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Boy Names On Girls vs. I’m Sick Of It vs. I Like It

Is anyone else sick of people pinning boy names on girls? You can name your kid whatever you want but I was just wondering if anyone else is tired of seeing this trend? If you vote "I Like It" please share why you like a girl to have a boy name...If you vote "I’m Sick Of It" please share why you don’t like boy names on girls. THIS IS A DISCUSSION

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Boy Names On Girls


Poll created: Aug 12, 2008
Total Votes: 21


I am personally on both sides... I like Taylor and Jordan on a girl. But names like James and Noah on girls I do not like at all. It is very hard to find names for boys that sound masculine but young. I struggled finding names for both of my sons but i decided on James (which to me sounds very much like a boy. no way, is it for a girl) and Peter.
posted by callie :: 9 years ago | report
I neither like or dislike it depending on the name that is. Jayden, Riley, Bayley, Reese, Kamryn, Jordan are ok for either BUT when people name their daughters Hunter, Michael, George names like that that are way too manly sounding then I dislike it... Id hate to have a mans name Id feel quite embarrased to be honest.
posted by guest :: 9 years ago | report
Good choices. I like both James and Peter. I think Taylor and Jordan are nice on both sex. I prefer them for a boy though.
posted by Gia :: 9 years ago | report
my name is taylor and my sisters names are jordan and camryn....i’ve only heard them on boys about once each and a bunch of times on girls
posted by taylor :: 9 years ago | report
What I’m sick of is people getting all uptight about names being for a specific gender. Does it demasculinize your son in any way if a girl has the same name? Seriously, get over it! I personally love a lot of unisex names, but there are also names that are considered as unisex that are too masculine for my taste (ex: Hunter). But I’m not offended if someone else thinks it fits their child. Honestly, I’m really annoyed by gender roles that are imposed from such an early age. Why do girl things all have to be pink and frilly? What message does that send? I’m having a girl in the fall and are also a dog-loving family -- but every little outfit that has puppies or anything on it is blue or brown.. as if dogs are strictly a "boy thing". It’s really stupid. I say let kids be kids and don’t force them into a limited identity. And now I will step down from my soapbox :).
posted by guest :: 9 years ago | report
Giving your son katherine is ridiculous, right. Giving your daughter the name Blake is just as stupid. Some names are O.K. like Taylor, Riley, and Jordan. But Tyler, Blake, and Dylan should not become female. Can’t anyone realize how arrogant you are to name your little girl Edward.
posted by Antelope :: 9 years ago | report
Hey Taylor I love your parents picks for you and your sisters! I just dont like real strong boys names on girls. I just think little girls should be little girls and have pink fluffy things if they want to play with cars and trucks thats all good too as it is if boys want to play with dolls, its all a learning experience I think. I do agree with the prev poller why do only blue clothes have dogs,rockets, boats etc and the girls clothes I hacve looked at lately have cats rabbits and lots of butterflies??
posted by guest :: 9 years ago | report
I agree with you guys about the baby clothes..its ridiculous you can’t find a dog on anything for girls!!! I LOVE dogs and everything for girls has cats/bunnies and other girly stuff on it. You will also never find a kitty cat on anything for boys except for BABY EINSTEIN...that is the best brand they are not sexist. I like the clothes most are unisex. My sons name is Noah Jeremiah and I hav suggested both of his names as girl names to friends (Noa and Jeramyah)...Who cares were all people at the root of everything.
posted by Dally :: 9 years ago | report
I agree baby Einstein are great!!
posted by guest :: 9 years ago | report Alexis? I know it was original a boy’s name, but it sounds so feminine. I can’t stand boy names on girls. There isn’t going to be any names left for baby boys if this doesn’t stop now. My teacher said she was going to name her daughter Dylan Love. Yuck! Okay, her mother’s name was Lovely and she died when my teacher was two years old. But girls don’t want to share their names with boys, do they? Not unless they are tomboys or...homosexual. :x And what about Leslie? That’s so cruel to give to a little boy! Of course we all have our own tastes, but if these parents are only giving their kids names meant for opposite genders just to follow the trend, they should be shot. That is what we call a fad, which comes and goes. A person’s name is forever. :(
posted by Jessica :: 9 years ago | report
Yeah the tomboy thing gets me.
I wouldnt want to have been called a boys name. And would never name my daughter a really masculine boys name either. Sameas I wouldnt name my son a girly name. If I was a guy and 2 other kids in my class had the same name as me and they were girls Id feel a bit shame.
posted by guest :: 9 years ago | report
I dislike the trend.
posted by guest :: 9 years ago | report
Wow, Jessica, those parents should be shot?? Seriously? It’s a NAME. If the kid grows up hating it, they can use their middle name or a nickname or - GASP - change it! I’d be far more bitter about being named Nevaeh or Braeydaieyn or some of the other ridiculous names that come up frequently on this board, than Taylor or Jamie or Hayden.

