Genie's Mailbag

Can't find your message? Some mail not answered by the Baby Name Genie is submitted to our community of baby namers for answering.

Jessica in CO
My husband and I have decided on the name Andi for a little girl. We are having problems finding a middle name. I don't really care for the most commonly used names. Thank you for your help.
Baby Name Genie:
I compliment your choice of the name Andi--a superb name for a baby girl. You will find that the middle name Marlene completes your selection.
Raini in LA
My husband and I have decided on the name Isaac for our second son but we are having a hard time agreeing on a middle name. We would like something not quite as biblical as Isaac. Any suggestions?
Baby Name Genie:
Neither of you should have to sacrifice to agree on Trevor as the baby's middle name.
Rachel in WV
I love the names Elizabeth and Isabel. What's your opinion on combining them? Elizabelle? Also, I was considering the middle name Rae. Thanks.
Baby Name Genie:
Rae is a fine middle name. Elizabelle needs to go though. Stick simply to Elizabeth. Elizabeth Rae makes a splendid name for your baby girl.
Monica in MA
Me and my husband both like the name Gabrielle, but we have no idea on middle names that would match? Any ideas?
Baby Name Genie:
Celeste or Simone compliment the name Gabrielle nicely.
Victoria in MA
Hi. I am expecting my son in August and I have a first and last name but no middle name... Dante ??? Owens. I want something that sounds good looks good and isn't really a first name. Any ideas? Me and my fiance are going crazy trying to figure out a middle name.
Baby Name Genie:
Go with a location name or a last name as the middle name. Here are three middle names to stop your baby name insanity: Cline, Carlton, Montanna.
Sarah in TN
I want to name my baby Emma, but my husband wants to name her Emily. Do you have any good names that start with Em?
Baby Name Genie:
Aside from popularity, I see nothing wrong with the two baby names you have in hand. Since neither of you will back down though, I suggest a truce. Agree to name your baby Amelia; then, go out for hot fudge sundaes to celebrate resolution to your stalemate. Could you order one for me and bring it by the lamp while you are at it?
Ginny in Canada
The boy name you suggested, Julian Gunner, totally blew me away! My grandfather's name was Julian and my husband's grandfather was Gunnar! It's like it was fate! I never thought of using either of these names for our baby nor did I think of using them in combination. Thanks Genie!
Baby Name Genie:
Your recognition of my superior baby naming skills is appreciated.
Mandy in Iowa
I am pregnant and would like help. I would like to use the middle name Dale if it is a boy and Violet if it is a girl... but these names are hard to match with a first name. Help.
Baby Name Genie:
If the baby is a boy, name him Nicholas. If the baby is a girl, name her Allison.
Lacey in Kansas
Thank you so much, the first name you suggested is the perfect name, and our baby boy matches the name too, his name is Chris Marshall West. Thanks again and I hope you continue to do a good job as a Genie (I hope you get new furniture for your lamp too. It must be tight in there!)
Baby Name Genie:
Congratulations! Glad to be of assistance. Finding new furniture hasn't been as big of a problem as finding a store that delivers to genie lamps.
ur mother in Location Withheld
well mr. [word removed] geni ur stupid who the [word removed] would name there baby Orion
Baby Name Genie:
I sincerely hope you are not considering a career as an English teacher.
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