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Tyler vs. for a girl?

Would Tyler be an awful middle name for a girl? For some reason I love the way it sounds, but I wanted some other opinions. Thanks..

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Poll created: Jan 12, 2009
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Tyler is fine. I know girls names Tyler (and Ayler, which rhymes with Tyler, just a bit more feminin, though still unisex). I think Tyler is fine. My neices name is Ryan Chase (and if my sister has another girl her name will be Rhys). My friends little sisters are James, Drew, Spencer, and Remy. Have you decided what the first name will be?
posted by Remy Hadley :: 9 years ago | report
I think it’s great for a middle name. What first name were you thinking of using Tyler with?

One of the names I’m considering is Matilda Tyler.
posted by Sarah :: 9 years ago | report
I think it is okay for a middle name. It is too boyish as a first name, as are Ryan, James, Drew and Spencer! Do you like Taylor? I like that one better on a girl.
posted by march :: 9 years ago | report
Well I absolutely love the name Natalie. And I think Natalie Tyler is a beautiful name. Its not too common but not all the wall..
posted by poster :: 9 years ago | report
I actually do like the names Ryan & Taylor on a girl. But I prefer the spelling Rian on a girl for some reason..
posted by poster :: 9 years ago | report
I also like the middle names:

I like names in that nature.
posted by poster :: 9 years ago | report
Way too masculine and childish. How will people know that she’s a girl? I’ve had to write letters to people for my job and haven’t known what sex they are to address it. Who wants a letter that starts "Dear Sir or Madame, "? If I heard the name Tyler, (or Ryan, Chase, Spencer, James, Drew.. ) I’d assume it’s a boy.
posted by guest :: 9 years ago | report
Rian and Taylor are fine if you like them (I really see Taylor as a last name, being it’s my last name, but it’s pretty as a name) I think Natalie Tyler is beautiful! And Tyler isn’t actually popular on boys. It definetely isn’t on girls, but it isn’t popular on any gender. GL!
posted by Remy Hadley :: 9 years ago | report
Thanks Hayden.
I really like the way Natalie Tyler sounds. It just kind of rolls of the tongue.
posted by poster :: 9 years ago | report
Ohh, and all your mn’s are pretty! Go with the name you love, cause one, you’l be glad you did, being you love the name! And two, it’s her middle name for God’s sake! How many people do you think will know her middle name unless she feels like telling them? And Natalie is plenty feminin, so if anyone had to write her a letter, they’d know she’s a girl, and never even know her mn!
posted by Remy Hadley :: 9 years ago | report
I love Natalie Tyler. It sounds great and looks cool. Go for it.
posted by Matilda’s mommy :: 9 years ago | report
She’s using it for a middle name. I don’t think they’ll be any confusion about a Miss Natalie Tyler.
posted by Stacy :: 9 years ago | report
Thanks! I do agree that Natalie Tyler flows right off your tongue. A lot of the people on this site are dead set against using any form of a unisex name (unless its on a boy, besides Taylor. For whatever reason Taylor is an ok name to use on a girl, but all others are bad bad!) Not sure why. But your welcome. I love helping out with names! GL with Natalie Tyler!
posted by Remy Hadley :: 9 years ago | report
Thanks. You know I was actually thinking about the name Matilda, do you get many complements on her name Matilda’s Mommy?
posted by poster :: 9 years ago | report
Natalie Tyler isn’t that great. It sounds like a full name (first and last).

Tyler is 21 most popular boy name for 2007 (2008 hasn’t been calculated, yet). It all depends on your location as to if you’ll hear some names. In mine (I work at a daycare), we have names like Abbott, Joshua, Maximus, Lillian and Stella. While the last place I worked, we had Shaelyn, Natalie, Brady, and Sawyer.