I find it completely ridiculous to say that there soon won’t be any names left for boys. There are plenty of "boy" names that I don’t care for on girls - most in fact - but there are a lot of names that just seem like it could fit either a boy or a girl -- and so what? Personally I gravitate more towards unisex names for girls because I am not a frilly person and a lot of the cutesy names, or names that can easily be made into a cutesy nickname, don’t appeal to me. The nursery I am planning for my daughter is not going to be all ruffles and lace, and I don’t intend to dress her up like a doll. And if she eventually decides she likes to play with cars more than dolls, then she can have cars. I do plan to give her a "girlier" middle name to fall back on just in case. Usually when someone posts asking about a rather masculine sounding name for a girl, I suggest pairing it with a more feminine middle name so there is a choice there later.
posted by guest :: 9 years ago | report
It looks like there may be an untapped goldmine in the kids clothing market... I have not seen the Baby Einstein clothes but am off to look those up now - thanks for the tip!
posted by guest :: 9 years ago | report
I was just thinking about this as I am watching the cutest girl on the women’s gymnastic team whose name is Shawn. Yuck. She is so pretty, and that name is horrible! Also, being a teacher, I really hate getting my class list these days and not knowing if some kids are boys or girls. I then have to look at the middle name to figure it out, and even then, it is still a unisex name. I agree--if you are going to do it, at least give a feminine middle name. Or spell it more feminine if possible.
posted by guest :: 9 years ago | report
I don’t think we will ever "run out" of male names but some of my favorites are definitely being taken over by the female gender. There is definitely a long time trend of taking boy’s names and giving them to girls. Ashley and Leslie come to mind immediately. If people had talked about naming trends back then (Civil War era), they probably would have thought girls named Ashley and Leslie (or Jordan, Ryan and Morgan) would have been as impossible as James, Henry and Peter are for us. Unfortunately, we have no idea where naming trends will be in 50 or even 15 years. Find a name you like, unisex or not and use it. Just know what kind of a name you are using (frilly, unisex or macho) and be prepared to deal with whatever "consequences" may come of it.
posted by guest :: 9 years ago | report
Shawna is pretty though.
posted by Jessica :: 9 years ago | report
There are quite a few "boy" names that in theory sound like they wouldn’t fit a girl at all, but then I think of supermodel James King, or singer Shawn Colvin, or actresses Hunter Tylo or Drew Barrymore... those names don’t seem weird on those people to me.. they seem like they fit them just fine. So while my first reaction to a "masculine" name on a girl might be negative, it really depends and may actually suit the person. I do think pairing the name with a softer middle name is a good idea though, just in case.
posted by guest :: 9 years ago | report
James King the model’s real name is Jaimie King.
posted by guest :: 9 years ago | report
I was named after a boy (my grandfather), but I think people are bringing it too far. I mean, I like my name. Sam is cute for a girl, but who the heck names their little girl Jayden or Hunter or Xavier? That is so RIDICULOUSLY dumb! I mean, some names are nice unisex names, but some just don’t sound right.

HOWEVER, when it comes to clothes and toys for babies and whatnot, I think that people should come out with more stuff that breaks gender barriers. Like Baby Einstein. They have really great stuff that defys the normal ’boys-are-like-this/girls-are-like-that’ mold. Plus, when I was a kid, I used to destroy my barbies and I liked catching bugs. Just goes to show that gender roles don’t always fit the gender.

BUT over all, I don’t really like boys names on girls. I know that sounds like I’m contradicting myself, but its my opinion. Go get your own ;)
posted by Sami :: 9 years ago | report

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