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Kailah in OK
I am having twins - a boy and girl. The surname is Jones. I like unusual spelled names from Roman, Egyptian, and Greek mythology. Could you find a girl name that has the initials of RK and a boy of AK? Thank you.
Baby Name Genie:
How about Persian mythology? Care to name your child after your favorite Genie? All right, all right, if you insist on using my mythological competitors, I give you Rhea Kassandra Jones for your girl and Ajax Khronos for your boy.
Morgan Moulongo in NJ
My husband and I enjoy a family of mixed heritage. I come from American hippies raised in the southwest, and he is from Cameroon, a formerly French colony in central Africa. We have a five- year-old girl named Lillian (Lili) Moulongo (said Moo-Long-Go.) We are expecting a second girl. Chloe kind of fits the bill, but seems too trendy. My hippie self is yearning for something a little more botanical or clever - yet easy to say because our last name is more unique. Help!
Baby Name Genie:
If you're looking for a botanical name, might I suggest Holly? It also sounds great when spoken with a French accent.
Linda in USA
Last name is Hrachovy. We would like a pretty Russian name for his heritage but also combine my American heritage. Can you help us? Many thanks, awesome Genie! -Linda and Dmitri
Baby Name Genie:
Surprisingly, not many Russian names easily transfer to an American culture. However, there are a few. Try Alexander or Alexei Hrachovy. Then to make it more American sounding you can shorten it to Alex. Dobryy den.
Terra in Oklahoma
It's our first child, and she's a girl. Our last name is Watson. I was going for Suzanna Adelle for a while, but grew not to like it. I've also liked the names Skyler Dean and Stormy Kay in the past, but decided against them. Is there any way you can help?
Baby Name Genie:
With names like Skyler and Stormy, I’m seeing a definite meteorological theme here. Not to rain on your parade, but the forecast shows a different name for your daughter. Name her Sadie Joy for a baby girl with a sunny disposition.
Mercedes in FLorida
I'm having my second baby girl. Her sister's name is Sacha Sophia so I really wanted a name that starts with the letter S, both first and middle name. Any suggestions? Last name is Rueda.
Baby Name Genie:
So, someone steered you to solicit my superb suggestions for a sound sobriquet starting with S? I sanction the submission of Sahara Suzanne. Salut!
Hannah in Washington
I am expecting my first child, a little girl. Our family is German, so... I wanted to know if there are any German cultured little lady names out there.
Baby Name Genie:
Of course there are German cultured little lady names! Name your little Fräulein, Ada Elsie.
Haley in Ohio
Genie, I'm due with my first child (a boy) in June. The problem is our last name, Fee, is a difficult one to pair names with. Any suggestions? Thanks!
Baby Name Genie:
Your last name is problematic indeed, but not impossible. Name your boy Greyson Michael. No charge for naming your small Fee.
Rachel Martin in San Antonio, TX
My husband and I both love the name Aston for our baby boy....but our last name is Martin. You can understand that we just don't want this to be a source of teasing or misconceptions of the purpose of our choice. What do you think?
Baby Name Genie:
The idea of naming your son Aston Martin has me shaken, not stirred. Only a secret agent could pull off a name like that. Instead, name him Dylan and he will be the Son Who Loved You.
Sydney in Kansas
I'm 5 months along with my first child! We know it is a girl, and my husband and I can't seem to find a name! We need a name that has a nice ring to it, but is not crazy weird! So please nothing like Valentine, or Katniss!
Baby Name Genie:
So, you don't have much love for Valentine and have no hunger for Katniss. Very well. For a name that is beautiful but not crazy weird, I give you Madeline Simone.
Jessica in Los Angeles
We need to choose a baby girl name, and can't decide! We absolutely love Charlotte, but worry its becoming too popular. Our short list includes Vivienne, Caroline and Georgina. But keep coming back to Charlotte. What do you think we should do?
Baby Name Genie:
Yes, Charlotte has gotten popular in the last few years, but you can't let the popularity of a name deter you from the name you love. If Charlotte is the name your heart is set on, then let her be named Charlotte. You can always use Charl, Charlie, Chaz, Carly, Carrie, or Lottie as a nickname if you need to separate her from the crowd.
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