Natalie Kate
Natalie Cate
Natalie Claire
Natalie Brynn
Natalie Megan
Natalie Marin
posted by guest :: 9 years ago | report
Where Im from I only know two Tyler’s and yes they are both guys but there is just something about the Natalie Tyler sounds. It will be really hard from me to change my mind about it with all the postive answer I got on here thats though:)
posted by poster :: 9 years ago | report
thats is supposed to be thanks* sorry.
posted by poster :: 9 years ago | report
I don’t like it. It’s not even just because I’m dead set against boy names on girls. I think it sounds off, too.
posted by guest :: 9 years ago | report
I was unsure on the name Tyler for a while but it grew on me. Thanks for your comments..
posted by poster :: 9 years ago | report
There will always be someone who will dislike your names, poster. A name doesn’t have to be neccesarily ’bad’ for anyone to dislike it. Don’t change your mind to please someone else. No matter what anyone else says, Natalie Tyler is beautiful. :) Good luck!
posted by Remy Hadley :: 9 years ago | report
Matilda is due in a few weeks, but those I’ve shared my names with (except when I mentioned I wanted her middle name to be Tyler) has been very positive. Ignore them. I don’t understand why they get in such a fuss over giving a unisex name - especially when you want to use it for a middle name. Go with the middle name that you love. Natalie Tyler rocks!
posted by Matilda’s Mommy :: 9 years ago | report
Thanks I just dont understand why people have to be so negative with their comments on here they could atleast say the didnt like it in a nice way you know?
posted by poster :: 9 years ago | report
Tyler is a very very cute and sexy GL & my name is Tyler Kristen Roberts
posted by guest :: 9 years ago | report
And Matilda’s Mommy I absolutely love the way Matilda Tyler sounds. I think the double T thing in Natalie Tyler and Matilda Tyler is so cute. GL!
posted by poster :: 9 years ago | report
I know. I feel the same way. When I don’t like a name, I just don’t vote and certainly don’t comment.

What’s your due date?
posted by Matilda’s Mommy :: 9 years ago | report
Does anybody have any other unisex names that they think would flow well with Natalie? I want her middle name to be a boy name for some reason. I really like it.
posted by poster :: 9 years ago | report
(Matilda’s Mommy)
Im not sure on the due date or the sex Im just writing down some names and trying them out to see what name I like the most. Did you do that when you first got pregant, I feel kind of silly asking this.
posted by poster :: 9 years ago | report
The other middle names for Matilda that I thought about or were suggested were Logan, Riley, Chase, Payton, and Ray.

Thanks. I do like how Matilda Tyler and Natalie Tyler sounds with the double T thing, but I think I’m going with Matilda Rain. At least today. I seem to change my mind daily. :)
posted by Matilda’s Mommy :: 9 years ago | report
Oh, no, that’s not silly. I decided on Matilda years ago, her middle name is another story. Before I found out what I was having, I did the same thing cuz I have no clue what I’d name a boy.
posted by Matilda’s Mommy :: 9 years ago | report
Well if its a boy Im going to name him after my husband. its a family name. if mine is a boy he will be the forth.
posted by poster :: 9 years ago | report
That makes it easy. My husband and I discussed boy names and found out we are so not on the same page. I made him agree before he married me that if we had a little girl, we’d name her Matilda. :) What’s your husband’s name?
posted by Matilda’s Mommy :: 9 years ago | report
(Matilda’s Mommy)
His name is David.
I told him that I have always wanted a boy and a girl and he is very open minded about stuff like that. I told him I was naming our first girl and he could name our first boy and if we have more then he ould name the next girl and i could name the next boy.
posted by poster :: 9 years ago | report
(Matilda’s Mommy)
I guess the reason I love the name Matilda is because I love that movie. I actually watched it the other day/
posted by poster :: 9 years ago | report
That’s a cute movie. I got the name years ago when I was watching a movie with Natalie Portman and her name was Matilda. I’ve loved the name ever since.
posted by Matilda’s Mommy :: 9 years ago | report
I don’t get why people are so concerned about what people will think of a girl named Tyler my name is Tyler I’m a 27 year old girl, yes I get Mr. Mail but I have never been bothered by my name and no one has ever criticized me or made fun of me. I have a husband who likes to joke about his wife name being a boy name. And I’m a nurse who meets so many different people from youth to elderly and I get surprised reaction when introducing my self but always a compliment to follow. So I really don’t get all the negativity surrounding the name. I have a sister named Ryan and she as well has never had a problem with it. I do agree to compliment it with a famine name though I have girly middle name as well as my sister
posted by guest :: 4 years ago | report
I have always liked Tyler for a girl. I did however make a variation on the spelling. My daughter is named Tylar Rene and I can not think of any other name I would of given her. She is my girly girl.
posted by colette :: 3 years ago | report
I love Tyler! for a first name! It's on my top five list
posted by Mom Again :: 1 year ago | report
Ok I'm having my forth child we've got Gracie Jaden ,Billie Joe, jaylynn Jane we want to keep the middle name with j my husband name is Tyler jack and for a girl we come up with Tyra and Tyree to associate with Tyler and Jacklin for the middle name to go with jack does anyone think ether name goes good with Jacklin I think Tyra sounds better
posted by Rebecca Missouri :: 7 months ago | report

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