Genie's Mailbag

Can't find your message? Some mail not answered by the Baby Name Genie is submitted to our community of baby namers for answering.

Holly in Indiana
We are having our first baby boy with the surname "Arthur". My husband has a son named Kingston Edward Arthur so he can go by King Arthur. We would like an unusual boy name that can go along with Kingston. Help please!!!
Baby Name Genie:
Alas, m'lady, it is my quest to search for and find for you the Holy Grail of names for your rightful heir. His name shall be Roman Atticus Arthur, emperor of all he surveys (as long as he shares his toys).
Haley in California
I am expecting my second child, and I need a cute name for a girl. Something unique but not too crazy. My husband likes Brooke and Lilly but those are too plain for me. I already have a son named Ryan, and that name is too common. Can you help me come up with something adorable, unique but not too crazy?
Baby Name Genie:
Ah. "Unique but not too crazy." Every parent's wish for how their child will turn out. For Ryan's little sister, I give you Brayden. May she grow up to be no more crazy than her parents.
Patrick in South Africa
We are expecting our third boy. Our first two are named Christopher Eric Denyssen and Thomas Joseph Denyssen. His second name will be Aiden. We have a fear of too many names endings in "en", like Jason Aiden Denyssen or, Hayden Aiden Denyssen, and a dislike for modern names such as anything ending in "ox", or fruit - "Apple", or electrical - "Blue ivy". What is the solution, dear Genie?
Baby Name Genie:
Let the Hollywood types keep the Blues and the Apples to themselves. With siblings named Christopher and Thomas, a classic name is in his future (unless you want him to be known as the "artsy" one). Kenneth Aiden Denyssen will help your new addition feel right at home.
Amy in North Carolina
My husband and I are having a boy and we are having a hard time picking a first name to go with our last name of Forte (Italian background). We want a strong name that is a little unique. My husband's name is Carl (we both have simple names) but went with Arianna for our daughter. Any suggestions?
Baby Name Genie:
Fortunately for you, finding first names IS my forte. It's most fortuitous that you finally came to me. Fortify your son by formally naming him Sebastian Forte.
Liz in United States
My husband wants to name our son after his best friend who passed away. His name was Master. We have agreed to use that as a middle name. So we have______ Master Mudong. We are going back and forth on Elijah as a first name. What do you think? Any other suggestions?
Baby Name Genie:
Elijah Master is a fitting yet mildly intimidating name. Have you considered Ninja? Thigh? Grand? Dungeon? Blaster? Sorry, just had to get those out of my system. I digress. Just go with Elijah.
Kelly in New jersey
Already have a daughter, Liberty and she has cousins Freedom, Justice and Allegiance. Don't want to overdo the patriotic theme but need a unique name for our baby. Don't know gender.
Baby Name Genie:
No, you certainly wouldn't want to overdo the patriotic theme, though I bet your Fourth of July picnics are outstanding. Since, you certainly can't name your child Bob or Helen, the perfect name for your ideological family is Truth.
Jeni in Iowa
Hello, My husband wants to use his grandfather's name "Gene" if we have a boy. I would like to use it as a middle name, but he is insisting on using it as a first name. Our surname is Pederson any suggestions for a middle name that would flow well? Thanks!!
Baby Name Genie:
Is Gene short for Eugene or perchance it's short for Genie? For your son, I'm sure your husband and grandfather would be most pleased with Gene Caleb Pederson.
Nicole in Nebraska
I want my daughter's name to be Lyrrah and I am having a difficult time choosing a middle name. I want it to sound musical... Lyrrah for "lyre player". Any suggestions?
Baby Name Genie:
Not to string you along, but I'm trying to a-chord you the perfect name for your plucky player. So don't fret. Lyrrah will be humming a new tune with the middle name Allegra.
Lindsey in Washington
My husband and I want to name our firstborn son Silas Dean Hink, after our grandfathers. However, my Grandma and my Mother seem to hate it, and are constantly trying to suggest anything else. Is it bad? Honestly? I won't cry. Thank you sir!
Baby Name Genie:
If you've found a name you and your husband like, then no one should be able to dissuade you from it. (Unless it's truly horrible like Hamster S7evin Googleface or something like that.) Silas was not particularly popular twenty years ago, but like all things, what was once old is new again. Silas is now in the top 200 and increasing in popularity. You've chosen well.
Ender in Canada
We are having our first baby and are looking for first names that start with "D." What do you think about Dyson (boy) or Dahliah (girl)? I'm more worried about Dyson, as I am aware that it is the name of a vacuum cleaner!
Baby Name Genie:
I'm sure you're expecting me to make some sort of pun about how giving your son the name of a vacuum cleaner really sucks. But, no. I'm better than that. I may live in a lamp, but I try to keep it classy. For a classy name for your baby I give you Dylan or Deborah.
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