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Can't find your message? Some mail not answered by the Baby Name Genie is submitted to our community of baby namers for answering.

Marie in Chicago
My husband and I are expecting our first child and are having trouble deciding on a name for a boy. We prefer to stay away from names that are very trendy and want a name that will look good on a resume...also our last name is Link so many names don't fit well with it. So PLEASE HELP!!
Baby Name Genie:
For an employable son who will never be the weakest link, I give you Christopher David.
Natalia in Calgary
Looking for an international kind of boy name for parents with European background. Last name is Matey. Siblings names Gabriela and Max. Would appreciate any help!!! Baby is due in a week or two.
Baby Name Genie:
Argh! Shiver me timbers, Matey. I best be comin' up with a name, lest ye make me walk the plank. I give you Dominic for a name with which he can sail the seven seas.
Naomi in Rhode Island
Hi! Wow, we're having a baby girl!! Our last name is Spider and it's super tricky to find a name that flow without sounding eerie. Could you pretty please help? Thanks!
Baby Name Genie:
You have such an itsy-bitsy problem, but naturally you'd come to the web for help. Take this out for a spin: Name your daughter Evelyn Casey Spider to put the best of her eight feet forward.
Ashley in Utah
We're having a boy, and would like him to have a name based on a New York or Toronto Street name. Like Hudson. We like old fashioned names, and something to do with Canada, as well. Can you help?
Baby Name Genie:
So, you want to take a bite out of the Big Apple and bundle up the Great White North. While Hudson would be a great choice, try Christopher Danforth for a name that you’ll love in a New York minute.
Kim in IL
My husband and I are desperately seeking advice and direction while choosing our daughter's name. We don't want anything that is too popular, but nothing to unusual or made up either. A name that says pretty, intelligent, and loving. I would like to use a family name of Claire or Jo as a middle name. Our last name is Brooks. Thanks so much for your help.
Baby Name Genie:
Neither common nor unfamiliar, you'll find Dakota Claire or Dakota Jo to be the name that says it all.
Eleanor in Ireland
I am expecting a girl and finding it really difficult to find a lovely, not so common but not too unusual, name. We have 1 boy and his name is Séamus whom we mostly call Sé (Shay) or Séimí (Shay-mee). Our surname is Lawlor and her middle name will be Maureen after a relative. Your suggestion would be greatly appreciated, thank you!
Baby Name Genie:
I often get requests for Irish names, but usually from Americans looking to their roots. Tell little Séamus that his new sister will be called D'Arcy Maureen Lawlor. Now what are the odds that she's a redhead?
Lindsey Spencer in OR
I am expecting my second child. We have a beautiful daughter named Ashlyn Nicole. We picked her name because it means "dream." We were thinking it would be nice if her younger brother had a name that meant something along the lines of "down to earth" and also sounds good with her name. Any ideas?
Baby Name Genie:
While your dream girl walks around with her head in the clouds, your son will firmly have his feet on the ground. You'll find a humble Paul Cade to be a name of humble and pure origins.
Rochelle in OR
I need a boy name. First and middle. Last name Tyler. Something biblical with a good meaning. Can be after missionaries too.
Baby Name Genie:
St. Francis Xavier brought Christianity to the east. Joel means "The Lord is God". Combined, you'll find the name suitable for your baby boy and your Christian values: Xavier Joel Tyler.
Jessica in Florida
My husband and I are having a disagreement on our son's first name. Our son's last name will be Adkins. I really like Adam for a first name, but my husband feels it doesn't fit and likes Justin. Our son's middle name will my husband's late brother's name, Chase. Please help us. We don't want anything that will be a mouthful to say and that will look good on our baby boy.
Baby Name Genie:
For a name that fits, is custom made for your baby boy, and suits him for all occasions, follow your own metaphor. Try Taylor Chase Adkins for a name that's not just sew-sew.
Nina in Philippines
Hi Genie. I and my hubby want to name our 1st child, we want a name that can be used both for boy or girl and we want it to start with our initials R and N or R and L. We want the meaning of the name to be strong. That's all Genie! Thanks!
Baby Name Genie:
Greetings, my friend from the Philippines. You challenge me with some rather specific requests. Alas, I am up to the task. For a strong name for a boy or a girl, choose Reyes Lyn. Reyes means "King", Lyn means "Lion-like". Just be sure to hold Reyes up when he's born for that perfect Lion King moment.
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