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Eleanor nn Lenny vs. Yes use it vs. No dont use it

PLEASE READ THIS BEFORE VOTING!! We wanted to give you all a little background before you voted so sorry in advance for the long description. We also want to note that our first born is Olivia nn Ollie. My partner and I are wanting to use a girly name that has a spunky and almost boyish nickname. Eleanor nn Lenny is one of our options however on our previous poll someone mentioned an issue we might face. They said that they worry Eleanor might end up going by Ellie, which is of course too similar to Ollie. As much as we like Lenny we cannot anticipate what they will want to be called when they are older. I agree with this but my husband said that by the time Eleanor will go by Ellie, Olivia will be going by Liv. So their family names will be Ollie and Lenny, and their school names will be Liv and Ellie. The problem is we dont know this for sure. Ollie could stick with her name and Lenny might want to go by Ellie. Of course this is all just guessing but it is definitely something to think about. Do you think we should scratch Eleanor nn Lenny because of the Ellie and Ollie issue? The other names on our list are Makenna nn Kenny / Max and Scarlett nn Scout / Scottie / Scotty. We are thinking we should scrap Eleanor and use another option. We have no idea though so would absolutely love some advice. Thank you so much!!
Which baby name is best?
 Eleanor nn Lenny
 Yes use it
 No dont use it

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Genie's Mailbag

Hannah in Tennessee
Help! I love the name Guinevere, but I can't think of a really good brother and sister name for her. Since Guinevere is so empowering, I want the next names to be powerful as well. Thanks, Genie!
Baby Name Genie:
You seek the Holy Grail of names. Let me help you in your quest. The brother of fair Guinevere will fight on foot with swords aplenty, but on his horse he'll surely lance a lot. Name him Edward for a regal name. A sister could be dubbed Katherine if greatness is what you desire.

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