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Can't find your message? Some mail not answered by the Baby Name Genie is submitted to our community of baby namers for answering.

Sarah Jeanne in Rifle, CO
I'm having a baby boy any day now and am completely stuck on a name. Surname Houston. I would love a modern but mellifluous name like Cooper or Connor, except I need the initials to be PJ (first and middle) after a recently deceased relative. Any suggestions? Also, love your ideas, especially for girls. If this baby were a girl, I would be totally set. Thanks!
Baby Name Genie:
You get extra credit for using "mellifluous" in a complete sentence. As for your query, your son will enjoy the pleasing sounds of Parker Jackson.
K in UK
I need a cool name for my baby boy, we have chosen Kellen as his middle name & his last name will be Andrew, but can't seem to settle on a first!
Baby Name Genie:
Hold on, let me put on my sunglasses and leather coat. Okay, now I'm ready. Your hepcat son will be known as Ryker Kellen Andrew, ya dig? It's a cool name that you will warm up to.
Dakota in Colorado, TX
I'm pregnant again with another boy and can't find anything original. I like the name Toziah but it's too close to my first son, Tobias. If you could help me with an idea, I've made both Tabias and Toziah from names I've seen but my brain went blank.
Baby Name Genie:
Your brain went blank? Oh dear. What was the last thing you remember? Are you safe? This is terrible. Stay there, I'll call the authorities. You're going to be just fine... In the meantime, think about Enzo Kaiden as a unique name for your boy. You do remember that you're pregnant, don't you?
Morgan in Springfield, IL
Help! My husband and I are expecting our first child, a girl. And we cannot agree on a name!! We had settled on Avery and kept it to ourselves, but then his cousin announced that is what they were naming their baby girl, due 7 days after us. I was heartbroken, but my husband is now set on choosing another name. We have been through hundreds, perhaps thousands of names now. I like unique (and sort of last name'ish, i.e. Emerson or Hadley) but he likes more traditional (i.e. Hailey). Any suggestions?
Baby Name Genie:
Much like well run movie theaters, there's no seat saving in baby names. If you'd like to name your daughter Avery, there’s nothing stopping you from doing so. However if, for the sake of filial harmony, you insist on finding a new name then I give you Hayden.
Cinthia in San Fernando
Hi Genie, I read letters you have received and quickly realized you were the perfect person to help me name my first baby boy! My husband and I agreed that we both like Ezekiel but are looking for a second name to give him a powerful, enlightening name. We are both Hispanic and would like something that sounds good in English and Spanish with that sense of natural born leader that will flow with his last name Vergara. Any suggestions?
Baby Name Genie:
My suggestion: Tell your friends that I'm the perfect genie to help name babies. After all, I'm Baby Name Genie. It's pretty much all I do. For instance, the name you seek for your boy is Ezekiel Ferdinand Vergara. See? Perfect.
Erin in South Carolina
My Husband and I are using the name James (Hubby's Father's name and my Grandfather's) for our first boy and are contemplating the middle name Ryker to go with it. I would also like to honor my Father and his name is Bruce Wayne...and I don't like either of those. Is there a variation of Bruce that we could use?
Baby Name Genie:
Your father is Bruce Wayne? That's awesome. Does he have a secret lair and a latex suit? Does he fight crime in Gotham City when everyone else is asleep? If you follow the history of Bruce back to Scotland, you'll find Robert the Bruce. Try James Robert for your son's not-so-secret identity.
Bella in Boston
My name is Bella Monocco and my hubby and I are expecting baby number five in April. The gender is unknown. We want a name that flows with the names of our children, Jacks, Olivia, Starr, and Ryder. And the names of ourselves, Bella and Jason. Our family is very athletic with horseback riding, baseball and football. A name that would sound good being announced would be perfect!
Baby Name Genie:
Ladies and gentlemen. Boys and girls of all ages. Please welcome onto the polo field, wearing shoulder pads and a helmet, with his lucky bat on his shoulder, number 34 in your program, but number 1 in your hearts, Ace... Jackson... Monoccoooooooo!
Sirena Lopez in Arizona
Me and my husband are both having problems on what to name our baby girl. He likes Annabella and I like Abigail. We have agreed on Hope as the middle name but we can't agree on her first name! Please help!.
Baby Name Genie:
Now these three remain: Annabella, Hope, and Abigail. But the greatest of these is Hope. Followed by Annabella. And then a distant third is Abby. Tell your husband, he was right.
Cat in Scotland
We're expecting a baby girl and would love a pretty, cute short name that went well with the surname Craig.
Baby Name Genie:
Greetings, my Scottish friend. A pretty and cute name for a pretty, cute Scottish lass, I can think of no better name than Eliza Anne Craig.
Sidney in Kentucky
I want a cute city-like name for a girl. I'd prefer if I could play a nickname on it. Like my name is Sidney, people call me Sid.
Baby Name Genie:
The world is full of cities that would be great names for your daughter. London, England. Savannah, Georgia. Boring, Oregon. But my choice for you is Madrid. Call her Maddie as a nickname.
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