Genie's Mailbag

Can't find your message? Some mail not answered by the Baby Name Genie is submitted to our community of baby namers for answering.

Jessica in Location Withheld
I am having my first daughter and I'm stuck. I LOVE the name Melody, and I'm sure her father would have been pleased with that name, but I don't know if Melody Jamie goes well together. Please help.
Baby Name Genie:
For a divine cadence, Melody Jayne can't be beat.
Crystal in Pennsylvania
I have a girl and two boys and WIPED out all of my favorite choices; number 4 (boy) is gonna be "No- Name" if we don't come up with something! Last name is Russell and we want Jack. How irresponsible as parents would we be to name our child Jack Russell? Would you bark at it?
Baby Name Genie:
Genies don't bark, but Sean Evan Russell will ensure your son is top dog on the playground.
Wally in Nevada
My sister said you act like a repeat the same thing over and over.
Baby Name Genie:
Considering you sent this to me three times, I wonder what your sister says about you.
Susan in New Jersey
I'm having another boy and need a name we can all agree on. My husband and I both want Ian Perry Costello, but my mother-in-law wants Marcello and Marc for short. I can't let him go through life with a nursery-rhyme name like Marcello Costello. What can I do to please her?
Baby Name Genie:
Nothing. Stick to your instincts: Ian Perry is sublime.
Rebeckahe in California
Hello, Genie. My name is Rebeckahe (pronounced Rebecca). This is my second daughter; my first is Alannah Noelle. I want my second to match her name. What should I name her? Thank you for the help.
Baby Name Genie:
Hello Rebeckahe (pronounced Rebecca). Nathalie Corinne compliments her sister's name nicely.
Sarah in Ohio
Hello. We have decided on the name Prince for our son! The problem is that we can't think of a middle name that goes with Prince the way we like it. Please help!
Baby Name Genie:
There is a reason Prince changed his name to a symbol. Henry William is a far more regal choice.
Jessica Czajkowski in Virginia
We are having a difficult time even knowing where to start with first names for both boys and girls that go well with the last name Czajkowski. I'm thinking... the shorter the better. Please help guide this quest!
Baby Name Genie:
Look no further than Eli or Anna for your coming baby. Your child's teachers will thank you for choosing an easy to spell name.
Julie in Georgia
I like the names Ava and/or August for my little girl, but I'm unsure of middle names for both of them. I want something uncommon and powerful. With the last name Zimbelman, this has been such a hard task...Can you please give me some ideas???
Baby Name Genie:
Ava Daphne or August Naomi are uniquely inspiring names for your baby girl.
Nancy in Location Withheld
Hello, Genie. Can you please, please help us quiet the never ending suggestions from family and friends and give us the perfect middle name for Christian Morello?
Baby Name Genie:
I can only grant you temporary relief from your dilemma. Christian Elliot Morello is the baby name that will stun your loved ones into silence--until the inevitable sea of parenting suggestions rolls in.
Ray in Germany (Army)
Dear czar of baby names, guru of the naming convention, and the one with the gift of labeling newborns I have a problem. Expecting my second daughter here soon and I have decided to name her Kayla. I'm in desperate need of a middle name. Please help!?
Baby Name Genie:
Dear one who is middle name challenged, in search of perfection and fraught with indecision, Kayla Jane is the baby name you await.
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