Genie's Mailbag

Can't find your message? Some mail not answered by the Baby Name Genie is submitted to our community of baby namers for answering.

Jill in Holland
I really REALLY like the name Arden Sophia for my daughter. But it seems me and my hubby are the only people that do. How do I convince my friends and family that we love this name and that it WILL suit our little girl? Many thanks in advance.
Baby Name Genie:
First acquire a spool of orange thread, four twisty ties, an empty soda can and two mints. Never mind. Actually, you and they are probably better off if you don't do anything to convince them. Simply name your baby girl what you desire.
Rachel in MA
What is a good name for a baby girl born around Christmas? That is unique. And cute.
Baby Name Genie:
The perfect name for your baby girl is Holly Renee. However, you will regret not wishing for a few silent nights once this child is born.
Allison, proud US Air Force wi in England
My mom had friends growing up with names like Mary Jane, Rose Marie, etc. I'm looking for two part girl names like these but with a modern twist. Please help.
Baby Name Genie:
I give you two choices: Alexa Grace or Zoe Claire. Either of these two part girl names will fly, fight, and win.
Betsy in Alabama
With two boys, John and Mark, we're now looking for a traditional girl name for the last name Allison.
Baby Name Genie:
A baby girl named Rachel should be the next addition to your family. Don't you agree?
Talia in Dayton
My husband loves the name Kari, pronounced Kahr-ee, for a girl but I am afraid everyone will mispronounce her name as Carrie her whole life. I have had to correct people on my first name and hate it. He loves the name and I like it too. What should I do?
Baby Name Genie:
Pack your bags and move to Norway. Kahr-ee is a pretty name, but mispronunciations will be common no matter how you spell it--unless you live in Norway. Bon voyage!
Wade in Japan
My wife is Japanese and I'm American. I would like our daughter to have an American first name and a Japanese middle name. What do you think? Is the Genie familiar with Japanese names?
Baby Name Genie:
The lamp does make it difficult for me to get through airport security, but Abbygail Kioko is the way to go.
Amy in Australia
We have settled on Shelby as a first name for our baby girl and her last name starts with M. We want her to have her father's initials, which are SSM. We are stuck on a middle name starting with S.
Baby Name Genie:
Try Sofia, Sabrina, or Savannah on for size.
Heather in North Carolina
Mr. Genie in your shiny lamp please ~*PoOf*~ some magic for a surname "Roe". I have two children, Olivia Grace and Matthew Cole, from a previous marriage whose names quite nicely fit their cognomen. However, I remarried, this time to a Roe and fishing for Roe in this boat is anything but merry, despite what other homophones imply. Therefore, I need help finding first and middle names for a baby girl and boy that fit Roe but also mix well with Cole and Olivia. The last thing I want are idioms, like Duksin A. Roe or Skid Roe on my baby's birth certificate.
Baby Name Genie:
Don't fret--life will be a dream again if you name your baby Caroline Rebecca or Alexander Logan.
Elle in Illinois
I love the name Reese for a girl and would love to use my grandmother's name as a middle name. Is Reese Bernice too funny sounding? If so, I will go with Elizabeth which is my mother's middle name.
Baby Name Genie:
Unless she was a poet, I think your grandmother would give her blessing to name your baby girl Reese Elizabeth.
Stacy in Oregon
We named our first-born Falkner, which is a family name. The OBGYN's comment, "He better grow up to be tough" sums up what many others think of our choice. That being said, we love the name, and feel it suits Falkner perfectly. My question: What to name the next boy??? Obviously a simple name won't suffice. Please help Genie!!!!
Baby Name Genie:
Since the pen is mightier than the sword, choose another Nobel prize winning author: Beckett, Eliot, or Russell. You might consider another OBGYN as well.
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