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Bailey in Washington
I'm having my second child, first girl. Her big brothers name is Xavier Flores, middle name Andon - picked by you of course! (: the baby girl is half Mexican so I want to give her a beautiful, majestic name with a kind of Hispanic feel. I really wanted the middle name to be Grace. Any ideas? Thank you :D
Baby Name Genie:
Another satisfied customer. So happy to hear that Xavier Andon worked out for you. For a beautiful name for a beautiful Latina, name your daughter Esmeralda Grace.
Bonnie in Canada
I am stuck. I am having a boy in 7 weeks and cannot decide on a name. My last name is Hess and I love the name Maxwell but put together with my last name, it sounds like coffee! What do you think of the name Maddox Hess (Max for short)? Does it flow? Honesty, please.
Baby Name Genie:
Maddox Hess has a robust aroma, but is a bit too bitter for my taste. Instead, go with Mitchell Hess for a name that's good to the last drop.
Rose in Australia
I was wondering if it is a good idea to name my baby boy Valentine. I am quite fond of the name, but I am afraid of future teasing resulting from it. PLEASE HELP!!!
Baby Name Genie:
For the sake of your son and the future wedgies he will likely receive at school, do not name him Valentine. However, if your heart is full of love for this name, go with Valentino for a full name and then shorten it to Val in normal use. Your son will thank you.
Elizabeth in Georgia
I AM 9 MONTHS ALONG AND DONT HAVE A NAME!!!! I Like really strong/unique names, but everything I have come up with falls flat. My last name is O'hare. I really like Blaze as a middle name for a boy (per your suggestion) but I need a good first name to match it!
Baby Name Genie:
Whoa, Elizabeth. Nine months along. Well, that explains all the shouting. Blaze is a great middle name for your strong baby boy, pair it with Maximus for a unique name worth YELLING about.
Lucy in Texas
Baby # 3 coming next summer. Brothers are Connor and Maddox. I love that they have the same flow with double letters in the middle. I'd like to have one for either gender that flows the same. Help please :)
Baby Name Genie:
Need a twinned letter title that will dazzle? Feel free to borrow Brennan for Daddy's buddy. For your little princess, choose Anna.
Whisper in Utah
My husband and I are having a hard time coming up with a name for our second child, the gender is still unknown. We are looking for something that's common but unusual. Something that fits between our names since his so common (James) and mine is not (Whisper).
Baby Name Genie:
Be very, very quiet… we're hunting baby names. The name you're looking for is Ashton Edward or Madeline Bree.
A. Evans in London
My husband and I are having a baby girl. His name starts with a D, and we would like her name to also. I want anything that will sound beautiful with the last name Evans. Mostly, I want a name that would sound famous. We both enjoy singing so we would love for her to become a singer. Any suggestions?
Baby Name Genie:
"Please welcome to the stage, the lovely and talented Danielle Evans!" Yep. That works. Name her Danielle and she'll be singing your praises.
Crystal in unknown
Hi there, ok here's the dilemma-I suck at making decisions!!! For a baby girl, my Hubby and I like Annalise and Annabella. I don't know which one to choose. The one thing throwing me off Annabella is all the Bella boom that's been happening. We have a long last name, so needless to say, I have no clue about a middle name either. Did I mention I was indecisive??? Thanks. Sincerely, Desperate
Baby Name Genie:
For those who are terrible at making decisions, I like to provide them multiple choice. Please choose one of the three names for your child: A. Annalise Brielle B. Annalise Brielle C. Annalise Brielle
Arika in California
Dear Genie, my hubby and I are expecting our first boy. His family tradition is to use the fathers first name as the middle name for the baby. We need help with a first name! We want a unique, farm-boy sort of name to compliment the rather normal sounding ____ Christopher Frederick. Please help!
Baby Name Genie:
You'd like a farm-boy name? As you wish. He shall have the name Wesley Christopher Fredrick. It's not so inconceivable.
Samantha in Wisconsin
Hi genie! I really like the name Clara-belle for my daughter, but my 3 year old watches a show with a cow named clarabelle on it. Can I still use that name or will it just be weird?
Baby Name Genie:
It'll be weird. If you like Clara, you can use that, but leave the belles to the cows.
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