling is acceptable, but I’ll use Tiw for the rest of this) Tiw was the god of war and law (also of single combat, victory, and heroic glory). A bit more about Tuesday’s etymology:

The name Tuesday derives from the Old English "Tiwesdæg" and literally means "Tiw’s Day". [1] Tiw is the Old English form of the Proto-Germanic god *Tîwaz, or Týr in Norse, a god of war and law. [2][3]

*Tîwaz derives from the Proto-Indo-European base *dei-, *deyā-, *dīdyā-, meaning ’to shine’, whence comes also such words as "deity". [4]

The Latin name dies Martis ("day of Mars") is equivalent to the Greek μέρα ρεως. In most languages with Latin origins (Italian, [5] French, [6] Spanish, [7] Catalan, [8] Romanian, [9] Galician, [10] Sardinian, [11]

Corsican, [12] but not Portuguese [13] ), the day is named after Mars, the Roman god of war.

In some Slavic languages the word Tuesday originated from Old Church Slavonic word въторъ meaning "the second" (Serbian: уторак (utorak)). Bulgarian and Russian "Вторник" (Vtornik) is derived from the Bulgarian and Russian adjective for ’Second’ - "Втори" (Vtori) or "Второй" (Vtoroi)

In Japanese, the word Tuesday is 火曜日(ka youbi), meaning ’fire day’ and is associated with 火星 (kasei): Mars (the planet), literally meaning "fire star". Similarly, in Korean the word Tuesday is 화요일 (hwa yo il), also meaning fire day.

In the Indo-Aryan languages Pali and Sanskrit, as well as in Thailand, the name of the day is taken from Angaraka (’one who is red in colour’) [14] a style (manner of address) for Mangal, the god of war, and for Mars, the red planet.

In the Nahuatl language, Tuesday is Huītzilōpōchtōnal (Nahuatl pronunciation: [wiːt͡siloːpoːt͡ʃˈtoːnaɬ] ) meaning "day of Huitzilopochtli".

From Wikipedia. Anyway, I don’t like Tuesday, especially on a little girl. Winter is much better.
posted by WilmaMonkey :: 4 years ago | report
^ok, then name her Tyra.
posted by guest :: 4 years ago | report
all of these names are wonderful! tuesday is very unique, love it. but Elizabeth is such a bland name.
posted by guest :: 4 years ago | report
There used to be an actress many years ago called Tuesday Weld. I don’t really find it that odd.
posted by guest :: 4 years ago | report
Dislike Tuesday
Winter is really beautiful
January is nice but I definitely prefer Winter
posted by AubriMommy :: 4 years ago | report

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