Genie's Mailbag

Can't find your message? Some mail not answered by the Baby Name Genie is submitted to our community of baby namers for answering.

Jasiah in Ohio
We want to name our new son "Lyric" and his last name is "Foster." His dad wants his initials to spell "LIF" or "LYF." Any suggestions for a middle name that starts with "I" or "Y"? Please help!
Baby Name Genie:
Want a middle name for your son Lyric, but don't know the words? Don't fret. I've know this little ditty, and I'll give it to you for a song. Name your child Lyric Isaiah Foster. You won't go wrong.
Alexandra in London
Dear Genie, my husband and I are having trouble settling on a baby name for our baby girl on the way. I prefer old, more traditional names while he prefers modern, average everyday names. We finally settled on Rosalie Elizabeth but I'm thinking that too many people have that name or something similar. Is there any other name you can think of that we can both agree on instead of Rosalie?
Baby Name Genie:
If you have settled on a name that you both love, then don't let fear of others change your mind. Rosalie Elizabeth is a beautiful name. If you have trouble with similarly named contemporaries, use Rose or Rosie as a nickname.
Allison in Oregon
Well I'm having a boy and I happen to like the name Hunter, but I'm not sure if it sounds good with our surname Spencer? Because both end with "er" do you have any advice?
Baby Name Genie:
Hunter Spencer would be a fine name for your boy. But if you wish for something less rhythmic, then look to the stars. You'll find Orion Spencer to be the twinkle in your eye.
Melissa in Australia
I have always loved the first name Hudson but married a man with Hudson as a surname. Any tips?
Baby Name Genie:
Congratulations on acquiring a name from your husband that you like. Some spouses are not nearly so lucky. My advice to you is to love your surname and find a new love in first names.
Rachel in MA
My husband and I met at the premiere of the fourth Harry Potter movie and want to give our first child a name with a Harry Potter reference. We don't know what gender it is. Do you have any ideas for boy & girl names that reference Harry Potter, but not too obviously?
Baby Name Genie:
You wisely seek a magical name from the magical genie. If your muggle is a boy, I can think of no better name than Cedric. And for a girl, I have a soft spot for Ali, the flying carpet merchant. Both names can be found in The Goblet of Fire. Middle names I leave to you, once you know which is witch.
Alyssa in IN
I happen to love the middle name Quincy but can't seem to find the right first name for the lad. Ah what to do. Help me won't you?
Baby Name Genie:
You and John Adams finally have something in common. If you have the constitution, name your son Thomas Quincy.
M. Baume in Canada
I am due to give birth to my first baby very soon! My husband and I chose the perfect name for a baby girl, but we found out that we are having a boy. If we ever have a girl, her name would be Brooke Lynn Baume (Baume being the surname). We are thinking of Leo or Leonardo for our baby boy. Is there another name you can recommend that might complement Brook Lynn better?
Baby Name Genie:
I can give you several names that complement Brooke Lynn. Name your boy Man Hatten Baume. Harr Lemm Baume fits nicely as well. Also, I love New York.
Alene in South Africa
We have two boys Luke Edward & Mark Ryan. Our Surname is Candy. Now we are expecting a little girl. The boys have decided her name should be Emma Lili. What do you think? Any other suggestions?
Baby Name Genie:
Emma Lili does fall sweetly from the tongue, though excessively so with your sugary surname. I'm certain Mark and Luke will find Emily Rose more to their taste.
Megan in WI
It's tradition in my husband's family that the first born son have a name that starts with "T" and the middle name Edward. I don't like traditional names like Timothy or Thomas, but I'm having a terrible time coming up with something I do like. Troy, Terry, and Trenton are the last 3 generations. Help!
Baby Name Genie:
A tiny bit of turmoil toward a terrific tradition of "T" names: Timely and tough, though not trite like Timothy or Thomas. Thankfully you've tested the true teller of titles. Give Tate Edward a try and tell me if it doesn't tickle your tongue.
Judith in WI
I really like the name Pickle. Can I have suggestions for a middle name? I am definitely naming my son Pickle, so only middle name suggestions please!
Baby Name Genie:
I herby warn you that naming your baby boy Pickle would not be kosher. But since you are against canning it, I reluctantly offer you the middle name Dillon.
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