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Can't find your message? Some mail not answered by the Baby Name Genie is submitted to our community of baby namers for answering.

Jeff in FL
My wife and I unwittingly named both our first two children after presidents (Jackson/Kennedy). We like the trend, so now that my wife is pregnant again (Yah!) we like Grant for a boy, but cannot figure out a middle name. Please help!
Baby Name Genie:
Grant Owen or Grant McKinley but not Grant Ryder. I'll keep an eye out for the 2056 ticket to see what you decided.
Melissa in MA
I need your HELP! I cannot find a middle name for Mia. I have looked on every website and through tons of books. I'll take any suggestions! Something feminine...not a big fan of the bi- gender names. Thanks!
Baby Name Genie:
Mia May flows and is fun to say-- which is great until you need to whip out her middle name to stop her cold in her tracks. In the rare case that you would need to do that (since your baby girl will be an absolute angel) I recommend Mia Danae.
Jess in Alabama
My friend and I are both pregnant and we both love the name Ava. We both had the name picked before we knew the other one liked it. She wants to use it and I want to use it, what should I do?
Baby Name Genie:
If its a boy, don't use the name. If its a girl tell her you are planning on using the name but that you will spell it backwards.
Rachel in MA
I just had a baby and I don't know what to name her because everybody is calling her different names. PLEASE HELP ME!!!!!!!!!
Baby Name Genie:
Excuse me? She is your baby. Name her what YOU want. Tell everyone to clear out so you can have time alone with your daughter. Then take every little detail of her in and enjoy the life you brought into the world. A name will come. Once you pick it do NOT back down. Congratulations!
Cara in TX
I am SO sick of the bi-gender name trend! You can't tell anymore whether a child is a boy or a girl based on their name. I can't find a decent name for a boy because the people who insist on using male names for girls are making almost every male name seem feminine! I need a real strong male name! I don't want people wondering the gender of my child when they hear his name.
Baby Name Genie:
Don't despair. A few boy names remain unblemished. Last I checked I know no girls named Peter, Kenneth, or Clint. For an extra strong boy baby name, go with Sampson.
Terri in Iowa
I like the name Cooper Ray but my husband likes Samuel Ray. So, I thought of combining. Does Samuel Cooper work together in your opinion?
Baby Name Genie:
Your effort to reach a compromise is admirable. Yes, Samuel Cooper will do just fine. It works quite nicely as both a baby name and an adult name. Good work.
Bobbie in Location Withheld
I would like to name my new Baby Girl a name that starts with the letter "B". This is my second child and my other daughter's name starts with "B". Any suggestions?
Baby Name Genie:
Yes. One suggestion. Pick a name that starts with "R".
Kelsea in Idaho
I am still in high school and for an assignment in one of my classes I have to carry around a 10 lb. sack of flour and pretend that it is a baby. I am really into this assignment so I want a good name for it. I was thinking of Lukas William. What do you think?
Baby Name Genie:
Introducing your "baby" with a name to inquiring strangers is much better than, "This is sack of flour that I am pretending is a baby." Since, you do not have to worry about the psychological ramifications of the name and have no husband to nix your first and middle baby name ideas, name it whatever you want. Now is your chance.
Esther in Texas
Hi Genie. I'm going to have a baby boy in June and I'm still not too sure about his name. My husband wants to name him Rufino Andres Rocha. I am not too sure about the middle name. It is hard to find a hispanic name that starts with the letter "a." I need help. What do you suggest?
Baby Name Genie:
There are worse names than Andres. But since you must have an alternate, Antonio is an excellent middle name for the combination you are considering.
Ariel in FL
My inlaws hate the name my husband and I have!
Baby Name Genie:
Do not flinch.
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