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Rate 1-10 vs. Girls names

I have a list of 10 girls names. Please rate them 1-10. Ten being the best and one being the worst. Also say why you like or don’t like the name and what you think of when you hear it. The list of names will be in the first comment. No suggestions, these are our final 10 names were considering for our baby girl who is due in June! Thanks! ~Suzanne

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Poll created: Jan 20, 2014
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Our list of names! Thanks! ~Suzanne
posted by Suzanne :: 4 years ago | report
Adelaide-1, too old
Charlotte-10, beautiful name
Clarissa-8, pretty
Evelyn-5, too old but I know it’s coming back in style
Felicity-3, mouthful to say
Kayla-9, cute
Lacey-7, ok but I think of it as a description of something rather than a name
Meredith-5, ok just not my style
Scarlett-2, don’t really care for the "color" names
Stella-1, too old
posted by guest :: 4 years ago | report
Adelaide - 9 like it a lot
Charlotte - 6(pretty but I know so many charottes!)
Clarissa 5- simply not keen on the way it sounds
Evelyn - 10- its a classic, sophisticated, not overly common and I like Evie as possible nn
Felicity - 7- I do like this name, but still wouldn’t consider it personally - it evokes images of ’daddy girl, with a pony’ - bit pretentious maybe
Kayla - 4- meh
Lacey - 3- sounds a bit like an exotic dancers name, or a dogs name..
Meredith - 3 too old lady, not a pretty name
Scarlett 8, a modern, spunky name, without being too trendy
Stella- 4- just not a fan!
posted by guest :: 4 years ago | report
Adelaide - 7 very pretty and Addy is a cute nn
Charlotte - 6 pretty but boring
Clarissa - 6 same as above
Evelyn 7 - pretty and Evie is great!
Felicity - 4 not a fan
Kayla - 8 cute and simple and will age well
Lacey - 6 I find it very childish
Meredith - 8 I really like this, classic yet uncommon
Scarlett 5 - pretty harsh sounding with it being shortened to Scar
Stella 6 - cute but boring
posted by guest :: 4 years ago | report
1. Felicity (worst)
2. Clarissa
3. Meredith
4. Lacey
5. Scarlett
6. Stella
7. Charlotte
8. Evelyn
9. Adelaide
10. Kayla (best)
posted by BabyNameExpert :: 4 years ago | report
Adelaide -8, very pretty and sweet
Charlotte - 6 I tend to think of someone who is bossy
Clarissa - 7 I prefer Carissa
Evelyn - 6 Never found it to be pretty
Felicity - 8 pretty and underused
Kayla - 7 cute but there will be 10 others her age with same age.
Lacey - 7 cute
Meredith - 5 Ugly grandmother name, sorry.
Scarlett - 8 pretty but beware of the nic name Scar
Stella - 7 cute and spunky
posted by guest :: 4 years ago | report
Adelaide- 5, I like Adeline better
Charlotte- 10, love this name
Clarissa- 7, it’s a little extravagant
Evelyn- 9, love it
Felicity- 8, quite pretty
Kayla- 4, very trendy, I don’t particularly like it
Lacey- 9, love it, maybe a little trendy though
Meredith- 3, never could quite picture this on a little girl
Scarlett- 10, I love this one
Stella- 10, love it!
posted by guest :: 4 years ago | report
Adelaide - 1, too old and looks unattractive to me.
Charlotte - 8, I like it quite a lot, but I don’t love it.
Clarissa - 5, not my style.
Evelyn - 7, it’s an ok name, just not a big fan.
Felicity - 5, it can look cute on a little girl, but I can’t picture an adult woman with this name.
Kayla - 9, I like it a lot!
Lacey - 7, I like it, but I can’t really picture it on a grown woman or an old lady.
Meredith - 5, not fan but it’s ok.
Scarlett - 7, I like it, but I don’t love it.
Stella - 4, I just don’t like it.
posted by guest :: 4 years ago | report
Adelaide - 6. I think of a classy woman from the 1800s. I like it.
Charlotte -9. Cute little girl with curly hair. Love this name.
Clarissa -6. Its okay. Its a bit to "prissy" for me.
Evelyn- 7. I like it but I know a lot of little Evelyns. I adore the nickname Evie though.
Felicity -9. So pretty and underused. Love the meaning
Kayla-4. I’m kind of over this name. I grew up with a lot of Kaylas and I feel its becoming dated.
Lacey- I really don’t care for Lacey. Its a little too frilly for me.
Meredith -6. I like it but I have a hard time picturing it on a baby.
Scarlett- Pretty but popular.
Stella- 8. So sweet. I love the meaning and its vintage charm.
posted by guest :: 4 years ago | report
Adelaide - 8 very pretty and you can use the nn Ada
Charlotte - 9 lovely
Clarissa - 10 elegant and beautiful
Evelyn - 7 nice
Felicity - 5 it’s okay
Kayla - 1 seems very trendy
Lacey - 2 kind of trendy looking
Meredith - 3 not a fan
Scarlett - 4 I’ve never really liked this but there’s nothing wrong with it
Stella - 6 pretty but Estelle is nicer imo
posted by guest :: 4 years ago | report
Adelaide- 6
Charlotte - 6
Clarissa -4
Evelyn -7
Felicity - 3
Kayla - 5
Lacey - 8
Meredith - 7
Scarlett -6
Stella -8
posted by BDupree87 :: 4 years ago | report
Adelaide- 1-too trendy, she’ll get "laid" comments (sorry but true)
Charlotte- 6-Pretty but overused
Clarissa- Love-very pretty 10
Evelyn-2- Not a huge fan, just because I know some adult ones that are not nice. Also, this name is an up & coming one so you will see a ton of Evelyn’s in the future.
Felicity-9- Love it...cute, fresh
Kayla-5- Meh- neither here nor there. Might be too 1990’s.
Lacey- Cute, but I’d go with the full version Larissa. Lacey-6, Larissa-10
Meredith- Kind of like it, but maybe too old sounding- 6
Scarlett- Pretty, but you’ll get a mental image of a girl who is a bit racy, saucy and a bit of a rebel. Strong willed. But, pretty name overall. 7
Stella- Too common after Tori Spelling named her kid it. It’s ok though. 5
posted by guest :: 4 years ago | report

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