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Elizabeth in Greenwich, CT
Dear Genie, I find your retorts to be incredibly witty as well as your name suggestions to be quite interesting. So here is my question: my husband and I have narrowed down our soon to be son's name to either Christian or Elijah. For a middle name he likes Alexander (our last name is DeWalt) however I am not convinced as it sounds too pompous to me. Any suggestions for middle names would be greatly appreciated!!
Baby Name Genie:
Pompous? No. If his name were Christian Alexander, First of His Name, Earl of His Stuffed Animals, King of Diaper Rash, Duke of the Crib, Protector and Keeper of the Realm then perhaps that would sound a bit pompous. But simply Christian Alexander is a wonderful name that he should be humbled to have.
Sofia in Calgary
I'm expecting my first son in 7 weeks...his last name is Aljanabi, and my two favorite names are Amir and Romeo... And I was thinking to combine both and make one his first and one his middle...please advise ;)
Baby Name Genie:
Amir Romeo Aljanabi is a princely name I happen to love. You have chosen wisely.
Sarah in Colorado
Baby boy #3 will be here in February. We like Robert as a middle name and Cayden as a first. However, Cayden is a little too popular as we prefer unique names instead of over used names. We also enjoy Welsh, Irish, Scottish, Gaelic, etc names. Brothers are Ronan Michael and Emmett James. Last name is Kelly. Any suggestions for baby boy's first name with Robert as the middle?
Baby Name Genie:
This name will serve your child Welsh should you choose to use it. Trust me, I'm giving it all she Scot. Name your son Caelen for a unique name from the Emerald Isle. Irish you the very best.
C. Castillo in Florida
My husband and I are expecting our first. We want the name to be strong, but give a slight nod to our Italian/Spanish backgrounds without ending up too "Jersey Shore." Our surname is Castillo, actually meaning "castle."
Baby Name Genie:
Well, I was going to suggest "The Situation", but I'll save that for someone else. For your strong baby boy, I offer you the name Dominic Castillo. May he aspire to be the lord of his castle.
Kristin in Idaho
Hi, I am going to be a 1st time Grandma to a baby girl due the end of January. My daughter loves the name Coraline. She is having a hard time finding a middle name. The baby's last name will be Hererra. My daughter is a little quirky, loves music, dancing. Any advice?
Baby Name Genie:
Your granddaughter certainly needs a quirky middle name that reflects her mother's love of the arts. Name her Coraline Melody Hererra and let her forever be a song in your heart.
Darlene in Wisconsin
My husband and I are due to welcome a baby girl in the next few months. Even so, we have yet to pick out the perfect name. My husband's name is Roman, I would like something cute to go along with it that's unique.
Baby Name Genie:
Friends, Roman, countrymen, lend me your ears. For I come to name your daughter, not to raise her. The name that she shall have is fitting. A name of Roman history and pride. So let her be named Aurelia.
Nikole in Iowa
We want a unique name the goes along with Micah and Jodias. She is going to be a girl! Her middle name will be Saige or Payge. Last Name is Niebuhr.
Baby Name Genie:
She already is a girl. Her name is going to be Abigail Saige-or-Payge Niebuhr. Though I confess that is a strange middle name.
Taylor in VA
Dear Awesome Genie, I love the name Sapphire, nickname Saff, but for a boy. And Sapphire is kinda girlie. Do you think that it would be an acceptable name? Or maybe as a middle name? Or should I just trash it and find another name I like?
Baby Name Genie:
You are both correct and incorrect. First, you are correct that I am awesome. Second, you are incorrect that Sapphire is kinda girly. It is not. It is terribly girly. I am bound by the Baby Name Genie oath to dissuade you from using Sapphire for your baby boy. If you desire a precious gem name for your precious son, name him Jasper.
Judi in New Jesery
We are expecting our first daughter and are very excited. Me and my husband are techers(he is a college professer) and we want the name to sound smart. But we want a female name no unisex!
Baby Name Genie:
Oh boy. I certainly hope you are not grammar or spelling teachers. For a classic and smart sounding baby girl, I give you Evelyn Maude. But please, before you put pen to birth certificate, first learn to spell it.
Lily in UK
I adore the Welsh name Arianwen for if I have a girl, but I'm completely stuck on finding a middle name. It would need to be beautiful and feminine but fairly 'normal' since Arienwen is so unusual. I feel that otherwise it would be overkill and seem too extravagant. I don't want something which is too overused though, although I think classic, timeless names are an exception.
Baby Name Genie:
Arianwen is a unique and polysyllabic name chosen from the Land of Song. The perfect middle name you seek is Grace; a timeless, though familiar name with merely one enchanted syllable.
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