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Baby vs. Name vs. Game

Ok so before I start I just wanna say that I know this is not what this site is for but I think you guys who are stressed out about finding the perfect name need a little chill break so here is THE BABY NAME GAME! Super simple, all you do is follow the guidelines for each name and comment your answers! (Baby 1 is a girl) first name must be your favorite girl name and middle name must be from a fairy tale or Disney animation movie (baby 2 is a boy) first name must be beach, summer, nautically themed and middle name must start with the second letter of your name. (Baby 3 and 4 are twins a boy and a girl) girl: first name if you are wearing blue, red, yellow or green must start with an R, if you are wearing any other color it must start with the last letter of your second name, you can choose her middle name. The boy must be first name starting and ending in T and middle name must be a very modern name. (Baby 5 6 and 7) triplets: you decide the genders. 1) First name must be with the same letter as the middle name. Middle name must be nature themed. 2) first name must be winter themed and middle name must be family name. 3) first name must be a five letter name that has an A in it somewhere and middle name must be an old fashioned name. Have fun and enjoy xx
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Genie's Mailbag

Elizabeth in Montana
We like Verity for our daughter's first name, for both the meaning and uniqueness, but we are struggling with a middle name. I love cacti/succulents and thought it would be neat to pick the name of a unique plant. Hoping for something different but still pronounceable and feminine. Any ideas?
Baby Name Genie:
Not to be prickly, but this cacti question is a thorny one. Let me sharpen my quill and take a stab at it. Name your daughter Verity Jade, if you don't want a few barbs thrown your way.

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